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The Human Perspectives of Cultural Extinction in the “Contemporary Republic”

Updated on December 4, 2012
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

The primary characteristic of culture as “Culture is shared” has an interesting finding in the phenomenological essence of the ethnicity in the modern society. It brings forth the ideas of diffusion, acculturation, integration and amalgamation of the ethnic races and cultures in a given geographic region. This is a socio-economic and ethnic philosophy in the study of ‘Contemporary Republic” that brings an important perspective affecting the concept of societal culture in the 21st century. The dilemma confronting to the new world order of science and technology no longer that extinction of animal species as the major concern of the community of nations but the dwindling and fast approaching extinction of primitive ethnicity, culture and language as being called the “ indigenous society”.

There are only few left human habitats whose primitive culture, ethnicity and language are not being touched by the new world order of science and technology in Africa, Asia and South America. The United Nations advocacy in the preservation of ethnicity, culture and language has been exemplary defined and carried out among the nations with pride on the richness of culture and ethnicity but the human civilization is no longer aware the transformation of society on the ideas on the emerging technological trend in the 21st century. The United States of America as one of the most powerful nations in the world has not fully protected from the transformation of the genuine ethnic race in America as the process of ethnic diffusion, acculturation and amalgamation destroyed the very essence of ethnicity of the primitive Indians. The contagion of the advancement of science and technology including industrial growth as the key factor in the economic development of the nation had totally wiped out the rude and genuine ethnicity of the untouched geographic life of the Indians as the European conquest of the vast track of land in North America now known the famous ethnic race called “Americans.” As a consequence of the technological development of the 21st century has now converging to spread the development transformations of the urban areas as modern cultural communities shifted that fully threatened the preservation of the primitive culture, tradition, language and ethnic groups of the Asia, Africa and South America.

The phenomenal social change in the modern world has no way to suppress the extinction of primitive culture, ethnicity and language. The imagination and detachment of reality of the new world order of technological advancement is no longer reversible for the primitive culture, ethnicity and language to survive .It must live in that way as the philosophy of the “ Contemporary Republic” revives and benchmarks what has left in the cultural philosophy of the “American Indians”. The convergences of the American Indians are on the social contagion as a result of the diffusion, acculturation and amalgamation. The primitive American Indians are nowhere to be found in its true essence (as have seen in the movie fighting the early Europeans settlers in the cowboy land of California and Texas) on the geographic virgin place of protected parks and forests of America. The pride of the American Indians is still there for them to live in a contagion world of modern life. These things will happen in any parts of the world in Asia, Africa and South America as the primitive and indigenous cultures are absorbed by a modern community. By the year 2030, the culture, ethnicity and language of the aborigines and untouched ethnic groups will no longer present as the world will live in a modern life untouched by grim image of crude life and culture .

The old generation now has been fading from its philosophical values and beliefs as the emergence of the generation X redirects a world order of technological comforts. By the time the generation X will emerge in 2030 the repository knowledge of its contagion advocacy of science and technology, invention and discoveries will resort to the “American Indian syndrome” as to the paradigm shift of the meaning of ethnicity, culture and language.

Why these things happen now in the 21st century on its emergence of science and technology in Asia, Africa and America? How did it happen that extinction of the primitive ethnicity, culture and language is under way as a result of the technological advancement in the world. One of the characteristics of culture is shared. The essence of shared culture provides the social experiences in the ethnic groups are within the interplay of the external environment that the subject of ethnicity has to appear with the geographic areas. The world of nations is subjected to economic growth and development as the prime way to improve the quality of life of the people. The success stories of the “Accumulation of the Wealth of Nations” in the free enterprise economy of Adam Smith as justified in the development of industrial revolution and industrial development ( by-product of science and technology) have been the centuries of applying the economic philosophy of the developed and industrialized nations in Europe and America. This is the strategic convergence to complete the government thrust for the adoption of advance technologies in order to sustain the international trade mechanisms for the economic growth and development of a country.

