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Why conspiracy theories and the Illuminati are not real

Updated on February 20, 2012

Conspiracy theories are not true

Conspiracy theorists are the people who spread fear and rumours that there is some kind of negative or evil force behind an incident or even, in the case of the Illuminati conspiracy theorists, running the world.

But it's vitally important to remember conspiracy theories are just that - theories. There is no evidence to prove that they are true. A theory, according to the dictionary, is ''a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world; an organized system of accepted knowledge that applies in a variety of circumstances''.

So, for example, a theory that all fish will turn green in the future is a theory. You and me could come up with a theory that the sky is purple. We could put together a scientific paper explaining why we believe it is reall. But that doesn't make it true. Any scientist will tell you that nothing can be proved, things can only ever be disproved. Likewise, suggestions by Richard Dawkins that there's no such thing as god is also only a throy - he's not right. He just has an idea about how he thinks the world works.

This realisation is the fundamental problem the masses have when they read a conspiracy theory and get all excited. They shriek, ''the world's going to end in 2012''. No, it's not. ''Agghhh, the Illuminati are controlling what milk I use on my cereal.'' No, they're not, you are.

This brings me on to the characters of conspiracy theorists.

They are control freaks. Why? Because the world is chaotic, random and for the most part, there's there's no justice and reason why something happened. 911 was a tragedy. Nobody will ever know exactly what happened. It just did. The Tsunami killed thousands of people in Haiti. It just did. There's no reason why. That's just the world.

But conspiracy theories fail to accept that sometimes things just happen because that's the nature of the world we live in. They have to have an explanation ands answers to an event when sometimes there is none. No meaning. But conspiracy theorists categorize everything into the conspiracy theory box which makes it easier for them to grasp.

Conspiracy theorists are deeply suspicious people who do not trust life. They're distrustful of the the world and people. ''All politicians are corrupt'', ''all business owners are greedy'', ''people are out to get what they can for themselves'', are the kind of messages they're used to. They don't understand that the world is full of kind-hearted and warm people with good intentions and that even some of these are those earning millions of dollars a year. But a conspiracy theory justifies their beliefs that people in power of bad by holding a conspiracy theory idea.

Conspiracy theorists are the type of people who constantly blame others for what's happened. This means that all the bad things that have happened to them in life they can blame on this shadowy force that they believe is running the world. They can pass over the responsibility for their life to those that they think are controlling the world. Whereas conspiracy theorists will say that they 're empowering themselves with knowledge, this is actually giving somebody else power over their lives.

Rapper JayZ makes a Masonic Illuminati pyramid sign during a live performance. Inset, the Mason's symbol
Rapper JayZ makes a Masonic Illuminati pyramid sign during a live performance. Inset, the Mason's symbol
The 'eye of the illuminati' on top of a Masonic pyramid symbol on a dollar bill
The 'eye of the illuminati' on top of a Masonic pyramid symbol on a dollar bill

Conspiracy theorists are arrogant. They think that they're the only ones who have realised ''what's really going on'' and that everybody is just a sheep. But there are some very happy clued up sheep who are enjoying life much more than conspiracy theorists and have more money and friends to boot. Conspiracy theorists, on the other hand, tend to be isolated and poor academic types who spend much of their time online. They are so arrogant in the belief of their own super-intelligence that they don't respect or appreciate the intelligence of the common man, nor, as is about to be explained, do they understand the power of life, and the world.

Conspiracy theorists have a sheltered and small-minded view of the world. They do not comprehend how vast and diverse and distant governments and countries around the world are. They do not know how complicated the day-to-running of a society's courts, hospitals, police and other services are. Often the running of these services can come down to an individual's decision.

How a meeting of a secret society might look
How a meeting of a secret society might look

Yes, maybe their are some secret organisations like the Freemasons, the Illuminati or if you're in The Simpsons, the stone-cutters. But really, who cares about a bunch a rich, bloated, middle aged men in a boy's club with silly secret handshakes talking about their plans for world domination. And undoubtedly, there are corrupt businessman and politicians who collude to help each other out and cover things up. This is nothing new and it certainly isn't a conspiracy. These kind of abuses of power have been ongoing for hundreds if not thousands of years. And they are usually isolated and not interlinked.

The world, nature, the great spirit, god, whoever, is a more powerful place than any of these and their plans would always fail, be exposed, or superseded by some other organisation .

So there you have it. Hopefully people who've read this will treat the next conspiracy theory when it comes along with a bit more scepticism.


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    • John for truth profile image

      John for truth 7 years ago

      You've contradicted yourself in third from last paragraph. You admit there are secret societies however state all over your blog that they don't exist.

      Some people will never get it and that is okay. Telling the truth and pointing out facts that discredit what the media has told us is just being smart and using the brains that God gave us. Listening to what the media says and simply going along is a mistake. If you don't think that big business and the Federal reserve are running our country you need to do some more research.

      I don't label fact finding as "theory" just the people that want to go along with the flow do that so they feel safer, not sure.

      9-11 was one of the biggest events that caused millions of people to begin questioning what we were told as fact. There are too many facts that tell us that the planes didn't cause the tumbling of the buildings. I'm not willing to settle for the story that has been told. If you are a smart person, and I believe that you are, you should at least look at the evidence that discredits the official story.

      Other events such as Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations are a direct result of two presidents that attempted to shut down the central banks. They were killed, you connect the dots.

    • Rickrideshorses profile image

      Rickrideshorses 7 years ago from England

      I agree that there are cover ups and corruptions of power - and even secret societies. But not that they control the world.

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 7 years ago from South Africa

      Like your thoughts and completely agree about the "conspiracy theorists" who see a conspiracy behind every bush (pun intended!) The usual purpose of a conspiracy theor is to foment hatred or distrust. I don't think it's helpful to be anaieve, but I smilarly don't think the conspiracy theorists add any knowledge of value to ordinary citizens getting about their daily lives.

      BTW while your writing is clear it would be helped by a spell and grammar check, just to make it more readable!

      Love and peace


    • Rickrideshorses profile image

      Rickrideshorses 7 years ago from England

      Thanks for the comment, tonymac. You're right about the haterd and distrust part. Unfortunately it's vulnerable and irrational peeople who get sucked into them. Apologies for the grammar and poor spelling - I was in a fit of frustation after somebody close to me had become absorbed in conspiracy theories.

    • loveofnight profile image

      loveofnight 7 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

      conspiracy theorist are like the boy who cried wolf......but i wonder if the wolf will ever come.

    • Rickrideshorses profile image

      Rickrideshorses 7 years ago from England

      Yes, indeed, very prophetic. There could well be lots of genuine injustices that are being dismissed by people tired of conspiracies. Thanks for your comment.

    • Brie Hoffman profile image

      Brie Hoffman 7 years ago from Manhattan

      You must work for them!

    • Rickrideshorses profile image

      Rickrideshorses 7 years ago from England

      Haha, if I did I wouldn't be writing for a living! No, I just think evidence and reason are very important.

    • profile image

      smoke-n-a-pancake 7 years ago from Neverland

      911 did not just happened they planned it if you think that they just got in an airplane and decided right then in there im going to high jack this plane, no it takes planing to do what they did and hurricane and tsunamis happens because of us because the way we live. things don't just happen, to every action there is a reaction. I think your in denial and don't want to see the truth in what kind of world we live in. We live in a world of lies. yes i do believe that there good people out there but very rare.

    • Sidonie profile image

      Sidonie 7 years ago from Liverpool, UK

      hi Rick, i found it very interesting reading this, you obviously have your mind set, and i'm not going to criticise that. Obviously these "theories" have not been proved, however, how can you be so sure, it sounds stupid i know, but there is no way in the world you can discount some theories, hense what's feeding the theorists, if there was a complete way to prove them wrong, then there would be no conspiracy theories at all. I think you have a very closed mind and maybe you would benefit from spending less time slagging off conspiracy theorists and more time trying to scientifically prove them wrong, rather than blowing hot air. By the way, that was not meant to be offensive, just my point of view.

      Sidonie :)

    • profile image

      jay 6 years ago



    • profile image

      john 6 years ago

      you're so work for them!

    • OpinionDuck profile image

      OpinionDuck 6 years ago

      Your hub points out what I have written in my latest hub about 911.

      However, while you have defined the rule, the rule is the exception to the truth.

    • Rickrideshorses profile image

      Rickrideshorses 6 years ago from England

      Ok, thanks for the feedback, OpinionDuck. I'll read you hub about 911.

    • profile image

      rob 6 years ago

      great article, I have a friend who is exactly this type, and there is no changing their mind or even being able to open it...these conspiracy types really believe there are smarter than everyone...I feel on some level hardcore conspiracy theorists may have some kind of mental illness or as you say just angry at the world.

    • Rickrideshorses profile image

      Rickrideshorses 6 years ago from England

      Totally agree, Rob. Most of them seem totally unwilling to look at different views because they are ''right''. They also rarely produce any evidence to back up their claims.

    • profile image 6 years ago from Vancouver / Bangkok

      There are people that believe in every conspiracy theory, and some of these people are nuts, but to believe that there is no truth to any conspiracy theory, is just as ignorant and closed minded as you say the conspiracy theorists are! I have written a hub titled "why people believe in conspiracy theories". I think you should check it out!

    • Rickrideshorses profile image

      Rickrideshorses 6 years ago from England

      Yeah, I'll check out your hub, jerseykids... Thanks. Rick

    • profile image

      saramovic 6 years ago

      and the best part in this world is that you still can survive living with all the conspiracies that had been evolved. It is you that make the changes not others, not even barack obama . You got it ! Rich are getting richer and the poor must get smarter to upstage the dumber richer people. I'll rest my case .

    • profile image

      Dez 6 years ago

      Those "corrupt businessman and politicians" are the ones who are making world decisions about things they DON'T tell us in the news. They are the ones with all the money, they are the ones who have ties with organizations of high authority like the CIA. I bet you don't know how fucked up and secretive and corrupt the CIA is but you can read a couple books and watch a couple documentaries and it will all become real to you. There is a LOT of stuff you don't know about and it shows by the way you wrote this article. You clearly don't know what you are talking about, and have not done enough research on either side to say you do. You even said it yourself, there are many secret societies out there. The illuminati are real, free masons are real, the eastern stars are real, the bilderberg group is real, and there are many others. In the end they all have two things in common and that is that they sell their souls to the devil, and they believe in new world order. New world order is just a way that they will spread the devils word around in such a way that little gullible people like you can believe everything they say and think that there is nothing wrong with this world. Read book of Revelation if you don't believe it. We have already been warned. You'll see when they start planting microchips into your children or grandchildren's body, secretly having the mark of the devil on it, claiming its for something good. "oh it will help us keep your medical records." "oh it will help against credit card fraud and stealing your identity" "its fast and resourceful! its the NWO!" But i bet you don't know anything about that stuff either now do you? -_- simple minded people. (and no I'm not a jesus freak or some bible obsessed weirdo i just know my facts)

    • profile image

      pez one 6 years ago

      I found your mass generalization of conspiracy theories/theorists ridiculous.

      you said---

      ''Yes, maybe their are some secret organisations like the Freemasons, the Illuminati or if you're in The Simpsons, the stone-cutters. But really, who cares about a bunch a rich, bloated, middle aged men in a boy's club with silly secret handshakes talking about their plans for world domination.

      Well when you think about it most of us work for or are effected by companies that are run by CEO's. These CEO's make decisions that impact the way we live and on our lifestyle. It could be job cuts, income, suppliers ect. So really there already is world domination on a global corporate scale. But I think you are scared to face reality. It's a lot easier to pretend the world is a great place to live and that we humans are a perfect race living in harmony. As long as these guys in their boys club don't bother you it's ok? As mentioned earlier we are indirectly or directly implicated by these groups.

      I'm not advertising that I'm a tin foil hat wearer, but I think it's essential to keep an open mind. Have you even bothered to investigate on any so called theories that you're generalizing about before you typed your little blog? Majority of conspiracy theorists aren't even arrogant and you mentioned either. They're tired of living in a world that could be rid of poverty. Tired of living in a world where it's all about the individual and not each other. Tired of living in a world where we are slaves to income and interest rates. I'm telling you to go do research on 911 or something and you're mind will open up, you have to want to find it yourself. You seem like a smart guy that wants to bury his head in the sand. Get curious, look at alternative journalism, make sure you know what's on both sides of the coin. Peace

    • profile image

      sman 6 years ago

      there are good people, stop denying that. You think you know everything in the world but you don't. Now go and stop posting dumb posts about 'The Truth of 9/11' and 'The Real Story of Lincoln's and Kennedy's Assassinations'

    • info**queen profile image

      info**queen 6 years ago

      You are ignorant to say that 9/11 "just happened". Are you freaking kidding me?? So your saying that a group of people all decided to hijack their planes on the same day, and two of them decided to fly into the WTC?? Now I don't believe it happened that way. Look into who owned the WTC and his nice fat insurance payout on the event of their destruction. Look into how the skull and bones society at yale university has ties to our government by way of several alumni. Look into the geneology of most of our government officials including how the bush family is related to people like queen Elizabeth. Ever heard the saying "keeping it in the family"? Oh! Maybe you should look up how bush allowed several members of osama bin laden's family to leave the country after a conference of the Carlyle group where several of bin laden's family as well as the bush family have done business together for years. And the new world order is nothing new. Rumors and ideas have been around for a long time. In fact, the enitire basis for the new world order stems from the original ideas of the original skull and bones society in Germany that a Yale student brought back to the united states with him. Many of our most powerful Americans either came from Yale or are close friends. Ever wonder why a c student of occidental college gets a scholarship to COLUMBIA and now s president of our country?? LOOK IT UP

    • profile image

      erik 6 years ago

      but doesn't this technically make you a conspiracy theorist?

      think about it for a second, think "vast and diverse" you feel that we are using scape goats to hide the facts but doesn't sound like your not compensating the possibility that we are right. you can never say someone is wrong without thinking more "vast and diverse".

    • profile image

      tugbo200-5 6 years ago

      Why do people complain about spelling,Im an old man and can understand any misspelled word,if you cant't then skip it and go to the next post,then later have a 10 yr old explain it to you.

    • profile image

      pepe 6 years ago

      The illuminati conspiracy killed itself when everything became a symbol of NWO or the illuminati. I mean, every triangle or owl or whatever is a sign of illuminati. I used to believe in the illuminati, but now i see that much of the "proof" iis not proof at all, but simple theories which can't be proved. It is the same as any religion. It can be proved, but it can't be disproved either and because it can't be disproved some people believe in it.

      And if the illuminati controlled the media, why wouldn't they control youtube too? where most of these theories are uploadet. And speaking of the media, even if they control the media, they don't force you to believe it and I see many different point of viewes on the different news companies, so it wouldn't make sense if they controlled it.

      Free masons exist, yes. Some of them are proberly very rich, yes, and money is power, yes. But that does not make them some power greedy devil worshippers who wants to control the world and they wouldn't even have the power to do it. And all this devil worship crap doesn't make any sense. The REAL illuminati was hunted down by the church, and the church made people believe that these people, who actually believed in science, was devil worshippers, so they could turn the people againts them. For some reason, this naïve theory has been here ever since.

      And all these quotes where someone mention "the new world order" has nothing to do with the illuminati. The new world order means: A world with a new order - democracy f.x. and not communisme. Stop twisting the real truth and go out and live your lifes. Too many of my friends has gone crazy with this illuminati bullshit and they are starting to loose their mind

    • profile image

      jasper 6 years ago

      People who don't belive in what the elite ,i.e Skull and bones, illuminati, freemasons, bohemian, are doing then they really need o sit down and open your eyes to how many years of your life has been moulded into.

      the new world order started september 11 2001....simple...

      and ofcourse they run youtube! its the biggest video site around, even the WWW. was created by them...look it up!! study what each society is about and who is involved in the societys history,;ie, presidents, royalty etc...

      they allow such videos reaveling what really is going on in the world because people are too ignorant to open up to the truth!!! open your mind!! if more people stood up and realised the mess, the more chance life would REALLY change for the better....REVOLUTION PEOPLE

      one love

    • profile image

      tugbo200-5 6 years ago


      I think I would do a little more reseaching my friend

      but,this time pay a little more attention to what you read

    • dawny22 profile image

      dawny22 6 years ago

      Ok i don't know why but i feel that you have not fully researched your topic. Maybe if you have a look into social engineering for example this might help. As for 911 they now have proof positive that there were bombs/explosives in the buildings. The Proof is in what have only recently been released by NIST after they were forced to by the courts. Google it and see what you find.

      Thanks and kind regards

      Dawn. x x

    • TheAllSeeingEye profile image

      TheAllSeeingEye 6 years ago from England.

      The world may have blinded me, but the LORD gave me the eye to see!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      The All Seeing 6 years ago

      The REAL Illuminati was hunted down by the church, and the church made people believe that these people, who actually believed in science, was devil worshippers, so they could turn the people against them.


      The Illuminati was a faction created under the catholic church by the Jesuit society , financed by the international bankers who were the Knights Templar back in the mid seventeenth century.

      It is a modern myth created by the ruling establishment that the Illuminati and the Catholic church were opposed to each other.

      The Catholic church is not christianity, the Catholic church is a reformed church of Paganism parading as Christianity.

      The early Roman Empire despised the Christian faith and murdered Christians for their beliefs. Christians in ancient Rome were anti establishment and exposed the corrupt leadership.

      Emperor Constantine in the late Roman Empire reformed Christianity and promoted a new religion throughout Europe that kept all the early Roman worship of Paganism.

      Christmas for instance is the celebration of Saturnalia and not the celebration of Jesus's birth.

      Modern bibles have been re written and mistranslated to incorporate Paganism.

      The Hierarchy of the Catholic Church is the Jesuit Order which is a faction of the Illuminati.

      Remember this

      His - tory has been re written to corrupt society. It has been mixed with half truths and lies to keep sheep in line.

      Before condemning and making judgement on any truth one must see all sides of information.

      The problem with this modern world is that history is selective and to become wise in a world enshrouded with deception one has to realise that any truth or belief we hold on to is merely a fraction of the truth.

    • Bard of Ely profile image

      Steve Andrews 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      I just voted up for this hub and I am someone who comes very much from a conspiracy theory background although over the past few years I am falling further and further away from it due to the biased views of people who subscribe to these beliefs!

    • Rickrideshorses profile image

      Rickrideshorses 6 years ago from England

      You're right, sometimes the people pushing the theories are more out of touch with reality than then rest of us!

    • profile image

      nameless 6 years ago

      if its not true then how do you explain,

      1. admitance of existance by the elite (presidents)

      2. the global oil hiest (illegal wars)

      3. poison in all food products and the air. (fluride)

      4. De classified Files that shows US Government Clearly

      trying to commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities and elsewhere

      (Operation NorthWoods)

      google it or look on wiki (i don't personaly trust wiki but the info is there)

      If they tell you they believe in Transparancy its a load of LIES.

    • profile image

      chillafrillahereson 6 years ago

      your an idiot nameless

      everyone looks at those instances from different perspectives, stop trying to influence people negatively

      why don't everyone just keep positive and stop letting these conspiracies limit you from your potential of happiness. Who cares if my life has been moulded this way, i've been and am happy, and that's all that should matter in everyones life.

      i think everyone here should "open their eyes" and just enjoy what you have.

    • profile image

      sadjfh;ajn 6 years ago

      your an idiot

    • profile image

      nicecomeback 6 years ago

      nice come back

    • Cicero Jones profile image

      Cicero Jones 6 years ago from Third Rock

      I see a lot of naïve ideas with no research to validate your condescending attitudes. Pandering to shallow yet popular beliefs do not qualify you as an expert, in fact, it DOES qualify you as an extraordinary serf. I wish you the best in your beloved, yet simple place in the world's Idiocracy.

    • profile image

      WhoAmI369 6 years ago

      ahahahahaha, you've got to be joking. "Conspiracy theories and the Illuminati are not true"

      That's gotta be one of, or the most ignorant statement the world's got in existence now.

      The illuminati do in fact exist, they have before, they do now.

      They are the reason you don't have everything you've ever dreamed of having (besides your own self), and they are why the world is so evil now.

      I'm going to make a statement in reaction to your retarded statement, "You're a dumbass"

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

      I have to agree with John for Truth. You definitely contradict yourself in this hub. And I do believe that it is actually more arrogant on your behalf to label people who are searching for deeper truths as "arrogant" and also as "non-academic types". I don't find myself to be arrogant in the least, in fact I'm the opposite. But I do find myself believing in the Illuminati and that they do want to control the masses. That doesn't prevent me from enjoying my life to the fullest, though. I'm the happiest I've ever been and enjoy my beautiful family and the life that God/Goddess has given me. But it is nice to know the truth why so many horrible decisions are made in the government, large companies, and even the entertainment industry.

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

      Also, it does appear that you've fallen for their lies and deceit or you work for them directly. This is what they want us to believe.

    • Cicero Jones profile image

      Cicero Jones 5 years ago from Third Rock

      I have just one quick "after thought" and I'll pose it in a question with a preface.

      Earlier in a response, you responded to John for truth with this

      "I agree that there are cover ups and corruptions of power - and even secret societies." While the title of your hub is "Conspiracy theories and the Illuminati are not true"

      You are contradicting yourself on the highest level. Corrupted powers and cover ups define conspiracy theory. You are unwilling to accept that the corruption and cover ups extend to the highest levels of POWER.

      Start with Plato's "Republic" and then read Machiavelli's "The Prince".

      So here's my promised question. How do you know about secret societies if they are a secret?

      You must have an inside track with these people. Hmmmm?

    • SportsBetter profile image

      SportsBetter 5 years ago from San Francisco

      You can say there is no proof for conspiracy theories. There is however fluoridation of water supply, pesticides in our food supply, unconstitutional wars or invasions, secret bailouts which devalues our currency. More sacrifice of our freedom by TSA groping pat downs and nude x-ray machines. Prices are going up people are out of work and homeless. In the US, our country drops bombs on other countries and kills millions of innocent people. Corporations influence government policy and basically bought and paid for Washington DC. It is all a show, and the politician lie so much now you can't believe anything they say. They said there were nuclear weapons in Iraq but they lied and now there using the same excuse to invade Iran. It is okay though once the United States economy collapses the whole world is going to be homeless.

    • Cicero Jones profile image

      Cicero Jones 5 years ago from Third Rock

      I'm quite sure that Rickyridesunicorns is aware of much more than the rest of us provincials regarding world management, so this is obviously not intended for him. Here is a bit of balance on the topic for those who may wonder if the delusion above has any merit what so ever.

      14 Conspiracy Theories That The Media Now Admits Are Conspiracy Facts

    • profile image

      Tabari ny 5 years ago

      This is a prime example on why this country will fail........ Illuminati is Real.... I am a member of the A.S.E and an expert in symbolism and have been studying Occults for a very long time. With Facts and proven facts.. I have told many to show me otherwise?? and I will give up my belief of the illuminati and symbolism. Anyone?? If you are not a believer I can make you see the world with your other eye!! And you will never see the world the same again... I have a 90% eye opening rate... The ones who don't believe are the ones who fear the truth.. A.S.E

      Contact me get the truth!..

    • profile image

      sandu 5 years ago

      Rickrideshorses i tottaly agree with all that u said .. i know a few peoples who are sucked in to those theories their common point is that they are unemployed and have too much time reading articles on the same thinkers ... how can someone rule the entire world lol ?? is there any1 who can stop me to ride my bike after im gonna post this??? so i have my own decisions right:) ok what's the point to destroy the peoples to make them sick to poison their food forcing them to take medication like many of u conspiracy theorist think who smart on earth want to do that!?!?! SICK peoples don't go to work right they are nonproductive and there is no MONEY for those who leading the world it the point to make us medicine/drug addict? i don't think so;) that's not the main point of "those who leading the wolrd"...I do not remember when I last took a medicine i guess they have bad poison:D oh yea .. probably i will see and feel soon right :)? :PP there is o many things u lolspiracy theorists don't know.. go find happy people and try to feel them without bullshiting about those teories like u all used to do.. media is a strong lobby.. stronger then all those peoples "who leading the world" in a world of internet every moron like me can write stupid things:) go and enjoy ur life go find ur self work coz it helps alot and @Tabari other eye supposed to be for something what u cant even imagine ;)

    • profile image

      sandu 5 years ago

      i know two guys who don't want to work coz the world goes wrong there should be no taxes and so on lol why should we pay this and that hehe... but they like to have phones and car and internet.. smoking pot all the time reading about TC all the time they would like to have house from mud and so on but they are not alowed to do that... how many of u know peoples like that?

    • profile image

      jay dee 5 years ago

      we tend to believe in things that are very hard to prove but either way, what about the documentaries that are there to make us believe those theories?

    • profile image

      Tabari Ny 5 years ago

      Lol funny.... There will always be non believers... The blind cant see, the deaf can not hear, you see it does not matter what you, me, and us believe... You see it's what they believe can I ask is any one that coments on here religious?? I'm not but I'm knowledgable, see some of us have figured out what is already in place, does anyone know history?? True history?? The best most reliable history book in the world...?? If not how can you dismiss anything?? The history book being the bible old and new testament, as well as the Koran..? If not before you dismiss these claims you should get a crash coarse and learn a thing or two before you dismiss something. It's all there people.. You see I have opened more eyes than you can imagine, people just like you guys as well as even people who before thought this was crazy insane.. With facts, with proof, no theories, things that were written long before any supposed to be consperisy

    • profile image

      Tabari Ny 5 years ago

      Sorry folks I hit the wrong key... Any way continued from above... Conspiracy see these things were already in place, you see your minds can not even comprehend the magnitude of what is happening today, look at world history, ancient history, and American and European history and then make a comment, I'll give you a test people anyone challenge me not so I can prove you wrong.. So I can open your eyes... Any question about anything going on in the world... Or a consp.. Theory... And I will show you the way.... Also things that are in the very near future.. I'm waiting...A.S.E remember people..." it's not what we believe in it's what they believe in"....

    • Cicero Jones profile image

      Cicero Jones 5 years ago from Third Rock

      Tabari, I don't know where you're going with this, but may I suggest starting your own hub account here. It's free and there are many of us (myself included) that would love to hear/read your thoughts and consider any proof you may offer on these topics.

      Put me down as one of your followers and we shall see what happens.


    • profile image

      Tabari 5 years ago

      Thanks that's exactly what my purpose is and exactly what we need...and America and Americans need....

    • profile image

      Tabari2iesopen 5 years ago

      Another thing I wanted to say is to all those who do not see, and continue to dwell in this world with one eye, do what I did when I learned this great gift of wisdom......I offer those who do not believe a challenge... Not a real challenge but a self challenge....try it...

         First turn off your tv then go about 3-4 weeks with no TV, only the news...but news once a day...  No Entertainment, just news..No music..... But in the meantime things about..... Well the things you think are bogus, crazy, or insane... about why you comment on ILLUMINATI not real.. Then  this may be a bigger challenge..but try it... Do you live in a CITY? Our around a city? If so go in that city go to the lower class areas in that city even towns, where most of the crimes take place, poverty what ever your city labels it... drive around be vigilant, look around you, look at the actions.. Look at the living conditions.. Look at the infrastructure....

      Look at the people... 

      If you are a person who wants to make a difference stop and talk to the elders, then the middle ages, finally the attention to the way they talk... The way they may look.. Their demeanor.. Attitude... Not in a prejudged way... 

      Then drive away from the city if you do not live there, drive to the middle and upper class areas do the same.... Then take it one step further.... Go to the country the rural areas do the same.... Now all experiences will be different in vast numbers.. But when you get home... Take a min and ask yourself what do you see....??? 

      Yes you will ask yourself.. Why is it like that? And you will probably say to the negative things... Well that's how they want to live.. Right? And the positive things may open your eyes as well...but the negative things you may say it's their fault right?..... No it is's our fault... Americans fault... not Americas... but us as let it get that way.... And I still see the same even worse today...I can give facts on why it is this way...and why it will never change if we do not open our eyes... The young people that's all they see that's all they kno... Who will ever show them the way... The Jersey shore??... MtV.... Lady Ga Ga....Reality TV... The entertainment industry... I think not....

