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Earth Day Projects

Updated on March 27, 2013

Earth Day Projects

Earth Day marks the day when our world celebrates Mother Earth's gifts. Earth Day is celebrated globally on April 22. It's celebrated across all countries, regardless of politics, religion, class, or culture.

Are you interested in making others aware of problems facing Earth? Are you interested in honoring Earth's gifts?

Join the world with your own Earth Day project! It can be as elaborate or simple as you'd like.

Get your family involved in your project. Or your neighbors. Start planning something significant at your child's school, camp, or church. It's great to spread the word about the importance of Earth Day, and working together can make your project even more special.

On this page, you'll find ideas on planning projects for Earth Day.

UPDATE: This lens donates some of its proceeds to the charity, Global Giving.

Image courtesy of Social Traffic Inc.

Did You Know ...

If every person picked up one piece of trash, we'd have 300 million fewer pieces of litter.

Psst: What age group is the least likely to litter? People under 15 years old. Yay for our kids!

Earth Day School Projects - Help our environment with these green projects

If you want to create awareness for Earth Day, planning an Earth Day school project is fun. Kids like to be involved with activities outside their regular lessons, plus this type of project is important, as it connects kids to the world around them.

  • An Earth Day Signature Drive

    Ask kids to make a promise to act environmentally responsible. Teachers can create a promissory note, and kids can promise to respect the Earth. List examples like, I will throw trash into the garbage, instead of littering our ground; I will recycle at home and school, whenever possible; I will turn off the lights at home and school when they're not being used; and I will save water by using my own water bottle, rather than using plastic, water bottles.

    Set a goal that 100% of the kids will participate. Make it school-wide, with a 'reward' like their name announced on the school's news show or posted on an earth Day supporter banner.

  • Clean - Up The School

    Plan a school clean-up. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air while beautifying your school's grounds. You'll need a list of school volunteers; donations of cleaning supplies, like garbage bags, rakes, shovels, and gloves; donations of drinks and snacks; and list of participating kids.

    Ask families to participate in the school clean-up. If your school requires volunteer time for all families, then this would be an excellent opportunity for parents to get their hours.

    Send home fliers with all the students to let parents know the day and time. Plan for a Saturday morning. The time involved will depend on how many volunteers you have and how much work the school grounds need.

    Make sure everyone has on protective gloves before starting. Pair small groups of children with adult leader and divide the teams into different sections on school property. Instruct kids not to pick up any glass or harmful items - you might be surprised what things your teams will find, and you certainly don't want anyone getting hurt by picking up glass or sharp metal objects.

    Assign adult supervisors who will rotate through sections and make sure teams have what they need: more bags, drinks, removal of filled bags, etc. You don't want team leaders walking away from the kids in order to throw a bag away or grab drinks.

    Once the clean-up is done, take a final tour: make sure all equipment is put away, and the garbage is thrown away.

    Enjoy your wonderful, new school property - cleaned up and beautiful. Mother Nature will thank you for getting it clean too.

  • Grow a Garden

    As a second part to clean-up day, you could find a section at the school to start a school garden. Many people are growing their own foods, and this would be a fun, teaching experience for the kids.

    If you have a small section of ground, then you could grow a garden. Decide what kind of garden you'd like at the school - my son's elementary school grew a butterfly garden, with plants to help butterflies; you could choose certain plants that are good for your area (and also require less watering); or foods that teachers could use as snacks.

    Contact a local nursery for advice and possible donations. You'll need to make sure the dirt is good for planting, what plants are good for your area, and advice on maintaining the garden. Your county's agricultural area will also have some help on getting started.

    To determine who will help with the garden, you can choose kids who eagerly want to participate. Another option would be to divide chores or days of the week for different grade levels. The important thing is that the students feel a part of the process, from the decision on the type of garden, through the planting and caring, to enjoying the fruits of their labor. Whether it's a real fruit or a flower, the school garden will give students the pleasure in knowing they're helping Mother Earth and learning about sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Gardening - At home, work or school: You CAN make a difference!

You can make a garden at school or at home by cleaning up trash and weeding the soil. You'll need gloves, a hoe for planting, bags for carting leaves and debris, and flowers or grass to plant.

Here are wonderful selections for your eco-friendly garden: products that are eco-friendly themselves. Natural gloves, a handmade hoe, a collapsible (and reusable) leaf bag, eco-friendly hose, and wildflowers seeds to spread in your garden.

It's easy to plant a garden with help from your friends and the right tools. It's a wonderful way to preserve nature and earth's gifts.

Did You Know...

Changing one standard lightbulb to an Energy Star bulb in every household would reduce carbon dioxide by 90 billion pounds a YEAR?

One bulb per house. Wow!

Earth Day Projects : Family

Save our earth as a family

Earth Day projects can bring families together as they celebrate Mother Nature's gifts. As you decide what kind of project you'd like to do as a family, think about what your family enjoys every day.

Does your family enjoy being outdoors? What a great place to celebrate Mother Earth! What about biking to a local park? If that's a regular activity, make it meaningful by taking extra time to admire nature's bounty. Take pictures while you're outside - admire the birds, trees, lakes, grass, lizards, snails, and snakes. When you get to the park, you can :

Do a 15-Minute Clean-up Check your watch, and ask your family to race in a 15 minute clean-up. It won't take much time -- only fifteen minutes -- plus see who collects the most. Know that Mother Nature appreciates your help.

