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How to Host a Coffee Morning Fundraising Event

Updated on October 27, 2017
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Great Ideas To Make Your Coffee Morning A Success!

Welcome To The Coffee Morning Charity Event!

If you have decided to invite your friends and neighbours for a coffee morning and do some fundraising for your chosen charity, you will want it to be a success. But how do you make it interesting, welcoming and profitable without a lot of stress and worry? Here you will find some great ideas and tips that have been well tested. Most people love receiving an invitation to a relaxing time with friends, but not many are willing to host it. You might want to host it in your own home or alternatively you could use your local village/church hall, mums and toddler group or school hall. In the Summer, how about an outdoor garden party? So get your paper and pen ready to brainstorm your preparations. Once that has been done, the rest will be easier as you tick them off your list one by one. Leave plenty of time (at least two weeks is recommended) and don't be afraid to enlist some help. You don't have to be superwoman, able to bake hundreds of perfect cakes as well as creating artistic invitations and running around getting the information and supplies together, but on the other hand, if these things are what you love doing, then there's nothing to stop you. You will be surprised at how much can be achieved many weeks beforehand if your time limitations require more forward planning.

Which Is The Most Popular Method Of Fundraising?

Coffee mornings aren't the only method for fundraising. So take a look at our list below and vote for the one you are organising and see which is the most popular.

Organising charity events

What sort of charity event are you organising?

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Decide On The Charity Organization

for whom you wish to raise money

Gather all the information and marketing tools the charity organization offers for fundraising, such as banners, posters, leaflets etc. The more you know about it, the more you are able to get passionate and excited in promoting your coffee morning. This in turn will inspire people to come along. Ask your guests to make an entry donation as they arrive.

Invite A Party Planning Consultant To Participate In Your Fundraising

Ask if they would donate a percentage of their sales to your charity

People love parties and if you invite a party planner, such as Jamie At Home which sell some lovely homeware products, not only will they be able to contribute some of their profits to your charity, but they might also be able to provide a raffle prize and a game or two to add to the fun. Get them to display their goods in a corner and join you in creating a buzz around your event!

Top Tip-The Special Guest

Invite a representative from the charity and ask them to give a short presentation. Alternatively, show it on DVD if they can't be there in person!

Decorate Your Room

Make it look inviting

And identifiable for people who might not know you. For instance, place a charity poster in your front window or on the door so that it is visible from the front entrance. Hang appropriately colored balloons inside (does the charity have a recognisable color) and a banner over the door. Place posters on the walls and leaflets on tables. Have a donations box displaying the charity's logo at an accessible place. Playing soft background music can also help to create a relaxing atmosphere in which your guests will feel at home. If your venue is large enough, you could even invite a local band to play soft background music (ask if they will do it for free as their contribution, but remind them of the free publicity it will provide for them). If you do this, make sure you write it on the invitations to provide more of an incentive for people to come.

Raise Money With A Raffle - A fun fundraiser!

Let the guests buy their raffle tickets in aid of the charity and give a prize for the winner, drawn at the end.

Fundraising Prizes

Which prize would you like to win?

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A Fundraising Game

Provide Refreshments

Such as tea, coffee, cold drinks, cookies, small cakes, nibbles. Don't go overboard, but take some time beforehand to make it look inviting. See below for some delicious recipes and ways of serving your refreshments.

Signing The Guestbook

When people attend your coffee morning you could invite them to sign your guestbook, add their comments and include an optional addition of their email address if they would like to receive info about further fundraising events. You will then have a record of your event and a mailing list ready to invite your next lot of guests if you should host one again.

The Coffee Morning Guestbook - Be my special guest and leave your comments or questions

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    • profile image

      Doc_Holliday 4 years ago

      Well worth a read. Thanks for sharing.

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 4 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      I love this idea of a Coffee Fundraising and can almost smell the coffee brewing. Thank you for donating to the Squidoo Charity Fund

    • Linda BookLady profile image

      Linda Jo Martin 5 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

      Thanks for the inspiration! We will be needing some fundraising soon for our small-town Chamber of Commerce.

    • madnessmerritt profile image

      madnessmerritt 5 years ago

      /great ideas, may see if the school would like to host a coffee house besides the one we do as a community time once a month.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      nice =)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      We've done a hot chocolate stand from a local store at our winter fundraising events. Events take a lot of planning and effort and being part of them I know how hard volunteers work for causes they believe in. Keep publishing charity articles, they are always needed. *blessed by a squid angel*

    • HealthfulMD profile image

      Kirsti A. Dyer 5 years ago from Northern California

      Good luck with your charity event.