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Washington DC: America's Last Colony

Updated on November 5, 2012

Taxation without Representation in Today's Nation's Capital

Ironically, the citizens of Washington DC are denied the basic rights of democracy that our country symbolizes. Washington DC residents pay federal taxes, however, they do not have any representation in the US Senate and their congressional representative is a non-voting delegate. In short, US citizens who live in Washington DC are taxed without representation.

Photo:< Citizens at a DC voting rights march.

Bring Democracy Home Video

This video explains that our valiant men and women of the armed services deserve representation in Congress and the Senate.

Watch the Dr. Bill Show

An animated video on DC Voting Rights

The "">Dr. Bill Show

is an animated video that tells us about the basics of the DC Voting Rights issue in a humorous way.

Veterans Day Rally 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Upper Senate Park (Constitution & Delaware Avenues, NE)

Join DC Vote, elected officials and supporters of democracy to honor veterans and their patriotic service to our country. Let’s demand the vote with DC’s hometown heroes!

With just a week past the November 4 elections, DC Vote and the DC voting rights movement are hitting the ground running to let the new Congress and presidential administration know that it's time to let DC vote. Join us as we celebrate the service of our veterans and demand the vote for them and all DC residents.

Read More about Taxation Without Representation

Demand the Vote Music Video

DC Voting Rights Videos

Free DC T-shirt

Free DC Dark T-Shirt

DC Voting Rights Rally Notice from DC Vote

With Veterans' Day coming soon, DC Vote is asking veterans and their families to shine attention on the Senate's filibuster of the DC Voting Rights Act. The District of Columbia has lost daughters and sons in every American conflict, yet Washingtonians are denied representation in the Congress that sends our sons and daughters to war. Please help us make a strong statement by joining us this Wednesday at our Veterans for DC Voting Rights Rally and Lobby Day.

When: Wednesday, November 7, 11:00 AM -12:30 PM

Where: Outside the Dirksen Senate Building (1st Street and Constitution Avenue, NE)

Who: American veterans, their family, and other supporters of DC voting rights

After the public rally for DC voting rights, groups of veterans, joined by media, will visit the offices of filibustering Senators to personally express their opinion and seek a response.

If you are a veteran or know veterans supportive of DC Voting Rights, please join us on November 7. To help facilitate the rally and lobby events, please RSVP to Eugene D. Kinlow ( or 202.462.6000 x13) and let us know if you can come and indicate if you are a veteran.

Thanks for your support!

Eugene D. Kinlow,

Outreach Director

P.S. We encourage all veterans and their family and friends to wear attire showing their affiliation to the Armed Forces.

Ask Republican Candidates about DC Voting Rights

DC Vote and DCTV are submitting videos to be considered for the CNN & YouTube Republican debate. Videotaping will be on Saturday, November 17 from 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM. For more information, call Jaline Quinto at 202.462.6000 x19.

The debate will broadcast on November 28.

2008 DC Voting Rights March

Celebrate DC Emancipation Day at the DC Voting Rights March

Where: Gather at Freedom Plazamarch down Pennsylvania Avenue, NW &

to the Capitol Building

When: DC Emancipation Day, Wednesday, April 16

2:30 PM — Rally at Freedom Plaza

Metro: Metro Center (Red, Blue & Orange lines)

3:00 PM — March down Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, to the Capitol Building

Metro: Federal Center SW (Blue & Orange lines)

What: The Largest DC Voting Rights March & Rally Why: NOW is the time to make a difference!

DC Vote Tea Party - The Revolution Is Still Brewing

Join DC Vote and Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton as we commemorate the 234th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party by calling for an end to Taxation Without Representation.

When: Sunday, December 16, 1:30 - 2:30 PM

Where: Georgetown Waterfront Park

Beyond K Street toward the river between Wisconsin Ave. and 31st Street, NW

(map and tips on getting to Georgetown with public transportation.)

What: Rally, speeches, and a symbolic reenactment of the Boston Tea Party

Plus, free tea, donuts, and tea bags that say 'End Taxation Without Representation'

DC Voting Rights March Was on April 16, 2007

March for DC voting rights was on April 16, 2007 at 2:30 p.m. The march began at Freedom Plaza and ended at the US Capitol. Thousands marched in support of democracy for the residents of Washington DC.

Tell us what you think about taxation without representation in the United States' capital.

Show Your Support for Democracy in DC

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