       The fighters have come and gone... The Malcolm's the Martains.. The Kennedy's... The Diana's the people movers are gone.... Who is stepping up to move to a positive direction?? There is no voice... The media the television the music...has got everyone trapped... Average person is to busy and to overwhelmed to see it.... And is only getting more overwhelmed, with stress of the world around well as masking us with so much false news and entertainment to keep our mind off of what's really going well as false over drawn politics... False war coverage and many other things... Therefore what do we do ???? Nothing... No voices... No one is stepping up.... Years before I was born 60s 70s if we wanted something done we went out and fought for it.... We demanded change.... Look at us now... Look at what I said earlier about what you see in your every day life then go to a area which you are not from and see??? People, kids, teens, in these different areas are all worlds apart....Why... What about those  on corners running their city down.... What's their future hold?? Where will they be in 5-10 years?? Where will their kids be in 10-15 years?? As you know population is growing at an unprecedented pace.... What about the others in the nice suburbs of that same city or town... All the kids, teens with more opportunities  Where they going to work?? School?? There already is not enough jobs..5-10 years will there be more??

      So challenge yourself try it... Make that trip in that 3-4 weeks a few times... Or if you work in these areas or commute around them take a detour just to see..  Then after you sit there and think turn back on that TV.. and flip threw the channels...Watch the news... What have you read did you research what you thought was inexistent during that period??? Now what do you  see on that television?? ?? Are we living like what we see on TV?? some may think so.... But we do not our every day life is not like that.. So why do we try??? Why do we see so many things, and say wow I want that??? And I  want to do that??And why do are young want to emulate those on TV?? Why is there so much all the same things on TV??why does the news blow everything out of portion??? I can go on for days..

      My point is you start to see where we are as humanity... Things are so bad that some things that were bad now seem normal.... It's not normal you see if you never speak you will never be heard... Right? so if we never say wait a min. That's not right that's bad...or that's wrong... Won't there be a change if not a change at least a challenge..won't there be a slow down??? I bet there would be.. So why..?do we continue to let our country go down and down farther?and taking the world with it, because if we fall the world will follow.... We are falling and fast but we are not fighting back... People are not aware.. And reasons why they are not aware is because they do not want us to be aware...and if we are aware not enough of us are to make a difference, they know this that's why they are rapidly destroying our values and tightening our freedom they know that more and more of US are becoming aware and they are  afraid of people with voices 100 moves 1000 1000 moves 10,000 10,000 moves 100,000 and 100,000 moves 1,000,000 plus and that can change the pace and open millions of minds back to free thinkers..... NOW ANYONE want facts! about or learn about illuminati??? and this world we live in so you to can understand??? I'm here... Nothing but facts just ask...


    • profile image

      Tabari2eyesopen 5 years ago

      Im sorry rickrideshorses but I never gave my take on the illuminati... Do I Believe of them yes but... I'm sure they do not run around calling themselves illuminati thus if you understand evolution things evolve.... things change... things progress to different more complex things.. But beliefs, beliefs are beliefs and if there are very strong believers those beliefs will be enforced, and carried on as far and as long as someone believes in them...

         But beliefs with power, that is a problem and these beliefs with evolution and power is serious and as I first and for most tell ANYONE.. who believes in or does not Believe in the that IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT WE BELIEVE IN IT'S WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN... 

      I can go deep into all aspects of illuminati/Freemasons/numerology Symbolism, parallels and perpendiculars/religion/and history world history... Ancient history American history...European history  And it all has the same source of this world then and today......and our people can better understand this hole world we live in.... Then you will with out any doubt understand what is going on... It's almost to much to comprehend.. Thus why many choose not to believe in it... For some cannot handle it... Some fear it... I did as well at first but when you have children you are molded not to fear because they are the future... And being a true father as our Father God in heaven wants from us... Guide them teach them show them the way teach them what god wanted for us that has been takin away slowly from us... So fear we must not have none.. 

      Some it's too much for they have no guidance so they become radical from false information about this...this is why I'm here..

        Others feel there way of life is fine the way it is and as long as the prey and go to church they will be fine.. Yes that is great but that in itself is selfish, 

      You save yourself in a way.. What about others?? Your family or friends who do not do as you do?? Wouldn't you like them to be the same?? I'm sure it is yes right? Here is the problem.... And the time is now.. This is what I do and I am trying to get others to do as well, there is nothing crazy or radical of what I do... knowledge is not crazy you mean to tell me you can watch TV and get caught up in all the shows but you think knowing about your world and the reason why your shows are on and even why that tv is in front of you is crazy?? Really knowledge is crazy??

      Anyway you see.. Yes devote your life to God, but we as a god loving people need to get the truth out billions do not know the truth.. I show truth Which I do not push any religion on any one just pure knowledge... And guess what people.... It brings you right back to your church... your holy books..your beliefs the information is unbelievable... You will see the world we live in.. And you will change... Almost every one I have ever spoke to has seen our world 100 % different even non believers..and you will to...... We need to open a million eyes... Then use 1,000,000 voices..... And slow down our deteriorating decline.. We can change it.. Knowledge is power. I am starting a Hub and I would like all to join and let me open your eyes....just ask me a theory you may have or be wondering about or do you want to learn more about something.. I'm here... To open eyes....even yours my friend rickrideshorses




    • profile image

      sandu 5 years ago

      @tabari... its great that u read so many books and all that knowledge on u. im allways impressed when i see how much material, like books, webpages,articles,read ppls who belive in conspiracy theories... interesting how they use exactly the same words as u..(u are blid and def so u cant see and so on. how u guys know we/im blind and def..? if i don't belive in ur theory, that's mean im blind and def ?..or if i don't want to read those books or funny arcitles on web u read... coz there u can leran all that stuff u know and ur kind of ppls.

      its not about if i/we belive or not, its about that u guys spreading that shit in wrong way.. causing panic about end of the world and soooo many stupid funny pathethic statements im hearing every day!!!

      u talking about opening eyes and ears etc...o0? i think u should open ur eyes better and less reading books and those webpages and start to look about nice things going on on the earth every day around u.. and start to participate!! stop spreading that modern disease!

      i have simple statement for u all... follow ur heart stop being pessimistic and stop reading wrong literature.

    • profile image

      sandu 5 years ago

      and 1 more important thing tabari is easy to become slave of the seventh power(media) it is difficult to avoid the media..whereas in our desire for interest..therefore your brain easily washed

    • profile image

      Tabaris2eyesopen 5 years ago

      I never sad nothing about the end of the world see... And blind does not mean physical blindness... Also I am not an ear opener... I'm and eye opener... You don't need ears to see what is going on in this world..Sandu.. And who says I look to the Internet... Obviously you did not read anything I wrote... Which leads me to see that you are a negative closed minded person... And I have delt with plenty of people like you.... And you say you don't Believe in my theory?? I never gave any theory's... Anyone can have this knowledge it's not just me... I would like to know what don't you believe in? Many people do not believe in things... Seeing is believing.. When you see things and everything makes sense after a source is unearthed on why it is that way... And all things go to facts.... Isn't that the truth?? Whether you believe or not truth is truth right you just don't believe...and that's fine... But you should at least open your mind sit back.. Listen... ask a few questions on what you don't believe and see where it goes... See if your theology on why you think it is false and why you don't believe it... See if it compares with the vast many facts that would prove, show, and justify that the question you would ask would be misunderstood, wrong, and make absolutely no sense...that being said you would then see... If not then.. you are one who will never see.. But you will then now know lol and you will with in time after learning from your question.. That you failed to believe but you now see... So I ask sandu... What don't you believe?? And again... This I say to all... It's not what you believe in it's what they believe in....

    • profile image

      Tabari2eyesopen 5 years ago

      As far as your comment on my gift of my knowledge... I do not sit in front of a television.. Or surf the web for crazy fanatic conspiracy theory's.... I do look and study what they feed the world... But see sandu when you see and you EYES ARE OPEN you already know what is being done.....and on your other comment this is what I am trying to do.... Reach out... Teach... Open eyes... move and motivate people... I do this and well... I have 350 signatures to attend a seminar in my city...... but it's not enough... The time is now....we need to come together... thanks.. And my hub in few weeks time should be Buzzing.... Hope you will join... But please just open your mind one time... Sandu... Give it a shot... Tell me what you do not believe.....Or anyone else

    • profile image

      sandu 5 years ago


      I read your article very quickly and it also stopped reading. Look what you intend to .. pick people and open their ears and eyes omg:))) on your website ... im still not sure why in first place did u join this debate here!?

      the guy were talking about conspiracy theory.

      tabari: (and you say you don't Believe in my theory?? I never gave any theory's..

      yes u did.. ur first post was about iluminati and symbolism! im sure u have ur theory, which you mean to spread! otherwise u wouldn't be here..

      eyes opener wtf man..?!?! my mother opened my eyes and ears soon after i was born:) teaching me about love about feelings.. how to love other cultures and so on.. if u would care about spreading love, would be much better for the world!! ur iluminati cant go over that;)

      i questions for u.. and please be shorter and don't say that i will not understand what ur trying to say here.

      1 in which way ur gonna open our eyes? do i need to give specific question? or u know just everything? i wont join ur webpage i would like to hear ur answer here

      are you opening just eyes and ears .. or our all organs and senses? are we will become more intelligent and find our jobs more easily? or ur gonna just flares the ppls to go on the streets and fight the bad? im sure there is a tons of things we should change in ur opinion.

    • profile image

      sandu 5 years ago

      we didn't know anything about conspiracy theoies before stupid september 11 now u americans spreading that shit to europe.. but i will work with all my power that peoples around me wont belive in USA shit

    • profile image

      Tabari2iesopen 5 years ago

      Well first off conspiracy theory's been around for a long time.... Well before September 11 just so you know... I see you do not know much about what is going on and do not even understand let alone want to know what's going good luck to you... Can I ask why do you even look at this site let alone comment if you do not believe.. Why waste your time?? And this isn't USA shit either... Lol it's the world we live in... And just so you know Europe was around long before America...and you other question really does not make much sense, because if you read what I wrote half of what you asked you would already have your answer... And opening eyes will open everything....everything in this world...and no it won't make you more intelligent to find a job.. Really? Sandu I don't know where you are from or what you have been taught but you are misguided...Misinformed... And may be misunderstood...But my guess is I'm probably right... I have stated before I have felt and talked to a fast number of people... All races all religions and all well as many attitudes. So I ask sandu what do you not believe???

    • profile image

      Tabari2iesopen 5 years ago

      @sandu I forgot to mention I blogged here sandu to understand why some do still not believe or see what this world is about... And to reach out and teach.... also to spread knowladge open eyes.... free knowladge... Free minds.... Ok... Lemme give you something that I see right now.... Sandu and any one else... I don't know where you are from and it does not matter... Thing are in place and those who see know what I am about say... Today is September 5th right... The terror alerts are going to be an all time high... Blown way out of perportion... Because it's the 10th anniversary.. Right... So the media is going to run threw the roof with this... Non stop... To keep our minds on that to mask what they will be putting in place... So this brings me to say.... My only guess is the move against Isreal...Watch this month how the heat turns up in this area... and I would not be surprised for something else big to happen this month just to cover up everyones eyes to see the move in Isreal.... Ok let's see. read this particular blog Nov. 1st and see if things are the same in that region Thanks.. I hope I am wrong... I still want you to let me know what you don't believe Sandu and anyone else..

    • Cicero Jones profile image

      Cicero Jones 5 years ago from Third Rock

      Well Tabari, I have struggled through some of your incoherent ramblings. and I'm pretty sure the author of this hub is laughing at, and thanking you for your support.

      From the spirit of your postings, one can only surmise that we must see things through YOUR eyes in order to understand the malevolent, esoteric machinations of this world. The amount of self importance you place upon yourself is astounding. You have just added many more layers of foil to the proverbial "tin foil hat".

      You claim to have researched the occult for many years, yet you write like an excited child with a new toy. It looks like you claim some sort of belief in God, yet you fail to tie in, and apply, world events with prophecy.

      Had you continued your readings before you started to post here (and who knows where else?), you would have discovered that these things are supposed to occur. You, as with the rest of who claim to have "eyes" and "ears", would understand that we are witnessing prophecy first hand. To try to change what is happening, even under the guise of informing others, places yourself at odds with God. I see nothing wrong with exposing conspiracies, as long as it is for information purposes that has the possibility to help the one(s) you're talking to.

      What you're doing is bludgeoning people with shotgun text and messages. It's counter productive and not only makes you look like an escaped psychotic who's lost their meds, it paints those of us who can discuss these things with the same paint. No thank you.

      Ranting and arguing about things you can do nothing about is Quixotic and undermines any sort of credibility you may have started out with.

      In my mind, when I read your frantic, fragmented words, I see a person on a street corner wearing a sandwich sign, yelling at passerby's. You will dissuade everyone, persuade no one and turn many into the kind of person who authored this hub.

      I believe you have much more to learn regarding the occult, conspiracies, the New Age and world management.

      At this point, I believe I have no more to say on this hub. I'm undecided as to whether you hijacked this hub, or if you took the bait and ran with it.

    • profile image

      rdbob 5 years ago

      Goering or Goebbels did not make this quote as some think.

      Quote below contributor unknown:

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    • profile image

      Jehu 5 years ago

      If I were to say anything it'd be this. What people don't completely understand about "conspiracies" is that they are concurrent. They don't necessarily relate to one isolated incident in human history that has been tragic or strictin the public and human population with widespread panic. Some of the most insidious acts have been subtle. Slow and quiet. For instance the enabling act. Although it may seem insignificant to those that don't perfectly understand what it meant, it led to the rise of nazi germany and the deaths of millions of people. And I think that's what so called "conspiracy theorists" would like people to understand. It's not the blatant acts that get us debating. It's what's come out of those things. 9/11 was a turning point for all of us. But I didn't truly understand the implications until I learned about the reichstag fire. So if anything I wouldn't say dismiss conspiracy theories as absolute farce, but just do a little more research. You might find some things that may shock you.

    • profile image

      Clockwork 5 years ago

      After having read through every comment on this persons "hub" as it's called, there are a few realisations I have come to. I've focused on who I think contributed the most content to the debate:

      I will start out by saying, the author, Rickrideshorses, spawned this debate after posting a contradictory opinion/article based on an emotionally bound ideological dispute with his peers. He demonstrates a lack of understanding and discernment for what others have to say in his following comments. My advice to Rick would be to reflect on why people, and himself, took such opinionated stances.

      Tabari, I agree with your intentions and your dreams for humanity. I also believe I can see what you are trying to accomplish. What you are trying to say can be said in only a few words, and what you are trying to do is influence anothers choice. The latter is a waste of energy and seems to be counteracting what you are trying to accomplish, as it usually seems to. I must agree with Cicero Jones' thoughts on how you are trying to push your interpretations, which is fine if you're debating them, but you seem to have a longwinded demeanor which I can't see as beneficial to any discussions.

      Sandu, you display ignorance and arrogance. I mean you no offense as I don't know you or your character at all, but the way you're talking to another person is rude, because you disagree as I see it. Also, you didn't answer Tabari's question, halting any purposeful debate, and asked questions of your own which were answered prior to the questioning. I suspect you of "trolling", or in other words; disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing. Don't stall a debate by trying to add an opinion you have yet to formulate.

      And Cicero Jones, the only issue I really take with you is on your judgement of Tabari. Though you've provided insightful words and lessons in regard to his preaching, you did so with a hostility fueled by either; disgust, disenchantment, disinterest, opposing stance etc. But frankly, it doesn't matter. Those are fine feelings to create discussion of a concept, but they are not excuses for spitting acidic words at another individual. It could have any number of negative impacts upon a life, ranging from negative feelings to negative actions, which ultimately further distances the intellectual debate.


      My stance on the subject of the Illuminati conspiracy... It seems apparent that regardless of what is true or false information in regards to the history has a very high probability of being tampered with. So how could anyone say for certain? Unless someone has been alive for thousands of human generations no one can say for certain, it's most likely a giant game of broken telephone.

      In regard to any questionable world politics going on today, I would say there is a very good chance that most allegations, if not true themselves, represent a factual presence at work looking to benefit itself. It's undeniable that the majority of people now only worry about their own life and happiness, something out of embedded selfish nature. I believe the solution to this and any of the issues on our planet is through healthy communication. I think this "hub" is exemplary in portraying the lack of compassion when people engage eachother in their beliefs. Something that is far too counter-productive to condone. This entire discussion reminds me of a quote:

      "It is better wither to be silent, or to say things of more value than silence. Sooner throw a pearl at hazard than an idle or useless word; and do not say a little in many words, but a great deal in a few."

      - Pythagoras, Greek philospher, mathematician, and founder of Pythagoreanism.

      My hope is that all who have participated in this discussion can read what I have to say, if I am unclear in anyway, ask, but I will only watch this article for a limited time.

      I leave with a question to any; why take hostility?


    • profile image

      hcjksq 5 years ago

      Your title says that the Illuminati is not real. and then you say "Yes, maybe their are some secret organisations like the Freemasons, the Illuminati or if you're in The Simpsons, the stone-cutters. But really, who cares about..."

      I'm not stating whether I believe in these things or not, but...that is a bit discrediting.

    • profile image

      Marc 5 years ago

      I'm tired either way of these discussions. As a person that has in the past fervently believed in conspiracy theories, especially the illuminati, I've discovered one thing. Believers and non-believers will never agree. Just as a scientist and a preacher will never agree on how the earth was created.

      I personally don't believe in the theories anymore. This because I understand that if you really search for it, you can always find "evidence" of some theory. There's always weird coincidences that tempt you to believe they're not a coincidence.

      But I've concluded that in my everyday life, it doesn't really matter. I know all about the conspiracy theories, I keep myself informed, but then I simply lock it away and enjoy my day without thinking about it.

      Compare conspiracy theories (I've really getting sick of writing those two words downs) to religions. You shouldn't force or try to convince someone to follow YOUR religion. Let everyone have choose their own, or none.

    • profile image

      Tabari2iesopen 5 years ago

      You obviously have not been informed enough about it, when you can put history, religion, and present day and the beliefs of the ones who without any doubt run this world and everything in it together and reach the same point and come to the same source that is absolutely no coincidence..History is not a theory.. You were informed and fell into the conspiracy theorist surface that is out there. My hub will be up soon and it goes beyond and shows truth and point of the same source and same beliefs..

    • profile image

      Santaclause from norway 5 years ago

      haha it might work on the everyday dumb sheep. The ones who has really made an effort finding the occult information piss on your CRAP reporting : ) , somehow it got top result on google but guess that's another issue, you sukers have to take this to a new level, just don't pick one that has been leaked or are to easy to see so u get busted again : ) , fukers. And for the good guys, do your duty and wake sheeples up, atleast there is progress! Peace!

    • profile image

      shane gilbert 5 years ago

      Again someone has wrote that they all sell their souls to the devil, come on are you's just religious freaks because if the devil was real and putting deals up like that then I peronsally say I would go for is deal to sell my soul and many others would be doing that. I guess relgion just really makes people shit scared of the devil, but when I think of the devil I just think of some funny dude with an evil mind but all is well, and if hell was real I'd challenge the devil to a fight the for the controll of hell. This all sounds fucked up that I've just said, but this what the theroies seem to sound like imo.

    • profile image

      Orwellian 5 years ago

      You'll notice his contradictions are along the same line as "War brings peace" "Security creates freedom".. This is orwellian-speak.. and we are way past 1984. Brainwashing working at it's finest. Illuminati do exist.. occult at their origins and they have a history that predates anything you can imagine.

    • profile image

      Greg 5 years ago

      I just have one comment to make. Conspiracies DO happen. Historically one of the most famous is Caeser being killed where we get the famous quote, although possibly fake, "Et tu brutis"

      I'm not saying all the theories now are true. I am just saying there is documented historical cases of conspiracies. Global conspiracies DO occur, but I doubt they have a club and an organization. I heard it best put that there are probably at least 20 global conspiracies going on right now, and they all are failing and succeeding at different rates probably foiled by eachother more then "us". I don't think they organize themselves, I think they operate this individually, because greed isn't co-operative. So how can they be greedy and co-operate. ONE of them will always want to rule the REST of THEM. Assuming "they" exist. Basically, Conspirators have been recognized all throughout history. That doesn't make all theories correct, it just means we should be open to questioning things.

      Historically the Bavarian Illuminati DID exist, this cannot be disputed. They were ordered to be killed as a result of them being such a power conspiracy, perhaps just by perception of the people still in power. This was in the 1700's. Yes, I agree it's speculation to talk about them existing AFTER this point, but that doesn't change the fact that historically they DID exist as a ring of conspirators, among other things.

      I think EVERYONE should think rationally. I treat conspiracy theories the EXACT same way I treat Fox news ;-) Interesting entertainment, but you have to dig for facts to be sure which are true or false. Both throw up some pretty cracked out theories from time to time ;-) But sometimes, both actually tell the truth ;-)

    • profile image

      Greg 5 years ago

      I just have one comment to make. Conspiracies DO happen. Historically one of the most famous is Caeser being killed where we get the famous quote, although possibly fake, "Et tu brutis"

      I'm not saying all the theories now are true. I am just saying there is documented historical cases of conspiracies. Global conspiracies DO occur, but I doubt they have a club and an organization. I heard it best put that there are probably at least 20 global conspiracies going on right now, and they all are failing and succeeding at different rates probably foiled by eachother more then "us". I don't think they organize themselves, I think they operate this individually, because greed isn't co-operative. So how can they be greedy and co-operate. ONE of them will always want to rule the REST of THEM. Assuming "they" exist. Basically, Conspirators have been recognized all throughout history. That doesn't make all theories correct, it just means we should be open to questioning things.

      Historically the Bavarian Illuminati DID exist, this cannot be disputed. They were ordered to be killed as a result of them being such a power conspiracy, perhaps just by perception of the people still in power. This was in the 1700's. Yes, I agree it's speculation to talk about them existing AFTER this point, but that doesn't change the fact that historically they DID exist as a ring of conspirators, among other things.

      I think EVERYONE should think rationally. I treat conspiracy theories the EXACT same way I treat Fox news ;-) Interesting entertainment, but you have to dig for facts to be sure which are true or false. Both throw up some pretty cracked out theories from time to time ;-) But sometimes, both actually tell the truth ;-)

    • profile image

      Greg 5 years ago

      Sorry for the double post! please delete the duplicate!

      I also wanted to say that a conspiracy, by definition, is a group of people trying to do something harmful in secret. By that definition 911 was a conspiracy with the official story. Osama bin laden created a conspiracy to attack the twin towers, among other targets, with airplanes. By definition, it was a secret plane, to cause harm. So going by the official 9/11 story and the official definition of conspiracy, then it was one. Who knows the details of what happened that day, but according to official story, there is no disputing a terrorist conspiracy ;-)

    • profile image

      logic 5 years ago

      Some conspiracy theories are very true, some are not provable/disprovable, and others are very absurd. You claim that all conspiracy theories are false, so let me prove to you how wrong you are. Please keep in mind the actual definition of what a "conspiracy" really is. Here are some real conspiracies:

      1. Wannsee Conference (a secret meeting at a secret location near Berlin, Germany, where powerful men in the government plotted the holocaust. what happened? 11 million people were systematically murdered)

      2. Watergate (needs no explination)

      3. MK-Ultra (declassified documents and an investigation led to information on this top secret CIA program that was shut down)

      4. The Iran-Contra Affair (Reagan administration officials and President Reagan secretly facilitated the sale of arms to Iran)

      5. Operation Ajax (overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh on 19 August 1953, orchestrated by the intelligence agencies of the United Kingdom and the United States)

      I can list several hundred more, but I think I made my point.

    • profile image

      Scotty 5 years ago

      I believe that there are definitely an ultimate conspiracy connecting all conspiracies into an ultimate agenda for power. I just don't believe most of the illuminati propaganda. Simply put. Jay Z haven't sold more albums in his entire career until he became this demonic figure. My honest opinion. Sounds like just another hit product to sell because people is buying this crap like hotcakes. I can tag a video or topic "ILLUMINATI SECTRETS" and "PROOF THAT SUCH AND SUCH IS IN ILLUMINATI" and watch the numbers soar through the roof.

    • profile image

      Ash 5 years ago

      Half off you ignorant retards are sheep, its so obvious the government are corrupt.and if you think 9/11 was because of Muslim terrorist, you really are brain washed by the media.why are we still there?, they haven't found any weapons off mass destruction like they said they was.its called profit.

    • profile image

      c.m. 5 years ago

      the facts are there pointing to a New World Order,and Globalization of government.It makes sense.These people use numerology,astrology and do rituals and sacrifices in order to have POWER.they control banks,government and media and are attempting to censor the internet as we speak.And they do it in the name of "protecting" us.But they are actually restricting us.They also control the education system so basically everything we've come to belief is challenged by this "Illuminati" theory.But I believe it,it scares the crap out of me,but I believe it is very possibly true.

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Of course there are conspiracies, he was not denying that.

      As you said, the reason to why so many are able to believe conspiracies theories where it's about secret brotherhoods and organisations and what not, controlling the world, I think is because they simply lack a lot of knowledge about the world itself, the history of it and understanding of the way of it and the people. The more isolated you are from the outside world, the easier it gets to feel convinced that they are true. I have a friend, who is overly convinced about most conspiracy theories, especially the ones he comes over aimed at his country and government. Somehow I can't blame him, as I know that he does not have that much experience with life and has never traveled outside his own country, and barely knows anything about any other country than his own. Another reason I know is also because he's lost touch with reality a bit, because he has been out of work for so long and spends almost all his time online, not seeing any friends or family. As most conspiracy believers, he believes that he is one of the few who knows the "truth" about certain things, he is very arrogant about his beliefs, and he looks down on everyone thinking that they are, as you mentioned, "sheep", and that they are blind to the truth, and that his intelligence is above most others. The only thing that bugs me when it comes to our relationship as friends is when he ever brings these theories up, asking me to "open" my mind, when really he is the one who is so caught up with his theories that he has closed himself in. Deep down I think that in his case this is result of issues with trust. I people should stop looking down at the world and start to learn and live inside it instead. Everything is not a conspiracy... /Lila

    • profile image

      THINK 5 years ago

      One of the most powerful tools that these groups of the order use are the gullability of the people. They look at us as sheep. Most people think this could never happening and that is what helps the illuminated keep things from boiling over. They are so quick to call everyone who says something about it a Conspiracy theorist and write it off at that.

    • profile image

      THINK 5 years ago

      We just need to understand that just as GOD is real, his former number 2 angle evil is real and he is using these groups such as the illuminati to reach his goal of controlling the earth with a one world government, giving darkness power over the light.

    • profile image

      Kath 5 years ago

      So all good these days equals evil to you theorists? You probably believe Obama is a reptile too. In that context, Jesus was part of the Occult.

    • profile image

      trinikron 5 years ago

      This article is completely false. I am a fully educated, normal working guy with a Masters in Economics and with accounting background. The government lied once, that means they lie all the time. Iraq had WMD. So simple, yet so huge. There is something going on, I studied the flow of the money supply, the use of central banking, the food industry, the enslavement of humans using debt. Just because you seem to be happy with this life doesn't mean that all is well. We are not shown or told anything that goes on in the world. We have no idea what happens in other countries because you are not shown. Trillions in tax dollars are spent and lost.

      It's funny when people criticize conspiracy theorists saying things like they are all idiots, they are all wrong, 911 just happened, when there are so many scholars and studies, and analysis proving that it is completely implausible any other explanation is right. The things and evidence we should know simply is not disseminated to the public. It stays on youtube, and hence remains discredited. If it was truly a bunch of bullshit, then it's entertaining bullshit and you can be sure our media knows how to feed us entertainment, not actually news. But if they planted these ideas in the mind of the public, then you can be sure a few people might actually question what is happening, why did it happen, why did they lie, why are we not doing this, why don't we see this, why congress and evidence corporations planned pipelines in Iraq before 911, why buildings fell in a perfect demolition pattern, why?? Things don't just happen you fool. Natural disasters maybe, but I can assure you the economic complexity of the world is exactly why things do happen.

      Nobody questions what is actually happening because we are granted a nice existence that keeps us happy and shuts us up. We are not shown the struggles in the world, nor are we shown how these superelite profit immensely from economic turmoil that wipes out societies, pensions, and lives. We get a blip of news, then we are appeased and it's enough. Well our media has shown us one thing bad! So we do know. We don't. Don't be a fool.