The introduction of computers and cell phones in 1980s to its development in 1990’s until finally integrated in the internet with the world wide web has finally change the normal way of life at the beginning of 21st century .It has changed the direction of the culture of enterprise and the way of life of the people because of the emergence of science and technology. The abrupt decade of technological transformations as part of social change have provided the technological gadgets that now form part of the modern life and culture from the highly urbanized areas to the less developed areas where pirated and branded cell phones, DVD, computers and laptops, MP3 and other technological gadgets are within their reach to live in modern life. The periphery of the less urbanized areas in Africa, Asia and South America are within the reach of the virgin forest of the ethnic groups and cultural communities. The potential children of the ethnic communities have been educated from the modern life that alienated the culture and language of their primitive ancestors of the virgin forest of the world. It is the heavenly life of the physiologic needs of the human beings based on the material wealth to taste the true essence of modern life for the starve children of the primitive ethnic communities.

There are recent findings of the children of cultural and ethnic communities as to the adaptation of the modern way of life.

1. The children who are trained in the less urbanized and urbanized areas where they are enrolled aspired to have cell phones, television, DVD (pirated DVD or CD, even Ipod), computers and other modern gadgets. These are modern educational materials and provide comfort in modern life as all the people even the urban poor have such gadgets as necessities not luxury for life.

2. The educated and even less educated children of the cultural and ethnic communities are detached as to the connection of their culture, ethnicity and language as rather than rude, barbaric and uncivilized in the modern world.

3. The family members of the ethnic groups desired just like any people in the urban areas to have better life as this is to determine by its physiologic needs of a modern residential areas, technological gadgets such as cell phones, television or even cable. TV, DVD and other products of science and technology .

4. The old generation of the ethnic communities and groups has been the surviving primitive relic of the generally accepted terms of sociological and anthropological view of culture, folkways, dances, languages, tradition, wedding and death practices, mores, norms and customs.

5. The young children who are poor and dependents to the elders of the community are only remaining human species mimicking the dances, songs, languages and other authoritative form of instruction from the elders. Only superficial as children grow in modern life may abandon such primitive cultures and ethnicities in the contextual acceptability of modern self-esteem and recognition for the 21st century.

6. The ethnic groups who are exposed in the modern life in the urbanized or highly urbanized areas on its metaphysical and epistemological sense shy away from its ethnic origin. As the modern world competes on social order to be a part of modern human species of highly fashioned men and women of corporate world with the mysticism of the magic wand of science and technology.

7. The remnants of highly educated men and women with of the ethnic and cultural communities are construed to follow the moral and ethical essence of reviving the lost cultural and ethnic treasures of the past as the living monuments of cultural heritage in the future.

However, the product of the generation X will superficially revive its ethnic origin just like the sentimental highly educated men and women. The only dilemma the biological by product on its immersion , integration, acculturation, diffusion and amalgamation of their offspring will be extinct by 2030 as the world must live for a better life for the future. This is the sad story of the flights of the “primitive American Indians” as to struggle the remnants on its genuine essence of primitive cultures and traditions that now redefine by the modern life of the 21st century. If the most powerful nation has not solve the problem of “cultural extinction” of the primitive Indians as emerges the contemporary American way of life then this would repeat its history to the other regions of Asia, Africa and South America.

What shall we do to address the dilemma of the extinction of culture, ethnic and language in a Asia, Africa and South America. The answer lies on the social prophesy in the cultural and ethnic philosophy of the “Contemporary Republic” as a awaken the community of nations to rethink the dilemma of “ cultural extinction” of the primitive society as the 21st century excites the world in the wonders of science and technology.

This awakening call to save the cultural extinction of the indigenous society must focus the ethnic philosophy of rebirth of primitive culture, ethnicity and language from its passive form to active form of social experiences in the 21st century. The primitive ethnic rebirth of the society to redefine and recreate the by product of human culture, ethnicity and language forms to solve the technological impacts worldwide. It also redirects social experiences to cushion the physiological, and psychological impact of the indigenous peoples to stand proud and reduce if not eliminate dilemma the idea of “American Indian syndrome” to bring forth on humble but proud transformation of the ethnic society grounded by the complementation of the modern life in the emerging technological trend in the 21st century.



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