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Creative ways to ask someone on a date

Updated on September 6, 2011

How to Ask Someone on a Date

This lens is full of great ways to ask someone on a date! Read the ideas below to get your creative juices going. If you have a good idea to share with us tell us about it using the comments form at the bottom of the page!

Creative Date Asking Ideas

* Make a puzzle

o Directions: write a message asking her/him to go to the dance/date on a poster or piece of paper. Cut the paper into pieces so that each piece fits together like a puzzle.

* Flour and Flower

o Directions: deliver a large bag of baking flour to the doorstep of the guy/girl you would like to ask on a date, with a note that reads, “search this flour to find the name of the guy/girl who would love to go to ______dance/date with you” (or something similar) ring the bell and hide. Wait 15 or 20 minutes, giving him/her plenty of time to dig through the flour. Ring the bell again—this time stand at the door with a vase of flowers and a note that reads, “sorry--wrong flower! Will you go to _________dance/date with me?”

* Two Items

o Directions: purchase to similar items, one very small, and one very large (for example a very small “fun size” candy bar and a very large “king size” chocolate bar). Leave both on the individuals’ doorstep, with a note that reads, “Will you go to the dance with me? If yes, bring me the ____(small item) if no bring me the ____(large Item)

* print out a life size pic. of yourself, piece together the pages on a foam board backing. Have it say "will you go out with me on friday" across his chest in a conversation bubble with your number for them to reply. doorbell ditch your date to leave the pic. (have it be kneeling for less ink and added effect.)

* make a funny movie/ music video asking them out

* Silly string the question into their lawn or by their apartment door then doorbell ditch... don't forget your name

* Make an anonymous facebook page discussing the pros and cons of you two going out, send it to all their friends and yours. Call her up and ask her if she wants too (after she has seen the page)

* Fill their room with balloons and have the question in one of the balloons

* Do a mock proposal with bended knee and rose to compliment. A bow tie would look great too

* Put the question in cookies. Cut the letters out of cookies and line the question up on a cookie sheet, then deliver it. Pizza works too

* Send them something that has to do with the theme of the date, have them reply with something that has to do with their favorite movie or food -- incorporate it into the date

* Ask with chalk on the driveway... leave a boulder with the word "no" and a little rock with "yes". Tell her/him to bring their answer to you at school. They can't say no!

* Empty a 2 liter bottle of pop, fill halfway with water and freeze. Place note asking for date in a ziplock baggie. Fill the rest of the way with water and freeze. Deliver frozen bottle. Then, they have to wait for it to unfreeze before they can figure out who is asking them. ~JaNae

* Put your name in a block of ice. Deliver it to her/his door with a card that reads something like this: "I would 'melt'..." ~Daniel James

* Kiss the ground and shower with roses

o Directions:Put a trail of Hershey's Kisses from the door to the tub in the bathroom, and then hang some roses from the shower head, and tape the note to the wall "Now that I've kissed the ground you walk on and showered you with roses, will you go out with me?" ~David Littlefield

* Dump a bucket of change or pennies ( if your broke) and leave a note saying "It only makes cents to......" ~Neal

* Write a note that says "You need to translate the following message"

then write "will you go on a date with me on___ at___" in a different language

then the person has to find someone to translate before he-she knows about the date. ~Krissy johnston

* Give them butter and a bag of unpopped popcorn and leave a note saying "now that I've got you butterd up I might as well pop the question, will you go to... with me." Then leave your name. ~Chantelley Jones

* Buy a thing of dibs ice cream balls and put your name somewhere inside of them. then on the lid tape a note saying "(name of person) I call dibs on you for (dance/ date)" ~Chantelley Jones

* Draw outlines of people on his/her driveway with chalk and leave a note that says (name of person) all these people will die of happiness if you will go to (name of dance/date) with me. Make sure to leave your name. ~Chantelley Jones

* Buy a dozen roses or her favorite flowers (or as many as it takes to spell your name and dance). Then take the letters you printed off from word processor and tie one letter to a flower. The next day give one or two flowers to each of her teachers (scrambling the letters up). In her locker that morning put a note that tells her to ask each teacher for a gift from her "lover" (or whatever name you want to use). The note must also explain what she has to do in order to figure out who is asking what. After this hunt she wont want to say no!!!!

~ Andy

* Write the question on a piece of paper and cut it into a puzzle. Get a bunch of balloons, and put each piece in a separate balloon. Fill them with helium, and tie them to his/her door. ~ Bryttnii

* Cut out a whole bunch of paper bananas.(or you could use real ones). place them all over his/her car then have a monkey with a note that says "I would go bananas if you would..." ~ anonymous


Date Ideas

Here are a few creative date ideas you may not have tried!

Make something creative with clay

Cartoon date: Meet at 9am and watch cartoons while eating your favorite kids cereal...must be in your pajamas. (Can rent the cartoons.) after you are married or as a double date.

Go panning for gold in a river. Wear a funny hat and act like you really need to find some.

Go to a restaurant—just order appetizers

Go chat with random people and see how long people will talk with you in public place.

Make kites—go to a local park to fly them.

For a Creative group date - Go on a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood to find all the ingredients you need to make cookies. When the cookies are made, take them to a mutual friend or maybe a grandparent.

Go "people watching" at the mall—it can be fun to just sit and talk.

Go on a “Video Scavenger Hunt”

Directions: Each team has a video camera and a list of scenarios to get footage of -- Here are a few possible ideas: Interview a complete stranger about something random, find a random stranger and greet them like an old friend, pretend to know them from somewhere, stage a “break up”, yell at each other and draw lots of attention, try on clothing for the opposite sex. As you can tell, this can be a ton of fun, especially when you go back and watch your footage.

Go for a bike ride in your neighborhood—maybe find a tandem bicycle to borrow or rent.

Go to the park and feed the birds

Go to random spots in your hometown and take pictures - Be creative and this date can be a lot of fun.

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    • spiritualll profile image


      7 years ago


      I saw your lenses now!

      They are nice!

      I was thinking to show them to others. I hope you keep creating them.

      I didn't hesitate to squidlike some of them!


      May you earn much Money $$$!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Awesome, awesome, awesome. =) These are creative - and pretty much fool-proof ways to win someone over!


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