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controversial memorial

Updated on April 5, 2015

controversial memorial

Great leaders never die, they live in our hearts. This phrase had a lot of meaning to it once but today, its significance has come to contrast. Although, its rare that you find a great and true leader at this point of time but even if you come over with it, there‘s no point of memorialising it to the world. a great leader doesn’t need anyone to remember and memorise him, he lives in our hearts.

Political parties have found a new way of publicising them by remaking and memorising or i should say, memorialising their senior so-called “great leaders”. If you wish to gain publicity, just come out with an old leader and count on some of his works and then build a memorial for him. This is what usually, happens here. Every party has its own “great leaders”, which they can use for their publicity, but instead, BJP chose congress’s senior leader to build a memorial in his name. This may be nothing but a way to raise controversy and be the lead of every newspaper or it may be viewed as BJP wants to show its warmth and sympathy to congress for loosing Delhi elections.

Building memorial for some great person is nothing incorrect but the definition of great needs to be changed now. Any ex politician or leader can’t be considered great only for some development plans he made. He just did his duty and that’s it. Every party during their course becomes the dictator and build statues and memos in fond memory of their leaders.

It may be viewed as if BJP is looking far behind our thoughts. The modi sarkar has thought off very well by this idea. Mr. Modi is all set to impress his party members who are the thinkers of which leader’s memorial is next. Modi ji has played it very well. He raised his warmth, leadership, goodwill all along with a long lasting controversy.


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