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Cosplay and Anime Wigs

Updated on November 8, 2014
Long Pink Anime Wig Image
Long Pink Anime Wig Image | Source

Anime Wigs for Cosplay and More...

Whether attending Comic Con, a cosplay convention or dressing up for Halloween...anime wigs can be one of the most important parts of your ensemble to help you achieve the perfect, convincing look you are striving for. You likely are dressing up as an established character, but perhaps you have made up your own. Choosing the right anime wig, that is also within your budget, can be a difficult task. However, hopefully the wigs shown here and some of the information provided will help you in the right direction to help you establish the look you are going for.

Although there are wigs specifically meant for anime in the more ordinary colors of black and brown, since those colors are common for wigs in general I have chosen to focus on colored wigs in more unusual colors like pink and blue. Keep in mind that anime wigs for "blonde" are more likely to be a much more yellow blonde than a true blonde (like Naruto and Sailor Moon). So I've included blonde wigs as well.

Pink Anime Wigs

There are a lot of anime characters with pink hair. So thankfully there are a lot of pink anime wigs available to choose from for cosplay. Short, long, curly or straight. You've got a lot to choose from to help you re-create their look. I have also created another page devoted exclusively to pink anime wigs if you want to see even more, including short, medium and long lengths.

Blue Anime Wigs

I think that blue anime wigs may just be one of the more popular of the unusual hair colors used in anime and popular with fans next to pink.

Blonde Anime Wigs

Some blonde anime wigs are a more true like blonde while some are more yellow. Which you choose may depend on how much you want to look like the character you are portraying. Or you could choose a more realistic blond even though in the anime it looks more yellow. It is up to you.

Multi Color Anime Inspired Wigs

Generally in anime and manga the characters hair is just one color and not a mix. Probably because it easier to draw. However, I think some of these multi-colored wigs look awesome and I'd love to wear them. They give off a very anime character like vibe and would look great with a wide variety of costumes.

Cosplay Anime Wigs on eBay

One source for anime wigs that you may have overlooked is eBay. With so many sellers on there you are likely to find a wide selection, but be aware that items there offered are changing all the time. So if you find the perfect one on there...act quick. :)

Creating the Perfect Cosplay Anime Wig

If you are really into getting a more perfect look, consider buying an anime wig at least slightly longer than what you are looking for then you can cut and style it or and get someone to do that for you.

Okay...that totally sounds intimidating to me too...but it is an option. One that you should consider, because getting that wig that looks just like Sakura Haruno's hair (as simple a style as that seems) might not work out like you'd want it to. But it's simple enough that it's a good start for someone who is a beginner to cosplay to style, rather than a character with a more complected hairstyle.

To make that less intimidating (or am I the only one who finds that intimidating?) I've included some videos below that covers this topic.

Styling Anime Wigs

Once you get your anime wig....what do you do it it? Especially if it doesn't quite look how you envision it to best fit the character you want to portray? Here are a few videos that may help.

You may notice that one of the videos says that it is "Part Two"...don't worry, you don't need to see Part One (if you really want to see it then you can watch it on youtube, but it is merely entertaining and doesn't teach you anything).

Wig Styling Accessories & Products

Now that you've selected a wig you might want some items that will help you style and use your wig. Probably one of the most important things you will want to remember to get is a wig cap! You may want other things like a Styrofoam wig stand, styling products like gel and cleaners like shampoo.

Have you ever bought an anime style wig for cosplay or any other reason before? What was your experience? Love it...hate it. Or....meh. :)

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    • Gigglish profile image

      Gigglish 5 years ago

      @sharonbellis: Thank you. I think she'd find the videos useful, or she might see some other style/colors of wigs she'd there are my other lenses on cosplay anime wigs.

    • sharonbellis profile image

      Sharon Bellissimo 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      No I haven't personally bought one of these wigs but my daughter bought two. They were excellent quality and very realistic. I will have to send her the link to this lens. Thank you.