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Has America achieved success with Drone attacks?

Updated on July 13, 2016

drone made me orphan ,the writing says

Drone attacks, a futile attempt

There are two distinct opposite opinions about the drone attacks by us led NATO forces in the northern areas of Pakistan.The US , west and their allies are applauding the drone attacks and their effectiveness while the local population and elected representatives are staunch opponents of these obnoxious attacks.

The American began drone attacks in 2004.The very first attack was carried on June 18, 2004. It played havoc with the innocent residents .it may be some anti American agent has been killed in the attack but largely it was the civilian population that was eliminated. Western are of the opinion that a lot of Al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders(in hundreds) have become the prey to drone attacks .In the first attack so called Taliban leader Nek Muhammad in South Waziristan was killed. It would be quite apposite to remind the reader that Nek Muhammad was allegedly affiliated with the agencies-foreign intelligence agencies like not of Pakistani.

drone kills


After that attack the US military in Afghanistan made it her habit to carry on drone attack for political purposes too. The political purpose of the American in this regard was to divert the attention of the public, agencies and government from the happenings in Baluchistan and Afghanistan. The media is abetting the NATO forces and appreciating the drone attacks by saying that local people welcome the attacks. Their opinion that these are exactly right and there are lesser chances of killing innocent people is quite opposite to the situation on the ground.

Since 2004 more than 200 drone attacks have stricken the land of South Waziristan, North Waziristan, Khyber Agency and Bajaur Agency in the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) of Pakistan. The innocent people are being killed on the basis of doubt that Taliban and their Al-Qaeda friends crossed over into neighboring Pakistan across the 2400-km border, and took refuge in the extensive FATA region. Taliban are the target that they have assisted AL Qaeda whose entity is also a myth. Nobody knows AL-Qaida before the 9/11 incident.

blind killers

Blind Killers

Drones are truly blind killing machines. They have killed more innocents than criminals.According to the causalities have been estimated as under.

Total strikes: 424
Obama strikes: 373
Total killed: 2,499-4,001
Civilians killed: 424-966
Children killed: 172-207
Injured: 1,161-1,744

The damage to property is unlimited.

drone making rubble


victims of drone attacks

Pakistan is being punished ?

The responsibility of 9/11 attacks has in itself become a controversial issue. Those who were the right hands of American agencies in the afghan soviet war became the foe after Taliban revolution in Afghanistan. The real application of Islamic laws became a thorn in the eye of the west and they decided to destroy the Taliban and the Islamic all over the world. Many pronged purpose of attack on Afghanistan has become reality. Especially US and the west in general wants economic resources of the central Asia. For this purpose the land passage to sea is required. For this purpose Baluchistan is being alienated from Pakistan. The US has aimed permanent presence in the region by changing the demography of the area. They want independent Afghanistan allied with them offering free passage to Arabian Sea via Gwadar. One drone attack in every week is the average of the last 6 years.

These have killed more than 3000 innocent people of the region. Can the west tell how many AL-Qaida members are there in the region? They are be fooling the world by giving the Arabic name to the persons who are killed in the drone attacks and give impression that they were the close friend of Osama. Pakistanis can do nothing except expressing strong concern over the drone attacks and politely asking the U.S. government to stop these strikes ‘immediately’. If America really wants the elimination of Taliban she would give drones to Pakistani army. In 216 drone attacks by killing thousands of people America has achieved nothing except abhorrence of the people of Pakistan.


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