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Community Service Hours

Updated on October 14, 2013

Community Service Hours

Community service hours refers to doing something beneficial to the neighborhood. There are many people associated with different aspects of neighborhood development. People full of philanthropic feelings are individuals who work hard for the much betterment of the community regardless of race, customs, traditions and religion.

Any country equipped with the feelings of neighborhood development and working for creating an environment better for all to live are actually preparing themselves for a healthier and happy community structure. The world is now becoming a global village and every other community is helping the weak and less privileged communities all through the world to improve their standard of living.

Priming Youth for Community Service

The implementation of the neighborhood service hour's program has come to a point where young people are officially encouraged to participate in volunteer work for their neighborhood. In some high schools, for example, one requisite for graduation is for students to achieve a specified number of hrs in neighborhood service.

One obvious effect of this program is that students are, in fact, enjoying the program. As these kids try to explore their interests in the various jobs available, they often come to know themselves superior and feel a sense of accomplishment. In the process, they are able to serve others.

This effect lingers up to their college years and even onto their careers. Many civic organizations find loyal enthusiasts among youthful professionals from different areas who readily prolong voluntary help when needed.

A number of these teams have provided priceless service to the public in diverse ways for a long time now. Examples of their neighborhood service include medical missions, participation in environmental activities, volunteer work related to education, and many more.

Youth community Service

Youth in any neighborhood plays a very vital role in community development. If a country has youth willing to participate in social activities, whether in form of a team or individually, it is quite a good sign of neighborhood development.

Youth can work in different youth organizations like Boys Scout organizations, Girls Guides units and other student organization as well as youth forums.

School, College and University Communities

Almost every educational institute has a purpose to develop a great community with the help of young college students having a clear eyesight.

The function of such communities is to help and guide other college students of the college or college in different aspects of their lives as well as in their personal grooming

Examples of Neighborhood Services

Community services being a vast area may cater many other aspects. Some examples of the neighborhood services are as follows:

  • Cleaning of parks, streets, and public visiting places
  • Social welfare works (charitable organization works)
  • Rehabilitation, reduction operations, disaster and risk management Providing services in old age houses, nursing homes, hospitals
  • Helping the law enforcement businesses and other relief works in the areas in which they may need help.
  • Giving education to the children at their homes without taking fee and much more.

Most of these organizations have been actively engaged in service projects that have benefited communities in all places.

With the lofty goal of making a distinction in people's lives, these volunteers exert selfless efforts to be able to improve the quality of life despite their own worries and time restraints. Giving anything of your self, whether it be money or time to help others makes you feel so good inside when you can see the results.

Giving Back Your Time

Culture has a dilemma, which most people contribute to. There is a lack of enthusiasm for volunteering and therefore, our communities are suffering as a result. Plenty of methods exist to help people, but many do not make an work to stand up and do so.

Teaching children at a youthful age to perform community service is an effective strategy when preparing them for later on in life. School should be at the forefront of this movement to instill in college students a sense of pride when helping others.

Moving forward in life, individuals will hopefully continue offering back to the community. Nonetheless, other things in their personal lives can get in the way of this and not allow them to dedicate the time they once had to volunteering.

The solution is that any individual can at all times spare a few hrs each month to set aside for neighborhood service. It should be like a typical month-to-month routine for them to participate in some type of program that helps others.

You can gain from volunteering just as much as the person you're helping gains from you. Mentors or tutors tend to develop a near relationship with their college students and enjoy interacting with them on a typical basis.

Receiving a "thank you" and a smile from the people you help is one of the best gifts you can get in return. You know you made a variation in someone's life just from that simple gesture.

Setting this example of volunteering for people you know can be just as beneficial to culture. The more individuals who you are volunteering, the more likely they will be to join the cause and participate in similar packages as you.

All communities are looking for much better ways to get people to help out and volunteer for different causes. Once individuals begin to make more of an work, the world will be a much better place.

These groups have been around for quite a while and have done an effective job of helping communities across the nation. The people that volunteer usually have their own full-time job, but take a few hrs out of the week to help make the world a greater place - these are true heroes.

Of course, if you're fascinated in lending a helping hand it's constantly appreciated and you should go ahead and look into becoming a volunteer or look for community service hours whenever you possibly could. Any time you can afford to give away will certainly go a long way and make a distinction.

Careers In Community Service

Serving our Community or City or even our Country comes with giving something that no one else will. Not all of us are meant to serve in the military, but there are other ways that we can give .

Here are some examples of jobs and careers that are centered around serving and some of them even offer a modest pay. See where you find.

Peace Corp

Expertise: Various, college degree

Service Program Fee: None

Commitment: Two years

Application Deadlines: None, application process 9-12 months

Pay: Stipend (don't expect much)

End of Service Awards: Over $6000, plus partial student loan cancellations


Expertise: Various, degree not required

Service Program Fee: None

Commitment: Ten to twelve months

Application Deadlines: April 1st and July 1st

Pay: Various, $800 per month is a common wage

End of Service Awards: $4725 education award or $1200 cash for some

Habitat for Humanity

Expertise: Degree not required

Service Program Fee: None

Commitment: Usually six months to one year

Application Deadlines: None, apply for various positions

Pay: None

End of Service Awards: None

Volunteers for Prosperity

Expertise: Various and numerous

Service Program Fee:Some yes, some no

Commitment: Varies depending on position and organization

Application Deadlines: Varies

Pay: Varies

End of Service Awards: No

Teach for America

Expertise: Various four-year degrees

Service Program Fee: None

Commitment: Two years

Application Deadlines: April 1st and July 1st

Pay: $27,000 to $47,000 per year depending on location.

Doctors Without Borders

Expertise: Two years professional experience, both medical and other fields

Service Program Fee: None

Commitment: Usually one year

Application Deadlines: None, 4-6 month application process

Pay: $1404 per month

End of Service Awards: None

End of Service Awards: $9495 education award

Share with the Squidoo Community your ideas for logging your community service hours for whatever project you are working on, whether it be for school, scouting, or church. We are interested.

How do you volunteer your time? - Let us know how you give back a little.

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