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Give Respect Where It Is Due

Updated on September 12, 2011

Today's members of Congress are so disrespectful, whether it is when they are addressing the president or the citizens of the United States. Observing over the past thirty years of offices being held by politicians male or female of any nationality in 2010 and 2011 has demonstrated to be the most inconsiderate and disrespectful.

The politicians are not serving anyone, they have become self serving. No one is concern about the future of tomorrow, these politicians are only concern with self gratification. How can a political figure govern over the citizens of the United States, when they are breaking the law (morally and immorally)? How can a political figure represent all citizens, when the speeches given clearly states bias and hypocrisy? The politicians have throw professionalism out the window, they are not having political debates...they are having your typical backroom verbal brawling.

When have the United States citizens ever heard congress address the President in the manner in the way our 2011 Congress has? Never. But what can we expect otherwise, the Congress don't even respect their colleagues or their own families. Stop wasting money and air time on your personal nonsense, just stage your political commentaries at the nearest local bar or comedy club. America is tired of the tongue lashing, america is tired of the merry go around, just tell us what you intend to do for your country. State the facts in writing and stop playing the blame game.

Americans are not stupid. We wake up every day, we walk outside, and we even go to work. We see what is going on around us, we watched for the past twenty to thirty years as Congress played these games by either looking the other way or blaming one another. What kind of comment is "we will oppose anything the President proposes"? Don't you think we the citizens of the United States understand what you are saying. You don't need a degree in political science or law to interpret such a comment.

Solving America's crisis is national... It is no longer west, east, south or north anymore. Take a look around, there are famines here on United States's soil, there are earthquakes, hurricanes and floods all over the place. It is time for Congress to move forward, and stop living in the past. Yes, Congress must still learn from the past...but that does not mean you continue operating in the past.

What are you going to do about two major issue here in our own backyard, unemployment and healthcare? Taking away from the senior citizens, is not the answer. It is time for us all to come home. It is time for us to turn our focus on America, and let the outside countries focus on their own problems. Yes, it is better to give than to receive, but you still must keep your house in order, and use common sense.

What is this? You are not attending the address by the President, because you are getting prepared to go to or watch a football game. You are the one who demanded that the President wait to hold the address on such a day, now you want to excuse yourself for a football game. Shame, Shame on our Congress and our United States citizens. It is our civic duty to hear what the President propose, we are counting on our Congress to be our eyes and ears. But you are telling us, you don't have time, it is not important. No, this kind of action is not acceptable. We the citizens of the United States demand that our President and our members of Congress must act in a professional manner and not as though you are in some local bar room.

It is time for our Congress to go back to school, and re-read the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc., and retrace our history as to how we got into this mess. Yes start from the beginning, surely Congress will be able to find some bonafide answers...if they are truthful...if they want the truth.


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    • RebuildingJobs profile image

      RebuildingJobs 6 years ago from USA

      It is a great Hub! Thanks for writing and reminding Americans that respect is necessary if we are to get anything accomplished. Whether we want to get along with one another or not seems to be what some will focus attention on, but the truth of the matter is we are all living in this nation together and we MUST find a way to get along and help each other instead of critisize, disrespect, and tear down each other. If we don't, our nation will crumble. I love my country, like most, and I am saddened by the 3-ring circus in Washington D.C.

    • dawnranieri profile image

      dawnranieri 6 years ago from PA

      Great Hub!