      If people actually started thinking for themselves and questioning our governments, then they would have a problem. We as a people are completely complacent, and it works very well that way.

      Lastly, I don't dare start to tell you that the incentives for all the calamity, the economic collapse, business cycles, invasions in middle east, the European debt crisis, all of that has very little to do with the actual economy. It all has to do with debt and monetary policy. In short, money has no value, and central banks keep us and our governments by the balls because they make the only way for us to survive, and governments, by getting into debt. All the invaded countries in the middle east had their own monetary system. And the money was actually worth something, backed by physical assets. Now money funneled through central banks is created out of nothing. But somehow we need it to survive, then we live our whole lives to pay interest on something that didn't ever exist. The the private owners of the central banks, use this fake valued trading good (money), to live freely in a world with no money.

      Open your eyes people. Our existence is good, yes. We live and eat comfortably. But what is happening is not a short-term thing in our lifetime. It's long-term enslavement. We are all slaves to debt. We are not even able to go to court and contest a parking ticket, yet alone go to the government discussions in congress/parliament, have a voice on law, and corporate policy, and environmental protection, nothing. Why? BEcause we must go to work otherwise we wont' get paid and will be screwed because we might get a back credit rating. Open your eyes and your minds.

    • profile image

      The kingdom is with in 5 years ago

      I agree with some points you make in this article Rick. Although it seems you have something against those, who may seek the truth of the planet we all live on. To write an article that states why conspiracys are not real, by using a small psychological profile on an extreme few. Also you have tried to lump all conspiracys together, and explain why they are not real with no direct example or facts. It should not be hard to understand, that there are a few (compared to the whole population) that seek to selfishly benefit themselves on the backs of the rest. There are many instances of this , that can be proven as fact, throughout all of history until this very day. Bayer knowinling sending HIV tainted medicine into other country's so not to lose profit, the dumping of toxic waste into our environment, and many more. This is not a conspiracy, but the selfish greed of those that wish to control and manipulate. The reason I believe this to be, is they(those selfish few) take the populations silence as consent. I think it is very easy to point out the many problems in our society, and come to solutions that can altogether end those problems. Though as long as we hold these arbitrary divisions amongst ourselves, they will continue to manipulate & control us all.

      Here's some recommend reading and film:

      Ralph Waldo Trine: The Higher Powers of Mind and Spirit

      Noam Chomsky: Manafacturing Consent

      Howard Zinn: A people's History of United States

      Allan Watts: The Book

      Eric Fromm: To Have or to Be



      The zeitgeist

      Forks over knives

      Who killed the electric car

      Peak oil

      This is only a brief list they can open anyone's eyes to the atrocitys that have gone on and continue to do so so. Those conspiracy theorist the "intelligent ones" are right in saying those must open their eyes and wake up. When this occurs we will all be better off as a people, a nation, a loving community, and most importantly as interconnected individuals.

      Thank you Rick for this article you have written and your insights as a fellow American I truly appreciate it.

      Love,Life & Light,

      David E.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      A good place to start to open Your mind to the truth. Ask Yourself why tower 7 that did NOT get hit by planes or anything else just collapsed. Just remember when You see the thruth, there is no turning back..

    • profile image

      TruthExists 5 years ago

      Uhhh...Did this blogger just compare a Tsunami to 9-11? First mistake. 9-11 was planned by people, murdering, deviant people. It was engineered for a reason, actually a whole list of reasons, pretext for war, to create laws based on fear, to create enemies that we never had before to justify more war, to loot any country they occupy, and on, and on, and on. There are MANY reasons for 9-11 that benefit people and corporations connected to government, and the world banking power-houses that have ALWAYS attempted to gain control of America. Andrew Jackson knew the deal, and George Washington spoke of the Illuminati in a letter, admitting he knew of their existence. Basically, its about taking a real look at history, our history and the worlds history, not in the American text books, but everywhere but those text books. WINNERS OF WARS WRITE HISTORY, not the losers. Do you think the winners always tell the truth about the events that took place? If you do, you are wrong.

    • profile image

      stopplaying 5 years ago

      Ok, It can be proven that the most powerful man in this country in the past and the present were in is apart of a group or click that tradicationally believes in worshopping the devil, PERIOD. this can be proven. so any person should start from this aspect of their attempting to have an open mind.

    • profile image

      flyingrazors 5 years ago

      I'm going to start this comment by saying that so far this was a very educational read, in terms of seeing how the people that have commented on this interact with each other. Why the hostility? Why the indirect judgement? Why the harsh vocabulary from some of you? From one side, I see the people who believe that conspiracy theories aren't the truth. On the other side of the flip, I see people who believe otherwise. Both parties asserting that their point of view/opinion is correct. I see "truth-seekers" and "skeptics" bashing at each other. We are human right? We are supposed to be one correct? We all know that to some extent the world that we live in is corrupt, driven by greed, which is in all of us. W ether these acts of corruption were orchestrated by the "Illuminati" or not matters less. A great amount of people that live in The United States lead a comfortable life, I don't know much about Europe but I believe I can say the same for it. There are those that live in these "superpower" countries that are going through tough times, most of those people are classed into the low or middle class. The middle class being that which is the most prominent in The United States. We live in a world where apparently the Average Joe claims to want equality, peace, prosperity, etc. But rather than work towards that common goal, I just see hostility. Why are people struggling to live and some aren't? Aren't we equal? Is money the problem? Why do we give so much value to a piece of fiber? Is it because without it it we can't attain what we want? Why do some value a Dollar Note over a human life? Because we work for it and it's ours? Isn't that greed? Why not love each other and make sure that we as a people are protected? At the end of the day, we all want the best for our families, to put the food on the table and what not. We, everyone of you including me, we are the family. On the subject of greed, considering that a great amount of us are very greedy people but like to think otherwise. What makes you think that the people in charge are less greedy than you? When in poor neighborhoods people would kill for $5, why wouldn't the rich kill a couple of people for a bit of money? Anything to make more cash, the more money you have, the more your expenses, the more you have, the more you want. Yes, wars have been staged just to preserve or gain profits. Yes, wars ARE CONTINUALLY staged to preserve or gain profit. Yes, the media brainwashes you and tells you what they want, the same way that you tell people what you want. Was 9/11 an inside job, maybe. Will something catastrophic happen on December, 21 of 2012, we don't know. It would be great if the Government actually stepped up in the public spotlight to discuss these issues but they don't. Reasons for that? You and I don't know. Most of us humans have this thing that we refuse to see "theories" or "prophecies" until they actually happen, and then it's too late. The reality is that none of us know what's going to happen or what's really going on. Most of us can agree though, that this Government is fucked up and cares less for it's people and most of the moves they pull are to benefit themselves, we get the scraps. Unite as one, without us, they are nothing. United we stand, divided we fall. If you're going to bash on me, go right ahead, if you're going to say anything negative towards me, go right ahead. It won't make a difference really.

    • profile image

      Tamara 5 years ago

      your a real idiot. ALL HUMANS ARE BEING CONTROLLED! start by reading freedom is more than a seven letter word. try to understand how law religion and money has taken our touch away from reality. Then try to understand our mss mind enslavment and controll. Look at the pure bloodlines of leaders. Loo kat the actual evidnece THAT 9 11 WAS NOT AN ATTACK. There is so much to teach in such a little box. You muct beleive that you are free and through media and EVERYTHING AROUND US we are being controlled. over over again humans will make the same mistakes. look to god for help (or satan) and find nothing. We are our own gods... the leaders of our world cannot have us knowing our true potential. If you can try open your mind to the unimaginable you will find the truth. And once you get there it makes sense. OPEN YOUR MINDS. start with a bit of quantum physics to warm you up then jump into illuminati. The world is a very different place to what we have been taught. Be open,be free!

    • profile image

      joslin 5 years ago

      illuminati theorists can believe whatever they want. but why do they become so obssessed?? I think they are just too lazy to work on being successful and continue to blame these cults for there failures. There is no reason that you can't just find a nice job, raise a family, and be happy. These theorists are literally so far into there imagination that it should be considered a mental illness.

    • profile image

      Mike 5 years ago

      Reading some of these comments really proves how out there people are. I think there is a lot more to be heard by the people in relation to the 9/11 incident. But people causing hurricanes and tsunamis... Those didn't just start happening as the cause of burning fossil fuels and other pollutants to the world, they were just as much around when people were wearing bear claws for shoes and beating animals to death with stcks to eat dinner. Peoples ignorance and stubborness is a disease in this country and from personal experience it seems that majority of conspiracy theorist suffer from it, along with having a lack of any knowledge of things in general. The media controls people? In a way i suppose, for example comercials are made to get people to buy a product which you could say is "mind control" but there not displaying a subliminal message for mass suicide. The worst part is that you people talk all this shit about conspiracys and the governments out to get you, the media, your phones being tapped, ect. Let me clue you in on something you might forget to think anout because of your wasted time of reading garbage on the internet. you live in this country, which means you pay taxes so your funding all this crazy shit you thinks going on ill bet $1000 that you watch tv every day and ill put another grand down that you have a cell phone. If you don't like the way things are go live in the woods.Btw society it self was built on principles of law, religion and money maybe you've been takin away from reality.

    • profile image

      Chris 5 years ago

      I used to think exactly like you until I began to research wtc7 and my entire world of beliefs changed. That particular building came down perfectly with the aid of explosives. There is no doubts about it whatsoever. It would be wise of you to take a step back and reframe.

    • profile image 5 years ago

      I have always found it ironic how conspiracy theorists are actually the brainwashed ones, only they've done it to themselves by spending too much time on kooky websites and listening to idiots like David Icke. They enchant themselves with this stuff because as you say, they don't trust life, and they are keen to find someone to blame. Who better than the rich and famous right?

      But not only does it give them someone to blame, it also makes them feel better about life itself. Conspiracy theorists I've noticed are typically on the 'losing' side of society (financially, socially, politically). By blaming the worlds problems on some kind of unknown satanic secret agenda, they have 'excuse' as to why they are underachievers. Also, and this is the sad part, believing in this nonsense fills them with the idea that they are "in the know", they are the smart ones, and everyone else is a sheep that listens to whatever the media tells them.

      Here is my own (anti) conspiracy theory website if interested :

    • profile image

      Dan-b 5 years ago

      Straight to the point, all a load of rubbish.

      Just so everyone knows I’ve done some "research", which as many of you would have done, through YouTube and This as we all know is the most accurate method of gaining information. Would like to start by saying i don't pretend to know all, and im not able to disprove all concepts of this theory. BUT a lot of it, with some SENSE you can see through it.

      New world order, going to control world, eg 195 countries (US State Department), with as of today a world population of 7,004,110,246 people. Ok, you have terrorist states, communism and fun loving countries such as Russia. How do you propose that these countries will actually succumb to this new world order? Your right they wouldn’t, so i take it there is going to be world war three soon as well to insure the sheeple listen to their rulers. Ow and I’m sure the people of Africa will be more than willing, cause let’s face it, there would be propaganda which states the colonies are taking over again. Which would end in the whole continent going through civil war, much the same with many on the American continent.

      Look at what their saying, it’s bleeding obvious that some countries, states or terrotries are going to join together to improve themselves economically. Europe and the USA are prime examples of this. I heard someone say the USA will join Canada and Mexico and make the Amero. What you mean like Europe and the Eurozone? The USA,Canada and Mexico may well in the future decide to do this, but at no point does it scream the illuminate, it screams we are in trouble from the BRIC economies which are going to make us less of a superpower.

      Music industry- laughable at best. I like many others have seen Rihanna spray water in the shape of a triangle and bend over as the shape of the devil. I have seen the rappers music video’s where they say the Illuminati. At the end of the day if these people are trying to tell us, why don’t they tell us? If they feel so strongly that the Illuminati are real, why don’t they come on TV and say it, instead of telling me through one of their music videos. OWWW because they aren’t really trying to tell me anything about the Illuminati. WAIT THOUGH, they might be scared to come on TV to tell me this, but the rulers allow them to sing about it to the sheeple.

      I haven’t covered this in as much detail as I wanted . But when you’re watching/ reading the information, notice how they just throw things in there which when together look omg looks so real, but when separated looks nothing to do with it. Some may say that’s how the rulers may want it, or that because separated u can see its all baloney. Like Rihanna bending over in the shape of a devil, when looking at it like a sheeple u see her dancing, but when your youtube master u can see that if you draw her imagine, its looks like the devil….a bit.

    • profile image

      katabatake 5 years ago

      It's bloggers like this that keep everyone nice and asleep. You know if you would actually do the research, you might see that things are not quite what they seem, and indeed you must have an opened mind WHEN you read. If you go into the material with a mindset of, "Oh this is all bullshit", you will come out of the material with the same, preconception. Why? Because you already decided NOT to believe it. You programmed yourself NOT to believe. That is how powerful our minds are.

      The David Icke forums at the other site I mentioned are good starting places. At least read the information and make an informed decision. Do not automatically assume it is all false.

    • profile image

      Nobody 5 years ago


      please tell me why every artist uses symbolism? Tell me why they only want to talk about money and sex?

      Tell me why a (almost all?) dollar bills can be folded in a way which represents 9-11?

      At the moment, 'they' are laughing at you right now. Not everyone is as dumb as you, the REALLY SMART people know how to manipulate you.

    • profile image

      brian 5 years ago

      to believe in something so deeply with very little or no evidence other then word of mouth is what is wrong with the world... The media and religion are

      huge examples of this. hopefully one day we will evolve beyond distrust and develop and better understanding of eachother. This all seems silly people are born and die every day life goes on with no script or control

    • profile image

      eb 5 years ago

      everyone here needs to get awakened learn about the law of attraction learn how you can create your own reality this is true that you can. we must learn these things peeps its the time of awakening 2012 get wit it

    • profile image

      logic 5 years ago

      ive read about this illuminati theory and i respect

      their views but at the same time they say things that in my opinion don't make sence why would the devil give anybody money and power for their souls if its ovious that they're greedy and are going to hell anyways

    • profile image

      Ray 5 years ago

      The word "Illuminati" really refers to those people on or off our planet who are spiritually illumined. Their minds are more advanced than the average person, who will eventually also become illumined. This word has been used, in error, to put a label on something we are afraid of, by ignorant people, who believe there can only be one illumined person, and that is the Christian Jesus and God, every other "illumined" one is therefor an imposter and is most likely a "satan" creation. We are all at different levels of illumination.

      There are many sick people on our planet who are just greedy for money, power and to possess all they can, no matter what the cost to others. These are the people who are ganging up to control everything and they fight amongst themselves in the form of world wars to get what they want. They are ruthless and powerful, but also stupid, and definitely do not fall in the "Illumined" box. So please do not give them this much credit. They are no more than low evolved humans who think they are in power. Their day will come, there are many of these types we come across in our daily lives and their goals are always to take over the bosses position or whatever will make them think that others will think that they are such marvelous and strong people. We even push our children to be ruthless like them so they can be in high positions and make lots of money and so have lots of material wealth. Poor little ones playing war games. To conquer them, don't support them.., but we do because they have driven us apart by propaganda and our own greed.

    • profile image

      Lunngars 5 years ago

      I hate illuminati cause they want to own the world but i don't think this can be succesed.

    • profile image

      Tabari 5 years ago

      Haven't been here for a wile... Wow some great comments... Can't wait to respond

    • profile image

      jase 5 years ago

      take your heads out from the sand ostrich's. or leave it there forever more.

    • profile image

      Shooter 5 years ago

      Wow, look at all the conspiracy theorists. They have no evidence to back up their claims and instead call the author hypocritical because they can't provide evidence to disprove him. You are all pitiful human beings who need to get a realistic view of the world. There is no Illuminati, there no New World Order nor will ever be one, 9/11 was not an inside job, and JFK was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald and no one else. Though it is not surprising to see that many of you are paranoid Americans who are so distrustful of everyone and everything. There is a reason why a majority of the world hates you - and no doubt! If you're so paranoid and blind to the real truth that you claim to fight for.

      All of you spend all your lives behind a computer. Turn off the Internet and go outside and do some real research. Otherwise, us sane people will hate you forever more.

      9/11 "Truth" has been debunked.

      JFK "patsy" has been debunked

      Chances of a NWO are impossible. Whatever makes you think polar opposite governments would ever get along?

      Do some REAL research, not research from conspiracy sites, books, or movies. Ironically, you are the sheeple that you call us skeptics. You believe in this religion. You believe everything you read. You are nothing but spoilt brats who know nothing of the real world. Not one of you offered any credible evidence that supports your claims. That said, none of you are scientists or truthworthy people.

      I think I'll just go relax and go back to sleep, because obiviously you are all awake and enlightened.

    • profile image

      Jeremy Linski 5 years ago

      there is evidence in everyday media. Look at the lyrics too rap songs. All it talks about it new world order. Also, when Obama says "Yes we can". If you play those 3 words in reverse(you can do this on your iphones). It says "Thank you Satan." We already are being brainwashed. Also, the Illuminati says that they are going to reduce American population by 100 million by the year 2050. Is it a coincidence that about 100,000,000 students were require to get a Tdap shot in their arms before they could continue on with their education. We need too stand up and save ourselves.

    • profile image

      Receptors 5 years ago

      @Jeremy Linski Your information is what I actually believe may be true I've been researching all kinds of stuff from The Music Industry to Hollywood and what they are doing to brainwash citizens and it can't be a coincidence. I've heard they are trying to reduce our populace because they want to bring our development history back to the past.

    • SportsBetter profile image

      SportsBetter 5 years ago from San Francisco

      It isn't weird that a group of old rich men would conspire together to make more money and especially more power. Also their are plans for world government one the dollar crashes which is the reserve currency of the world and backs almost every currency. When the US collapses the world collapses and say hello to world government

    • profile image

      KILLUMINATI 5 years ago

      How is it a "secret society" if people know about it?

    • profile image

      Anonymous For the People 5 years ago

      "But it's vitally important to remember conspiracy theories are just that - theories. There is no evidence to prove they are true."

      That is blatantly false. The evidence is right in front of you. You just have to be willing to find it.

      "Leading Scientists around the world rubbished the 2012 myths."

      Irrelevant. The world isn't going to come to an end because of scientific reasons in 2012.

      "Yes, maybe their are some secret organisations like the Freemasons, the illuminati or if you're in the Simpsons, the stone-cutters."

      Contradicting yourself and backpedaling. So you're admitting that there might be some secret societies like the Freemasons (which absolutely exist) and the illuminati (who don't generally go by that name anymore but also exist) when the very point of your article is prove that they definitely don't exist.

      "But really, who cares about a bunch a rich, bloated, middle aged men in a boy's club with silly secret handshakes talking about their plans for world domination."

      Everyone should care! ESPECIALLY when those "middle aged men in a boy's club" are the men who own and control the world banks, the media, and monopolize and control the US Government because of it's dependence on the Federal Reserve (which is also owned by those middle aged men in a boy's club).

      "And undoubtedly, there are corrupt businessman and politicians who collude to help each other out and cover things up."

      Congratulations for pointing out one of the reasons they are successful and their plans


      There are many other things I could have pointed out and disproven in this ignorant, poorly written, and grammatically incorrect article. But frankly that'd be a waste of my time. To those who know and seek the truth, take solace in the fact that free humanity rises. As the great Charlie Chapman once said "Do not despair. The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed. The bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress. The hate of men will pass. And the power they took from the people, will return to the people. And so long as men die, liberty will never perish." And please don't give me that bullshit that Charlie Chapman was a communist or a socialist. Those were lies spread by the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover (who was a Freemason of the 33rd degree by the way).

    • profile image

      Anonymous For the People 5 years ago

      "But it's vitally important to remember conspiracy theories are just that - theories. There is no evidence to prove they are true."

      That is blatantly false. The evidence is right in front of you. You just have to be willing to find it.

      "Leading Scientists around the world rubbished the 2012 myths."

      Irrelevant. The world isn't going to come to an end because of scientific reasons in 2012.

      "Yes, maybe there are some secret organisations like the Freemasons, the illuminati or if you're in the Simpsons, the stone-cutters."

      Contradicting yourself and backpedaling. So you're admitting that there might be some secret societies like the Freemasons (which absolutely exist) and the illuminati (who don't generally go by that name anymore but also exist) when the very point of your article is prove that they definitely don't exist.

      "But really, who cares about a bunch a rich, bloated, middle aged men in a boy's club with silly secret handshakes talking about their plans for world domination."

      Everyone should care! ESPECIALLY when those "middle aged men in a boy's club" are the men who own and control the world banks, the media, and monopolize and control the US Government because of it's dependence on the Federal Reserve (which is also owned by those middle aged men in a boy's club).

      "And undoubtedly, there are corrupt businessman and politicians who collude to help each other out and cover things up."

      Congratulations for pointing out one of the reasons they are successful and their plans


      There are many other things I could have pointed out and disproven in this ignorant, poorly written, and grammatically incorrect article. But frankly that'd be a waste of my time. To those who know and seek the truth, take solace in the fact that free humanity rises. As the great Charlie Chapman once said "Do not despair. The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed. The bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress. The hate of men will pass. And the power they took from the people, will return to the people. And so long as men die, liberty will never perish." And please don't give me that bullshit that Charlie Chapman was a communist or a socialist. Those were lies spread by the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover (who was a Freemason of the 33rd degree by the way).

    • profile image

      Illiterati 5 years ago

      I don't believe in conspiracy theories. An earlier poster said that CT deniers have a closed mind and don't want to see the truth. I have two issues with this. Firstly, I would LOVE it if some of these theories turned out to be true. It would be the biggest thing ever. I want to believe, I just don't. Second, conspiracy theorists are so sure of themselves. For a time, I was quite interested in the 9-11 conspiracy theories. I wanted to discuss the possibilities that these things happened. But other people didn't want to discuss possibilities. To them it was just fact. It's always fact. And conspiracy theorists call others closed minded. The hypocrasy there is huge. To be open minded, conspiracy theorists need to consider the possibility that their theories have no basis in fact. Impossible for them.

      And WHY the f*** do the people who are at the top of society leave so many f*****g clues everywhere? Oblique, cryptic clues that immediately get pounced on by theorists. And yet those at the top still do it? But they are SOOOO clever. I laughed my head off when I read above that Obama is part of the illuminati and they have PROOF of this because "Yes we can" played BACKWARD is "Thank you Satan"! If they are somehow being managed by Satan, why would they BOTHER to thank him like that? And be caught because despite being the rulers of the world, managed by SATAN, they should KNOW that any theorist worth their salt would play something backward. And Satan's ego is SO huge that he HAS to be thanked PUBLICLY in secret?! We are taking Satan literally aren't we? I mean, we aren't even questionning whether Satan even exists? Or is that fact too?

      The whole thing is hilarious and gives me a lot of pleasure. God bless conspiracy theorists. They cheer me up.

    • profile image

      An0n 5 years ago

      to the poster above:

      clues are left behind as a sign of mockery towards people.

      Think of it like writing a masterpiece of an essay and having the sense of accomplishment at the end of the essay where you sign your name and tell people "yup, this is my work, recognize it"

    • profile image

      Your Mom 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Alex 5 years ago

      If it were all so secret, and they were so powerful, and it were TRUE, then:

      - Jay Z would have probably been assassinated a while ago for openly 'admitting' to be part of it.

      - Why would it have taken them so long to complete their plan of world domination?

      - Why would they allow the media to become so blatantly corrupt, hated and false?

      - Why hide? Everyone apparently knows about it already, there's no point in hiding...

      I f*****g hate conspiracy theories.

    • profile image

      shane 5 years ago

      Red or Blue pill you decide. I guess those of us that are being labeled here as conspiracy theorist just decided to take the red pill to see how far that rabit hole really goes and it's pretty darn frightening the truth.

    • profile image

      bpmhopper 5 years ago

      hmmm where to start. alot of people here are on the rite track and they will find the truth, but u cannot blindly believe everything.

      i did my bible studies as a child, but am not religious.

      many many accounts have been proven factual and phophecies fulfilled, however many texts have also been perverted and mis translated also. and one must realise this, missings books (enoch etc).

      these secret societys stem from the same time as the bible, and are the origional tainters.Steve Quayle has some good info on this.

      many freemasons think their brotherhood is a christian society, but infact what they practice is the mystery babylon religion, which includes rituals, black magic, blood sacrfices, and pagan worship. if a fellow mason even mentions christ he will not progess any further. a good source for this is bill cooper's mystery babylon series of 34 hours starting from nebuchanizzar. this man payed the ultimate price for sharing his knowledge.

      the illuminati is real and is about preseving their pure bloodline. they are not christians, but claim to be.

      im not saying believe in christ. what im saying is they pervet the teachings, this is why its referred to as satanic. a good video on their rituals is alex jones infiltrating bohemian grove.

      they put the evidence in plain sight to de-sensitise people, and also blow their own trumpet.

      did u knw over 3/4 of usa's presidents were freemasons? and related.

      about that jkf and oswald statement. his assination was done directly after he announced to investige the fed. and private corporates. it was done publicly as a statement to others, didn't his brothers get murdered also ater trying to continue his work?

      gimmy carter has a good speech where he admits the government has lost control and prite corps have taken over, this was in the 1950's i believe.

      As for the 'theories' i quite like the reptillian agenda one, watch phil schnider's videos, where 2wks after it was filmed he 'committed suicide' using no.8 wire!

      i dnt knw about u guys but i would not strangle myself with wire if i was gona commit suicide.

      also research buddism and other religions the nagas etc, serpent men have long been in our history since eve was decieved. also look into sacred underground caves, where scores of people go missing. a whole class of students dissapeared witout a trace, and instead of searching for them the government dynamited the cave. i forget its name but if u look u will find it

      did u knw obama is a skull and bones society member, just like bush and bush snr. his presidency was predicted by leo zagami in 2005 (ex-illuminati)

    • profile image

      GregM 5 years ago

      I agree with a lot of this. I, myself used to be one of these hardcore conspiracy theorists. Every tragedy and major event that happened I always thought, "ILLUMINATI ILLUMINATI!" People! While the Illuminati may be real, they do NOT control EVERY SINGLE event that happens on Earth. Tragedies happen, it's how it goes. Maybe 9/11 was a cover-up, maybe AIDS really is a depopulation scheme, but not EVERYTHING is a scheme made up just to ruin your lives. I think conspiracy theorists are open minded, but not to what they don't want to hear, while that may actually be the truth. Simply put.... Don't live your life in fear.

    • profile image

      Damir 5 years ago

      I'd say that main point in article makes a lot of sense, and that is - people blame everything else for their own lives. Conspiracies of any kind some are true some are over-exaggerated or simple BS. In my opinion the only problem is that sheeple keep living their lives believing they're helpless or hopeless, that nothing can be changed and keep moaning and feeling sorry for themselves. The fact is we decide to either helpless or do something about our lives, thing we want to achieve or change. No one can control your mind and everybody has a chance to decide what to do next. Doesn't matter you either fail or succeed, you just have to keep going for what you want deep down inside and I believe in the end we all want the same thing, decent human living, fellowship and growing towards common and greater good on this planet. After all, we all want luxury, safety, friends and families and freedom to fully enjoy our lives. So just decide and do something about it everyday, the more the merrier.

    • profile image

      The Last Bling King 5 years ago

      The Illuminati are real, but they are very misunderstood. Most people associate the Illuminati with the Old World Order, the dynastic families that oppress and manipulate this Earth. The Illuminati seek to free humanity from them. You can learn more about them from their books "The Last Bling King", "The God Factory", "Armageddon Conspiracy", and the soon to come out "The Soul Camera". Also check out their website:

    • profile image

      leann 5 years ago

      You got it twisted brother. If your a believer of God, and I hope you are, its in there. The NWO has been in exixtance long before our time. Conspiracy, that's what they want people to believe and sadly many souls will be lost. Instead of listening to God and reading the word which is what our father in heaven has provided us as a guide to live a holy life and make it to heaven, they will be sidetracked by listening to the media, people like you and false prophets with information that (looks like, sounds like the truth when in fact IT IS NOT......

      The links below may help you understand the real world... what is and what is not... The NWO controls all and a one world government has been their plan for many many years ago. The Masons... are real....... get it straight........ GOD BLESS....

    • profile image

      Nate 5 years ago

      Yea, i think you are completely silly and naïve.

