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Donald Trump's Rhetoric

Updated on July 11, 2016

The president of the united states of America, is the leader of our nation, the one who sits on the contingency of blowing up our home with just the touch of a button. This forerunner should be one emerged in patriotism, exemplary character, bravery, equality, unwavering integrity, perseverance, and pride in our country. A man of absolutely none of these characteristics, poor financial behavior, overt racism, and lack of acknowledgement on serious worldly obstacles, leads for a very dangerous candidate. Would you really feel comfortable with this man, Donald J. Trump, being in control of your freedom and way of living for the next four years?

It’s no secret that Donald Trump has no problem with being openly racist. He infers that the U.S. is a “dumping ground” for the world’s problems and mostly all Mexican immigrants are rapists (Miller, 2015). Trump’s reasoning behind the term “rapist”, is pointed to recent reports that as many as 80 percent of the female immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border are sexually assaulted during the trip. During Trump’s speech at Iowa Freedom Summit this past January, he claims one of the first things he would do as president, would be to build a massive wall between the U.S.-Mexico border to stop illegal immigration. Trump says Mexico would be required to pay for the wall because they have “ripped off” this country and have taken advantage of the United States at the border and economically. Statistics state, the federal government would spend roughly $400-$600 billion to address the 11.2 million undocumented immigrants and about $2.4 billion for just one third of the boarder alone.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Not only does Trump believe that all Mexicans are rapists, but his rhetoric of “I think Islam hates us” is not only callous and shameless, but also unfathomable as of an assumption that 1.5 billion adherents could somehow all perhaps hate the U.S. as a whole (Monghul, 2016). Haroon Monghul’s recent CNN article, displays the discrepancy between Trump and his irrational assumption that a religion of over 1,400 years and a diversity that is as bewildering as it is overwhelming, could have such hatred toward America despite the fact that they are vastly located throughout the nation. I can’t quite comprehend why people would vote for a man who obviously promotes racism; most of his supporters are nothing but racists anyways. The mainstream commenters and GOP establishments themselves, are having a hard time understanding what is behind the Trump voter uprising.

It has been argued that the 2016 presidential campaign is teetering on the edge of violence and Donald J. Trump’s encouragement of aggression is wrong and dangerous (Barbaro, Parker, Gabriel, 2016). The anger of both parties conclude that supporters of Donald Trump are terrified they are losing their country and protesters fear he is leading the nation down a dark road of hate. Both sides of the Political Parties are convinced that the opposing party is about to destroy America or what they believe to be the fundamental essence of America so forth the presidential campaigns have long flirted with the lexicon of violence, as candidates vow to take the country back from the opposing party in the White House and reclaim an endangered vision of America. Trump’s heated words call for campaign protesters who are significantly increasing as the election time continues. People who are asserted with the presidential elections and are aware of Trump’s ugly rhetoric and narcissistic ideas, are sparking negative attention with protesters leading into various attacks between supporters and protesters of Donald Trump during presidential campaigning.

Donald Trump is a racist chump
Donald Trump is a racist chump

Since childhood, Trump has been very violent in behavior and recently labeled as “a six-year-old with nuclear weapons” (D’Antionio, 2016). Trump states “When I look at myself in first grade and I look at myself now, I am basically the same person. The temperate is not that different.”. This statement is what makes the idea of him being president quite scary considering his childhood was full of physical fights and past aggression. This is why admires of Trump find his enthusiasm and lack of restraint intriguing and he is able to attracts voters simply from his determination on things, whether he knows what he’s talking about or not.

Since Donald Trump announced that he would be running as a republican in the 2016 presidential campaign, several concerns were thrown around between the members and establishments of the GOP. Donald Trump’s little experience as a Republican and different stands in the party, can cause a vicissitude within the Republican Party. Since Trump may make immigration control a defining position for the Republican Party, it would be breaking the heritage Ronald Regan, Jack Kemp, and other leading conservatives. Author of the article “How might Donald Trump change the Republican Party?”, Richard Skinner, justifies that Donald Trump has used populist language to denounce Wall Street, and bemoaned the economic pressures on working-class Americans, who also doesn’t share the market-oriented views of the club of growth, instead praising “corny capitalism” and calling for trade restrictions against china.

Trumps goals on China trade consist of, bringing China to bargaining table by immediately declaring it a currency manipulator, protect America's integrity and investment by forcing China to uphold intellectual property laws and stop their unfair and unlawful practice of forcing U.S. companies to share proprietary technology with Chinese competitors as a condition of entry to China’s market, reclaim millions of American jobs and reviving American manufacturing, and strengthening our negotiating position by lowering our corporate tax rate. Trying to invest in a trade restriction policy with China, may lead to a China trade war. By cutting down trade restrictions, America could lose profit for products sold her in the U.S. considering that the majority of our products are made in China.

In conclusion, the results of this study can be further more analyzed in many specifics in terms of Donald Trump’s rhetoric. He does not represent any of the previous characteristics listed above. He has no idea what he’s doing up there and how his plans for “making America great again.” Are not benefiting anyone but himself by gaining an even larger economic status than the one he already has. Trump’s future presidential plans never seize to disappoint me and the other millions of American citizens who have at least the slightest clue of what would benefit and what would harm our nation; not to mention, we aren’t all an islamophobe such as Donald Trump.


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