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Drugs Trafficking Couriers and Mules

Updated on November 29, 2014

Drugging Our Kids and Destroying their Lives

It's a mad world as people contemplate all the wonderful gifts they give to each other for things like Valentine's Day, Easter and so on. But look further to see the kind of gift you could give to a potential drug addict.

You may not know any substance or you may be one but whatever the case may be this story will interest you. No! I have never been addicted and was able to ensure that my children are not either.

Everyday the media reports on the results of what society and governments are allowing and how so many are out of their brains because of substance abuse. I also see how many are in jail and also on death row in many jails. How many are also trapped into becoming mules and when caught can pass years if not the rest of their lives in jail

UPDATE; a 17 year old youth was supplied with a synthetic drug imitating the effects of LSD in Sydney in early June 2013. He jumped to his death thinking he could fly. It happened from a third floor balcony in front of his mother and sister who were both trying to restrain him. LSD brings on hallucinations, vomiting and horrendous behaviour that can result in death, as shown here. Now the authorities are trying to ban synthetic drugs which were marketed legally until this happened.

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mules in Nepal
mules in Nepal

Drug Mules

When I first heard the term 'drug mule' it was in relation to some teenage kids from Australia who were caught with drugs strapped to their bodies in Baii, Indonesia. Two older blokes were also arrested as ring leaders and organisers of the mules.

Drug mules conned by smugglers into doing this work may be caught while the boss goes free Some may get away with it, sometimes many times, and get hooked to the money paid.

Unfortunately for them the Australians are serving 20 years for their crime while 3 face execution by firing squad. One of these was a teenager when arrested following his father's appeal to the Australian Federal Police to stop his son before he boarded the plane. The police, now tipped off, did nothing to stop him and notified the Indonesian police who were waiting at the airport to arrest them. In Australia he would probably have gotten 4 to 7 years jail, now it will soon likely cost him his life. His parents are devastated.

Since then my interest has turned to National Geographic's portrayal of drug mules and their incarceration in foreign countries. Not many countries besides Indonesia issue the death penalty for trafficking, it seems, except for Singapore and Malaysia. But I suspect that many Eastern countries also do it. Usually, however, in most places they are out after a few years, from what has been shown during my time of watching. But the jails that many a trafficker may spend the rest of their lives in are filthy, smelly, overcrowded, badly run prisons where anything can happen at any time.

When a loved one is caught in this situation it can cost the family heaps to get them out and back home again.

The one question that continually pops into my head is WHY?

Many of these kids have never used drugs but were simply been drawn in by deceitful promises of an exotic holiday somewhere with substantial rewards if they just bring back a package. In episode after episode of these true stories the victims tell of their frustration when arriving at their so-called holiday spots and were imprisoned or removed far out of town by the traffickers from whence they cannot escape. None speak the language and with their passports and identities removed they are trapped.

Their suitcases are confiscated by the drug dealers and not returned until the day of departure. Some are told to tape drugs to their bodies, others are sent to buy souvenirs that are then used to hide drugs, and the list of ways to smuggle them goes on.

At the airport they are given back their passports before entering the terminal and are then watched by their captors. It is probably a very small number who can pull it off. Many get nervous, sweat a lot, shake or give themselves away in other ways. Then there are the dogs, trained to sniff out narcotics. Alert border guards can easily (so it seems) spot the nervous mule and pull him or her out of the boarding line.

They watch in anguish and disbelief as their plane takes off for their homeland destination.

What do they say? How much do they know? Why did they do it?

UPDATE: The youngest Australian mentioned above in Indonesia has had his death sentence changed and he is now serving a life sentence. But while he appears to be from a good home one question stands out - WHY did he do it? The other two are on death row and their execution may happen at any time. They are given no warning but are taken from their cell in the early hours to a remote spot where they are shot in front of a firing squad.

Are Governments Doing Enough?

Should governments be enforcing an education program to prevent kids becoming mules?



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    • maryLuu 4 years ago

      Oh, yes!

    • OrlandoTipster 4 years ago


      Kids are pawns

      Dealers know they won't face jail time

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      There needs to be more done to educate kids, yes indeed.