      I believe what God, the Creator of the Universe, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob says. He says absolutely everything happens for a reason and all things work for His purpose. So you are 100% wrong saying 'things just happen.' Giant, cataclysmic events like tsunamis and 9-11 do NOT just happen according to the God who created you and created me. There are hundreds of different reasons these kinds of things happen.

      There is a spiritual realm or dimension (which is made up of several types of realms or 'heavens' where God and His angels and satan and His angels exist.) Satan came into power over mankind when he decieved Adam and Eve in the garden. So, here again, you are 100% wrong that an evil force is not running the entire world. It is called satan and he runs this place, with the help of his billions of fallen angels(demons). Jesus reffered to this world as satan's kingdom and that mankind is under satan's control. Jesus said that. Not me.

      And the reason most of these conspiracy theories are labeled theories and pitched the masses as whacky is to keep you asleep and numb. I'd say a good 95% of these are true.

      There is a very select few that run the world. They are luciferian, meaning, they worship lucifer, or satan. But they believe satan is the good guy and God is bad. They believe lucifer will win in the end and deliver humanity from the wrath of God.

      You are free to believe what you want. God gave that gift to all of us: free will to choose. You chose to express your view. I choose to express the truth. You claim there is no truth (meaning, you claim there is no rhyme or reason, things just happen.) That means you do not believe in absolute truth. You will argue and say I;m twisting your words so I'll illustrate my logic with an example:

      you say there is no rhyme or reason, things just happen, no evil force influencing anything. If not, then evil does not exsist. So, with that thought, lets say I take a gun and shoot you in the head. No one should get mad because things just happen. There is no evil.

      That;s my point. I know you will have a million rebuttals to that but there is absolute Truth(Jesus) and absolute evil(satan).

      And, again, you are wrong: every single soul that ever walked this earth will one day know the absolute truth behind every conspiracy, every lie, every event, every single minute last passing thought that everyone else who ever lived has said or done or thought. It's called Judgement Day. We'll all be there whether we believe it or not. I pray the Lord reveals Himself and His Salvation through His Son to you, my friend, and to all.

    • profile image

      Kyle 5 years ago

      When thing I hate about conspiracy theorists is they are SO negative.

      I personally believe their are conspiracies and have witness them but they are usually on a small level like a town or a business that's greedy and wants more money but that only describes THAT particular establishment.

      It just makes you feel negative even thinking about it.

    • profile image

      Kyle 5 years ago

      Nate you are a complete idiot!

      If God was real he would NOT allow 9-11 to happen.

      I have read the bible and it for word-to-word contradicts itself on every level such as Jesus saying be slow to anger yet the first thing he did was overthrow the tables in that Temple.

      Is that not a direct hypocrite or not?

      Pride is the biggest problem of mankind.

      He (God) would do something like make the engines fail and we would hear about two airplanes crashing in New York City to save so many lives.

      Sure some people would be hurt during the crash landing but ti would be FAR LESS loss then the WTC.

      We also likely not have gone to war as this/that would've been labeled pilot error.

      HOWEVER my heart is not closed to an idea of a God existing but your idea of a robed figure in the sky who claims he loves people but puts those he hates in a pit of fire is unethical at best.

      Unconditional love means unconditional love and it sickens me to see justice go down the tubes like that.

      I almost want to get revenge on revenge and have to calm myself down at the worlds injustices.

      I would love to tell you more but I don't want to say inappropriate things and be part of the negative conspiracy groups or atheists that like to bash Christians because of whatever anger they are harboring they are too proud to admit.

    • profile image

      Kyle 5 years ago

      I was so angry at your comment Mat that I didn't make my sentence very clear and I am sorry.

      I meant to say if God were real he would NOT allow 9-11 to happen and do something like make the airplane engines fail forcing the pilots in charge to do a crash landing.

      While people may still be killed due to free will laws the death count would be FAR less on-the-street then all

      those innocent people with families who died and we would never have gone to a war that was a waste of time at best with a stupid ass Congress passing stupid ass laws.

      We wouldn't have the Homeland Security taking charge of the airports with their animalistic trainers who will make fun of you or *rough you up* if you give the slightest protest to a body pat that only gives the illusion of safety.

      The whole 9-11 incident would likely be chalked up to mechanical error.

    • profile image

      MJfan 5 years ago

      God has given us brain to think on it..the world as we see it is not real or we would not think the way we do.let me tell u, the illuminati want us to deny their existence.....remember that, and they program u.

    • profile image

      Miguel 5 years ago

      See, note how the believers in the Illuminati do not know how to spell correctly. Does this trend mean something? I believe so.

    • profile image

      The Conduit 5 years ago


      Funny, but the illuminati are all too real. Watch the videos "Larry McDonald - New World Order" and "The Shah of Iran exposes the Illuminati" on YouTube and then tell me that the illuminati or something like the illuminati don't exist.

    • profile image

      QuantumSniper 5 years ago

      Your opening gambit in this whole article leads you into problems. As you use a reference to Richard Dawkins, I will speak to you in THAT language. If it is ONLY scientifically possible to DISPROVE rather than to PROVE things, you, yourself fall afoul of your own logic in the first paragraph because your article seeks to DISPROVE conspiracy theory.

      Conspiracies are a fact. Those you can identify prove my rule. Those that you are UNSURE may be a conspiracy are UNABLE to be DISPROVED as much as they cannot be PROVED. So you, and those who support your thesis are similarly deluded (and lack true courage, I might add. Probably because they are lost in their own matrix.).

      Another flaw is that you seek to use pop psychology of what constitutes a "control freak", and then presume somehow that this is a "bad thing" because apparently you (the author) have no such mental aberrations good or bad. But being "in control" is presumably bad according to you.

      Furthermore, you use numerous logical and semantic fallacies in order to make your points.


      E.G. Hasty Generalization (Dicto Simpliciter, also called “Jumping to Conclusions,” "Converse Accident") .... by Assuming that all Conspiracy Theorists believe in Nibiru. AND that the world is to end because of Nibiru. ...

      E.G. Circular Reasoning (closely related to begging the question) ... in aAssuming without foundation that Control Freaks are a "bad thing". And that those selfsame Conspiracy theorists always "Blame Others" ... This is Argumentum ad Populum (Snob approach - sub-category) AND Abusive, AND Circumstantial sub-categories).

      E.G. Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc (Literally: "After this, therefore because of this"): You then go on to argue that "BECAUSE" the world MAY not end in 2012, that goes somehow to PROVE that all conspiracy theorists are "Control freaks".

      ... With the FURTHER flawed rationalization that those conspiracy theorists who believe in nibiru AND that the world will end are ALL in the same category of "psychologically aberrated individuals who think that elites are controlling their milk".

      .... Look.... , I could go on. But your arguments are so flawed I could drive a truck through them

      Just so you know. I am a conspiracy theorist and a partial control freak. I am so because --

      (a) Those who do not use their intellect to seek a rational cause for bad things, including bad occurrences, generally seem to be prepared to capitulate to anything. and

      (b) I do not simply accept things at face value because they mistakenly believe the 'Kiss' Principle and and Ockhams Razor are somehow semantic & Scientific RULES rather than merely guidelines.

      Hope that is useful.

      - Quantumsniper

    • profile image

      Cris2012 5 years ago

      If you guys read my post now, you wouldn't be so sure anymore. Look at all the resignations that are taking place this year....

    • profile image

      Ola 5 years ago

      Have you considered proofreading?

    • profile image

      hurricane-road 5 years ago

      I love how the longest posts are the people flipping over how your wrong. I have heard more then enough theories to k ow what's going on in this world. Personally thpogh I couldn't care less. If the government is a bunch of puppets, oh well. I'm just gonna live my life as I have been. If not, all the more reason.

    • profile image

      To the guy above me ^ 5 years ago

      +1 nuff said.

    • profile image

      wendy 5 years ago

      My husband is a conspiracy theory nut, his so called facts are you tube videos, any one can make a you tube video dosent mean its fact, no matter what I say I'm wrong and he is always right, I know there is bad in this world but its not just illuminate, but what do I know, I'm ignorant because I refuse to live my life in fear.

    • profile image

      Edward 5 years ago

      OMG the first comments here were made 23 months ago. 23 months ago! OMG this is totally a conspiracy. You have just shown us all the truth here. It's plain as day. The vale has been removed. You're definitely in on it. No, you are the one who is actually in control and behind all of it. You are the one who you are telling us that "does not exist".. it all make s perfect sense now. }break out{ hahaha!!! omg... people are so gullible.. I used to be paranoid, you know, everyone is out for them selves.. those in power have a need to control with absolute power over the little man, there are so many plots against me and all other "common men" that I will never be able to live a long and happy life. Then one day I woke up to a new world. The new world I woke up into was one of wonder and freedom. I said to my self "you know what Edward? Maybe some one really is controlling the world, maybe someone really is out to get you, but if you are afraid of them and what they will do to you or your loved ones or your fellow common men, then you have already lost, they have already won and have already defeated you." I talk to myself in run on sentences don't worry it might be normal.. anyway then I said to my self "Well, fuck it, I'm just going to do what I want and try my best to live a happy and honest life." and you know what? I think that on that day, and every day after I won.

    • profile image

      DP4 5 years ago

      Im sorry but, why would a 'secret' group such as the illumaniti, who want dominance throughout the world, still be a secret group? What's the point? How are they gaining from that?

      Secondly, you are all too quick to blame a group in which you have no idea about, whether that's where they are, who they are or what they do. Why don't you start doing some research on operations such as MKUltra, or Operation Northwood and start to realise that country's Governments have no problems with blowing the shit out of their own countries, or testing methods of interogation out on their own people. Tell me 9/11 couldn't have been done by the US Govt after reading up about Op. Northwood.

      Finally, a lot of you only know about the illuminati because of Tupac and these modern rappers. Seriously? Im sure that these upper class illuminati people love rap music (who can't love Jay-Z?), but im sure they'll have better world domination plans than making a few rappers throw up a triangle every now and again.

      Open your eyes people, the world is unpredictable and yes there are a lot of bad people out there. But don't start linking them all to this secret organisation, it's clearly fear mongering, just as much as religion is.

    • profile image

      Jen 5 years ago

      There seems to be good in this world, so why not evil. And I'm sure that if there's extreme good, there is extreme evil. So I don't doubt that The Illumnati exists. When I watch interviews of Anton LaVey and his daughter, what they stand for and set out to do, it makes me wonder "Why are you doing this?" You know, it's just kind of there, straight from the horse's mouth. You just decide for yourself whether or not you want to believe.

    • profile image

      mjfan 5 years ago

      what wendy says iz exactly what is happening. she does not want to live in fear and that's why she does not believe Illuminati control the world.Whatever religion we follow, Satan is an open enemy for us.I request u to plz be open-minded and don't let them control our minds and enslave us. God has given us brain to choose whatever we want and we know what is right.Death to the conspiracy!!!

    • profile image

      Tyrell Turner 5 years ago

      So right a lot of people cite youtube vids and that's their only source im like come on now. And don't use infowars cus all Alex Jones does is twist the Bible and make money off of you.

    • profile image

      jozlin 5 years ago

      @jen, nd yeah there is evil, and no its not the illuminati. theres people called terrorists, gangs, and mobs, pedofiles, those are the bad people that directly cause evil things to happen all around us. But u fucking crazy people insist that a secret organization that doesn't even exist is the evil? WTF if u wanna help people, stop spreading lies and fear into the feeble minded. Try doing charity or starting a fucking night watch or something

    • profile image

      jim 5 years ago

      Noone started out a conspiracy theorist, I have personally done much research. You say were closed minded but you mock people for believing something different, you say there are no secret societies and then admit there are, you recite a quote that a theory cannot be proven only disproven and then you ramble on about providing evidence. You spend a large amount of the article insulting our intelligence with the definition of a theory. I take it you don't believe the theory of relativity either? After all its just a theory. Judging by this article you have done little to no research and are blindly charging in to a topic your unknowledgable of, and you call us arrogant. Your article is a poorly constructed joke.

    • profile image

      Dr. No 5 years ago

      If The Illuminati Is Such A Big Conspiracy After All These Years Why Bring It Up Now And If They So ''Secretive'' Do You Think They Will Be So Dumb To Bring It To The Public(Not So Secrative Anymore What A Waste Of World Domination). NO I DON'T HAVE PROOF But Common Since Will Tell You Shit Happens ITS CALLED LIFE. To Me The Illuminati Is One Of Those Fairy Tales That Our Future Generation Will Tell There Kids Just So They Can Go To Bed. Im Just Saying If The Illuminati Is Real Then We All Pawns Rich, Middle Class, And Poor Because We Look Up To People Like Oprah, Bill Gates Obama, Dr. Phil, T.D. Jakes, ETC For Guidance But Are Very Same People We Claim That Are Evil Or In Occult

    • profile image

      Joe 5 years ago

      If you think evidence and reason is so important then why do you believe the official story? The governments conspiracy theory is one of the stupidist out there. Look into the other side of the argument rather than spewing out crap without researching. And your stereotypical ideas about conspiracy theorists are just nonsense. Get a grip and do some research rather than trying to reassure yourself that its all 'made up' and that everything is fine. Idiot.

    • profile image

      Dr. No 5 years ago

      Can You Actully Prove It To Me That Its Real Joe?

    • profile image

      Anon 5 years ago

      "Any scientist will tell you that nothing can be proved"

      "Five scientific facts that PROVE the world will not end in 2012"


    • profile image

      Joe 5 years ago

      Just learn about the federal reserve and the rothschilds be more open minded instead of ridiculing it before doing any research. You may find it very interesting and realise its not just a stupid conspiracy theory as they would obviously want you to think. The money masters is a good video to watch and learn about how they have taken control of the monetary system and therefore everything else. Sorry for getting a bit passionate earlier but it just annoys me to see people claiming its all just a stupid conspiracy theory without doing any research

    • profile image

      Dr No. 5 years ago

      Its Ok Joe No Hard Feelings And I Agree Its Not A Stupid Conspiracy But Its Seem Like Everybody Have They Head Wrapped Around This Theory So Deep Its Like A School Rumor. People Believe This Theory More Then They Own Religion And Was Brought Up Almost 2 years Ago Its Supposedly Been Around For Years But Now Its Been Brought Up And Yes I Have Done My Research And I Saw The Video At The Same Time But Anybody Can Do A Video And Spread Rumors And Lets Say If It Is Real Who Will Risk They Life Giving Out That Kinda Information. This Is Something We Don't Suppose To Know About But Yet It Was So Easy To Spread Out Into The World That's Why I Don't Think Its Real. If The Illumanti So Called Have The World In There Hands Why Let Secrects Like That Be Leaked. Why Waste Your Time If It Haven't Been Proved In Your Face.

    • profile image

      Lee 5 years ago

      I am one of the anxious and vulnerable people that irrationally believe others when they talk about different conspiracy theories. All I have to say is, stop telling people like me about this stuff! It's making us paranoid! I don't care whether it's true or not! For the past day or so, I've lost sleep because of an irrational fear of whether the Illuminati are real or not. Do you know how I spent my day? On the internet, reading about the Illuminati's influence over Disney. There goes my freaking childhood. Now stop scaring me so I can enjoy my life and stop feeling so effing paranoid!

    • profile image

      SittingOnTheFence 5 years ago

      @Rickrideshorses - Forgive my use of the Matrix as a loose anology here but I feel it's somewhat appropriate. Conspirators have taken the red pill - tumbling down dark holes, following a thousand trails to nowhere in search of an elusive truth. Those who have taken the blue pill are unwilling to question the offical word of authority.

      Many online sources purporting these conspiracies (illuminati/2012/aliens/new age religeon/spiritual awakening etc.) were literally 'dumped' onto the web just after the turn of the century, coinciding with the popular 9/11 truth movement. My opinion is alternative media is being used to simulate the truth movement, so as to occupy, contain and discredit the opposing field of information. It should be of no conspiracy that every successful governing body will attempt to control both sides of the population's information flow - it's a necessary component of maintaining an empire. "Money makes the world go 'round". Those with the most money and inherently so, power, are the ones with the 'ability' to dictate the general direction and speed in which the globe spins. The big question is, what are the intentions of these people and how closely do they cooperate with eachother to achieve the goals derived from their intentions? Do you perceive the world in black and white or are you dazzled by the spectrum of colors in between? I don't entertain conspiracy theories because I understand who was likely to have placed them there, but more importantly, why they were placed there. Ignorance is bliss for those who are unfamiliar with a blissful experience.

    • profile image

      SomeGuy 5 years ago

      Any video you watch about secret societies was likely created either by disinformation agents (to divert from absolute truth and to ridicule the underlying concept of the theory) or by useful idiots who are unwillingly spreading 'disinformation' they heard elsewhere. @ Dr No. 3 You're correct when you say such a secret society would never reveal the ultimate truth - but if they do exist, it would help their cause to reveal truths in plain sight, wrapped in crazy lies. I have no doubts the rich and powerful collude behind closed doors to make collective decisions regarding the direction of their empires. At the end of the day I see it as a logical, necessary part of nature. It represents the inversed supporting pillars of our establishment and such a group of people would (hopefully) only be making decisions that they believe are in the best interests of the evolution of the race they are responsible for. Such decisions would not be easy to make. To the loved-up populations, these decisions would appear as misunderstood evils, based on the required division of knowledge between the classes. To deny their existence

      without evidence is delusional. Signs of logic certainly point to their existence. To assume democracy/politics is the be all and end all of decision making is also delusional, however politics has it's effect on smaller scale issues. It's open to interpretation as to whether the 'secret societies' are doing the right thing. Personally, I don't think you can blame Ying & Yang, nor can you stop it's momentum.

    • profile image

      Trinity777 5 years ago

      good to see others are NOT blindly following the sensationalized conspiracies littered acrossed the internet! people are too easily mislead by the cesspool of information out there. i agree with your views on conspiracy theorists, but understand they are simply obsessed with the idea of uncovering truth and informing others - well intentioned, just very mislead. and yes, many are arrogant fools who don't see the forest for the trees. i also generally agree with the posts above where the person is saying a lot of these conspiracies are placed in our faces to divert & ridicule - well said! think about oil tycoons, resource tycoons, banks, pharmaceuticals & conglomerates and the collective power they could bestow. it makes perfect sense they would use (possibly abuse) their power to maintain/expand their positions in society. but to what degree are they actually doing this? an large evident clue is in media/high profile journalism, where they are simply unable to express opinions that are not aligned with the goals of corporations/conglomerates.

    • profile image

      brad18 5 years ago

      Illuminati is a fact, i used to say its a load of s*** then i did reasearch

    • profile image

      Kevin 5 years ago

      Ok first of all you guys don't see the world we do many theories have evidence it is just that many people don't want to admit that they ate wrong we connect evidence into one BIG PICTURE.

    • profile image

      Yall got no life 5 years ago


    • profile image

      007 5 years ago

      These guys will make you put your dick in a guys arse you idiot. Your just a mere insect to these guys. The A-Team aka illuminati power houses, practice rituals on an unconscious level, a world un-seen from the human eye an not understandable to our pathetic scientific bound minds. These guys also have alot of money an have used their power to take down spirituality an make it look like some hippy poppy bullshit, so they have all the power while everybody else looks at it like your in a mental institute. This is some serious shit. You guys need to wake up because if you dont learn a thing or two, your just going to die into nothingness, and will be left behind while the rest of us become a lot soul-smarter. I got a fuckin six pack an money an am happy, because i have a brain on my head and dont follow the corwd an go catch S.T.D's at some bar, FUCK THAT!

      For all the believers out there heres something to think about. Why would the illuminati make themselves subliminaly known an fulfill religious and new age prophecy of the end-times? (surely 1 of them would have picked up a bible an seen that they were in it over time) Do they really think they could win over god? or are they the just steering us in the right direction towards a better age?

      Be safe my friends :)

    • profile image

      Grt 5 years ago

      You, who believe that Illminati exist, do you thinks that you are different from them?

      YOU are the real ILLUMINATI you so scared about.

    • profile image

      urban 5 years ago

      Ya know, whats really funny is all the above people saying " you havent done enough research" ect, whats to say that everything your reading online, books or other fountains of knowledge is a load of lies and BS? Oh wait is it because YOU thought of these things? It works both ways, you think governments bs and theres s deeper meaning behind it all, I could then call BS on your sources, why wouldnt that information be all lies to, even when pulling facts from the net or other theorists hmmm

    • profile image

      love love and love 5 years ago

      Eat sleep live love and care for others, be free in mind... Oh and to all guys like Wendy's husband get off the Internet n appreciate beautiful people that love you.

    • profile image

      ba232 5 years ago

      From what iam reading it seems the Illuminati have failed cause it seems like there is a extremely large number of people who believe in the Illuminati, what is the point of them controlling our minds or what ever if so many people are so educated on them, if they let this info out then why control our minds in the first and why do they allow so many of the laws on freedom we have, if they would add in us revolting against them. And for the hundreds of thousand most likely more why dont you do something about it in stead of just writing about it on the internet. If you guys think the world really that messed up then that means ur just letting it happen, and you deciding to write about it on the internet is not stopping them. If i wrote long essay over and over again explaining why having a jobs is important and not actually having a job it will not magically give me a job i have to do something about. Why have you not done anything about it if your so sure that there is a such a group.

    • profile image

      DottyUnicorn 5 years ago

      If one man created us ll, why is it taking a secret group (Illuminati) to stop it? Surely 'God' can save all of us? As an Athiest and having someone I know turn from a druggy to a 'Born again Christain' preaching to us and putting fear in us I think it's a load of bollox. The Illuminati cards to scare me a bit but surely why go through all these years of scaring us and trying to control the population, why not just nuke us all? IF, that is the power they have?

    • profile image

      Nine 5 years ago

      This article is slanderous.

      "Conspiracy theorists are --deeply suspicious-- people who do not trust life."

      "Conspiracy theorists are the type of people who constantly --blame others-- for what's happened."

      "Conspiracy theorists are --arrogant--."

    • Illumind profile image

      Illumind 5 years ago from Infinity

      The way I see it, it's a duality, an eternal war between good and evil. It's positive vs. negative, abundance and growth vs. control and suppression. You can participate in the endless war, or rise above it like Christ/God as One. Look at the yin-yang. It's 3 parts. Light, dark and the middle which is God/One/positive flow, powering it all, spinning electrons. To find God, check out vortex mathematics. God=9. "I form the light and create darkness. I make peace and create evil." Isa. 45:7. We are in the image of God/One. Act like Christ, that also represents One, and you can find peace outside of the eternal war. It's all relative. Accept that evil is necessary to lead us to good.

    • profile image

      kevin 5 years ago

      your all idiots...9-11 was planned by agroup of terrorists..not our government

    • profile image

      averagejoe 5 years ago

      If you just look around you'll see theres aomething going on in the u.s, our rights are slowly being taken away and the government is more currupt each day. Is the illuminati real? I dont think so but i do think were heading towards another hilter controled germany just in modern days in th u.s. just look around and for god sake do your own reasearch instead of watching tv

    • profile image

      I am you2 5 years ago

      Rick, why would you generalize people in this way? Do all people believe things without reason and come up with no evidence? Is it really just irrational people who smell something fishy? It's fishy that you would want me to believe that. Here is evidence of someone questioning an event based on evidence:

      this is the first and only video that ever made me stop and wonder about the subject it covers.

      btw, smelling something fishy never makes me want to hate anyone. Just shows me there is hate in the world. IT shows me there is something wrong. I think we can all agree there is something wrong when we look at the world collectively can't we Rick?

    • profile image

      I am you2 5 years ago

      lol sitting on the fence,

      I think ignorance is probably the most blissful thing too. But how can the world become a better place without people at least acknowledging or having some sort of appreciation for what is real?

    • andyeverywhere profile image

      andyeverywhere 5 years ago

      Interesting piece, mate...

      The only 'conspiracy' out there is that some time before 6000BCE, the earth was hit by one or more 'civilization-busting' asteroids or comets. This information was 'lost' to such an extent that no orthodox historian will consider it seriously. The next part of the 'conspiracy' is to do with the low-activity of current impact-mitigation efforts (Spacewatch, etc) when, in reality, this ultimate threat to, not only human civilization, but the existence of life-on-earth is completely avoidable.

      That is the ultimate 'conspiracy' - our failure to understand our place on a planet in a dangerous neighborhood. I agree, all these other theories are short-sighted, navel-gazing, egocentric point misses. Well, most of them...

    • profile image

      Tyler kenson 5 years ago

      If you don't believe the illuminati is real or You think they don't control the world... Ask yourself can you go 24 hrs without watching television or getting on Facebook or Twitter. The reason is because your mind is programmed to get on the web or watch your favorite show or listen to your favorite song. This is the easiest way they can control us and they know it

    • profile image

      Amp 5 years ago

      You admit there are powerful influential people meeting in secret but you say that's not a conspiracy? People who have money and power and are able to influence world events who meet in secret to plan these events...that's the definition of a conspiracy lol. We're the stupid ones?

    • profile image

      zipfly 5 years ago

      well now, it seems by the tone of all these statements, you are quite arrogant yourself, you cannot prove any of these statements either, that there indeed is not some kind of corporate entity with lots of money and therefore power that is not greatly influencing can't prove that! It appears you also spend lots of time on the internet because have a blog! People with blogs are on the internet all the time. I would just say you are a non-conspiracy theorist. You are doing and saying everything that you are criticizing in others! Well at least someone people can write about their own apathy and stand up for it! Which is quite ironic i must say. It's a step in the right direction at least...

    • profile image

      average joe 5 years ago

      They're. Taking away our rights... proof is everywhere

    • profile image

      Steve 5 years ago

      I agree with this article, this theory has been around for hundreds of years, the best time to dominate the world would've been in the 1800's. Now it's too hard, we communicate & have too many civilians in the government to be making big moves that they claim to make.

    • profile image

      anonymus 5 years ago

      sometimes im like "theres no illuminati or any other cult" but then again, i think about all the things happening in this world. are they all some simple coincidences? ive been doing researches on illuminati for years now and everything is just so obvious that i think some people are basically blinded by them (by the media that they control). WAKE UP PEOPLE. you have to see whats in front of your eyes.

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Conspiracy theories such as the "Illuminati" are only around for the amusement of stirring up society. You state that "you have to see what is in front of your eyes", but there is no proof at all that the Illuminati exists, so that is a contradiction right there. Because celebrities make triangles with their hands? If that's enough to sway you, then you're dense. Because there is a pyramid on the dollar bill? I suggest you hit some history books, instead of forums online that were created by random people who know no more about life than you do. Instead of being easily influenced by people you don't know, maybe you should only believe in something when there is proof. It's ridiculous how long this conspiracy theory has gone on, but rumors have been spreading across the Earth since people were created. Whoever created us or however we were created, we sure did get too complicated of brains to summon insane thoughts like this up. That's a curse in itself, just as humans are a curse to the universe.

    • profile image

      Anonomous 5 years ago

      The term "Conspiracy Theorist" provides a wonderful tool for those groups who are working against humanity to dismiss and discredit any information put forth by so called Conspiracy theorists that would shed light on the conspirators actions.

      Those who would make blanket statements that there are no conspiracies are in effect sleeping and living in a nice comfortable dreamworld. You can't be wakened to reality by those of us who have already awakened to it. I was once asleep as you are until I did take the time and effort to educate myself. The New World Order is not a fantasy. It is a well thought out plan implemented in stages over centuries by a small group of highly determined men to set themselves up as the ruling elite over the entire planet.

      I don't ask you to believe on my say so but do the work-read the fineprint and then form your own ideas. Some of you will wake up others will not.

      I will say this in conclusion-No awakening can occur by nibbling on a few tidbits of information. A complete evaluation can only be achieved with due dilligence taking into account both sides of the arguement. If you set out to gather evidence with the agenda of proving yourself to be "RIGHT" then there is no hope for you to grow, for each of us can find all the support we need to further our own agendas. However, if you set out to gather data from which to then formulate an opinion-then you allow yourself the ability to grow, learn and in turn earn the right to share your wisdom.

      I find many of the respondants to this thread to be of the uneducated-poorly informed masses who would prefer to live their lives oblivious to what is going on around them. I pity you. It will be so much harder on you when you wake up to the reality of the NEW WORLD ORDER that your government and others are working toward.I will at least expect it's coming.

