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What would Happen if Donald Trump Was President?

Updated on June 24, 2017

Donald Trump

Donald trump giving the OK signal. MAN HE INFURIATES ME!!!!
Donald trump giving the OK signal. MAN HE INFURIATES ME!!!!

Donald Trump

We all know that Donald Trump is a very controversial guy. He made fun of a guy with disabilities. He's also talked about Gore and how blood was coming out of a lady's eyes. I've seen the ads. I've also seen Ivanka Trump talk about how he treated women. But Let's be clear. Donald Trump is a Multi-Billionaire who owns Trump towers and owns like 80% of the trump industry. He's got more than 4 children with more than 2 wives. He is a racist son of a gun with no guts, to tell the truth. He is racist to all people, even Mexicans, and Hispanics. He hates gays and lesbians. He hates us people with disabilities. I have Autism. He hates Autistics as well. He can turn any comment you throw at him and spin it into a scene. You need to be a total loon to believe that Donald Trump can make America great again. I spit in the face of Trump. To prove it to you, let me show you two videos of Donald Trump being racist and insulting people.

Donald trump Racist Comments

Donald Trump Insulting People (10 insults)

Hypothetical Scenario (Donald Trump Becomes President)

On November 2016, The presidential election comes to a close, and it looks like Hillary Clinton is President. Then, a twist. Hillary Clinton is disqualified because of a recently leaked email report. Then, Chaos. Donald Trump becomes president overnight. By the next morning, realization sets in that all illegal immigrants are deported back to their country. By The inauguration, Donald Trumpp officially becomes president. Then the illegal immigrants are deported. We see an end to democracy, The United States of America becomes the United States of Donald Trump, and it turns into a dictatorship. Just like when Fidel Castro ruled Cuba in 1959 and that country became a dictatorship, in January 2017, The United States of America becomes a dictatorship.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin. I love him.
Vladimir Putin. I love him.

Year 1 of Dictatorship

In February, Donald Trump orders the deployment of all troops against ISIS in Europe and Syria. ISIS targets the Eiffel Tower and kills 187 people and injures another 1,075 on March 16. Donald Trump orders troops to combat ISIS in Syria. Meanwhile, on May 12, ISIS targets London's Big Ben tower and kills 116 people and injures 726, while another separatist group targets Rio De Janeiro and destroys Christ the Redeemer and kills 21 people on May 19. On May 29, ISIS targets Downtown Vienna at Rush hour and kills 227 people and injures 629 others, while Donald Trump sits there and does nothing about it. On July 4, a large lorry kills 184 people in Los Angeles, CA in the middle of Hollywood. One of the victims is Ben Affleck, a successful star in the movies. (Not that I want to see Ben Affleck die. I like him) The other is Nicholas Cage. Donald Trump does nothing about it. On August 13, a lone wolf manages to kill 27 people in Miami, FL and steal a car before police shoot his vehicle and kill him. Again, Donald Trump does nothing about it. Finally, on September 19, 2017, Vladimir Putin Calls Donald Trump and tells him to do something about it. He does. He calls Putin a b-word. (I respect Vladimir Putin. His rule has been good so far) Then, he launches a nuclear warhead over Russia, and the communication cuts off. In Russia, there is a 200 Mile Fireball over Moscow. Over 50,000 people die because of the fireball. That's when the world realizes that Donald Trump is the third Antichrist. On October 14, 2017, Russia goes to war with America, and they exchange nuclear attacks. A Russian missile hits New Orleans dead center and more than 500,000 Perish. Meanwhile, ISIS is winning the battle with the United States. ISIS has now killed over 20,000 Americans over the last 3 months of 2017, including an attack on the Freedom Tower. By January 2018, the economy plunges to new lows. The Dow Jones barely at 5000 after a high of 17,300 the month before.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II, looking as beautiful as ever.
Queen Elizabeth II, looking as beautiful as ever.

François Hollande

François Hollande, AKA, the president of France, Looking as patriotic as ever.
François Hollande, AKA, the president of France, Looking as patriotic as ever.

