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What's Better Public Welfare or Homelessness?

Updated on March 13, 2011

How would you live, if you found out you no longer have a job and not eligible for unemployment or place to stay. There are two options you could apply for public welfare or become homeless.

Let's see public welfare may seem to be an excellent idea, but it does have its pitfalls. You could fill out several forms explaining why you need the assistance. You may have to go in for several interviews and fill out more forms or duplicate forms. After successfully applying for assistance, you are placed in a shelter. The shelter is a blessing, the only problem is you have to fill out more forms. You and your family are assigned to a room with other people. You are bless with three meals a day. You will also get a snack. You will be able to take showers and bathe everyday. It is a community within a community. Your children will be able to attend school everyday. They will also be able to attend after school activities, if they are in a shelter with a flexible curfew. If you or your family member has a health issue, you will have to store their medication in a secure and assigned area within the shelter. The staff is the only person who can administer the medicine. It is mandatory that you get involved in workshops to help you get off of welfare or save up to eventually leave the shelter. Some people can deal with this type of setting, and there are others who cannot.

Most people who cannot deal with the welfare system, have no choice but to live from one day to the next. You see them on the streets pushing carts, carrying big bags or garbage bags. You find them in the bathroom of malls, restaurants, and hotels, because they have no other means of staying clean. Thank God, they can also sometime go to the churches like the those ran by the catholic nuns or other missionairies. They too give the homeless shelter by preparing meals and offering a place to spend the night. People who have cars live out of them. Many times people have driven up to the gas stations and bought food, but when you glance inside their cars, you find everything they have ever owned. Some people feel that the government infringes on their right to privacy, and that is one of the reason, they don't apply for assistance or stay in a shelter. Some people feel that the shelters are not safe, and rather take their chances out on the street.

Right now, what would you do, if you had to make the choice of applying for assistance or living on the street as a homeless person.



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    • onceuponatime66 profile image

      Jackie Paulson 6 years ago from USA IL

      Great hub, and I was almost homeless,lived in hotel for three months, did lose job and so much more in 2009- 2011 better be much better.

    what is better public welfare or homelessness?

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