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Dissonant to our own demise

Updated on January 25, 2012

Would we consider ourselves to be an open minded people ? A nation that welcomes a diverse range of cultures, beliefs,morals,and political variability. Men and Women who have the intellectual capacity to investigate social issues, from an objective view point. Or are we dissonant to the point of our own mental progress. Programmed with an indoctrinated thought process propelled by false ego and a pre-determined sense of what is important. A mind that naturally ignores or rebukes anything that is not already instilled or not particularly perceived as relevant.

Who makes the standards? Could it be that our lack of intellectual lateral thinking was preplanned, may be even imposed. Having the ability to be able to analyze,discern, and dissect all issues,agendas,and doctrine concerning the vitality of life are a born right, that not so many seek to use. This under utilization of the critical thinking section of the brain, results in a docile rudimentary style thinking individual, who's own self aggrandizement out weighs potential conscious development. Distractions disguised as entertainment,fun and joy are great tools of control, obliged by a hierarchy who profits from them. Perfect cattle population. Morbid, misdirected and naive we let others make our vital decisions while we feel the wrath.How did we get this way?

How did true knowledge, true psychological advancement cease to be of value in the modern world to the average human. This and so many other questions that are not pondered in the era of regress and idiot antics. Common knowledge has dwindled to the point of sports and frivolous foolish entertainment, which in no way has the anything of value in terms of potent life lessons or original conceptual art forms. Idol worship and systematic thinking has become the norm, outside the box thinking or creativity are given titles like politically incorrect, radical,weird, or just plain dumb. Will we ever recover?


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    • medor profile image

      medor 6 years ago from Michigan, USA

      Wow... a pretty heavy topic for the morning... we are human beings... still struggling with our animal tendencies as we try to live enlightened lives... using mostly our experience to form opinions and deep rooted learned behavior. Fear still is the largest modivator and folks are afraid these days, makes them do stupid stuff like beat up people they supposidly love. Criticize everything in their fear ridden confusion.

      I love life. my standards are so high but my rational mind knows... that love is close to hate... fear takes away peace of mind. Mental activity is so linked to our bodies health...

      nice hub... will take the time to check out your hubs later... medor