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Control fear, don't let it control you.

Updated on January 11, 2017

A guide to deal with racism

Hatred and Violence are linked

Control your fear and lack of knowledge

Those who have met with Racism and hatred, do not like it but know that it comes from fear. These types of people express themselves, by being aggressive. It is their way ( they think), of maintaining control over an unknown situation. These people need to learn and understand the cultural and religious differences, in people. They are fearful of gaining that knowledge and stupidly believe, they will somehow be a lesser person for gaining that knowledge. Obviously afraid of the peers around them. They have let fear take control. When they should show more strength of character. Control fear, don't let it control you.

Go out into the world and find out a bit more about the culture that you know little about and you will find that you will learn wonderful things about that culture, that you did not know before. Many people in this world do not like change but life changes all the time and has done since life began in this world. If you understand another culture's beliefs, you may just find that you have something in common or you will perhaps at least develop an appreciation for the way that they perceive life and visa versa.

Most of the people that display racism and hatred seem to have no knowledge of their own history and do not know where they belong and are empty inside. It is almost like a sadness because they do not have the strong love of family or pride in self and of their own background. If they get to close, they may discover the truth about themselves. I challenge these people to find out about their own family history and I am sure that there will be many surprises about where they thought their background came from. These people need to also sit down and attempt to discover some of the beauty in the cultures around them. They may discover something amazing, something they have been looking for, that missing piece in their life.

Young adults today are being raised to disrespect life and all who exist in it. Let us all fight against this type of behavior and teach our children the right way. Many children today know nothing about their family history and I believe that when they are aware of their own history, it grants them access to have huge respect for other people and cultures around them. Lets show them there is a better way to do things. People of all backgrounds, must start treating each other with respect. So the world will be free of this aggressive pattern that has taken hold.

Life is an amazing gift and it is being abused.

Take that first step and shake someone's hand, they could be a friend for life! :)

Please feel free to comment, I would like to hear your thoughts and experiences.

(C)Copyright,Tammy Crossman 2011 - 2016


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    • skellie profile image

      skellie 6 years ago from Adelaide

      Hugs right back at ya, heart4theword. Exactly, we need to learn and accept their gift of friendship. Ignorance and fear prevent these people from doing so. They are so scared of the unknown, they don't stop to ask questions and find out more about the person or persons. Society is also far to accepting of this type of behaviour.

      Thankyou for your thoughts, always a pleasure to hear from you :) Skellie

    • heart4theword profile image

      heart4theword 6 years ago from hub

      Good advice! Like you said skellie, it can get uncomfortable at get too close to people. There are people who come into our paths, that are meant to help us in someway? We just need to learn how to accept, their gift of friendship! We can learn something from them, they can learn something from us:) It would be great if more young people, had good mentors..they admired and looked up to:) Thanks for bringing up this issue! Hugs, my fellow-hubber:)

    • skellie profile image

      skellie 6 years ago from Adelaide

      HSchneider - thankyou for your comment. "Empathy", was exactly the word I was searching for. Could not have said it better myself.

      Thankyou :)

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Great Hub. You are right that racism and hatred come from ignorance. We need to teach our children and everyone to have empathy for all. In other words, "Try to walk a mile in their shoes".

    • skellie profile image

      skellie 6 years ago from Adelaide

      Thanks mate, was not sure whether to write this one or not.

    • profile image

      tlmntim9 6 years ago

      Amen and Bravo!