    • Stonecutter 6 years ago

      I think some type of education would help but still feel a lions share of this belongs on the parents teaching their children simple right from wrong, and what is safe and what is dangerous.

    • jvsper63 6 years ago

      Yes, Definitely. The more educated we are. The better chance there is for hope.

    • norma-holt 6 years ago

      This would be so easy to implement. Along with sex education and prevention of unwanted pregnancies this type of awareness must be a priority.


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      Drug Bust

      Chikld Taught to resist Drugs
      Chikld Taught to resist Drugs

      Drug Proofing Kids

      Teach children to resist, even hate drugs. It's education about their effect on the body and mind that kids will understand. Expose them to the harm and teach them about other dangers.

      Its not that hard to do. When my children were very young I would point out the stupidity of those taking drugs. They were shown and encouraged to despise drug takers, their body image, the tattoos, the pins in the faces and other places, the motor bikes they ride and the language they speak.

      My son was in his thirties before he would even drink coffee or tea he was so concrned about drugs. Needless to say none of them have ever gone down that path. What goes in by age seven will stick with them for life. So parents have that opportunity to drug proof their kids, if they have a mind.

      On the other hand if parents are users and abusers of drugs then the kids will probably follow the same pattern.

      Is It OK to give kids alcohol?

      When should children be permitted to take their first alcoholic drink?

      under 18

      under 18

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        • James Jordan 6 years ago from Burbank, CA

          I think if it isn't a taboo then kids won't be drawn so strongly to it. If they can have a glass of wine with some spaghetti it demystifies it and maybe then they won't binge drink. Plus the parents should talk with them about the dangers of drinking and just be open to be there for them.

        • anonymous 6 years ago

          My parents let us sip their drinks when we were young and talked to us about the dangers of too much... so, when I was a teenager, it was not that big a deal to me to go get drunk with others. I knew if I wanted to drink I could do so in my home with my parents watchful eye.

          Italians do basically the same thing and do not have a problem with drunken teenagers.

          I am in no way condoning lowering the drinking age though, because most teens are not capable of making rational decisions about what is good for them and what is not.

        over 18

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          • maryLuu 4 years ago

            When their bodies are completely mature. After 18!

          • OrlandoTipster 4 years ago


          • Deadicated LM 5 years ago

            The later the better but if they use mouthwash, much of it contains alcohol.

          • Dana Marie 5 years ago from St. Peters, MO

            Under 18???? REALLY? Adults become alcoholic. Why increase the change of that happening?

          • Stonecutter 6 years ago

            Not having children myself I wouldn't presume to say one way or another. My mom allowed me to have alcohol on the New Years Eve after my 16th birthday. She warned me about what drinking in excess could do, told me to drink what I wanted but that I was not leaving the house. Like a fool I drank everything I could get my hands on. OMG I was so sick and felt terrible for days after. When I did reach legal drinking age I remembered that night and have never drank to excess like that again.

          • jvsper63 6 years ago

            Well if I had my say. It would be well over 21!!

          • norma-holt 6 years ago

            Many kids of 16 and even younger are encouraged to drink through parties held in homes in Australia. Parents are just plain stupid when it comes to teen age drinking. Everyday it seems that someone is killed and many have had multiple deaths in cars fromsomeone drinking. It's completely irrational.

          Drug Addiction Starts in the Cradle

          Perhaps not too many will agree with me on this one but it truly does start with the way you nurture your infant from the minute it's born. It begins with dependency and how a child is educated, managed, disciplined and schooled.

          Over my years of parenting and watching others parent their kids there are some vast differences in how one sees what is right and the other sees what is wrong for their kids. Parents who are engaged in other things will resent many issues with their newborn. Lack of sleep, lack of time, lack of energy and lack of privacy all impinge on how a child is reared. Are you a parent who wants more out of life than looking after a young family?

          Are you a drinker, smoker, drug taker or just plain lazy? If so then wake up now to what you might be doing to the child in your care. They are only little for such a short time and their first years are the most important to decide how they wil turn out.