Creative ProjectWrite what you see in a journal, create a story based on your family's bike ride, write a song about nature, or paint a landscape. By branching out into a creative activity, your family's Earth Day project becomes more alive and creates a family treasure.

Start A Garden Depending on how much space you have outside, you can also plant a garden inside. Choose a windowsill or sunny area. Decide on what type of garden: do you want a small herb garden to spice up your dinners? Or a pretty plant that will help remove toxins in your house? Get the kids involved - have them pick plants and decorate the pots.

Plant A Tree Or Three. Did you know three trees planted strategically around your house can reduce energy use by 50 %? If every family planted one tree, we would reduce 1 billion pounds of Carbon Dioxide every year. Trees are awesome!

Have a Green Party Think of what your family needs to use the least amount of nature's resources in order to host the party. Your kids can create a menu of healthful food dishes. Go further and decide to only use local foods. Use herbs from your windowsill garden. Use a spring-colored sheet for the tablecloth, soy candles, and local flowers to decorate.

Play A Game By candlelight! My friend celebrated Earth Hour by playing Clue with her two sons ... in candlelight. They enjoyed the game. The novelty of playing by candlelight (which, was her son's idea) was not only fun but also saved electricity. Discover that you have a gigantic amount of board games? Clean out your closet and donate some to a women's shelter, your child's school, or a children's hospital. You'll create space in your house and give a treasure to someone in need.

Ready for A Green Picnic? - Green Picnics highlight (responsible) fun!

Let's choose eco-friendly picnic items, like a weatherproof blanket; bamboo plates, bowls, and utensils; plus safe silverware and bowls for the kids. Here are wonderful selections whether you decide to eat on your back porch or head to the nearest park.

What kinds of foods should you pack? Ideally, something you can easily carry, foods that don't need to be kept refrigerated (you can keep items cool with cold packs and coolers), and local foods. Shop at your local produce market for fruits and vegetables that can be cut up and dipped in sauces or eaten solo. Visit local bakeries too for delicious, organic or natural breads.

If you shop locally, you're helping the environment by supporting your local farmers, and eliminate truck/fuel charges in transporting foods from out of your area. Plus, foods that are made locally are delicious and healthy - they're farmed at their peak and sold right away, rather than being kept on ice or frozen in order to ship it to your neighborhood store.

Have fun with your picnic! Get the kids involved. What do they want to eat? What new fresh foods can you experience and savor on your picnic? What traditions will your family start?

Did You Know ...

there are only Two man-made structures large enough to be seen from outer space ...

1. The Great Wall of China

2. Fresh Kills Landfill, in New York

Raising Money for Our Earth Day Project

Our project was to save $10 for Earth Day, as a birthday present for Mother Earth. I thought about things I do that could be substituted for a more eco-friendly activity. In replacing the activity, I could save $10 for my donation to Earth Day, PLUS I'm saving the Earth with an eco-friendly lifestyle change. It was so easy!

Take a look and see what you think. Can you think of an easy way to save $10 for Earth Day?

Eco-friendly Gifts - Green Gifts for any occasion

Will you celebrate Earth Day in your neighborhood? Are you headed to a party and need an eco-friendly gift? Here are great gift ideas for people who adopt a green lifestyle.

Earth Day Birthday

In 2009, my friends and I joined a dynamic social media campaign by Social Traffic Inc., which hosted Earth Day Birthday, a global party for Earth Day events and participants. Local event organizers around the world planned Earth Day activities. We wanted it to be the biggest birthday party ever for Mother Earth!

What do you bring to a typical party? A present. We hoped to give Mother Earth a present ... from all of us. Our Earth Day project was for each of us to save $10 to donate towards an Earth Day organization. Can you imagine if we all donated $10? That'd be a huge birthday present for Mother Earth. Maybe we'd be able to buy her a rainforest!

There are many ways to get involved. Would you like join us for Earth Day Birthday?

Find out how we got involved, visit Earth Day Birthday - the big birthday party for Mother Earth!

Image courtesy of Social Traffic Inc.

Join the Party - Leave a virtual footprint

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      I was once in a play in 8th grade that was based on a theme of what littering does to our earth. It made such an impression on me that I never once littered in all the 50+ years since and taught my children & grandchildren to never litter. We've also cleaned up litter from others many times. Our little contribution that goes back to the 1950s before it was the 'accepted' way to be! Happy Earth Day to you!

    • Mickie Gee profile image

      Mickie Goad 6 years ago

      As a Girl Scout, one of our sayings was: "Leave a place better than you found it". We were taught to pick up trash even if we did not put it there. I am constantly picking up litter today when I see it as a result of learning that saying.

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      Thank you for your visit and kind words, Saritajain, Pastiche, and Laraine. Kim -- thank you for featuring this lens! I was involved with Earth Day Birthday (an event promoted by Social Traffic); I had a lot of fun and learned new things. I appreciate your comments - keep up the great Earth Day activities every day.

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      Laraine Sims 8 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

      I enjoyed this lens very much. So good to teach our young ones to look after the earth. When we go hiking/camping we carry special bags for picking up litter along our way. My Dad started us off with this many years ago. Now he is gone, but we still practice it. Loved your video too. 5*s for sure!!!

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