    • profile image

      Thomas 5 years ago

      My problem is that I don't accept the concept of organized religion and I don't accept that Christianity is the truth. The only way this Illuminati thing works is for The Bible to be true; which it isn't. You can't prove it's real, so stop. I will not accept proof from biased sources who have an benefit in the outcome.

      While the government is most certainly capable of lying and deceiving the people (And Does Every Day), who gives a crap? I don't. People are fundamentally corrupt and selfish.

      People always ask where do we get these politicians? They don't fall from the sky. The were born, raised, educated, and live in America. People always ask "Where are all the decent, honest, hardworking people of conscience?" The truth: We don't have any of those people. This is the best we can do.

      What would be wrong with nations getting along. Nothing. Except that it violates every primitive fear of creatures which is to be clan oriented, geocentric, fearful individuals.

      Be different. Except that life doesn't mean much more than Comcast, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and the occasional Orgasm.

    • profile image

      James Heonakos 5 years ago

      Get off that "High Horse" you're riding Rick as your head is too close to the clouds! People like you have been mouthpieces for & downplaying the Illuminati & Protocols of Zion for years. Why is it then that EVERYTHING that we were told or warned about them or in the Protocols keeps coming true? Huh? Must be bad luck or some other LAME excuse you could pull out your ass, Huh? Rick Clay you are not! When I was your age I did not believe it either & hopefully you will wake up eventually too. Good Luck you dam FOOL.

    • profile image

      Thomas 5 years ago

      James, If there is an Illuminati, I'd be glad to join. Seems like some pretty decent benefits for that club. Let me ask you this? Given all the power, both physical and spiritual, that the Illuminati supposedly have, what the f**k do you think the fact that you "know" about them is going to do. They'd kill you as soon as look at you. You validate the hypothesis that you spend too much time caring about things you won't ever change.

      So to restate: If it's real, what the heck do you think you're gonna do about it? Huh?

    • profile image

      Thomas 5 years ago

      I've got one more. Why is it so important to some of you people for life to have a plan or be meaningful? The fact remains that there isn't any "requirement" for life to be meaningful or planned. It might be, might not be. What disturbs me is how people just NEED there to be meaning to things.

    • profile image

      GRINDSMOKE 5 years ago

      LOL conspiracy or not, this system sucks, either way. We get underpaid and prices rise where checks lower.

      And there is no one standing up for that.

      That doesnt just show how fucking stupid and lazy conspiracy theorists are, it also shows how easy it is for a very rich person to keep the lesser wealthy busy with crazy stories and goofy ipads (which are built to break for more cash ofcourse)... maybe you should get away from your computer and slap some serious political ass.

      if i dont get shot by dumbshits then ill start changing things, but not for you people to enjoy

    • profile image

      GRINDSMOKE 5 years ago

      FYI thomas the Illuminati was founded in 1700 something like that, it used to exist because of the church banning scientific research " cause god didnt want humans to do such things" what else could it be.

      Basicly they did things that moral standards didnt approve of. so i wouldnt be mind blown if the bavarian illuminati (as the original name is) still exist, hell it would even be a good thing for all i know everyones bitching and crying about stemcells but people are dying so who gives a fuck? Ofcourse, the christian Cult that blew up several hundred years ago

    • profile image

      youngmoneylala 5 years ago

      this is real stuff

    • profile image

      SMARTperson 5 years ago

      The problem is many of the conspiracy believers are gullible, and believe everything they read. Too bad they don't realize that the people who make up these theories have nothing better to do than overanalyze this stuff. Whether it's true or not, why don't you people just let it be? If the world is corrupt, you're not going to able to change it. Live your life and enjoy it instead of spending all your time on the internet researching what is mainly lies and things that people make up in their free time.

    • profile image

      peter framptons guitar 5 years ago

      What's the difference between "colluding" and "conspiring"? The media has done a good job demonizing the word conspiracy ever since the Kennedy assassination. Look up the speech he gave to the american jouralist society not long before he was killed.

    • profile image

      Trina 5 years ago

      Conspiracy theorists are almost or just as bad as religious zealots. You cannot get them to view anything outside of what they are looking for. I used to be religious and began searching for a reason to offer others as proof of my faith. I admit I only searched within terms that would offer me those reasons. Over time I seen enough counterpoints that I could no longer ignore them. But so many continue to ignore them and spread fear. Fear is an awful thing. And people made the wrong choices in everything when they are afraid. Voting the wrong people in office is one big one I worry about.

    • profile image

      Jason 5 years ago

      No Illuminati controlling the entertainment industry and the world ey and they didn't do 911. here's proof enough for me or anyone! Click on the link for the end to the debate and see hardcore facts!

    • profile image

      NotSoGullible 5 years ago

      I could never understand how someone that labels "conspiracy theories" as false and absurd, can in turn watch mainstream media and take any of it seriously. Though I don't necessarily believe most theories (and I call them theories as opposed to "conspiracy theories" because the term is misleading and contradicting) a lot of the theories have some merit to them, whether we like to admit it or not. On the other hand, many "theorists" refuse to admit is that most "truthers", such as Alex Jones and Mike Rupert, are assets to the government hired to spread lies from the other side of the argument. But to perceive what we're fed through the television as reality and in turn call whatever we see on the internet as false propaganda is asinine and hypocritical. Isn't believing a reporter or politician, solely because of that person's reputation, an act of blind faith; an act that you "sane" people are so ready to ridicule religious believers over?

      I agree the theory of U.S. government being behind the 9/11 disaster is false, due to the major loopholes in the theory, BUT the "official" story told via the 9/11 Commission is even more absurd than the 9/11 truth movement. So therefore we must conclude that neither stories are true, it's just common sense.

    • profile image

      Logan 5 years ago


      No hate, but I notice that you contradicted yourself. If you are going to throw in a bible verse, at least read the other verses that help prove Rick's point. Matthew 24: 42,43 states- "Watch therefore: fot you KNOW NOT ( as yet) what hour your Lord does come.

      BUT KNOW THIS, that if the good man on the house had known, (perceived of came to the understanding) in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would have suffered his house to be broken up."

      Also, the CIA needs to keep things secret, hence the name "Central Intelligence Agency". Would they be the Central Intelligence if everyone knew what was going on in the country? This intelligence is kept from us in oreder to keep us (the average citizen) safe. If everyone knew what was happening, and this fell into the wrong hands, this country would go to hell in a matter of days.

      One last point. Illuminati. Itanimulli. A government defense program. If you feel the need to google it, don't take the time, itanimulli dot com. Want to know what pops up? NSA (National Security Association) and CSS (Central Security Service). It was all created by a government extremist to get people like you into believing in a conspiracy theory.

      So there you have it. A sceptic who has in fact done his research. Not saying you haven't done your research, Rick. But back to the main point, i have done my research into why the illuminati is real and why it is fake. People like you need to take the time and read an article neutrally about why the illuminati is real and why it is fake. You can't prove something does not exist, you can only prove that something does exist by evidence. There is no proof of a real Illuminati's existence, there's only fictional accounts, blogs, and speculation. None of these constitute evidence of any kind proving it's existence.

      Thank you for hearing my opinion,


    • profile image

      To Logan 5 years ago

      To Logan and also "smart"person ^

      1. The CIA does not work at the expense of the american people, please stop being so naive.

      2. Can you please explain where you got "itanimulli" from and what relevance it has to your theory? Is the re-arranging of letters supposed to signify the disproving of the illuminati? Wouldn't it actually support the claim that the illuminati is hiding in plain sight by illustrating that a company run by government is using a name that closely resembles "illuminati"?

      3. Okay, so NSA/CSS is a company specializing in encrypting top secret documents. so what; what's your point?

      These next ones are targeted more towards the ones that call anyone that questions authority gullible, arrogant (please who's the arrogant one) and lazy miserable low lifes.

      4. Proof is subjective unless it is scientifically proven, thus making it scientific fact. You can't scientifically prove that someone does or doesn't not belong to a group of people. You can though use photographic, and audio evidence with the help of testimonial claims to support your argument.

      5. There IS proof secret societies exist (the author of this contradicting blog even admits it for christ's sake). Whether you want to believe that these secret societies are a threat is subjective to the evidence that is provided. If you look at the evidence thinking it's not true before you even look at it, you're not going to see the evidence for what it is, you're going to see it for what it isn't.

      6. The illuminati was started in 1776 by a man named adam weishaupt, this is non contestable fact! It's look like you're the one that needs to learn how to research.

    • profile image

      Obhectivefella 5 years ago

      kind of ironic, cause you talk of god as if he's real. the story of god is just as plausible as illuminati, or more like a lot less plausible. Before you go around saying people are irrational, small minded and arrogant. look in the mirror because by doing so you are also being arrogant and narrow minded. I'm not trying to belittle your belief i'm just saying try and be a bit more objective

    • profile image

      CHRIS 5 years ago

      Whoever wrote this is a fu.cking retard..seriously the illuminati is not a THEORY.. and you contradict yourself after dissing conspiracy THERORIES, without looking at the blatant facts.. illuminati is real you idiot.. a theory may be anything but the fact is that GLOBAL ELITES control all of us, the entire populus of the planet is dictated by these swagger boy trillionaires.. oh but "who cares" quoting from your own words.. who cares??? yeah thats exactly the problem.. most people dont fu.cking care and thats why most people are dumbed down retarded sheep.. this article is completely misleading, is contradicing and leads nowhere..epic fail.

    • profile image

      Get off your High Horse, Rick. 5 years ago

      Goebbels been teaching you well, I see.

      Summary of this article:

      "Yes, maybe there are some secret organisations…But really, who cares…And undoubtedly, there are corrupt businessman and politicians who collude to help each other out and cover things up. This is nothing new and it certainly isn't a conspiracy. These kind of abuses of power have been ongoing for hundreds if not thousands of years…."

      You completely misunderstand the concept of evidence by confusing it with proof, you give an example of a theory which is obviously not a theory as it completely contradicts your given definition, and this complete article contradicts itself and relies on generalisations, insults as intimidation, false explanations, and no logic, evidence, or quotations whatsoever.

      I don't have a problem with people not believing in what I believe, as long as they don't hurt themselves or anyone else. But when you start to spread lies, insults, and just general lack of logic, (I'm very sorry to say from someone who I'm sure is an extremely intelligent individual as any other), this has shamed you. I'm a little disappointed, I expected better from you.

      You justify your last paragraph by saying: "I agree that there are cover ups and corruptions of power - and even secret societies. But not that they control the world."

      Don't you agree that influencing politics and decisions is basically an informal means of controlling the world?

      Why do you think that Queen Elizabeth I was so determined not to marry, and why nobles wanted to marry? Because technically, even though she would be the monarch, her husband could influence her and the course of her decisions if she was too weak, and so he could "rule through her". Despite the fact that she was formally the ruler, he would technically be the real monarch.

    • profile image

      I'm so, so sorry 5 years ago


      I just wanted to apologize for the last post i made, which I feel was very rude and stupid. It was the "Summary of this article" one, where I was talking about Queen Elizabeth.

      I'm so sorry if I've offended you, Rickrideshorses; I would appreciate it if you could reply to tell me if we can act like mature adults and start fresh. Your other articles are very informative and heartfelt, and I apologize for being rude.

      I can't delete what I posted, but I would really appreciate it if you could delete it yourself. I'm sorry. I just wanted to provide my perspective, and I honestly did not mean to offend you.

      Please forgive my rash and irresponsible behavior!

    • profile image

      shawn 5 years ago

      in a short note.. this is all just theory aswell.

    • profile image

      Geomant 5 years ago

      I stumbled about this blog and somewhat shocked and angry about this.

      iam suspecting that you are us citizens, so you developed a us-centric worldview.

      Please take a closer look at some events in your past, which show a guiding hand here and there.

      Take a closer look on your stars and stripes banner and check the flag of the City of London banner.Maybe you recognice this flag?

      The Maine exploded from a internal explosion exact in the harbor of Havanna.

      Press campaign against Spanish Terrorists...

      In the spanish-us war the powder magazine in Manila of the major spanish fortress suddenly exploded, ending resistance.

      The spanish flottila at cuba gives battle at the coast to minimze casualties.

      the modern spanish ships from Homeland did not even sortie to action.

      a nice easy victory and a major morale boost for this young nation and a military tradition is born.

      Your revolution seems to start as many payed persons (without interference of authorities) disguised as indians seize the East India Ship "Darth Mouth".

      I seems for me that in the following years the militias several times stopped fighting and went home, because they were not paid, until suddenly "somehow" Gold popped out of nowwhere,payment occured and the Militias fighted again.

      In Great Brtitain this war financed with credits lend through the Bank of England.This Corporation is run by the guiding hand of the City of London.

      So that you understand.

      The (British) East India Company gains from the British king huge privileges to make run own politics in India,to field its own fleet and its own army,to make their own politics and to establih law in India.

      Maharadscha who dont have a son lose their territory to the East India Company! It swallowed the major part of India in 100 years.

      To establish its own hegemony without being responsible to anyone.

      After the mutiny of the Indian Sepoy army which was supressed.The Indians gain the promised that they are not longer rules by the East India Company.

      Them were told that now they are "directly" governed by the "crown".This is again the city of London.

      Maybe you heared of "Crown Colonies"?

      After the refusal of the 15. or 16. peace offer to the British, Hitler ordered furious the attack on the City of London in the night of 29-30 Decemmber 1940.

      Luftwaffe was leaded by pathfinder with a working radio detection systen, so its was easy for them to find any target anywhere in Britain until in spring 1941 the British managed to disrupt it.Still with this potent weapon at hand Luftwaffe target the houses of the working class in the East End.

      This blogger is blind to the situation or even more worse buyed to disguise the real situation.

      Even more that the tries to convince "normal" people that everything is alright!

      Do you know what "Fiat Money" is,do you?

      Why should any governement pay debt for their money and borrow it,when they could create their own money?

      What do you actual know about the term "Minister" and his "Ministry",where developed it and why is it ANYWHERE established in the world.

      Why nobody propose with our technology at hand that all decisions are made by the people?

      Why we dont produce a cure for malaria.1,2 million lived would be spared each year.There is a cure in the ocean.

      500.000 indians commited suicide in the last 20 years,beeing bleeded dry by the banks and their invention of the "microcredit".

      You had some good beginnigs with several fair presidents,but now you are the minions of the Danista.

      Get rid of them or as a wise president said,or your children will curse your name.

    • profile image

      kate 5 years ago

      you think its real ?

    • profile image

      King 5 years ago

      This has to be the most stupid person ever to make this article.

      He claims there is no proof whatsoever to these conspiracy theories but yet hes provided no proof of his own to show this. What did he say? All he said was "these people never back their stuff up. Who cares about a bunch of old men doing silly handshakes"? that his proof?

      He admitted secret societies exist and thats clear with the masonic one eye symbol on the dollar bill.

      But him thats not proof of who runs the world.

      Its just a bunch of silly old men doing handshakes.

      What an absolute moron. He thinks any random old idiot can place any random old symbol on the nations money?

      He thinks just a bunch of silly old men with no power can just walk into the federal reserve and place the masonic symbol on there? Holy shit man.

      Apparently, he thinks just cos one is rich, one must be happy. Hhahahhah....jesus christ. He doesnt even realise thats just the system the elite have put them in.

      These rich people had to WORK like slaves to acquire that wealth. Their wealth is just a tiny reward for their slavery and obedience to the masters.

      He needs to be aware that even more people are happy without the wealth for they know they are FREE and not slaves to the system.

      This dude needs to wake up. But then again, maybe its better for him to be asleep. Due to his utter stupidity, he can easily be controlled and as along as you wave a bunch of paper money in his face, he will keep quiet for a few hours while the real intellectuals do the thinking.

    • profile image

      freemason 5 years ago

      you're denying the existance of conspiracy theories and illumunati huh? how much did they pay you to spread this disinformation? you must be one of them.

    • profile image

      Jack 5 years ago

      Well saying that there is no evidence to back up these''conspiracy theories'', just shows that you haven't done proper research. There is A LOT of evidence. First what you have to do is to get your head out of your ass and then start to really do some research. You won't get the truth from television. The whole mainstream world image is a complete fabrication. It's not even that hard to get the truth, only thing you have to do is to find the facts and connect the dots.

    • profile image

      MiamiEatsFace 5 years ago

      The only reason "secret societies" have power is because many people ignite those powers in their sub-conscious. Artists know this and play on that. Hence all the symbolism in modern pop culture. The symbolism becomes tacked to the brain which has people subconsciously looking for that symbolism in every work of art. It's very easy to find when SO many people are looking for it. An urban legend if you will. However I do believe that it is good for common folk to question authority and question bad decisions made by said authority. I think Hollywood and Big Music fuel these theorists because it sells and people eat it up. You are right, the world is big, the universe is vast. There are so many things to be appreciated in this life rather than give power to an unseen or nonexistent entity such as what is being perceived by our youth right now. What our youth needs is a slap in the face and learn how to absorb all that is around them. Peace and be well.

      MiamiEatsFace... \@@\ lol

    • profile image

      john 5 years ago

      You sound like a shill, like you are on the inside.

      Or you have just done zero research yourself.

      Saying the theorists spend all day on the internet and they are thick, come on where do you get your information the msn tv and the sun news paper i suppose.WAKE UP!!!

    • profile image

      Phillip 5 years ago

      You are so stupidly misinformed and clearly a sheep of the world. when you have a microchip inside you we will see who's the theorist.

    • profile image

      Pr2Hack 5 years ago

      The Illuminati is part of the serious of trolls and dying alone (go cry yourself to sleep).

    • profile image

      travelingcircus 5 years ago

      I want to add to my last comment that i made in response to your paper if you do include it that- i have read some of the comments further, I realize that clearly I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist as I said I do believe in secret societies and hidden agendas by those in power. I absolutely agree that they exist- its just that for me now with those that i did meet and what all that happened after I met them online, going so far as to meet one of these people who I had thought was such an intellectual, the experience really burned me.Its why I dont research anymore on these subjects. Its why I take the former credit I gave to conspiracy authorities because I cannot see how those that said they stood for equal rights, freedom, a revolution of truth could be so far from acting it out in real life. Maybe I just met a bad one out there. and he had a group of loyal friends online who thought that they were helping him by infringing on my rights, maybe he convinced them of horrible things about me like he was constantly accusing others of- for example maybe i was one of "them. but if that is the case then they only were able to believe it because they were so ready to believe and that is what I find sad. i find a great respect for those who have the courage to question dogma thats been passed down to them and to try to amend that dogma from going further. So far tho as I dived down the rabbit hole I met very shady types who were very much into mental war far or psychological war fare, and were very willing to attack who they thought was the enemy. The person i met had alot of online prescense. excuse spelling i dont care. um- its like this, those that i met on this site even allowed him to be an administrator with ability to get ip addresses etc and personal information that he used in a harmful way for his own personal agendas. if that is the "type" that is working with infowars etc what i mean to say is that is what has fore most made me not even be willing to continue studying the conspiracies I did before. as i said if i was onto some kernels of truth I have now re-adopted my stance and while i would love to find truth i dont want to find those who are dangerous in the sense that everyone could be a threat and therefore they should be hacked, checked out, cyber bullied etc. It seems to me that not everyone should be like that as i am not, however there are still some things i can believe in. I can believe in love, equality, and that if i am to fight for someone's rights and defend my own I cannot do it at the cost of breaking my own sense of integrity therefore i couldnt justify, hacking another seeker, violating their mail, because they may be "one of them". this for me is the thinking that is in violation with equality etc.

    • profile image

      Quote - freemason from yahoo answers 5 years ago

      The Illuminati DO NOT EXIST, and since they don't exist, there's obviously nobody "against" them, except for idiots and fools who have convinced themselves the Illuminati exist. The Illuminati were nothing but a political organization in 18th century Bavaria opposed to monarchism ("Illuminati" means "Enlightened," and they were a product of the Age of Enlightenment when people finally started questioning hereditary rule). They were suppressed and disbanded within a few decades. They haven't existed for almost 200 years.

      There are priests who are Freemasons? So what? Yes, I knew that, especially since the Worshipful Master of my Masonic Lodge is a minister. He doesn't make it a secret that he's both a man of the cloth and a Freemason, he's quite proud of BOTH. Why shouldn't he be?

      Seriously, kid...grow up.


      I am a Freemason and also studied the Enlightenment

    • profile image

      Yep 5 years ago

      I agree that many conspiracy things are out of the frame,

      but here are the facts:

      The iluminati was created on 1776 bij Adam Weishaupt, that same date & world order philosophy is on the American Dollar Bill.

      Fact was the Adam Weishaupt went to a Jesuit school.

      Jesuit founded the Spanish illuminatus during the in Inquisition.

      Both groups where banned for illegal acts for:

      Starting Coup''s or revolotion.

      Fact: During the days of the iluminati in de late 1700's, they where banned because german authorties found evidance for a coup that would overthrow the French goverment.

      So these are small facts,

      But its pretty interesting that founder here of are the: Jesuits,

      Any Freemasons that says: "Illuminati" means "Enlightened," and they were a product of the Age of Enlightenment

      Fine, what did Alert Pike say in his Morals and dogma?

      Who denials the excistence of those so called 'Elite' is ingornant, and should really think of there opion is higher the the facts of history.

      Theories are Theories, BUT FACTS REMAIN FACTS.

      Wikpedia: A. Weishaupt formal education at age seven[1] at a Jesuit school. He later enrolled at the University of Ingolstadt and graduated in 1768[9] at age 20 with a doctorate of law

    • profile image

      count of st germain 5 years ago

      when you have seen lots of these conspiracy theory videos and i meen a lott,you will relize that there is allmost an ongoing battle between them(one video affirms truth and the other denies it)This cat and mouse game is the objective ,to confuse you soo much,but if you are wise and patience you can disseminate the mall portions of truth in a few of them

    • profile image

      count of st germain 5 years ago

      If you people really want to find out about (real reasons about political

      and social changes) You must go back in time,when i say this i mean

      research books that were forbidden in the past and read between there

      lines,what most people dont realize is that the key to knowing were you

      really stand as a human beeing lies in ancient wisdom not in cheap web created videos as modern gossip.

    • profile image

      count of st germain 5 years ago

      And please do not forgett what you all really know allaready and allways instinctivly know.

      That You Me or Him As Human Beeings will forever have the natural

      instinct of Evolving Seemingly Foward ,and that If you Have Acomplished your minor goals your higher ones will follow.

      This is All About Polarities or Have you people not realized yet.

      I dont Think So...

      Experiencing Good and Bad is the only way to evolve naturally


    • profile image

      count of st germain 5 years ago

      Forfive my spelling mistakes, its a bit too late .

      hope you all learn something from my previous posts

      Thankyou & Goodnight

      PS:I think The Elite would get bored on there own,all them crazy ideas of eliminating masses of population of the planet.Dont worry guys

      they still want all the money you might is that to keep your

      mind at bay?

      k you & Goodnight.

    • profile image

      Messenger 5 years ago

      I understand the tendency to throw out the baby with the bath water because these theorists can get out of control. However, vilifying the people who are trying to understand the truth about the way the world works, only makes it easier for the rulers to rule. You admitted yourself there are secret organizations. Do you believe all of the elite that gather in secrecy are merely doing so to play scrabble? With all due respect, you must understand that there is a game of domination being played, and it is much deeper than we realize. Most conspiracy theorists have spent many years researching these things they speak about and while they may miss the mark at times, are hardly uneducated in the subjects.

      When a person takes the time and does the research, it becomes very difficult to discount. I do not believe most of these theorists are trying to instill fear, they are trying to share their knowledge. When people are quick to discount, it I usually out of fear.

      The truth is, there are a small percentage of the people on the earth who make the decisions for the rest of us. The DO own much of the television we watch, the music we listen to, the food we eat, the political system, the financial system, defense,etc. if people are trusting and comfortable with the way the world is, then there's no problem for them.

      However, some of us notice more than just the distractions. And therefore wish to focus on the goings on behind the facade. It doesn't mean that a conspiracy theorist believes they are smarter than the "sheep" which is an interesting term used by the elites in reference to us.

      It just means they are different than you.

      The truth is history has proven many conspiracy theories, and the future will shed light on today. But if you have no real desire to learn or understand WHY or WHERE these conspiracy theorist have come to these conclusions, and you only wish to discredit them, it would be beneficial to invest the time in researching these things. I believe if you do, like most of us, you would come out with some theories of your own, if you are free thinking.

      I do want to say however, people should be VERY careful listening to or learning about these things. Yes, nefarious plans are always being made in life, but our personal lives do not have to reflect that. We should not lose sight of our own dreams and purposes that we are here for. God bless!

    • profile image

      count of st germain 5 years ago

      To the previous post "messenger"

      That was very well put.and very good advise to those initiating there


      When you mentioned that these theorists are trying to share there knolledge it is very important that you part from a longer reliable

      base ie(books discarted by academic puplishers or well known editors)

      Some of these books are very usefull such as



      Try an avoid the really obvious ones ,allthough they seem brave in revealing to you shocking facts they may indeed be helping to distribute dissinformation.

      Thank you for your comment & maybe hear from you again

      PS:There are very interesting books on Personal enlightment wich is a

      good counterbalance for you incase the "Speculative side of all this gets to heavy.

      These usefull books can allways regain your personal goals and dreams back.

    • profile image

      count of st germain 5 years ago

      anybody there?

    • profile image

      count of st germain 5 years ago

      You all straight now in understanding? nobody comments?


      Bye for now

    • profile image

      Perhaps 5 years ago

      Perhaps your blaming society's are a schizophrenic thought, hence they can not be proven and should be looked at with more skepticism, the truth is, it takes something in someone's life for their view to change, most people do not experience an event that can shift their point of view into a totally new way of thinking. If you get set up by the police, and they cover it up. Are you going to say they covered it up because they are duechebags, or delve deeper into another realm of thought to come up with hypothesis to prove they covered it up because the world might be planned out.

      You don't need to be psycotic to believe the illuminatis real. All it takes is an event to open your mind up, and that event doesn't always occur by hearing voices, it may occur because you believe their are to many injustices for example. The event doesn't have to stem from. Delusional thought either.

      It's the fact that there is so much argument. And people are to willing to ignore it because they just think something like that would never happen....

      But again that's why I guess it's called a secret society

    • profile image

      count of st germain 5 years ago

      Good Point!!

      A Secret Society encompasses several Fields Of Study

      ie:Of Komwing the common Perceptions and moral behaviour of the general public ,that allway works to there advantage.

      And The Higher degrees and Apendixes that focus more on the metaphisical aspects of ourselves in regard to our status in the universe.

      That more or less summs up Control and Advantage over the ordinary person.

    • profile image

      Gericho1 5 years ago

      In order to grasp the full reality of the existence of the Illuminati, you must have a firm foundation of biblical truth. The bible, The “Source Document”, records truths about God's original plan for mankind and imergence of an opposing force. I personally have been able to find many conspiracy theories documented in scripture, which I find amazing. Folks, the stuff isnt been foretold. Just like many question the authenticity of the bible, there are those who just can't see what is really happening in the world around them. Perhaps the truth is scary for some.

      But for me, awareness is Peace. There is no fear. Imagine going into a title fight (boxing) and knowing nothing about your opponent. Having no knowledge of the tools he plans to use to defeat you? How do you train? How do you what to look out for? Are your chances of winning better if your opponent has a name and a face? And If you have knowledge of his record? Of course!

      The overall goal of the illuminati and it's use of mind control is to keep us blinded to their deception. People wake up! Don't be decieved!

    • profile image

      Count st germain 5 years ago

      Gericho interesting point too!!

      But when you say that there agenda is documented in old scripts ,could you state an example of one of them?

      Have you decripted its metaforical revelation?

      I my self have read several bible editons and come to the same conclusion in that the message its trying to deliver concerns "KNOWING OURSELVES & WHAT TO EXPECT"

      When you read it at first it keeps throwing you off as each an every story seems to drift off into a tangent of poetry,And that my friend is the KEY.

      But to decript its meaning you must have a good understanding of Simbology and the multicultured religions including oriental cultures.

    • profile image

      Alejandro Robles 5 years ago

      I send a summary that I sent to some Americans; I hope that you know people that can stop or at least denounce efficiently on the internet these beasts that soon extenderan the violence beyond Latin America.

      I wish them luck.

