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different method hypothesis for the US-Mexico border & immigration

Updated on January 2, 2011

Realistically ever since the '60's now increasingly since the mid '80's until now, there has been issues with the US border with Mexico. Indeed the US is also bordered and next to Canada, Russia, The Bahamas and Cuba. Canada we trade with and some go back and forth but there is balance that people respect. Russia we trade with in Alaska there are no major issues. The Bahamas is really a vacation spot and Cuba too there are no big problems, not even for Cubans trying to escape here because it is very hard to cross the sea. Now what's the difference of this and Mexico? There is no balance in movement and it is 99% ground base, meaning there are many ways to try to get here illegally unlike Cuba which just boat. Yes people should have the will to move to anywhere but too many can cause a problem and who moves in as well. The issue is not just population or history, its more complex. There are two major problems with the border and immigration both can't be denied. One is drugs entering the US. This is the start to many of the issues. Coyotes, human traffickers, use illegals to sell and bring drugs into the US possibly getting some US citizens hooked on drugs. Also with that there is a money issue since there is money to be made. Second which is related to that is crime, which nearly alway includes gangs and/or mafia. Why will crime be a problem? For the act that they want to make money and protect their interest. In Mexico (other Latin american nations as well) it has been used to bribe police and law makers, basically corruption, the US has enough problems with those as to date it doesn't need more. The streets won't be safe because innocent people will get killed or hurt. What always happens is rival crime groups will battle each other for drug control and "turf" (more room to operate). These two things can drive down the local economy for the fact people will stay away and not invest towards a place like that. The US needs to know who is who before letting most into the country. Many latinos also agree to a certain degree this is a problem.

I believe the US needs to limit immigration, can deem it a quota if so. I understand both sides whether the Right or Left, but i think their unrealistic. There are flaws in both views, the Right wants to close border and the Left want to have open borders. For them my view may be a compromise but i think mines is better. Why pull on both sides? We need the labor but we don't need all. A flaw on the Right, if we had Americans do all the jobs then many small companies would fall because of the wage demands. Plus items will cost too much, a 10 oz. salad may cost $80, we are not a manufacturing nation any more. A flaw on the Left, if all the cheap labor is taken and people keep coming in then crime will increase since those immigrants won't have jobs and need to survive. Now if we use the limited immigration, jobs that americans won't do or cheap labor needs can be filled without over filling the market. thus the immigrants have jobs which will keep the crime rate low. This will also keep them out of gangs and drug trafficking since they will have income to support themselves possibly making cartels obsolete. When cartels become obsolete the local economy will do better since they are not spending lots of money fighting gangs, crime and drugs. Plus people are more willing to invest in place that is safer, it's good for business. Most immigrants from the border are positive people and like every other human but many get involved in shady activities because they may have to to survive, not because they are bad.


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    • PaulStaley1 profile image


      7 years ago from With the wind---(or against it)

      Mexico can change, a lengthy battle of corruption starting with the youth of Mexico. We need Mexico to be prosperous, an unhealthy neighbor hurts prosperity. The only answer is education on both sides of the border.

    • gregas profile image

      Greg Schweizer 

      7 years ago from Corona, California.

      Instead of the people of Mexico running away from the country that so many of them really seem to love because when they get here they always fly their flags and celebrate the Mexican holidays, they shold put more effort into changing their government. I know it sounds impossible, but it can be done, and without war. Greg


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