          Basically my parents and grandparents had certain well tested rules to baby rearing and one of them was avoiding dependency on falsehoods. Painting images of fanciful and lavish other worlds was never a priority although we read books when we were older about these things. But as babies we were not subjected to fairy lands and a lot of make-believe. Today babies have only fanciful and lustful imitations of humans and animals to latch onto. So what do they dream about?

          If you teach your baby to appreciate weird images then later on the reproduction of weird images in his or her mind might strengthen their need for delusional drugs. Remember what goes in by 7 stays with them for life. Instead of make-believe teach them reality,. Instead of fear teach them strength and that they can face anything in life that threatens them

          From the beginning babies need to cry and allowing them to cry themselves to sleep, as long as there is nothing seriously wrong with them, is not a bad thing. They also need to learn to sleep in noisy environments so it is unnecessary to have them closed off in dark rooms but sleeping with lights on should be discouraged. Never teach a child that there are 'boogie men' in dark corners or ghosts and spirits in their room or elsewhere. In other words don't frighten or stress a young child to the point where they cannot discern fact from fiction.

          Were Boogey Men in Your Young Life?

          Or were your parents more intelligent?

          See results

          Scarry Toilet

          What's Your Opinion?

          Is scarring kids really funny?



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              • maryLuu 4 years ago

                No, and on the long term it can affects them.

              • anonymous 5 years ago

                I don't see any reason to scare kids.

              • Dana Marie 5 years ago from St. Peters, MO

                No, my youngest daughter gets TERRIFIED of things. There is nothing funny about that. There are many things in life that scar us lets have "some" sense

              • Stonecutter 6 years ago

                Scaring me is not nice, definitely don't do it to young kids, I remember growing up we lived on a farm for a short time, the grownups didn't want us kids messing in the barn and my step dad told us it was haunted by the original owner who hung himself in the barn. We were not just afraid of the barn but didn't want to be on the farm at all. It got so bad that my mom had to move us out of there, I was about 10 and my sisters were 8 and 5. Just not a good idea to do things like that to young and impressionable minds

              • jvsper63 6 years ago

                No, I can actually traumatize a child.

              • anonymous 6 years ago

                No I don't think so, it is not a nice thing to do.

              Psycological Abuse in Children

              The mind is a very delicate instrument that records, channels, stores and deciphers information fed into it. If the information is good, easily absorbed and enhances our instincts for survival then the brain has no problems. But if the information is false, misleading and even terrifying then the brain goes into spasms.

              Its called 'psychological abuse' and this can result in long term effects which may destroy or hinder an individual's sense of right and wrong. It can also lead to death at some stage. This is what a group of laywers claim on their website


              "The symptoms of psychological damage can include:

              * Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

              * Depression

              * Anxiety and panic attacks

              * Difficulty making decisions or taking action

              * Fear

              * Compulsive behavior

              * Obsessive thoughts

              * Suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts and completed suicide"

              It is a criminal act for which one can claim compensation.

              A doctor notes on her website under the heading of Child Abuse:

              "Verbal abuse may not leave physical bruises, but it can permanently scar a child psychologically. Parental indifference, emotional neglect and verbal abuse cause lasting psychological damage. Abusive behavior includes:

              * Harsh criticism: "Can't you do anything right? You're stupid!"

              * Emotional deprivation, i.e., failure to fill a child's natural needs for attention, praise and love.

              * Ignoring a child when he's hurt or upset or minimizing his pain: "Stop your whining - you're okay."

              * Domination of a child's every action and thought by telling him/her terrible things will happen if he/she explores and violates parent's orders.

              Abused children often mask their pain by bullying their peers and typically grow up with a negative, cynical attitude, expecting little from life and trusting no one."

              The Director of Mental Health Services Evaluation Department of a prominent USA Hospital notes on his website

              "Over 900,000 children in US are victims of parental abuse every year. The scars of the child abuse can be deep and long-lasting, often leading to future child abuse. Abuse generally falls into one or more of the following categories: physical, sexual, emotional or psychological abuse, and generally escalates over a period of time. Verbal abuse falls into many categories, including: abusive anger: criticizing, name-calling, threatening, blaming, using words to shame, yelling, swearing and screaming, and using threats to intimidate feelings."