      El Yunque

      What no one of the poor in Latin America knows is that there is a huge Nazi conspiracy in Latin America. Directs a group of powerful businessmen in Mexico that uses the group "El Yunque" to direct all the Nazi groups in Latin America. This control is made public through the group called "ODCA (Organization of Christian Democrats) that is responsible for all Latin American Nazi groups are coordinated to be and act according to the ideas of the YUNQUE.

      El Yunque is the secret police of the PAN (National Action Party) which is the party in power in Mexico.

      What is the purpose of the YUNQUE? They have many, but the two serve as the main group of espionage and aggression against all political opponents of the PAN and also used to attack anyone who gets in the plans of entrepreneurs related to the YUNQUE. This includes the assault on workers who demand the fair and the assault on journalists and people who are publicly opposed to the PAN. And of course, is the same case in other Latin American countries, but the benefit of entrepreneurs and local fascist political parties. The second major objective of which is to gain economic control, social, political and religious from around the world, to deliver all that power to the group of powerful businessmen who operate from the shadows of the PAN.

      To carry out its plan to dominate the world, use of university student or shipping of all types of agents to create cells in other countries (particularly in Latin America) then infiltrate and take the leadership of any political institution; religious and social system that can (and took power in Mexico) (In addition to using electronic fraud in Mexico, using the counting of votes in software created by a company which is a partner in the "president of Mexico Felipe Calderón ) We call on the YUNQUE "control from the ground. So get full control of all groups of society, which used to reach their goals and attack, undermine and crush all opposition. A very effective and tactical support with so much economic power, it is impossible to stop.

      In secret meetings of the anvil, the speakers insisted that they were chosen by God to lead the world, with the mission to "establish the kingdom of God on earth" and that to succeed requires the United States to conquer. (here referred to an achievement based on the infiltration of leadership positions in all social groups, religious and political leaders of the United States)

      I do not know what solution there is to it. They are unstoppable. But we must never surrender to them, for you, for all children whose souls are being destroyed, for the freedom we are losing our families unknowingly ... The Nazis are powerful, but the peoples of Latin America are people of free spirit and creative, that find a way to save our freedom.


      El Yunque's uniform changes with the area. Is the most widely used is: white shirt and trousers in black men and white blouse and black skirt for women. In areas heavily infested with the YUNQUE in Guadalajara, the uniform is like the brown shirts of Hitler.

      The banner also changes depending on the area, ranging from the classic Nazi salute to a variation of the greeting used by ancient Roman soldiers.

      Flags of the YUNQUE are usually two: In the senior used the Nazi flag from Hitler and the meetings of lower-level uses the black flag with white uncírculo in the center where the svastica is replaced with a "Y" stylized .

      Basic YUNQUE cells are formed by about three to six people and are called "centers" center meetings are in the house of the head of school or classroom for private schools.

      Meetings of leaders of the anvil are made on ranches owned by key leaders of the PAN.

      The "retreat" for indoctrination and brainwashing in ranches are members of the PAN of minor importance.

      YUNQUE cells meet once a week to receive orders and deliver reports and generally relating to espionage and attack political opponents. They usually read books written by members of the YUNQUE.

      Everyone on the anvil as used pseudonyms and the names of saints are forbidden to ask the real name of other members of the YUNQUE.

      Any member of the YUNQUE questioning the acts and orders of the YUNQUE and is punished severely in case of rebellion or disobedience, is the rebel assault, beatings and some serious accidents, which seem to "accidents of fate" from other centers of YUNQUE. This in order to soften them and make them more docile.

      El YUNQUE recruit millions of children and adolescents in public and private schools, and the recruits who are brain washed well, send them to Catholic churches and parishes, to lead groups of "catechism" for children and are also sent to the colonies and secondary schools to form teams of informal football During my youth I found a huge secret group in Mexico; then I knew that after the second world war, many officers of the GESTAPO SS escaped to Mexico and were hidden by powerful businessmen that put them at the forefront of Mexico ultra-right groups. They infected since millions of Mexican youth with the insane ideas of Hitler. Anyone notice the presence of this huge group, because they now attacked in secret, using a powerful weapon: total infiltration of all groups and all institutions in all countries of the world. In Mexico, they lead the death squads to kill alike to criminals and political opponents throughout Latin America. I've escaped several assassination attempts, but is becoming increasingly more difficult. I guess no one lives forever.

      or basketball or karate or hiking, to gain the trust of children who later invited to join a secret group that is false and is called the anvil of the "pre". In this study the false loyalty and fanaticism of the child. If the child seems viable, then invite him to another secret: El Yunque, where it became a recruiter, a spy who complained to his family without hesitation, that copy or steal documents from their parents and a rabid aggressor ranging from the scorn and the threat to terrorism and the selective assassination.

      Hence the child is given full treatment and was filled with a total hatred and evil towards anything other than the dogmas of El Yunque. To do this, children are sent to so-called "retreats" and dads happy life My son is saying this along with some very good guys! ..... Oh, if they knew with what kind of demons are dropping their children. They tell the child: If you disobey, we will not disobey us to disobey God!

      (Religious blackmail) So fanatical religiously to children.

      It is clear that the leaders of the PAN does not believe in God, but a mock practice Catholicism to use religious fanaticism as a powerful tool to control children and young people who believe in his innocence is the story that are in the name of God crimes and offenses are ordered to commit.

      Do not underestimate the power of religious fanaticism. A human being religious fanatic is capable of doing anything in the name of God. Remember the terrorist acts committed by the terrorist group Hezbollah, which the most common is that these people are operating with powerful explosives in the middle of crowds. How can a man be convinced that it is good to massacre women and children? Because the leaders of these groups know how to use a malicious logic and a wry sense of religion, mixed with extortion for creating a slave morality of absolute loyalty. Just prefer to recruit young people and children, because the minds of them is clean of any kind of malice, it is easy to make them fall into his frightening lies and deceptions.

      Understand this: most people and youth who are used to recruit children and youth in the YUNQUE were fanatical and have total faith and allegiance to the YUNQUE and it is by faith that they will not hesitate to do anything to convert your children in servants fans YUNQUE. And if you believe that killing and terrorizing serve God, t

    • profile image

      Hello... 5 years ago

      Well, yes I believe (again, simply another opinion being thrown into this mess of other opinions, which inturn ends up meaning nothing), that conspiracy theorists can come in all kinds of COULD be paranoid, you COULD be just a very level-headed individual who also looks for FACTS to back up a theory that you've heard before beginning to believe it. For example: Government conspiracies to take over our rights and throw us away because of their theories of depopulation! Well, if one does their homework right, our rights are already stipped away...look at the first ammendment and where do Americans fall in this category? It's easy...they no longer do! I've heard the word "depopulation" so much this year, including something about a NWO monument set up in Georgia stating those very words "depopulation down to 500,000". Also, Fema Camp conspiracies...on some debate programs I'd hear governors and the like mentioning that there's no such place as Fema camps...but yet they have these huge signs posted on the sides of roads "CAMP FEMA", as if you're on your way to an amusement park! I think this is a matter of reverse psychology, where they put things like this infront of our very eyes, and don't explain themselves fully, or just don't bother informing WE THE SHEEPLE (like Fema trains and what they are for), so that we DO create these theories. Some people would let theories really take them away from reality. It's okay to do your homework, just don't let that stuff command your world.

    • profile image

      tohin 5 years ago

      The Illuminati is as real as they come. People in the modern world are being dumbed down with media and music, through subliminal messages that we are not even conscious of. We must stop being ignorant and begin to think with an open mind. The Illuminati have blinded us with so much that there is no point in suppressing conspiracy theorists as people are too close minded to believe them. They have established such a powerful amount of control over us that we will believe what they put out to us in the media. We must think before we believe something. Please, wake up and unite. Research the Illuminati. Time is short.

    • profile image

      Jimmy 5 years ago

      People need to stop arguing about if the illuminati is real or not but to do something about it. Without a doubt, the government is corrupted but yet the people do nothing but sit and argue. The United States is still the best country in the world in my belief and I will defend it with my life, but for the person/neighbor next to me. Not for a politician. The people do have the power. There will be a drastic change in the world in the future and we have the power to make that change. A secret society does not matter in this case but the people are not standing up and challenging the government to change for the benefit of the people. Without us, they could not exist.

    • profile image

      Count of St Germain 5 years ago

      Guys In This "Reality" of "Polarities" Occams Razor is the best criteria

      to Follow.

      And this Mostly works when you "know Thy Self Well" & Experiece the

      Reason of Others.

      Remember its the summ of us Individualy that Make the Difference.

    • profile image

      Bilderburgh HQ 5 years ago

      Hi Guys!

      Just to let you know that you've all fallen for our trap. Now we know who knows the Truth about Us, you will be contacted by our Agents for some 're-training.'

      It was pretty dumb of us to let our existence be propagated upon the Internet (which we control) in the first place, but a few microchips and pills will sort this out. Ah well, mistakes happen. We're only lizards, after all.

      Now SHUT UP, OBEY, DO AS YOU'RE TOLD and buy the products we TELL you to buy. Jeez, humans!

    • profile image

      count of St Germain 5 years ago

      Well that was just magnificent!!!

      Bravo for the Last Major Bull....!!!

      That Was Jimmy Cagney At His best.

      PS No time Wasters

      Thank and as Dennis Leary would put it

      Well Ya Know....

    • profile image

      Brandon Hunter 5 years ago

      Anyone who believes a word this man says is a fool, Conspiracy wouldnt exist without those who conspire. As a matter of fact, in my 14 years of hard work concerning the well being of our world I have amassed now over 12 terabytes of data concerning every conspiracy ive heard anyone speak of. I would gladly "DEBUNK" this "DEBUNK-ER" any day any time and with calming ease.


      You have no facts to prove your theories, I do and challenge you for all to watch you scramble in your hastened miss information

    • profile image

      Brandon Hunter 5 years ago

      Plus you speak of how arrogant and greedy the ones who speak of conspiracies are.. look at your site, Its full of adds and money makers. Try looking at your self arrogance first, then investigate others. Once again, Anyone who listens to this man is a fool.

    • profile image

      XXX 5 years ago

      Thank you my friend, first at conspiracy theories I used to be worried

      But now you have trully changed the way I thin that the comman man has more power than the rich losers and I have learned that they can do nothing to hurt us, God bless you freind

    • profile image

      johnyy 5 years ago

      wooo what a releif!!!

    • profile image

      locoroco 5 years ago

      I think anyone who believes in the Illuminati is a nutjob, sorry but you are. They DID exist as far as we know, but not anymore.Why can't you arrogant pricks just enjoy the life you have rather than trying to suss out whether or not the government is watching your every move, or if the media is trying to brainwash society, etc. The only people brainwashed are you sad people sat behind your computers watching countless Illuminati conspiracy videos while shitting yourself when there's a knock at the door in-case it's someone out to get you.

      When you're old and not far from death, you'll be regretting you wasted the majority of your life on this bullshit. Have a good one.

    • profile image

      Count of st germain 5 years ago

      to the previous .That is exactly what they need PEOPLE LIKE YOURSELF




    • profile image

      melinakay 5 years ago

      No one is blaming anyone for anything. If there were no evil then what would we consider good? There's has to be some sort of contrast. Yin and Yang. Yeah sure the world isn't going to end in 2012, and if it does, it's your destiny so NO FEAR. Do some research and try to talk to enlightened beings such as yourself. I know this is just your "theory", and this is mine. I can go on forever about the conspiracies but reality is what you create it to be, so good luck.

    • profile image

      sergio 5 years ago

      this was so poorly out together your information is just so inaccurate

    • profile image

      count of st germain 5 years ago

      to Melinakay.

      You hit the nail on the head.there is practicaly a conspiracy theory for everything, and most of it are false echoes of the books there are taken out of (which only speculate on the matters)but these far feched videos with all this dramatic can just ignore.the people who create them are people that can fool with ease those who have no personality and there mind can be sent on a wild goose chase.

      And Yes, You do bring about whatever your state of emotion,I agree.

      People that consider they should be angry about something end up getting even angryer.

      So lets Remember what Bobby MacFerrin sang.

      Dont Worry Be Happy and so on....

    • profile image

      DJB 5 years ago

      Hi, You do make some good points here but I feel that I need to have an input here. Before you go debunking every conspiracy theory you hear or read about, you should continue searching for more information on the matter. What I'm about to share with you is stuff that is happening today. I don't do it to scare anyone, if you read about something and it scares you than it's a fear you need to try to overcome. I do this to help inform you and send you out looking for more info, and when you find that info you believe to be the truth, go and find some more. So anyway, Sodium Flouride, it's in the water, they even have it in most bottled water. There is more in a glass of tap water than in your tube of toothpaste. Now go have a look at what it says about ingesting toothpaste on the tube. RFID chips, Radio Frequency, it's what our nerves use to tell us what is happening to our bodies. If you're unaware, our nerves are the bits that let our brain tell our bodies what to do and visa versa. Good idea to have something like that in your body right? Maybe you're more interested in the Olympic Games in London? How's this for a good one. The opening ceremony named 'Isles Of Wonder' is inspired by Shakespear's play 'The Tempest' and what's it about you ask? Illusion and Manipulation, yep, go look that one up. Want some more? The first scene is called 'Green and Pleasant'. Now the fun bit, the last 2 lines of 'Jarusalem Hymn' -

      Till we have built Jerusalem

      In England's green and pleasant land.

      Which is sung at Events like 'The Royal Weddings'.

      Still not convinced that something fishy is going on in our world?

      The Black Widow Spider at the site is called 'The Spirit of Zionism'. You should also do some research on Zionism.

      And now, just to top it all off I will finish with something about the Illuminati :D

      Let's Check Out Rhianna's video clip for S&M, here's a link -

      You don't need to watch the whole thing so let's skip forward and pause it at 2:52. Do you see what it says in the background? That's right, it says 'Princess Of The Illuminati'.

      I hope this has given you lots of questions to ask and sends you out there looking for answers. Like I said, I'm not trying to scare you, just inform you. Don't look at things you do not understand with fear but curiosity and the want of learning from it instead. I also want to add that it can be fun to research the ancient races of earth. Did you know that in 9000BC, they used to tell the tax man that 'the cheque was in the mail' so he wouldn't hastle them for the taxs. Yea, they had cheques that far back . Isn't it funny how so many things we do and say are older than our 'so called' recorded history? All this info is out there and real, i'm not just getting it from people who put videos on youtube. It comes from doing a tiny bit of looking around after watching them. I could go on and on with this stuff for pages but I won't. If you either want to learn more and open your mind a little more to the hidden reality around us, or you may like to send me abusive emails about your personal belief of me trying to scare people then feel free to do so

      Knowing this stuff, I'm not scared of it, so you shouldn't be either.

      Thankyou for reading my post, Nameste.

    • profile image

      guest 5 years ago

      I hope this was supposed to be satire.

    • profile image

      Bob 5 years ago

      So many comments, but if there's a bombing at the London Olympics, I hope that's enough for you non believers to open your eyes.

    • profile image

      countofst germain 4 years ago

      hellouuuu!!!! Almost seconday into the olimpics now.

      no bomb yet .gett it ?

      Sweet F.A. as we say here.

      Sorry Bob it was all in your mind son.

    • profile image

      JOEL SCHNEIDER 4 years ago

      After reading this ...Somehow I now believe that conspiracy is fact.

    • profile image

      It's all coming down 4 years ago

    • JJ Magnificent profile image

      JJ Magnificent 4 years ago

      CRITICAL THINKING! People Need To Learn How To Use Their Brains And Think For Themselves!

      Obviously Satan Is Real Because God Is Real, GOOD & EVIL. We Are All Living In Satan's Playground There Is No Denying It.


      Satan And His Followers Are Real Fighting In What They (Illuminati) Beleive In And Doing Everything In Their Power To Push Their Agenda...

      One Way Has Been Through The Media & Entertainment Industry (Movies, Music, Magazines, Books, News, Etc)

      The Music Industry Is More Satanic Now Than It Has Ever Been Influencing & Brainwashing The Newer Generation, Desensitizing Us And Teaching The Youth To Only Think For Themselves And Not For Others... Pretty Much Conditioning Society To Accept The Bullshit That "They" Throw At Us. No One Ever Listens To The Lyrics Of Music Anymore And Grasps The REAL Message That Theses Artists (Puppets) Are Putting Out But Its All There Clear As Day!

      Many Artists In The Music Industry Has Tried To Warn Us About The Illuminati's Agenda Like 2Pac, Michael Jackon, Tila Tequila, DMX, ETC

      But ANYWAY In Regards To The Whole Conspiracy Thing... I Mean Im Pretty Sure Some Theories Probably Seem Crazy But What Do You Expect?? Do You Really Expect Someone To Say HI IM A MEMBER OF THE ILLUMINATI AND THIS IS OUR PLAN! LOL Seriously though the Evidence Is Still There... Secret Societies Exist Good & Bad Ones But This Battle Is Beyond Anyone's Control And Is Happening Whether You Choose To Believe It Or Not. Its More Than Intellect Its Spiritual And People Just Need To Wake Up And Understand The Reality That Has Been Made For Us By The People (Illuminati, Elite) That Created It.

      Things Werent Always This Bad But With Time, And Im Saying A LONG ASS Time & Techonology It Has Been Easier & Easier To Carry Out Their Plan... Controlling The World Population & Conditioning Us Or Programming Us In All Aspects Of Life...

      ***And I Have To Stress The Fact That NOTHING JUST HAPPENS, Every single thing, event, action, whatever happens for a reason, you may not understand it now but there is nothing wrong with searching for the truth, Dont wait until the shit hits the fan. God Bless :)

    • profile image

      Deadwood 4 years ago

      Expressing how you feel about conspiracy theorists is not debunking conspiracy theories. Just saying. : )

    • profile image

      Count of st germain 4 years ago

      These Poor sick old men with all those collected credits ie (money)

      Playing with our real feelings and messing up our progress to suit

      there game rules ,what a bunch of coward sad gitts who have not yet discovered the true meaning of progress.Triying to harness our condition

      in this ever seeming tren mill.Even fashion that gave us something to feel good about dosent even work anymore,all they seem to bring back is more and more retroshit 50s,60s,70,80,90s and all over again,more new bullshit reasons for things


      We should have been flying in F***IN SHIPS BY NOW.

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      Everybody is arrogant when they're are so

      Passionately defending something that they so deeply believe in. If you people can not simply see that if you put this amount of effort in working out how to make this world a more trust worthy and healthy place, rather than trying to prove someone that they are most certainly wrong in what they believe then I have no hope for mankind. Grow up people, there's other ways to progress.

    • profile image

      complextaioria 4 years ago

      Every argument that tries to generalize, is totally corrupted, by not creating a dialogue to understand why such conspiracy happens or not. As you can see (hopefully), some of the people that you've attack, really studied the human Phenomena, but then, some information collides with paradigms in every possible way. there are the paranoids, as in every social group. but there are the pro-life people, who wants to help, that believe in holistics as an alternative, instead of the regular reducionism on wich society is stuck. just try to research and see why people are so dissatisfied...

      man, you totally did everything you criticized here! lol

      i marked as "funny" but i hope you get serious on this ;)

    • profile image

      MALIFIK 4 years ago

      You say treat the conspiracy theorist with more skepticism, but it is often skepticism which leads us to research deeper into something.

    • profile image

      robot 4 years ago

      1010101 rick mr nobody 101011

    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 years ago

      JJ Magnificent, you are stupid. One thing about most conspiracy theorists is that they can't spell worth a rip. I like what the original poster wrote and I check the comments as well for the other side of the story :p. I agree with the person who said something along the lines of 'spreading conspiracy theories will not help anyone or get you anywhere. I'm happy without believing in them'. That's the attitude that I would like to go about life with. It would be nice if most people were that way. Though I am not as smart as the rest of you, I've made the popular opinion of believing that there are indeed conspiracies out there, though they are not widespread and dealing with secret societies trying to take over the world by putting fluoride in our food.

      However, please develop a wide range of knowledge from all sides of this topic before you jump to conclusions.

      (BTW I work for the illuminati and I'll be dead by tomorrow lol)

    • profile image

      count of st germain 4 years ago

      to the last couple of comments:

      As I mentioned in some of my previous comments.

      Conspiracy theories have been created totally on speculation and in a

      percentage of them are counter attack lies.

      There does exist a large ammount of investigation reports on actions

      taken out by influencial and responsable people.

      The official and public statements are altered .

      but as the neewer generations are becoming more and more

      dee-sensitive over tragic happenings (thanks to the acceptancy of "free and Liberal opinions in there programs) our natural response and upsets seem to have diffused in to a more morbid andcolder feeling for life.

      People of other generations must have noticed this drastic change about 20 years ago in the U.S.A and about 16 years ago in Europe.

      What these neewer generation assholes dont realize is that you just cant "Linear Program" Humanity in exchange for acumulated value.

      Every single human beeing has a differen time of progrees understanding within themselves,to force this just like its beeing done

      will mathematicaly come to an end.

      Dosifiying research and discovery to the human race to benefit from an old age believe of "Well its not been mastered yet...or We found nothing or It wasnt healthy for the human race.

      The general and sovereign people just use to say "They know whats best or It must be for a security reason"

      Pleeeease!!!! Lets just cut the crap and take us in to what the 21st century should be

      No more speculation,disinformation,red vs yellow,

      Just lets do it !!!!

      The most intellegent Ones of this world Help dont let the F.....G money Get in the Boody Way Dam It!!!!!!

    • profile image

      count of st germain 4 years ago

      Sorry for spelling mistakes but its late.

    • profile image

      Chris 4 years ago

      lot of history for a group that doesn't exist....

    • profile image

      Bo 4 years ago

      Naive , I hope that is what you are, malicious maybe. Conspiracy theorists aren't arrogant people who are all knowing, infact they are the complete opposite. These are people who have the misfortune of realizing that something doesn't seem they search for the truth or actually in essence attempt to debunk some of these myths.....often being alienated by society and people like you.

      For as far back as written history exists, the best estimates are that at any given time Earths population never exceeded 1 billion people, until the industrial revolution. Groups of great minds have since concluded that thats a good cruising number for the planet....and have been working hard on how to control the population. Are these people evil or are they doing a neccassary evil to save us from ourselves....having said that i'd like to share with you a few you see why you may be wrong and how it all ties together.....

      In the late 70's groups of gay men in New York were given a new Hepatitis B vaccine....shortly there after Aids/HIV came about....coincidence? Maybe. Its said that most royal families and leaders of the world are RH- blood types.....ironic then that if you look at the ingredients of the anti HIV drug AZT, so much of it revolves around O- blood. And ive read that RH- cases are few and far inbetween. Coincidence? Maybe.

      Robert Mcnamara came out shortly before he died with his memoirs and toured extensively to promote it and to set the record straight! He didn't get alot of media attention though, seemed odd that for such a significant figure from our country's past, the former Secretary of Defense through the Vietnam war wasn't getting much publicity....why? Simply put, because he came out and said the Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened it was a lie! The catalyst for which 57,000 Americans and 2,000,000 vietnamese paid for with their lives was a lie.

      Which leads us to 9/11 where theres been less than 15000 lives lost so far but worse than tht the end of the American dream as far as I'm mentioned something about arrogant all knowing theorists. Well funny how people in power are more like that and refuse to accept anything other than the LIE we've been fed. A classic case of perception is tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth...if that doesn't work take it a step further and implement a new law that voids the constitution, and makes it illegal to question the BS and even makes it un-American, it nulls the need for search warrants, habius, open market on wire taps and every other thing you can imagine! Its called the Patriot act, ironically written by treasonous people that history won't be kind to. So why so many questions about 9/11 and the conspiracy theories pertaining to it, because theres so many anomalies, but I'll just pose 4 that have personally baffled me.

      1. Any fool who took basic physics can tell you that the natural laws of the universe prohibited those buildings from collapsing like that....especially building 7!

      2. Dozens of Cameras filmed the approach of the plane that hit the Pentagon, yet the Feds state that because it is an "ongoing" investigation the footage from those cameras by law could not be why then is the footage from the Twin Towers readily available? Whats the difference?

      3. why has the FBI never formally charged Osama Bin Laden with the 9/11 attacks.....I mean the feds have listed an array of crimes he's done, but not 9/11.....seems a little odd.

      4. The NTSB did something it never did before or since.....they investigate all civillian aviation crashes, whether criminal or not and as part of that process they take the wreck to a hanger and put the plane back together....they pulled a TWA flight out of the North Atlantic and restored almost 90% of it.....but none and I mean not one piece of any of the 9/11 planes have been recovered for the investigative restoration process....which is the law by the way! How is this possible?

      You answer or debunk any of the facts Ive stated then I for one will shut up.....however if you debunk lets say 90% of the above theories and questions and are left with 10% still lingering in your mind and leaving you with the need for more clarity?.....That buddy makes you a Conspiracy theorist! Go Figure!

      At the end of WWII Germans civilians were forced to go see the concentration camps.....and most were shocked in disbelief and shame with what they saw....and the majority consensus was that they thought the Jews were relocated to work camps in the east....they had heard rumors about what really was going on but those stories were unbelievable! Gnosis!

    • profile image

      Bryant 4 years ago

      You are either ignorant or stupid to proclaim that any conspiracy is without evidence. Take the Iraq War for instance. Public officials lied directly to every American's face on live television numerous times proclaim the existence of nuclear weapons in the country, and it's happening again with Iran. This is just one of many examples of cooperation with high ranking officials in the country to deceive the American people into supporting a immoral war.

      Let's delve deeper. Surely you've heard of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident? Well, let me explain. North Vietnamese PT Boats supposedly fired shots off at American warships. This was the excuse to go to war in Vietnam. It was PUBLICLY ADMITTED years later that this never happened.

      So now you know your own government will and has staged false-flag operations.

      We'll see who's a conspiracy theorist when the JFK files come out, motherfucker.

    • profile image

      Nick 4 years ago

      For some reason the dumb conspiracy theorists who spread all the fear have thought that this article is an invitation for them to rant some more.

      So let me guess this straight. All of these societies want world domination and they are top secret except that they aren't secret. Why do these conspiracy people feel that they would be able to uncover the worlds secrets just by going on the internet? If these societies were real,they would actually BE secret. Nowadays every stoner in his Mother's basement with a laptop thinks he knows the secrets of the government and such. HAHA! They really are arrogant.

      The new popular conspiracy thing is to tie successful people with the Illuminati because no one has ever become successful on their own right? These conspiracy theory loons have constantly lost credibility if they ever had it anyway. They always have a new theory,they always contradict themselves,they have a million explanations for the same event and it just boils down to over active imagination and speculation. These folks want life to be like a movie and they want to be the ones to uncover the big secret but they won't,they can't and they're dicks.

    • profile image

      Molly Moore 4 years ago

      Nick, I want to thank you for your comment "every stoner in his mothers basement with a laptop thinks he knows the screts of the government and such" so true.

      God would never allow such dominance to occur over the earth.

    • profile image

      The Count Of St Germain 4 years ago

      I only have 3 words for you all:

      The White Knights


      & Me.

    • profile image

      aaron 4 years ago

      My friend, i read just the first paragraph in that article and stopped reading. you are obviously very ignorant to this subject. 80% of people who think they know of the "illuminati" have a misperception that they are men in black robes in a dark room or some shit like that. they are the the people who run the oil, gold,food and energy sources today. they ARE the ones who choose what you get to hear on the news.

      heres a few things people should research

      1: council on foreign relations

      2: Bilderberg group

      3: Federal reserve

      4: bohemian Grove

      5: Trilateral commission

      and so on..

      and please dont watch these stupid videos about jay-Z making freemason handsigns etc. its all bull.

    • profile image

      Count of st Germain 4 years ago

      I couldnt agree with you more Aaron.

      Yes these are the sneaky and crafty old cowards whose fathers generations ago come up with these intitutes of crap.

      they think there so clever in there limos parading round,they think

      they know whats best for us .

      If they where really clever they woul realease "the suprest technologys

      and stop contaminating the planet with there petrol s..t


      But I Must tell you this:

      They are starting to get desperate and they are making big mistakes

      even the U.S Military have had enough of them.

      You must see the DRAKE INTERVIEW.Find it on YOUTUBE.

      You Will see how good allways conquers evil people.

      All this coblers talk about the end of the world,terrorist attacks is to try and condition weak minded people who thrive on terror.

