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Updated on July 27, 2011

no compromise here

Our Leaders.(?)
Our Leaders.(?) | Source

They don't get it

Many of you Have heard about the “Great Debt Ceiling Debate” going on here in the States (how could you miss it?). How can it be these so called leaders are unable to agree on something as routine as raising the debt ceiling even when they all know it will have to be done? How can they waste valuable time on this and create an artifical crises? Each side has it's reasons, but the truth is this is a great example of failure to compromise.


it really aint rocket science
it really aint rocket science | Source

Let me explain

 So what exactly is compromise? It's simply a system of “give and take” used to achieve a goal. When two or more party’s fail to compromise there can be no agreement thus no goal achievement. The 'trick' is to take more (or better) than you give. This is called negotiation.

So how can one comprimise without losing?

  First you must clarify what your goal is. Then you break it down into it's individual components. Now you must priortize the components. Then pick the lowest priority ones to give. Now decide what you want to exchange them for. Then you try to pick alternative exchanges, just in case. The next step is to pick the components you absolutely can't change as they would defeat your goal.

Is This YOU?

There are several things to consider when picking;

Will they prevent you reaching your goal? These are uncompromisable.

Will they delay your goal? If not they are your first pick for comprimise.

If they will delay your goal by how much?

If it delays for a short term- it is a first pick for comprimise.

If it delays for a longer term- it is a second pick for compromise.

Then go through the picks and try to come up with some alternatives, just in case.

Now you have your picks for comprimise.

The next step is to anticipate, as best you can, what the other side will want. Just make a list of possibilities. Next prioritize their list according to how it will effect Your goal.

Will it prevent you reaching your goal? If so it is not eligible for comprimise.

Will it delay reaching your goal (beginning to see a pattern here)?  If so -How long?

                                                                   Short term = first pick

                                                                    long term=second pick


Please Tell Them


Viola! You are ready for negotiations!

  Bet you didn't see that coming. As before try to work out some alternatives.

 You have your comprises picked out. The better you do this the quicker you will get through this and on your way to your goal. Simple and fairly easy to do. Now somebody please go tell my congress this!

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