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Do You Care About Poor People?

Updated on January 7, 2015

That really depends how poor. I see dozens of homeless in the streets, every day, I see dozens in the streets and in front of mosques and some of them roam the streets in search of shelter from the rain or hot sun.

Without one drew attention to these as if they were just bricks in the street, I remember since the day was raining and there was a lady I see her in the same place for years homeless and do not know how to live, or where she escorts. But then I stopped and wondered how if this women now ?, how is she in this winter ?, Where ?, I thought about what we are in Egypt today, nothing is good here not for me but this is the opinion of majority. Ok this is not her matter to be there and I or rich people here.

No one remember anyone in tough times, and this is the human.

Guess why they became so? maybe governments or us or maybe them. we all one chain one affects the other, but I see the main reason is laze governments, yes, if governments do its best no one will be poor. here in Egypt if you are poor and tried to get Social Security and after suffering, you will get about 100 to 200 pound per month. as you know every thing now is expensive so what will you buy with 200 pound no jobs no health insurance nothing here and you pay about 500 pound per month as rent your home. So I see more and more leave their homes and live in the street in Cairo, and another states. on another side you and poor sometime is the reason, we some times be droopy or selfish, if we poor you stand idly without helping why?

we can help them without any money just smile, good treatment, and some information. Do not be aggressive they are human not animals or rubbish smile when see someone take street home, smile when see someone search about food in your waste, smile when see him/her anywhere and anytime and help him/her.

You know you can help him without paying money! really you can poor not beggars want to work to live so allow him to work where you know they want someone to work, give him your clothes if you want to dispense your clothes or know else wants to do this.

Poor depends on where you live. In the cities, most residents are familiar with the poor.

If you want to help, ask you guests to bring non perishable goods for the food bank instead of hostess gifts for your dinner parties, yes. That is quite possible. Know the telephone numbers and addresses of the shelters in your community and hand those out to the ones you see. Get in touch with the shelters and learn if they have outreach programs for the poor in your neighborhood.

Maybe your city or country is good but not all countries are good here in Egypt people be greedy and misers not all but the most maybe life be more tough and they do not know what will be tomorrow, but we were not so. everything in Egypt as it was but our hopes are changed most want to be rich, strong, greedy, see others as a servant.

You Know if someone meet a beggar in the street will give him half pound=50 Piaster or a pound!

but if there a rich is used to give money to poor per month, he gives him about 100 pound!

I wrote before a funny story about a man and a woman, this woman was poor and kind and one day she was ill, that man was used to give this woman money, so he visited her and decided to give her money to buy medicine, but woman refused and man insisted so he put his hand under her pillow to put money,as people who visited her put money under her pillow too, but for unfortunately for him no one gave her any money, after he left she wanted to know how much money he put so she searched under the pillow but she did not find any thing and he did not put any money, he thought if he did that and con this woman his money will be part of the whole money that under the pillow. this the Egyptian today! and I think not only Egyptian but the world or the most.

So If a homeless man asked you to buy him food, would you DO IT or NOT?

I don't care if you are a millionaire or homeless with no money if I like you I like you if not then you can get.


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    • Ali Alsayed profile imageAUTHOR

      Ali Alsayed 

      4 years ago

      Thank You Very Much About Your Comment.

      and it is good to help others and you are good-hearted, but it is not a requirement to have a money to help poor, you can help them by more and more free ways, I will write a blog soon explain these ways.

    • Lamis Mounir profile image

      Lamis Mounir 

      4 years ago from Cairo, Egypt

      Yes and i thank god for giving me money to help this people


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