      Dont worry my friend we have people keeping a very close eye on these B..T...S.they will soon fall ALL OF THEM!!!!

      Tara Pal!!!

    • profile image

      The Count Of St Germain 4 years ago

      Please watch about me on the 3 part video

      CHANGES ON THE HORIZON by James Rink.

      Give this guy a chance ,be patience and watch all 3 parts to the end .

      Thank You.

    • profile image

      Your Mom 4 years ago

      The hilarity, and hypocrisy of the people commenting just kills me. The writer of the article brilliantly stated conspiracy theorists as arrogant, and it's beyond apparent in these comments.

      Here's what I want to know:

      I was told the Prince would be crowned king of the NWO during the 2012 Olympics. Theorists told me this was a prediction bound to come true. And it didn't, because "people caught on to it" and the "Illuminati halted the plan". Which makes no sense because, if he was going to be crowned the King of the World... the world would have known about it. And what about the Amero? Hey when's that happening? This conspiracy crap is all bullshit. There is zero TANGIBLE proof. A bunch of slickly edited videos with scary music and out-of-context quotes on top of unsourced, made up, paranoid ramblings by a lunatic who freaks out when he sees a triangle is not "research" or "proof" or "fact". These sites have the gall to rail against the system and the conspiracy of the world, yet DEMANDS DONATIONS BY USING MASTERCARD, AMEX, ETC.? and prisonplanet. show that. And if all research into conspiracy, the NWO, Illuminati, whatever is all done on Google... doesn't that mena the Illuminati control Google? Seriously, I can't believe people buy into this shit. The world is definitely going to hell all all right,because of paranoid morons. Hey, I just flashed devil horns as I typed this... you can commence freaking out now. Suck my fucking nuts, ya'll!

    • profile image

      Count of st germain 4 years ago

      To the YOUR MOM comment:

      This forum has no space for people

      as badly educated as yourself.

      So clear of you sad twat

      oh yes forgive my comment .

      Sounds like your A Frightened Soul.

      This forum isnt for frightened souls ,Are you Fat ,cause it sound like it.

      You probably cant see your nuts pal!!!! too small hey???

    • profile image

      Count of St Germain 4 years ago

      Im mormally not that rude and I understand what you

      are saying but you also have missed thr¡e full conception of these theorys.

      Yes most of them are a load of wish wosh to scare those paranoid freaks

      who thrive on terror,I agree with you on this point alot of the threats have not happend.But there was no need for your last sentence,was there now?

      If you dont like whats happening to people or your a highly strung person then I suggest you stick to other kind of forums ones that dont

      get you so hypped up and you can express you MACHO INSULTS to

      People like yourself.I appologise for my previous behaviour because I do have the patience to override these things.

      Sorry and thank you for participating.

    • profile image

      Bo 4 years ago

      @Nick, Molly Moore, and Your mom...

      Why do you and other anti-conspiracy theory people have to be so rude. Its strange how you folks go out of your way to say how arrogant and stupid, and other degrading names conspiracy theorists are yet all they're doing is asking questions. Do we not live in a free society which encourages like minds to gather and ask difficult questions.

      When did it become such a burden to you all that some people aren't satisfied with some things that our government has presented us with!

      Are Congressional hearings not part of our system of government and one of our greatest feats, are they not in place to satisfy citizens curiosity?

      "A Democracy can not be both ignorant and free" Thomas Jefferson said that........ I dont hear any of the conspiracy theorists call people names, I see concerned citizens asking questions......which at last call was still a Constitutional right!

      These questions don't just pertain to them, the answers affect all of I guess my question to you all is why wouldn't you want a little clarity? Why does it bother you so that people don't believe things...afterall its human it not?

      Over and over again throughout our short yet colorful history it has been proven that our gracious leaders haven't always been forthright with us yet you accept official answers without thought or prejudice? The Spanish-American war official version US battleship came under attack in Havana harbor....catalyst for war......the truth, American agent blew up the ships magazine. Pearl Harbor....recent evidence shows that the White House knew of an impending attack yet sailors were given leave....and most ships where at anchor. The Gulf of Tonkin incident Mcnamara clearly stated in his memoirs that it never happened. Watergate, Iran-contra.....and so on and so on.....The whole foundation of what our country was founded upon was "no taxation without representation" which was preceded by "The Boston Tea party" white folk who dressed up like Natives and threw tea into Boston harbor.....that was a consipracy!

      So why is it ok for all of you to judge us yet we're arrogant know it-alls who ask too many questions....which is an oxymoron in it self......and @ "your mom" when did asking difficult questions become so funny......and please clarify where "hypocrisy" fits in all of this?

    • profile image

      Count of St Germain 4 years ago

      Please do not refer to ASKING TO MANY QUESTIONS be a problem.

      Nobody is holding anything back in this forum,wether it be accurate or

      non accurate ,misunderstood or exagerated.

      They are all as "IMPORTANT DOUGHTS & QUESTIONS"

      This is a misconception some of you make when you state about


      You may ask any type of question obviusly in relation with these subjects of course.

      Thank you for reading and greattings to all.

      Your scholar friend

      The Count

    • profile image

      Justanotherman 4 years ago

      Keep pushing away the inevitable. Everyones good at that. Everything in our world is strictly controlled, heavily taxed, and constantly under surveillance. We have no freedom,liberty, or justice, if we did, Kennedy, MLK, Malcom X, etc. would still be alive. Its not conspiracy theorists who passes on fear and paranoia, ever think it's our lying media. Media can make a believer out of anyone, ever wonder why they constantly repeat things over and over again? To put fear in people and make them believe, just like 9-11, ongoing war on terrorism, unemployment, etc. They don't give a damn about well being, they never did, if they cared, would we be where we are? No. I am a firm believer of secret societies and corrupt governments, no doubt. Even the myan calender was used to instill fear in us. I think all the economical and social problems are being mocked to make us believe the world's ending. All lies.

    • profile image

      Count of St germain 4 years ago

      Believe me it would be no fun for them to turn us into robots these old

      farts too love the diversity in life if there was just 2 sides ,them and us.

      or masses against oppression ,no crime no other opinions.

      Come on that cant be mans final destiny,people would not feel like having familys ie children ,art would no longer be inspired and mass suicides worldwide would take place.No no no I think there are going to carry on the way these nasty and greedy buggers have done for ages



    • profile image

      The Count of St Germain 4 years ago

      Does any of you know anything about JAMES RINK???

      If so post a comment please.

    • profile image

      Tranquility 4 years ago

      I saw the Illuminati come up across the internet again and again, i dont want to believe it and i wish i didnt, that is why i am reading things like this to try to make be not believe it. If it was another country trying to start WWIII i wouldnt be so scared, but it (if the theories are true) is not, its our own governement. Well, saying that i live in england, its a little country, strong for its size, but not big enough. America could wipe us out easily. I dont understand why, if it is true, an organisation would want to do this. Kill everyone. If anyone can tell me anything please email me at , thank you.

    • profile image

      The Count St Germain 4 years ago

      Dont mean to be rude AIDAN BEANEY or even sound patronizing

      but I guess your really not all clued up on these issues we discuss ,are

      you now?

      But nevertheless you can catch real easy on it




    • profile image

      The Count of St Germain 4 years ago

      Come on guys!!!! I Repeat Again JAMES RINK check this guys 3 part video


      Please somebody check it out !!!!

      And comment!!!!

    • profile image

      Geoff 4 years ago

      Cool hate propaganda against people who ask "why"

      You most likely are a clever troll, but nothing more then that.....

      the fact you artfully dodge the FACT that some of this stuff can not be proven but can also not be DIS-PROVEN. To this you would most likely change the subject to examples of theories that did not come true or have been proven wrong in a desperate attempt to distract from the probability of other more pertinent issues at hand. Your sad attempts at painting those who search out for FACT and TRUTH as insecure merely shows me how sad and insecure you are, as you have given up trying to figure out why the world works how it does and instead attempt to narrowly label those who see patterns in the many problems that plague us as a society and people. I digress, you face ur own demons and will continue to be a miserable human being saddled up against the cop-out that the world runs on pure chaos... Funny that molecular structures even form and exist in a universe driven by such logic.

    • profile image

      Paul 4 years ago

      Wow... This is the shittiest argument on this topic iv'e seen online yet. Good job of contradicting yourself in your own argument, very convincing.

    • profile image

      muppet 4 years ago

      i believe we have been conned by the Bankers the Rothchilds/and all these so Elite groups.

      I believe the Protocols of the sons Zion where written by these people above and it was covered up saying this was a forgery.

      Around the world Jews are Running our papers our TV our shops these people are not all bad but there has been a plan to control the people of the say conspiracy theorists is a way of taking the piss because these same people think we know fuck all but we do we are ready to say NO chance of taking our freedom.

    • profile image

      The Count 4 years ago

      bla bla bla bla bla bla ariston and on and on and on....

      lets just all have a nice long big rest fron all this crap I even include my self.

      Yours sinceraly : The Count of St Germain.

      Good bye forever.

      PS: It would be a good idea for you to close down this web page NOW!!!

    • profile image

      Kath 4 years ago

      You Christians are betraying St Paul. Paul actually said to respect your leaders, not hate them. It isn't just Jews, it's Christians, Muslims, and even Alex Jones are part of it. So you theorists need to wwake up to the reality I know that ALL humanity is screwed. You, me, everyone. Why don't you all live in caves if you're all light sensitive, since Satan is everywhere with LIGHT.

    • profile image

      The Count 4 years ago

      Sounds like one of them religious freaks!! dosent she now

    • profile image

      The Count 4 years ago

      Make us a cuppa T will you KATH!!!

    • profile image

      The Count of St Germain 4 years ago

      I gess we will all wait and see how this year ends....

    • profile image

      jason 4 years ago

      You are a dick how does that prove they are not real ??? what if they are real and you are just keeping people from knowing they are real....

    • profile image

      The Count 4 years ago

      Dont talk rubish Jason for christ sake

    • profile image

      Rick James 4 years ago

      All you did was give reasons why you don't believe in any of these theories. And then you proceed to say that conspiracy theorists are angry with the world probably because their life isn't going as planned and they need to come up with these theories to compensate. You gave no concrete evidence to disprove anything and you act smug throughout your whole article like you know you're right. Basically to sum it up all you said was I don't think conspiracy theories are real. You my friend are just as ignorant and stupid as you make conspiracy theorists out to be. Please refrain from ever typing an article again before you get real evidence. Thank you.

    • profile image

      lolfags 4 years ago

      You're all butthurt.

    • profile image

      Amber 4 years ago

      The fact that you call us theorists lacking in education is really quite rude. So I guess going to college for an astronomy and astrophysics major and minor are just nothing...Because all those theories about space are bull crap, but of course, you know the real answer for it right? You know everything there is to know, that's why we do not need theories.

      Gravity is just a theory, so I guess it can't be real.

    • profile image

      Kirke La Shelle 4 years ago

      I choose to not waste my life researching these organizations. The more you have it running through your subconscious, the more real it is to your life. I'll probably die knowing very little about illuminati, freemasons, etc. because I don't care. Our sun will supernova eventually, a tornado may kill me tomorrow, a black hole may enter our solar system and destroy all of us next week.. life is just weird in general. People seem to get more annoyed when it's other people or groups of people ruling/ruining their lives instead of nature.. maybe it'd help to accept that peoples' minds (corruption, greed, etc) are nature as well.

    • profile image

      The Count 4 years ago

      Never been put better ,Kirke La Shelle ,I like your comment its honest and to the point .

      Thank you.

    • profile image

      angelon_moon 4 years ago

      I could probably create any idea and turn it into a huge theory if I find the right people to believe it. I've read books, web Pages, watched video suggestions, and sorry I still don't believe. I kept an open mind, but nothing won me over... I don't believe the illuminati exists, and if they did.. Oh well I have a good life male good money and I know my loved ones and I are going to heaven when we die.. So I don't live in fear or curiosity or the need to persuade/convince anybody.. I live peacefully and simply happy.. and i did it all on my own with God by my side :) I wish everyone the best and may God bless you

    • profile image

      David 4 years ago

      Gday mate. I set out to disprove the whole illuminati theory for myself yesterday. Instead I saw proof that the world's most rich and powerful are into occult practices. Search for 'bohemian grove' to see for yourself.

    • profile image

      esc 4 years ago

      Yes, you contradict yourself. Yes you can say all fish will turn green. But you have no evidence to prove it. 911, illuminati, religion, other conspiracy s. They all have hard factual evidence. Evidence that is easier to prove than to disprove. If it is done right in front of you, it is harder to see. Why do you think that 80 percent of the worlds wealth is had by only a few people? People that happen to meet up regularly.

    • profile image

      MC 4 years ago

      You're a complete moron !

    • profile image

      AzR 4 years ago

      TO THE AUTHOR: You say conspiracy theorists (generally, I assume) only look at one side of evidence. Well, as David did, I set out to disprove the Illuminati theory and found out that the most influential people in the world get together in secret, that is no secret. That is not a theory, the attendees such as certain rothschilds, rockefellers, ben bernanke, and 40+ CEO's of the worlds richest corps. attend. The odd thing, NO MEDIA COVERAGE. That is not a theory my friend, and to ignorantly accept it occurs and pass it off with "who cares" is ridiculous.

      You say conspiracy theorists don't look at both sides, well you aren't even replying to the people posting about intelligent topics that would open your mind. I'm not saying demons control the world, or hurricanes are caused by a bio weapon, I am only looking into topics that have supporting evidence. You want to look at both sides of evidence for a consp. theory? Google "9/11 pentagon plane or missile", it will blow your mind.

    • profile image

      N/A 4 years ago

      I was going to read this article but stopped at about the third paragraph because your grammar is horrible.

    • profile image

      Zach 4 years ago

      Great article, only thing i have to say is Richard Dawkins writings are not a theory. He points out Fact and nothing else... God/Religion is a theory, it has ZERO evidence and is absolutely rubbish.

    • profile image

      Eric 4 years ago

      Can you please take down this "blog", this has to be the most idiotic, uninformed, ignorant load of crap I've ever read. Read a book you zombie.

    • profile image

      MO Money 4 years ago

      I dont think illuminati rules the world. God rules the world. God created us all. God connects all of the worlds past, present and future events. BELIEVE IN GOD!!!

    • profile image

      Count of st germain 4 years ago

      Listen to me Mo Money .How the hell can people belive in GOD whe this is a modern name .what a sad gitt .this means that if i had to bring you up all on your own ,on a desert island and with no reference tell you my name is PECKER .that would be it .JUST HAVE FAITH IN PECKER.come on man find out for yourself read beyond the "official academic history and find out more not just the package answer BELIEVE IN GOD....

    • profile image

      letseetheworld 4 years ago

      I just want to say that, the nature of man has not changed since the beginning of man. Men are both evil and good all at different degrees. There is no modern mystery about how men lived back in the day. They made sure their basic needs were taken care of and some aspired for more. Like making sure their grand children's needs would be taken care of.

      If you want to know the truth just ask yourself simple questions like what would the average person do in that situation. For instance if I were the king of Egypt what would I want. Would I create a religion that inspired people to become king or keep them as sheep?

      Or go even simpler than that, have you ever been part of a social group that was somewhat exclusive? Now just imagine if your group happened to own 95% of the world. what would you do. Would you have meetings to ensure you kept your 95% of the world?

      As for my personal belief, do i think there are secret societies influencing the world, Yes.

      To what degree I cannot tell you.

      But they are out there.

      Perfect example, Corporations.

    • profile image

      oke 4 years ago

      god, open ur eyes kid, ever heard of the bilderberg group, our world leaders go there and we dont have a clue what their talking about. just this is enough to worry about. our skys are filled with barium and aluminum. ofcourse we dont have evidence to back this all up, the govt sure wont do a legal investigation on it since they are then ones behind it. underground bunkers are being build all around the us costing billions of dollars , u dont have to be smart to figure this out. thousands of whistleblowers who worked with the government are coming clean and telling us the truth , mainstream media tells lies and twist the truth all the time, and ur telling me the world is fine and there is nothing to worry about, i pray for my children and their children because if ppl like you keep spending time on writing stupid blogs like this instead of finding out the truth and fighting for freedom, were goddamn screwed

    • profile image

      Chris 4 years ago

      Your blog post is an intellectual lighthouse in a sea of fear mongering.

      The conspiracy theorists' comments are the rocky shores.

      The bad grammar a pervasive salty air.

    • profile image

      Troy Yiung 4 years ago

      I'm just like, who cares if it's real or not? Does it really affect you? As long as they aren't taking food from my mouth it's all gravy. YEAH I SEE what people are talking about in music videos, but who cares? Yeah they throwing up a sign that looks like devil horns or three sixes. Yeah everyone's rocking the stupid triangles throwing up the roc sign. They look stupid. Let em be. Life is too short to be thinking about what other people are doing.

    • profile image

      drew 4 years ago

      My stepdad's brother became obsessed with the illuminati and aliens after he had to divorce his alcoholic and crazy wife. He has so much free time on his hands that this is all he does. It's sad.

    • profile image

      brainiac3397 4 years ago

      Illuminati wants to get total power by dominating the world. Thus, they are motivated by greed and selfishness. Considering this fact, the members are greedy and selfish. Considering this fact, the members will probably end up splintering the group apart in order to gain total power for themselves.

      Thus, a group such as the Illuminati would probably self-destruct simply because its ideals require self-destructive beliefs. Corruption spreads like wild fire, and it will destroy everything in its path, even those who started it. Only in fiction is human nature somehow perfectly balanced that evil can last so long without being harmful to itself.

      It's kind of like starting a fire then realizing that the fire is coming in your direction because the wind had a sudden shift.

      Nature will always destroy humanities best plans.

      Good works together, Evil works alone.

    • profile image

      YGTHEBOSS 4 years ago

      This is whats funny: If they really control the world, why havent they taken it over yet? They supposevly have all the power to do so so why havent they? Because they can't. If they really control the world, why do they just put it in music videos? a government would do that kind of bullshit. AND nobody gives a fuck anyways. We listen to the music, not the symbols, and if they really controlled the world, why the fuck would they kill other soldiers of other goverments, for pleasure? A government wouldnt do that. Those theorist are nothing by belivers of complete and utter BS.

    • profile image

      Tim 4 years ago

      Funny you say the illuminati aren't real yet you even post their sybolism.

    • profile image

      Karl Beta 4 years ago


      ..... Usually says the person who's entire knowledge of the Illuminati comes from:

      1- Documentaries on History Channel/Hollywood movies

      B- Books by conspiracy theorists

      III- Internet articles by like theorists

      +- Seeing things you think make a pattern.

      Haven't you ever stopped to think that, by buying into the fearmongering to the point of being a hypocritical "Everyone else is wrong and are blind sheep" jerkass/potential post-apocalypse-warmonger, you yourself become a part of the Illuminati plot? Not saying nothing goes on, but we have to step back and realize that we are all nothing more than glorified monkeys. The Illuminati's glorified monkeys who think they actually serve some importance just because they have oodles of dough that could, in the blink of an eye, be wiped out.

    • profile image

      Fuzzy Frisson 4 years ago

      But it's vitally important to remember conspiracy theories are just that - theories. There is no evidence to prove that they are true. A theory, according to the dictionary, is ''a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world; an organized system of accepted knowledge that applies in a variety of circumstances''.


      You do realise that by giving the first definition, you're negating the point you're trying to make? Your dictionary's definition: a) corroborates that theories ARE substantiated, thus evidenced, so they do need to be true in order to be theories in the first place and b) refers to scientific theories that are so because of processes of tried, tested and proved methods? Even the second definition you gave implies that there has to be a consensual acceptance of some information for it to be applicable. At most, the conspiracy noises such as Illuminati are hypotheses and even that attribution comes with a lot of slackness. I prefer to call them fables myself.

    • profile image

      Pavel 4 years ago

      There is much evidence that the modern Iluminati exist. It is not theories, I do think conspiracy theorists are incorrect but these are not theories, people know these things because we have documents, photo's, videos, witnesses. There is no need to say how we think, there are millions who believe the Illuminati exist and we all do think differently. It is actually mainly the mass that believe 2012 is the end or new beginning because the mass have been influenced by Hollywood. So I conclude there is evidence, it is not a theory because we are not creating theories and millions believe they exist and we aren't all ignorant etc.

    • profile image

      Uni-D 4 years ago

      Dear Rickrideshorses,

      Even though i hate the title "conspiracy theorist", let's call it that for the moment. Let's put you in the box "sceptic" for now to make it easier to understand. You've tried to discredit the conspiracies by saying "that's all they are, theories" but in your attempt to discredit them, you mainly discredit yourself because most of the things you say in your article are nothing more then "theories" themselves. The fact you speak about "they" like we all think exactly alike tells me you know so little about it. Conspiracy theorists are arrogant? They do not trust life? They are control freaks? Did we meet in person, or is that based on facts? Have you ever read a conspiracy item open minded? Without thinking "this is bullshit" before you even started reading? Most of the people that i know that do have interest for these topics are very peaceful people who care a lot about other people, so what gives you the idea that "we" want to spread fear? I believe fear is an emotion that holds us back from asking questions, so I do not promote fear at all.

      I am convinced that we are being dominated by a few. I mean, did they ever come to your house to ask if you are okay with it if they invaded another country? And if they did, do you think it would have any influence if you said no? While you are (maybe) living a perfectly normal life, most of the people on this planet haven't got that privilege.

      Most "conspiracy theories" are based on facts, off course there are a lot of people that can turn anything into conspiracies. So just like with every information you'll receive you've got to use your brains and don't just follow everything blindly, but that goes for mainstream media as well. And funny thing, you said "conspiracy theorists" are arrogant, but you are the one ending your article with "So there you have it" like you've just single handedly proved the fact that "conspiracy theorists" were wrong after all. No hard feelings….hahaha

    • profile image

      Bib 4 years ago

      Ur a blind dumbass the facts are all there you must be with the nwo or something or just dumb it's not a consp if its the truth

    • profile image

      Lari 4 years ago

      I think you shouldn't decide if its real or not, its irrelevant. Everything is possible, science and history proofs that. We are planet in space people.

      What we can all agree to (I hope for the sake of mankind!) is that selfishness is our root of the problem.

    • profile image

      sean 4 years ago

      You contradict yourself. You admit to secret socities but you deny the illuminati is the illuminati not a secret society. And please explain where there are good hearted people in poltics and not corrupt business men. Sure there might be a few but in a general case all polticians are corrupt. You need a realistic outlook on life. Im sorry to break it to you.

    • profile image

      shonn frank 4 years ago

      I will paypal $500 to anyone who can give me ONE PIECE of credible evidence linking Osama Bin Laden to 9/11. We have been at 'war' for 12 years over that. We assassinated him and went to war and passed ground-breaking, rights-eroding legislature based on it. Do we not need proof anymore?? lol What ever happened to Khalid Sheik muhammad? Wasnt he the MASTERMIND of 9--11??? Why was his case dropped? ..and that is in military court!!!?? It's a joke.

      People are stupid, scared..or both. You think the "brotherhood' of people who signed the Delaration of Independence and then went on to monopolize the White house for the next century...just stepped aside at some point and gave the keys to the "people"? haha Sure.

    • profile image

      Count of St germain 4 years ago

      I dont want your money Mr Shonn and I hope your not daft enough "kind advice" to pay anyone.But the answer to your

      questions can only ever be a "speculative oone ,since most of people in society are not considered trustworthy nor are

      they in total control of there emotions.The answer Im afraid you will never need to know neither would you have really wanted to know.If you really want to enjoy life you should keep away from them complications that we cant and will never be able to control.Dont get me wrong all these conspiiracy theories hold half or even if that of the truth.We all know what

      us human beeings are capable of when power and delusion roams our mind so speculation can go on and on ...just like Ariston and on....and on.... and on...... Follow your basic feel good towards others fealing remmember what you have

      experienced and learnt and those are your tools to get your answers.

    • profile image

      MyWorldInABottle 4 years ago

      I can't believe you skipped straight over "paranoid".

      You must literally be the very first to not say "paranoid" as the first thing to explain a conspiracy head.

    • profile image

      seb 4 years ago

      The believers in this bullshit of a lie can't spell at all. Coincidence? No. By the way if you tell me to look at a YouTube video as proof, you automatically lose all credibility....

    • profile image

      You people.... 4 years ago

      He does not contradict himself at all...maybe if people had better comprehension skills they would understand the phrasing and words he's using, If I said "Dragons are real and they are really aliens flying around in F-22's but Aliens aren't real" that would be contradicting myself but if I said, "MAYBE aliens aren't real" then I would be speaking hypothetically and therefore not contradicting myself, you all should really try not to prove what he said in the article about how conspiracy theorists believe that they're all knowing and everyone else is sheep, you all are literally proving to him and everybody who actually does RESEARCH (by the way each one of you is using that word wrong, research is forming an educated opinion based on UNBIASED information((going to a website dedicated to conspiracies is even worse than listening/watching a biased news program)) ) You know why those people from the Skull and Bones society at Yale usually have influential jobs? Because they either are A. Intelligent enough to make it in this world and are hard working B. Have good friends (connections) C. Have money or D. ALL OF THE ABOVE and usually it is D, most of the time all of you wrongly associate the Masonic Order with the illuminati when one is real and the other isn't, I have a hand made (and hand written in ink) 150+ year old Masonic rank sheet that is hanging on my wall right here that you would never find on the Internet ever or even close to what the titles are, (Omg he must be one of the rulers of the world) No I'm not, the Freemasons are just a group of people that enjoy being in the group, and the illuminatti aren't real at one time yes but not anymore. Before you just believe in something because it confirms that you are somehow superior to everyone else in the universe do a fact check and look up unbiased information, I'm SICK of people believing in things because they need to. (Humans have a instinct to believe in things even if they are wrong) just please before you believe in something listen to everything not just one small biased view on the subject.

    • profile image

      hi 4 years ago

      This article started very good until this line

      "Any scientist will tell you that nothing can be proved, things can only ever be disproved."

      Actually its opposite. In science, you dont disprove things, you prove them. You cant disprove my theory that there is elephant on venus which has wings and is immortal. You can only prove theories with experiments and not disprove them. Any scientist will tell you that. Thats like very fundamental basics of science. Author got it wrogn therefore not gonna read rest article. Educate yourself

    • profile image

      batman 4 years ago


    • profile image

      What... Where am I?! 4 years ago

      When are all the fish gonna turn green?!?

    • philabustah profile image

      Philip 3 years ago from Boston, MA.

      I like contrasting views, sir. I ate at a nice Irish place with my brother and ma. My mother,

      (coerced), was negative about her Irish roots. I said there were differences between the Irish here

      and the Irish in Ireland if my mother believed she came from selfish, fighting, ingrates as she seemed

      to suggest. I've been there 3X. Experience is a key factor. Experience is not a day trip or vacation.

      It takes time. Then I stated that Laissez-Faire politics was said to be a major cause of the Famine

      that gave this country all their Irish, and jokingly, so we should thank the "free market capitalists,"

      or we never would have made it to America. He said, "that's right." He agrees with "laissez-faire."

      I proceeded no further. The winners win and the losers die. It's not always nice but it's always the

      way it should be. Right? And, in fact, these same "laissez-faire" politicians blamed the Irish themselves

      painting them as ape-like who didn't plan for any such types of crises. That from people who invbaded a

      country that wasn't theirs and enslaving people on their own land. Did a country do that? Or a free

      market? You see, the landowners were British. How did they own the land? Oh yes! They just took it!