              Sadly I have seen and heard this type of abuse given to a new born baby less than a couple of weeks after birth. That child has grown up with horrendous burn injuries caused when the mother, who was supposedly watching her one year infant, neglected to stop her from going into the kitchen where she managed to pour boiling water straight from the microwave over herself. The father was cooking dinner and had just taken a plate full of cooked vegetables in water out when the accident happened.

              Abuse of this nature should not be allowed but, unfortunately, those who witness these occurrences are often reluctant to report them. That child is now a hypochondriac and is loaded with medications she really does not need. The tiniest sniffle can result in a course of antibiotics ordered by her equally hypochondriac mother. She has also had operations on her ears and nose as well. So has the mother.

              Do You Believe in Corporal Punishment?

              How do you punish children?

              See results

              Blind Due to Punishment

              Is This Lens Informative

              Have you learned something here

              See results

              Catching a Drug Dealer

              Specific Targets

              Abused and neglected children are usually the targets of drug dealers who offer them a way to forget their pain. They are encouraged to try the drug or drugs in order to get them hooked. Once that happens they are fair game.

              Drugs can be administered to the unsuspecting teenager through drinks at a party or nightclub, or even through lollies handed out in school playgrounds. They can be dragged into drugs also through peers who will only be their friends if they conform to using. If a child has little to no support from home then this can be an easy way to rebel against parents and society in general. Teenagers have a different mindset to adults and they also take the approach that life is more casual than it is. To reinforce their minds when young is now more important than ever.

              Children who have parents that are weak and irresponsive to their needs and sensitivities are less likely to confide in them when they are in trouble. So they hide their habits and often will leave home and live on the streets rather than face any criticism or misguided abuse from them at home. The parents may then appeal to authorities to find their offspring on the grounds that they may be in trouble.

              Many children reared in this manner turn to prostitution to get money for their drugs. That's when they are also most likely to become drug mules and travel oversease to smuggle drugs into a country for their dealer. That, too, is when they are most likely to be captured for the job of courier, trafficker, dealer, prostitiute and even for slavery and even human trafficking. Many men are just waiting for such a victim to pounce on and earn money for them.

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              © 2011 norma-holt

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                • Jhangora LM profile image

                  Jhangora LM 6 years ago

                  Drugs certainly destroy minds and bodies, but I believe governments are to blame too. I honestly don't see any harm in legalizing drugs like marijuana.

                • profile image

                  anonymous 6 years ago

                  Wonderful lens, that touches on a subject that has become way too prevalent, DRUGS!! Our sixth graders are continually getting arrested for having drugs or selling drugs...where are these families??

                • profile image

                  anonymous 6 years ago

                  Drug abuse is a really sad thing

                • jvsper63 profile image

                  jvsper63 6 years ago

                  This is a very informative lens. People need to be aware and this lens helps. Every time someone does anything positive it is a great thing, When people turn away nothing gets accomplished. We need more help. And these lenses are a great help. You did a terrific job!! Thank you for featuring my lens.. Joni

                • profile image

                  Stonecutter 6 years ago

                  Had my time of experimenting and partying with drugs. I was lucky, I was able to walk away, my sister was not so lucky, it tore her life apart and to this day she still struggles with the addiction. This is lens is excellent in the information it presents, thank you for your excellent efforts putting it together.

                • Lady Lorelei profile image

                  Lorelei Cohen 5 years ago from Canada

                  Gosh one quiz on drugs I got 0/4 correct and the next I got 4/4. Huh? I must have studied in between questions lol. On a more serious note though, drug trafficking mules and couriers is a very sad sad aspect of our current society which I truly wish did not exist.

                • Dmarieinspires profile image

                  Dana Marie 5 years ago from St. Peters, MO

                  I LOVE this lens!! Thank you for featuring my lens "Alcoholism ~ My Journey of Sobriety" God bless you!

                • profile image

                  anonymous 5 years ago

                  Its an important topic and one that should go around the world. :)

                • maryLuu profile image

                  maryLuu 4 years ago

                  A very interesting lens. Thanks!

                • profile image

                  SteveKaye 4 years ago

                  Everyone should read this because violence at home leads to violence outside the home. Thank you for publishing this lens.

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