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Community House Concerts by Live Music Hosts At Hometown USA

Updated on August 8, 2013

Old Music Hertiage is New Again in 21st Century America

House concerts are an old tradition in America which in recent years enjoy resurgence in communities across America.

It was the way that music was done in the past. But today when mass audience concerts driven by mass commercial entertainment industry in large concert arenas, house concerts appreciation is less known. A house concert is almost invariably described as an "intimate" experience.


Live Music on a Community Level with Music Talent Appreciation Old Fashion Way

Today live music hosts in an urban community such as Northern Virginia, can be found as a variation of the house concert to enjoy at a neighborhood café or pub or on a dinning out night Friday or Saturday night with live music.

In rural America, where the choices of restaurants, pubs and cafes are less, the old fashion house concerts hosted by a patron of artistic music is still popular.

Now there is resurgence of such live music at the host's home and as a community event at the local high school.

These old and new variations of house concerts of old are gaining appreciation of that old time music and heritage in America now

How typically Traditional House Concerts Work


According to Wikipedia, generally tickets are not sold in advance, but cash is collected at the show. Sometimes, the money collected goes straight to the performers, with no "profit motive" on the presenter's part..

However, at other times, the purpose of the show is to collect money to pay for rent, or is paid by a donation.

In fact, calling it a donation may prevent zoning issues that a host is operating a business such as a cabaret illegally or without a license.

House concerts are conducted "by invitation" (for practical reasons), social media such as Twitter or facebook, or word of mouth, rather than as "public" concerts like a club or concert hall.

However, in smaller towns and cities, the local media may help publicize such a concert.

There are House Concert Hosts in many parts of the USA such as Denver, Co, Austin, TX , Boston, MA and Fairfax, VA


In some areas of the country, house concerts started as a hobby then graduated to supporting a particular worthy non-profit doing good in the community.

This philanthropy support element of house concerts has much promise with an existing local high school facility used to reach a larger community audience of 100+ , than the typical 20 to 50 persons accommodated typically at a house concert at a home or a Café.

"Twin Benefit" for Music Talents to Participate in "Philanthorpy" Supported House Concert Style Music Events - "Self Help and Mutual Help"


The audience number in such a case where there are quality auditorium facility can be increased to 100+ attendees typically, as a fund raising activity working with volunteers can yield a reasonable amount for a worthy non-profit cause with one or more music talents performing without compenstatiion for such an event.

Performing at such can be used by the music talents as a way to create fans in a community for that particular music style as well setting the stage for selling CDs after the event that brings some compensation for the music talent.

From A Memory Book of Our Family Origins

Click thumbnail to view full-size

ATalented Folk Singer I know Named Brian The Folk Singer - An Examplle of an American Folk Singer__at Fairfax County Metro Washington DC Community


I have seen a number of music bands and talents regularly perform at charity benefits without compensation for supporting worthy non-profits doing good.

My friend, Brian the Folk Singer, for example, combines such charity benefits and open mike performances with a low cost CD distribution using Orchard.Com. Brian says that the Orchard.Com CD distribution service ( offer a number of services, Brian uses only this distribution service) costs him less than $100 per year.

But when he gives a performance at a Café or a charity event, people often want to buy his CDs later. CD distribution tool allows him to offer his CDs to his fans through a Orchard participating local music store where people can buy his CDs for which he gets paid for his music.

An Example of How Benefits Accumulate Exponentially - Via House Concerts with Philanthorpy Support for Worthy Non-Profits__Self Help and Mutual Help


As an example, say Brian traveled across a region over a month and gave 2 open mike performance or 8 performances in 4 states where House Concert Hosts hosted him as most will do . Or he stays in his own traveling trailer.

From the 8 performances, with an average of 40 people attending his concerts or 320 persons, say 60 people buys goes to the local music stores and buys one CD and 20 people buys 2 CDs. Or total of 80 CDs sold at $10 each.

After the retailers mark up, Brian stills makes about $500 from his free community service performances.

But as Brian is a professional musician, he values the long time relationships with his fans. Many of these fans will continue to buy new CDs as Brian releases them in future.

Also, Brian will get a few invites from people who attend his "charity performance" for paid performance at special events such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, and even at community festivals or two.

House Concert Connections Directory USA

The top House Concerts Directory That I found among several identified via Internet Search

From a Memory Book of Our Family Origins

Click thumbnail to view full-size

House Concert Style Live Music events ! - For the Participating Music Talents--It's Self Help and Mutual Help


Good For Music Appreicating Community and Good for Community Spirit Building via

So, Brian being a dedicated conservationist as well, not only enjoys doing charity benefits when opportunities presents, but also doing such charity benefits that benefits green living and conservation often within the umbrella of a worthy non-profit.

Such probono music performances allows him to make a living doing what he enjoys doing in life.

That is to perform music and write songs his own and others that he loves learning and playing to strengthen his music talents and music craft.

Brian doesn't expect to become a Bob Dylan or a mass media style performer in life. But he does want to do what he enjoys doing, and make a living out of his talent and gift of music. But I have heard him sing, He is good in what he does, very good in fact. As a community tv producer, I

it has been my priviledge to feature such music talent solo as Brian and often music bands located here at Metro Washington DC comunity on a community tv show we produced such as "Communicating Today" host by John Monsul in Fairfax County, Va.

For a number of years, it was my preveiledge to serve as an Associated Producer of Communicating Today and invite such local talents to perform and introduced to the community, hosted by John Monsul.

Charity benefit live music thus is a good fit for Brian The Folk Singer and other community based music talents such as we are fortunate to have at a high quality urban community such as Fairfax County, Virginia and Metro Washington DC hub.

Music Traditions Enhance Spirit Built - For Healthier CommunitySelf Help and Mutual Hep "Success Model" For Quality Living on a community level


Via Arts and Science

And such house concert traditions, out of the past, is a good for live music hosts and worthy non-profit cause supportive house concerts at Hometown High USA.

From a Memory Book of Our Family Origins

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Cafe Twin Live Music & Eat - In Support of Battle of the Bands CTV Philanthropy Support Project for Healthier Community


Cafe Twin Live Music Eat - Welcome to our House Concert Support Blog for Healthier Community--Conversations Fairfax C2C


Community Spirit Building House Concerts


From a Memory Book of Our Family Origins

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Cafe Twin CTV Conversations Fairfax C2C - Welcome !

Are you located or visiting Fairfax and Metro Washington DC Now or soon ?

A Pub & Restaurant Hosted "Live Music" - Appreciatd In An arts and Science Supportive Culture Hometown USA__Such as Fairfax and Metro DC Hub "Twin" Communit


Cafe Twin Show On Community TV - Supporting Worthy Non-Profits Doing Good on Community Level Via KEPPS At Community Foundation


Stop By For a Chat __Our 2 Hastags - At Twitter.Com


Or share a cup of coffee or tea at a local cafe or pub at Conversation Fairfax Community to Community.

Comments appreciated and shared here

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