The 14th Dalai Lama

The 14th Dalai Lama, Lhamo Dondrub, looking as wise as the monks of ancient times.
The 14th Dalai Lama, Lhamo Dondrub, looking as wise as the monks of ancient times.

Year 2 of Dictatorship

As we head into Late January 2018, the stock markets are very low. The economy is suffering. The Dow Jones is at 4978. Robberies are common throughout the cities that are not destroyed by terror or Nuclear Warheads. Then, on February 23, 2018, ISIS targets Disney World, killing 387 people and injuring 1,798 others in a massacre. It's all over the news and around the world, but Trump does nothing about it. On March 19, 2018, ISIS targets the Willis Tower in Chicago, killing 77 and injuring 283, but again Donald Trump doesn't do anything about it. In Fact, Donald Trump passes a law banning Muslims from ever reaching the United States, so the corrupted government starts deporting Muslims. But the Mexicans that weren't deported earlier in the presidency strike Washington DC. Donald Trump is at a crossroads, does he kill people or is he going to be killed? So, he does the former and has the government kill every Mexican in there. Then, the Dalai Lama appears in Trump's Screen. The Dalai Lama tells Trump that what he's doing is wrong. Donald Trump releases a nuclear warhead, and the transmission goes blank after 3 minutes. Now, Donald Trump has turned and declared war on the Tibetans, but the Tibetans don't have a nuclear arsenal, so they ask help from China, and they say yes. Now, The US is at war with China. China begins with launching a missile heading for Los Angeles, and it reaches there in 5 hours and destroys up to 90% of the city, and the total dead is 1.2 million. Donald Trump retaliates by sending 2 warheads, one toward Hong Kong, and the other toward Shanghai. In Total, over 14.2 million people die as the targeted cities were destroyed. Then, in March of 2018, Queen Elizabeth II came to the screen and she said that Trump has been a naughty dictator. Donald Trump immediately launches a nuclear warhead toward London and it is wiped off the map, with Queen Elizabeth II at London at the time. Then, NORAD finally picks up on the chatter that Donald Trump was secretly trying to destroy many countries. The Day that no one is going to forget is June 18, 2018. In a press conference, Donald Trump denied that he was sending those nuclear warheads towards major cities. Then, he tells people to shut the f up, much like he did back in the presidential campaign. Meanwhile, ISIS is still a threat, only now, they know the united states is weak. So, ISIS comes to America again and targets St Luis and the Arch, and destroys it, killing 82 people and injuring 219 others. At the same time, Donald Trump is being wanted for murder. A guy named Jonathan Keith (75 inches, weighs 220 pounds and is a strong guy and is black) tries to assassinate Donald Trump. What ended up happening is that a Government vehicle slammed him against a brick wall. He survives, but with major internal injuries. He is rushed to the hospital, where they operate on him, and he is bound for a Maximum Security prison just outside washington DC, where he will be killed with a chainsaw in 3 years time. By October 18, 2018, Donald Trump has been antagonized by 82 different countries, including Spain and Most of Africa north of South Africa. The president of France come on board. This time, Donald trump does speak to him, and says that France is a big fat piece of s---!!! As soon as he said that, A nuclear warhead is launched into Paris, and more than a million people die. The world was getting worse. Then, a massive flood of people from all walks of life suddenly spring up into the wide house, demanding that Donald Trump be taken down. He simply tells his cronies "SHOOT THESE MOTHERF%#&%$^ STRAIGHT DOWN TO THE GROUND!!!" and 428 people die by Donald Trump's hand. The news is heard around the world for 27 minutes, then, silence. Then, Donald Trump does something that no President/Dictator ever did in his life. He declares World War III on everyone, including lesbians and gays and blacks and muslims and everyone. So, the whole planet begins preparing for a strike against the United States of America. By January, 2019. another potential murderer was caught. Kelly Swanson attempted to murder the first lady, but instead, got shot fatally in the heart and died instantly.

