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Eco Themed T-Shirts | Reusable Tote Bags | Ecogreenbags on Zazzle

Updated on December 31, 2010

Find Eco Friendly Organic Cotton T-Shirts, Reusable Totes and Eco Chic Clothing!

EcoGreenBags on Zazzle carries eco themed reusable tote bags, clothing, and gifts!

I made this page because I work hard on my Zazzle gallery and my designs, and wanted a fun way to reach new people like you. If you're looking for unique sustainable cotton t-shirts, organic shirts, eco themed mugs and gifts, and reusable tote bags, this is a great place to spread the green message through what you buy!

Here's the link to my Zazzle Gallery. Head on over and look around.

For more ways to go green...

Green Living Tips Blog for more tips to lead to a more eco friendly lifestyle!

Share your comments - I'd love to hear them

What do you think of my designs?

Love them! Gonna go buy something now

Love them! Gonna go buy something now

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    • Jmel37 7 years ago

      Awesome designs. I like how you have eco designs for the seasons. (My favorite is the going green for halloween!) I love that you're getting the word out about reusable bags, I just finished a lens on the effects of all of the plastic bags in the world - disturbing stuff. *****

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      These are great designs. its funny that I should stumble across this page. I was just looking at a site that had instructions on recycling a t-shirt into a tote bag.

      Recycling a Eco Friendly Organic Cotton T-Shirts when it old is defiantly doing your part for the planet.

    • AllNaturalCleaning 7 years ago

      Great lens!

    Good, and I wish you would also consider...

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      • anonymous 6 years ago

        Green Sentiments is a supplier of reusable, eco-friendly jute bags.

        Choosing a reusable jute bag is one way to take responsibility for minimizing waste and for using resources in a sustainable way thereby avoiding large landfills which affect the environment and wildlife. Plastic bags are becoming a global problem. Thereâre adding to landfill and affecting the worldâs wildlife. Thatâs why more and more customers are choosing eco-friendly alternatives.

      There's more unique clothing, totes and gifts to choose from! Just click through any item to visit our store!

      P.S. Start your own Zazzle gallery

      if you haven't already

      And once you have, don't forget to make a free Squidoo Showcase for it. Just in time for the holidays, a new way to sell more stuff.

      Don't have a Squidoo account yet? Sign up here to start making your own lenses to support your Zazzle gallery, business, or to support a charity! You earn a royalty and you'll have fun while doing it!

      Have a Favorite Green Design Here? Tell Us About It! - Thanks for dropping by!

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        • Sylvestermouse profile image

          Cynthia Sylvestermouse 7 years ago from United States

          These are all really neat! I love the polar bear mousepad.

        • OnlyFunStuff LM profile image

          OnlyFunStuff LM 7 years ago

          Love your designs, on a great topic. rated 5*

        • profile image

          hexagon 8 years ago

          Very nice designs, lens and collection of lenses worth a visit. Favorited. 5*

        • CherylsArt profile image

          Cheryl Paton 8 years ago from West Virginia

          Cool lens and artist design shirt!