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Eat So They Can! Eat a Meal. Invite Friends. Change Lives!

Updated on August 29, 2013

Raise funds as you eat - so they can!

Do you love entertaining? Having friends over for a meal, drinks and nibbles, or a barbecue? Now you can combine your time with friends or family with raising funds to provide help stop poverty around the world.

Eat So They Can is an international fundraiser that invites citizens of the world to participate in what is collectively one huge dinner party; where something as simple as sharing a meal with friends can help stop poverty. The event is co-initiative of the Global Volunteer Network (GVN) and the GVN Foundation.

Get Involved!

All money raised through Eat So They Can benefits our 3 causes:

* orphaned and vulnerable children

* women's empowerment

* greatest need.

Find out more about this fundraising event at

Join our Global Dinner Party: October 20-21!

Join Us 2013

This years Eat So They Can weekend will be held on October 19-20, 2013, but at the end of the day you can do it at anytime. Join us.

What's Up

This video explains what ESTC is all about.

Global Childrens Fund

On October 19th - 20th 2013, hosts around the world will share a meal with friends and raise money to benefit the GVN Foundation's projects:

Raising $100 will buy 20 thick blankets.

Raising $250 will buy school books for 500 orphaned children.

Raising $500 will feed 30 orphans for 3 months.

All money that is raised through Eat So They Can this year will benefit the Global Fund. When you sign-up as a host you will be given the opportunity to select a cause and we will ensure that the funds you raise are correctly allocated to this cause. In addition, the funds you raise will be used to support our advocacy and education programs to raise awareness of the importance of our four cases around the world

Sign me up as a Host

Eat So They Can will be celebrated over the weekend of October 20-21st.

You could choose to host a brunch, a lunch, a dinner, a cocktail party, a bbq - whatever you like! Because how you 'eat so they can' is totally up to you.

To SIGN UP as an Eat So They Can host, simply fill out the form at the following link

You will then receive an email with information about all the resources available to our hosts. Your ESTC host mentor will also set up a personalised webpage for you and will contact you once this is set up.


Here you will find everything from Eat So They Can hoodies to Eat So They Can aprons. All proceeds go directly to the campaign - another great way to support the cause and have fun too!

To visit the shop go here Eat So They Can shop


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