Year 3 of Dictatorship (Trump's Murder)

By January 2019, Donald Trump was the main target in the war, but also, he sent nuclear warheads toward Calcutta, India and Cairo, Egypt. On February 19, 2019, North Korea sent a spy to infiltrate the white house, but that spy was soon murdered when Donald Trump's henchmen went there. What he didn't know was that another spy was in the white house at the same time. That spy was also murdered 2 minutes later by another one of Donald Trump's evil Henchmen. On May 23, 2019, Donald Trump had a close call with death when he traveled from Washington DC to New York for a Republican Debate. While in that vehicle, he was shot at. Fortunately, he had a kevlar vest and that's what saved him. In New York, You could already see people start to turn on Donald Trump like vultures on dead prey. The Dow Jones was sitting just below the 3000 mark, and Donald Trump Noticed that there needed to be a few changes to the stock market trading room. So, he had his henchmen take out nearly 1,500 people, and now, Donald Trump can get to work. He inputs the wrong number on the NiKKEI, which is already at 24,000 and the NIKKEI drops 19% in 1 minute. This makes news in China. So, China decides to send a nuclear warhead toward New York City. When Donald Trump hears about this, he quickly runs to his government vehicle and gets out of New York City in the nick of time because New York City was destroyed and 8.3 million people died. So, Donald Trump went back to Washington DC and did what all presidents/dictators do, and that to write laws, and on August 27, 2019, he signs a law that raises taxes on the poor and lowers them on the rich, so the poor now have to pay 39% tax and the rich have to pay only 0.5% tax. That creates a backlash. So, on October 18, 2019, over 4,000 people show up to the white house, demanding that Donald Trump quit. and all he simply did was to allow his henchmen to kill almost 1,820 people, and the others fled, and the ones that did flee were trampled by the government tanks, so that puts the final death toll at 2,129 people. Is there no one powerful enough to take down President/Dictator Donald Trump? Harold Kenneth can, but before he can get to trump, he gets shot by Donald's henchmen. Then, the unthinkable happens. On December 28, 2019, while Donald Trump is sleeping, three spies from China come and capture him without the secret service knowing. By the next morning, Trump is murdered in front of live crowds. The crowds commend them for defeating Donald Trump, but the Henchmen arrest the three spies and they receive the death penalty. The Vice President, Mike Pence, comes into office on January 19, 2020, and he ends the war with a peace treaty. Now, all is right with the world.

Post-Trump World

In the following months, Every immigrant expelled are allowed back in the United States, but the United States still faces many obstacles in a Post-Trump World. There is no Wall Street anymore, and ISIS is still causing problems around the world. The total debt escalates to $37.2 trillion in the months and years following Trump's presidency. Eventually, by 2021, Mike Pence passes a law cutting the tax for the poor to just 7% and raising the tax on the rich to 2.9 %. This ensures that poor people have stability and that the rich have to pay more for a recovering economy. By 2022, Mike Pence passes another law, making sure that people with disabilities get benefits that Trump didn't provide for them before he took office. By 2023, the United States finally won the war against ISIS after they infiltrated ISIS headquarters in Syria, but not before leaving 128,382 people dead at their hand. By the presidential election of 2024, Mike Pence retires as president and a Democrat by the name of Orville Mena takes over as the 47th president of the United States.


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    • Electro-Denizen profile image

      Charles 4 weeks ago from Wales, UK

      Fortunately not so bad as these hypothetical scenarios. Though he stole into the Whitehouse and thought he could run the country as if it were a business empire, he's come across all of the red tape. Usually I'd say red tape is a nightmare, but it least it stops lunatics like Trump doing their worst. Interesting hub...

    • Ivan Hernandez profile image

      Erick Hernandez 4 weeks ago from Creating The Ivan Brand in Miami, FL

      You're right. It is an interesting article. Thank you so much for commenting.

    • jackclee lm profile image

      Jack Lee 10 days ago from Yorktown NY

      It would be interesting to revisit this at the end of 4 years...of Trump. What if you were wrong?

      What does that say about the author? TDS on steroid?

    • Ivan Hernandez profile image

      Erick Hernandez 10 days ago from Creating The Ivan Brand in Miami, FL

      It would be interesting, Jack. Let's see what the next 3 years hold.

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