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our social issues

Updated on July 4, 2016

Indian society is very ancient, whose characteristics are described in the Vedic literature. The society of the time was a certain format, some of the original features were his. From time to time to meet people from other societies it went.

The general began to change in the external shape of the Indian society, the characters can be seen in the division. Visitors who absorbed in his races of the Indian society approached Islam in India was so narrow that a part of him 'Shudra' or 'untouchable', called the input Islam in their digested. It can be called a turning point in Indian society.

Characters in order all the characters in the initial direction was the bread-daughter relationship. In the context of the Cosmic Man in the Vedas describe that the Brahmin his face, his arms Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra the central part of his steps. According to karma division and later became the lead character in his own bread-daughter was rooted bigotry and untouchability has become a major social problem.

Over time, linguistic and democratic governance practices Jatihin according to Communist ideology, has been emphasizing the need for a classless society. Racism in our social problems today, untouchability, dowry, superstition, rape, child abuse, illiteracy and forced substantial problems remain.

Hindu society is the result of racist bigotry. Bhiskrit any crime because once the nation is forever closed the door of the society in the characters have hundreds discursive; Many upper-castes sprang achromatize.

In India, almost paternal inheritance law husband of the married woman and her children also began to be considered a nation. Thus the increased number of Sudras. Since independence began diligently to improve conditions in the Harijans. Constitution of independent India in this regard is quite something described.

Untouchability Constitution, forced labor, child abuse, etc. has been a punishable offense. To relieve these evils reservation for Dalit and was also buried-Kuclon. The Hindu religion is the problem of ethnic bonds as other religions do not.

Social discrimination to thrive, to erase all sectors of society should get equal opportunity, everyone should be on the same level of education system, measures to improve the economic condition of the backward classes should be.

To eliminate racial interracial marriage is encouraged. Dowry society by educating women can prevent you from making self-supporting. The coordination of material and spiritual sides of life is based on instinct.

This route is also beneficial. Assumptions on which the nation is blindly ignoring others, he can not solve its social problems.


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