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eco cleaner

Updated on February 5, 2016
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As a self employed experimental musical instrument maker and avid tinkerer I have made these pages for those of a similar bent as a resource

The solution to all your cleaning needs

I am introducing an amazing Australian made nature based ecological cleaner that is not only environmentally benign but out performs everything else on the broadest range of uses. I am not doing it to make money, I only make a little on it, I am promoting it because I want to do the environment a favor by getting more and more people using it. The Solution is at hand. Check out my dedicated site for more information.

The amazing story so far...

The Exxon Valdez oil spill of the seventies was considered the worst man made ecological disaster of the time and grant money was released to try to find a way to ameliorate the effects of the oil on the ecosystem and devise a plan of action should it happen again. Charles Borg, an Austrian chemist living in Western Australia was one of the recipients and over the next 28 years he worked from his home on his unique formulation up until his death. His family along with some help from astute investors first had the recipe worked out by a lab and then set up a production facility in WA to make it available to the public and to industry and now here it is finally on the marketplace. With over 40 ingredients it is quite different from anything you would have seen or used before, it is not a detergent or soap, is not based on orange oil and has more of a colloidal action combining QUATS as a surfectant/sanitising agent with a succulent plant and a number of minerals in a proprietary blend which has truly amazing effectiveness combined with the top environmental rating and ecological safety which is unparallelled .

About The Solution

How to use it and what for

It can be used for any cleaning task you can imagine and then some. In agriculture it is approved for washing organic vegetables and used for a pest repellant and soil wetting agent. In industry it is used as an oil spill treatment, engine/heavy duty degreaser, truck wash, waste treatment and amelioration of toxic spills. For around the home it does everything; as a personal soap, for laundry, washing up, cleaning surfaces, toilets, bathrooms, windows, mold/mildew, smells, pre-wash stain remover, petwash, lice/nit/flea treatment, removing texta/markers, textiles and upholstery cleaner, paintbrush rejuvenation, dust settling agent, driveway/garage floor cleaner, chewing gum remover... It is amazingly effective and very widely applicable.

I usually have it in a spray bottle at 1 in 5 dilution for heavy duty use and at around 1:15 for most surfaces although for glass it is best used at 1:200 (4mL per Litre) I spray it on and let it sit for 4-5 minutes then rinse with water, very little scrubbing required and it also cleans your grease trap and stops it smelling, bonus!

It is septic safe and soil and waterway safe, frog friendly! contains no allergens, harsh chemicals, perfume, SLS or other excessive foaming agents, parabens or other organic alcohols, sodium, phosphate or toxic, sensitising or carcinogenic ingredients. (Unlike so many cleaning agents in common use, even some so called earth friendly ones)

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