      Is that the free market? So, if I want something, I'll just take it. I like that. If that had been

      brought to light in the day, it would've caused worldwide outrage. Also, relief came into that country

      from other countries, but the relief was withheld so as not to embarrass the queen. A few centuries later,

      who cares? The British created the situation and then blamed the victims. A great deal of the people

      who question things do not blame. I think they're just tired of seeing history repeat itself. I believe

      a wise person should question everything. More importantly, hold open the possibility that what they

      believe might also be wrong. There is no other way to the truth. I believe if contradictions can be

      found in your arguments, we can't get to the truth. I, honestly, would love to hold tight with your

      argument. But, let's take the Bildeberg Group for instance; why do they need such security? They take

      over complete hotels and close it off to the public? They place numerous gunmen around and even have curious

      onlookers followed. Why? If there's nothing really sinister going on, why such secrecy? One thing I

      think you can even agree with is these people have great influence. Can't you? Anyway, I like your


    • profile image

      illuminati 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      Alienne 3 years ago

      Conspiracy-theorist are arrogant and control freaks? Just the language you are using takes away your credibility right away. You also seem to lack any relevant proof which the "conspiracy theorist" provide tons of. Do you watch the news? Do you listen to music? Do you play video games? Then you have all the proof you need right in front of your eyes. Believing that everything is just a coincidence is very ignorant since everything that happens for a reason, that is something that your beloved since can tell you. If you don't think that there is something wrong with the world than you must live under a rock. I mean, in your artical called "Why conspiracy theories and the illuminati is fake" you don't even bring up any busted illuminati-theory arguments but you only blame the theorist herself?

    • profile image

      illuminatikingdom 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      Steven 3 years ago

      I disagree with so much of this article. Conspiracy theory isn't a bunch of uneducated hippys believing in a new world order. It's people thinking outside the box that has been designed for us. Looking for alternitive news sources than what is provided to the general public. If you think 911 "just happened" I'm sorry to hear that. You call those who believe something may be wrong as ignorent, but I don't think I've seen more ignorance in such a post as yours. To disclose or disprove a theory because you feel it doesn't match up is nonsense. God is a theory, science is a theory, gravity is a theory, you can't prove gravity but we believe it's there.

      Watch this video.

      Money is power, and when you have it - it can do amazing things, good or bad.

    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 3 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      This is funny and sadly naive.

      This gives the impression that conspiracies never happen. The world would be a far nicer place if that were true. Hitler might have been a good leader if he had never conspired to take over the world.

      The writer starts off being a little sloppy saying that conspiracy theories are not real. If they were not real, then we never would've heard of them. But the theories are indeed real. The subjects of those theories may not be real. There's a big difference, here. Such sloppiness runs throughout the article.

      This writer doesn't realize that many so-called "conspiracy theories" are actually only facts or questions. The media has played so many people with labels that people look only at the labels and knee-jerk reaction to dismiss the topics because they have been labeled as "conspiracy theory." How quaint. How utterly dumb. is one website that has pretty well proved with Facts that the 3 WTC towers on 9/11 collapsed because of controlled demolition. Here's just a taste of the FACTS:

      * WTC7 fell at perfect free fall for the first 8 floors of collapse.

      * Free fall means Zero resistance to collapse.

      * Solid steel Never offers Zero resistance.

      Simple physics shows that the solid steel structure of WTC7 could not have achieved free fall unless Controlled Demolition was used. Because it takes months to prepare a building of this size, and because many of the tenants were highly secure government agencies (including the CIA), 9/11 was an inside job. Yes, you can say it out loud: "conspiracy!" Elements (not all) of our government conspired to commit murder.

      Just like the WMDs, our government lied.

      It looks as though the author of this article believed the "conspiracy theory" fed to him by the government, but he doesn't realize that it was a conspiracy theory. I think any terrorist would want to take credit for all of their hits. Osama bin Laden denied having anything to do with 9/11.

      On the evening of 9/11, Mayor Giuliani had clean up crews start clearing the crime scene of its evidence. This is a felony!

      The top military officers responsible for the massive security failures of 9/11 were each given promotions instead of courts martial. Accident? Incompetence? Or payoff for complicity?

      NIST scientists started their investigation of WTC7 by establishing an artificially early start time on the video of the building's collapse. That's scientific fraud. Fraud by accident? Fraud by incompetence? Or fraud as part of the cover-up?

      The Illuminati was started on May 1, 1776. Do they exist today? I don't know. But the author of this article seems to claim a special omniscience in saying that the Illuminati are not real. They may not be, but a lack of evidence does not prove this. To claim that a lack of evidence proves the non-existence of something is an "argument-to-ignorance" type logical fallacy. One piece of evidence could blow such a "theory" out of the water. Without such evidence, we have to say "unknown." Anything else is entirely unscientific and a misuse of skepticism.

      The author makes all manner of claims about "conspiracy theorists," but does not present evidence to prove any of it. All conspiracy theorists are arrogant? He would have to interview all such theorists to prove this. Even one such theorist who is humble would destroy his claim. That's the kind of sloppiness which destroys this article and its credibility.

      Could there be kooks who are conspiracy theorists? Yes, of course. Could there be some humble, smart and hard working conspiracy theorists? Yes, very much so.

      Don't get your panties in a twist over the label. Otherwise your mind might swallow anything and that would be a tragedy.

    • profile image

      Ill You Me Naughty 3 years ago

      yall who heard of illu was from the internet or someone who found it on the internet, why would yall know so much of it most of people have on this is kids, ive made a fake youtube illuminaty people and everyone believes all the bullshit i say so.. there you go

    • profile image

      Do Your Homework! 3 years ago

      To the original poster,

      History is built from top to bottom upon conspiracies. Here's your reading list to get better acquainted with history:

      Tragedy and Hope by Dr. Carroll Quigley

      Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins

      Pawns in the Game by William Guy Carr

      The Naked Capitalist by W. Cleon Skousen

      Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution by Prof. Antony Sutton

      Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler by Prof. Antony Sutton

      Phillip Dru: Administrator by Edward Mandell House

      The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

    • philabustah profile image

      Philip 3 years ago from Boston, MA.

      Do they really want to foment fear and hatred? I think 9/11 resulted in our own government fomenting more fear than all the conspiracies put together. I won't give or take away from conspiracies. I will say it is important to question things. Don't go blindly into that goodbye. Also, while we were told that the Roswell crash was a weather balloon, the very guy shown in the photo came back years later to say that was not true, but that they had good reasons for wanting to hide that truth. I think we should always question what doesn't make sense to us because, if the reasons stop being good reasons, we'll all be to blame. I don't say that to instill fear. I say that to keep things in balance. I say that to make it a better world for everyone.

    • profile image

      Tre 3 years ago

      I want to agree with you but I their are to many coincidences and symbolism in music videos and such for it not to be true. Please try to explain some of the things like Rihanna's video were the devils head appears but only noticeable if the video is paused but obviously tampered with to be put in the video. Why? What other explanation could there possibly be for all of this other than illuminati

    • profile image

      Corey 3 years ago

      I don't believe in any of the conspiracy theories, and if they were true, the people would easily overpower them with things like protests and rebellion as well as the people highly ranked in governments who are normal, good hearted people. I'm sure a lot of the conspirasts are friends or family with wealthy or important people who may raise suspicion with things like the Illuminati.

    • philabustah profile image

      Philip 3 years ago from Boston, MA.

      I have come from the planet Naive with a warning...

    • profile image

      notanamerican 3 years ago

      Wow! You are all so US-centric. You do not matter to the rest of the world. No one else cares about that little terrorist thing you had over a decade ago. Move the fuck on! There is no big conspiracy, you just think there is because you believe you have some sort of awesome democratic freedom or whatever the hell you keep preaching, when in fact you dont. You have the worst version of democracy imaginable, with little personal freedoms, and a system of government which is corruptable. Politicians in better countries have to declare all donations. Imagine that. You just have a shitty system. Stop worshiping your flag, start looking at how better countries do it. There are better countries.

    • philabustah profile image

      Philip 3 years ago from Boston, MA.

      There's conspiracies everywhere. Any place, any bar, anywhere, men, women, boys, little girls. In fact, gossip is a conspiracy!

    • profile image

      Someone that can understand English 3 years ago

      '''a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world; an organized system of accepted knowledge that applies in a variety of circumstances''.

      So, for example, a theory that all fish will turn green in the future is a theory.'

      lmao. You're so fucking stupid that you posted the definition of a theory and then immediately gave an example of something that is not a theory.

      Not wasting my time past that.

    • profile image

      chris bingham 3 years ago

      This article is one of the most illiterate things i have read. You are fucking stupid for writing this. "theorists" are trying to open peoples eyes and show the truth. if you want to keep your eyes closed then fine but dont stop other people from finding the truth with your ignorance and stupidity. there are many more facts and findings supporting the illuminati ias real then not. its everywhere just look around, instead of wasting your time online writing about something you obviously know nothing about.

    • profile image

      Jenny R. 3 years ago

      Yes there is such thing as illuminati organization and yes people believe in that but none of it's true. Open your eyes because God is the truth and there is no fault in believing in him, compared believing in these false made up ideas.

    • profile image

      CPLocke 3 years ago




      noun: conspiracy; plural noun: conspiracies


      a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

      "a conspiracy to destroy the government"

      synonyms: plot, scheme, plan, machination, ploy, trick, ruse, subterfuge

      What you described IS a conspiracy. Anyone who has a theory about any of these isolated conspiracies is also a conspiracy theorist.

      You are writing from emotion and not fact. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with you. I just want to point out that you may have a valid point but you have failed to make it here.

    • profile image

      NathanB 3 years ago

      This is an aweful post. No facts. I used to think conspiracies weren't true, I saw documentaries and automatically dismissed them. And as I have grown up, decided to have my own opinion on matters, and after seeing the way the world is changing, I have come to the conclusion several years ago that there are higher powers who have plans for the world and they are not good for 95% of the Earths population.

      I decided to Google about proof that the Illuminati don't exist, because I am open minded and also accept the possibility I could be wrong in what I believe. But I never find any compelling arguments, just trash talk from arrogant people. You say in the post that "conspiracy theorists" are arrogant and stupid, but that's rediculous. Many of the post from people who dont believe are very hateful and arrogantly written themselves, against people who try to share the idea that the world is not what it seems.

      There are stacks of evidence that do seem to point towards a NWO. Why don't they remove the videos from YouTube? Well, leaving them on there just fits their stories of, "if it was real we wouldn't let it be on there", and if they took it down, everyone would go, "wait, why are they taking the videos down if they have nothing to hide?". People need to start thinking for themselves. Make your own mindup and dont be afraid of what others will think if your opinion isn't the same as theirs.

      The same people you're slamming are the same people who said the government spy on us, and funnily enough, they have been! People got slammed for believing it back then, and now it's proven to be true, a lot of people just say oh yeah but it's fine they stop the terrorists. Well a) they don't and b)maybe you should listen to "conspiracy theories", cos they've been proven true before and they may well turn out to be true in future.

    • profile image

      Alex 3 years ago

      Has anyone considered that these conspiracies are the primary tool of the "illuminati" and that the conspiracy theorists are the "illumaniti" distracting you from what is actually going on by creating a maze of bullshit to keep you on the edge of your seat while the information misleads you from looking after your own life, at the same time as crediting themselves for doing just that!

      What is on the screen is just "entertainment" do not believe it as it is. Real life is outside (says the guy stuck to his computer screen :P ), working, providing for those you love, making sure that your life is in order and enjoying it while you do it. As for the suffering, yes it is real, but the more we are misled the more real it's going to get (chaos, violence, distrust, fear, etc..).

      let love prevail.. not fear and hate.

    • profile image

      david r 3 years ago

      well tbh people the illuminati is a CONSPIRACY, the definition of a conspiracy is when someone plans to do something, if somebodys been planning to do something that has to do with the illuminati, they have been planing for a long ass and has not done anything to us american people, so wouldnt u think that if nothings being done thats allegedly being planed they are either too scared to do it and aint about that life or its something that was made up that stupid people began to believe it and nobody set it strait.

    • profile image

      david r 3 years ago

      well tbh people the illuminati is a CONSPIRACY, the definition of a conspiracy is when someone plans to do something, if somebodys been planning to do something that has to do with the illuminati, they have been planing for a long ass and has not done anything to us american people, so wouldnt u think that if nothings being done thats allegedly being planed they are either too scared to do it and aint about that life or its something that was made up that stupid people began to believe it and nobody set it strait.

    • philabustah profile image

      Philip 3 years ago from Boston, MA.

      First, I'd like to congratulate you on this WELL-hated post. You pulled a very sore thumb out of the pudding. Famous or infamous, this post did the job.

      However, this conspiracy that's going on that says 'we are all separate' and 'just worry about yourself and your family' has done well to mislead you from the truth. The truth is we are all connected. I've known a lot of people with your philosophy that have un-done and harmed a lot of people in the name of 'just worrying about themselves.' They are conniving, backstabbing liars. It is the furthest thing from love. When you go before St. Peter and tell him how well you just looked after yourself and your family, watch how fast he pulls the drop lever. It's selfish, distrustful and breeds the very things you dislike. We are all connected, bro. Whatsoever you do to the least of your brothers, that you do unto God. If you see a stranger who needs help, extend yourself. That's what creates trust. What you preach creates distrust. Carry on that way if you must but, you shouldn't be preaching it to others, St. Peter does like that either. If you give twenty dollars to charity, that doesn't do it. You have to be honest in all your day-to-day affairs. You don't really have to, but I'll never trust you either.

    • profile image

      I love Jesus 3 years ago

      No I trust real true saved Christian people who r genuine and truly have Jesus in their Heart All men r capable sinning but only some turn to The Lord Jesus for true forgiveness this is Satan's world for a time until Jesus comes back this whole world is in darkness the only truth is Jesus the rest is all fabricated by satan thru men they r his puppets in the end they will suffer just like their father lucifer the Bright and morning star anyone with half a brain can see what's going on in world today

    • profile image

      ok.... 3 years ago

      So that's your argument. Instead of giving us facts or good reasons to be skeptical of these theories, you bash conspiracy theorists. You should change the title to , "Why Conspiracy Theorists are Shitty and I Have It All Figured Out.

    • philabustah profile image

      Philip 3 years ago from Boston, MA.

      Do you love Jesus?

      You do not love Jesus. You love Satan. You just gave me the 'ol Satan rope-a-dope. I'm not believing a word. If you had said I'm honest and truthful in all my day-to-day affairs, I would believe your love of Jesus to be credible. But, you say this is Satan's world and so you act appropriately, (as Satan would), and just ask forgiveness? and so you only need to act righteous when it becomes God's world? Who told you this? Answer straight. No mincing words. If you said you do your best but, like all people, you're not perfect, I'd believe you. You said something entirely different that didn't even answer my question indirectly. That is the work of Satan. You accept authority as the truth rather than truth as the authority. All humans are imperfect. That's where your argument doesn't fit. You want us to trust and believe the official story. Then you say it's Satan's world. If it is, you're asking us to trust Satan. You shouldn't ask that of us.

    • profile image

      Tired of Idiots 3 years ago

      I've read a lot of articles written by believers in the Illuminati. Most of these people are clearly mentally ill. Everything they say is completely illogical but if you don't believe in it you're the sheep. They have zero proof, go on and on about well if it wasn't for the Illuminati how could this happen or how could that happen. They can't comprehend that shit happens. It does.

      But another thing is these people are so damn lazy. They use the Illuminati or flouride or whatever other silly things the evil cabal is supposedly doing to control us all as an excuse to not do anything to make their world a better place. After all, why be socially active if the world is run by a few Satan-controlled evildoers. If everyone from teachers to cops to entertainers is involved. These people are lazy keyboard warriors attacking singers for supposedly selling their soul to a being who doesn't exist instead of going out in their world and making it better.

      So, yeah, these people are a combination of mentally ill and lazy. And it sucks for the smart people in the world that we have to constantly listen to their insane crap. Oh well!

    • profile image

      anonymous 3 years ago

      Ever since the beginning of history, man has been trying to conquer the world. Ever since king james the third, to napoleon bonepart, to hitler. If your trying to say that this time in history is different, let me ask you something, whos really crazy... me or you? If all these so called "inclosed" or "insane" conspiracy theorists are false, imagine how crazy about how dillusionall these people are, but if there not false, why have they been kicked out of society... imagine this... all these conspiracy theorists are warning the public, but the public says "if the illuminati is soo... secret why is all theyre info on the internet" the illuminati is making us look crazy... yes the internet is a great source of information, but its the illuminatis greatest weapon. Everyones tracked on the internet. The illuminati is proved... george washing ton made a statement written on document with his own hand writing. Do your research... look up"fema the illuminati" 911 was an inside job, or chem trails. You cant say that conspiracy theorists are inclosed, at least we know the truth... were prepared... e pluribus unam

    • profile image

      gold ira rollover 3 years ago

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 3 years ago from London England

      Well then i first noticed that something was being 'cooked up' when i was doing my national service training in the army. It was painfully obvious that the officer class got better conditions than we under them.

      An officer could lie and be believed where as our word wouldn't be accepted in a dispute. The number of times i saw my fellow troopies get scapegoated and thrown to the wolves was startling and we were supposed to be on the same side. In that era two types were not wanted in the armed forces namely 'gays' and Jehovah's Witnesses.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 3 years ago from London England

      J.W.'s when discovered got instant dismissal, gays got charged with sodomy and did 7 years clink. I happened to get 'honeytrapped' by a plain clothes military police woman offering me privledges for informing on my fellow troopies. I declined and she told me she knew more about me than i knew my self and that she could easily arrange for things to happen to me. So that was the end of my short lived military career.

    • profile image

      forthabirds 3 years ago

      Why don't you use spell check before writing about things you know to little about to do the same.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 3 years ago from London England

      My Domme is the spelling checker on this hub and i frequently incur Her wrath !

    • profile image

      Philip 3 years ago

      Ludicrous gets more comments than a truth that no one likes.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 3 years ago from London England

      The author Erskine Caldwell in Her novel Captain and the Kings write of a pseudo secret organisation called the Scardo Society. I've enquired about it and i get the feeling that the people who know just don't want to tell me.

    • profile image

      joe mccaff 3 years ago

      Your one then,, we know now, go choke yourself, beast

    • profile image

      i have read the bible!!! 2 years ago

      Lets all believe this guy because hes right and the bible is wrong lol whatever you must be trying to cover up for the illuminati i know people who are really in the illuminati the bible doesnt exactly say but it goes a little like will try to bring all nations together saying its for world peace and then when all of the blinded sheep our together the one or antichrist will depopulate humanity if you did real research on the real things then you wouldnt be sounding like a 15 year old scared of whats really going on your site is the first ive seen trying to say the things your you closed minded people or cover ups these days next youll be saying psychics and magick isnt real either lolololol in a few days somebody will post a very eye opening video of me and what im capable of on youtube that will be spreaded throughout the nations and i will tell everyone they are capable of it to you just open your freakin minds yo.

    • profile image

      EyeSeeYou 2 years ago

      There's no point in arguing. We all have eyes to see. There is truth behind lies. Has the world become too crowded for all of us? It's time to change and make it better. There's is a God. The One who gave us life. Let's live life. Love enough to accept that we are all different. When we perish, we will all find the truth. For now, let's make our lives worth looking back. Put smiles on people's faces and move on. Think about how we can make others feel loved because every life is precious; it's a gift. It is too short to worry about things that can't be proven. "Don't seek for answers that cannot be given." There's a time for everything.

    • profile image

      Agree to disagree 2 years ago

      Reading through the comments, it appears that you are totally outvoted. Yes there are nutters out there who pose to us some unimaginable theories, however to to say that is the world, or similar statements. Being part of the media is not the best forum, as we all know, there is a control of certain media. Even Einstein, and other learned men have for years, made statements about mass media propaganda or brainwashing. I say to you, don't discount all theories, because some of them can be backed up and secondly, refer to the good book and it will appear to you in black & white. why would those who act deceptively, make what they are carrying out, public for all to witness. You need to rethink on some of your points and make an effort as an individual & not as a journalist to determine fact from fable.

    • profile image

      Gadfly 2 years ago from Olde London Towne

      Greetings my little Darklings!

      Just occurred to me that all of those 1950's T.V. action heroes, to wit; Captain Video, Batman, Zorro etc, even the Man from UNCLE. They all had a secret hide out, cave or some kind of headquarters in a remote location known only to a trusted servant. Why the need for such deception? Maybe just to add mystery to the plotline perhaps!

      Think about it!

      the gadfly

    • profile image

      Gadfly 2 years ago from Olde London Towne

      Greetings my little Darklings!

      Utterly preposterous that H.M. The Queen of England has a link with the Illuminati. Her Majesty is far too busy with affairs of state to entertain such 'Tom foolery'. The Palace promulgates court circulars daily with every member of the Royal Family engaged in one appointment or another. The only secret Queen Elizabeth II keeps is what happens at the frequent audience with Her Majesty's (elected) Prime Minister.

      It's all hush hush

      the gadfly

    • profile image

      Hattori Hanzo 2 years ago

      Using names like "Illuminati" is just a way to get people to reject the very easy-to-see and logical conclusion that a small group of extremely wealthy individuals is seeking to obtain and own all material wealth in the world. There is nothing different about this from the empires and monarchies of old. The desire to own and control all resources is the oldest story in the book. The most wealthy (and nearly completely interrelated) have simply banded together to achieve this goal by using corporations, banks, mass media, and marrying their power with governments to use their militaries,

      What is fascinating and frighteningly outstanding is that the masses have, as they have done throughout the ages, decided to relegate this obvious and logical occurrence to "conspiracy". Yet, they believe 19 cave-dwellers and their CIA-connected leader could override a trillion dollar air defense system with box-cutters and their Islamic anger. Get real. If you are uncomfortable with these obvious truths, keep watching Disney and CNN and stop being a shill.

    • profile image

      CITYSWAY 2 years ago

      If there is a secret society. My question is. How in the hell does these conspiracy loving fools know about them. What's so secretive about that????

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 2 years ago from London England

      The reason they were known as secret societies was because the civil authorities and mainstream faiths of those times feared competition hence persecutions and witch hunts. Now since western society or most of it has freedom of speech, such groups can meet openly now.

    • profile image

      Hal Wake 23 months ago

      Some people make me laugh how stupid they are. Well done, you can put in an opinion with no research. Rickrideshorses is correct. Obviously there are powerful people who will abuse power. But I bet people in high places during the Tudor, Victorian or medieval era abused there power aswell. For example a prince may kill the king for the throne, I can't think of a real example off of my head. There are always was and will be people like that. It's human nature, or atleast a human characteristic... Greed.

    • profile image

      21 months ago

      You are almost as arrogant in your opinion as conspiracy theorists are in theirs. Even the head of the FBI for twenty years can confirm there were covert military operations to take children out of orphanages and put them on privates jets and send them to the white house for sex parties. Is that a conspiracy? The media has been forming the ideas and beliefs of nations for years based on the ideas of Sigmond Frued and his nephew Charles Bernaise. That 'man is an unpredictable violent creature that must be controlled.' There is evil in the world and organised crime is highly organised. By looking at all the information that is available and also where it comes from and asking questions undoubtedly uncovers flaws and holes in the information that mainstream is fed. Something that you obviously haven't done.

    • profile image

      Ron 16 months ago

      Author starts with the wrong definition of "theory". He used the scientific definition which he wrote himself in his essay — "a well-substantiated explanation ..." which of course is completely contrary to the point of his essay. This guy is so set in his obsessive thinking and unable to be objective that he doesn't even care about understanding the definition of "theory" — a true sign that he is what he is accusing "conspiracy theorists" of being. It's basicaly cognitive dissonance. Further his "proofs" are all of broad generalizations which are self-evidently illogical. One cannot rationally say "all theories are blah" or "all conspiracy theorists are blah". He can't handle the possibilities and thus he can't handle the truth.

    • profile image

      AL 16 months ago

      Who wrote this? just another conspiracy theory!

    • profile image

      AL 16 months ago

    • roob profile image

      Ruby 16 months ago from United States

      governments are defiantly corrupt but I don't think the "world powers" could get along in a secret society and actually control the world!! I think they are just corrupt on their own and get caught up in scandals and schemes to get rich.

    • Sgt Prepper profile image

      Gunny Cracker 9 months ago from Elkhorn, WI

      Bathhouse Barry Soetoro(BHO) was born a 100% British Subject in Kenya before his adoption in Indonesia. The Hawaiian Birth Certificate is an obvious forgery and the Connecticut Social Security number was stolen from a dead man who had vacationed in Hawaii. Worst of all this usurper is the man of lawlessness predicted in the Bible. Jesuit Pope Francis is the False Prophet. Get saved before The Rapture! The ONLY written truth is found in the Bible as all newspapers, magazines, book publishers and the entire mainstream-media(including FoxNews & npr) are owned and operated by an evil-cabal of global-elite commonly referred to as "The Illuminati". They have been using the Freemasons, Skull&Bones, Oxford University, the Jesuits, Bilderbergs, Bohemian Grove, etc for MANY decades to establish their Luciferian NWO. Everything you think you know is a lie. I am sorry I have to break it to you but Oswald was a patsy, the Titanic was really the RMS Olympic and Jack-the-Ripper was a collection of Freemasons working on behalf of Queen Victoria covering up the adventures of her flamboyant grandson " Prince Eddy". What you see on TV is nothing but fairy tales and pablum lulling us asleep until the next false-flag event which I expect soon. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of the Priory of Sion and General Albert Pike's letter advocating three world wars are also the truth. Seriously consider the words of Jesus "You must be born again"! He provides our one and only means of escape from the coming wrath and judgment of God while Antichrist Obama rules the whole world. Legally Obama couldn't run for Dogcatcher. He violated OUR Constitution simply by running illegally for President. Howard Dean & Nancy Pelosi enabled him. Even the Republican congressmen have helped keep this usurper illegally in our Whitehouse. Jesus is our ONLY hope for salvation. Soon this Antichrist BHO will be inhabited by the devil(Allah) himself. Pope Francis is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He was born 100% Italian to 100% Italian parents in Argentina. It is widely believed he was a child-trafficker who over saw hundreds of orphaned children sent to Canada where they were abused, killed and buried in mass-graves or used to make pink-slime processed through Cargill in Minnesota. This man is not only a Jesuit he is a Luciferian member of the Ninth Circle. Francis is clearly the False Prophet for Antichrist Obama. Only a natural-born citizen can legally run for President. That means someone born on U.S. soil after 1787 to parents who were BOTH Americans at the time. Hence Cruz, Rubio, Santorum, Jindahl, McCain & Bathhouse Barry are or were illegal candidates. Bernie Sanders had dual-citizenship with Israel so he is an illegal candidate as well. Our last best hope to restore America and undo what this usurper has done is birther Trump with Ben Carson as VP. It is just a crying shame the Bush-family and the Clintons will find a way to prevent Trump's election.

    • profile image

      ANONYMOUS(IM A REALIST) 7 months ago

      IF you dont know the definition of what A (REALIST) IS I can help you understand and here's the definition:




      a person who accepts a situation as it is and is prepared to deal with it accordingly:

      "I am a realist, with no time for your world of make believe"

      an artist or writer whose style is characterized by the representation of people or things as they actually are:

      "Dickens and other nineteenth-century realists"


      a person who believes in the theory of realism:

      "modern philosophical realists"


      accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with it accordingly:

      "a realist view of the world, its problems, and its future"

      representing a person or thing in a way that is accurate and true to life:

      "a realist drama"


      relating to or denoting the theory of realism:

      "a realist theory of perception"



      noun form of conspiracy theory

      con·spir·a·cy the·o·ry2


      a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event......


    • profile image

      john doe 6 months ago

      how can i join

    • profile image

      Ryan 4 months ago

      Just a quick post. In Latin the word Govern means to control or drive and ment means mind. Government=Mind Control. I agree with the realist vs. conspiracy theorist. I consider myself to be well informed and a critical thinker. I love people and believe that most people are good at heart. I also know that there are tons of concepts to understand to really start to get the picture. Everything from factual history to central banking to medicine are all deceptions upon the mind. We are lied to and facts covered up or made overly complex intentionally so that we will not persue the reality of these things. Why would we not be taught about the tribe of Dan, FIAT currency, Doctor Royal Raymond Rife, etc... in our schools at any level? The powers that be do not want us to know. This is the nature of conspiracies but many are not theories but are fact. Please if you question what I am saying lookup any of the specifics I mention here and it is just the tip of the iceberg of things to know. What we need to do is awaken and unite and stop letting ourselves be divided and manipulated into believing that we are separate. We are one consciousness meaning that to harm another is to harm oneself. Let us be tolerant of different ideas and at least listen to them entirely before dismissal.

      I have put in almost 15 years and countless hours of research to form my own opinions about the content found all over the web, history, books, documentaries, lectures and do believe there is a seriousness about the information which we can choose to ignore or we can try to unite and form the inclusive fair and honest world most of us desire and deserve.

      Always do what you've always done and you will always be where have always been.


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