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economic failure

Updated on February 9, 2018

Capitalism and The Money Go Round

If you have ever watched a Ferris Wheel turning, turning, turning, sometimes the cage is up sometimes down, sometimes it hangs in mid air and at others it is slowly rising, slowly falling and hanging to it like glue are the passengers who are there for the ride.

That is my analogy of the money-go-round that humans are pertpetually riding in their hope for riches or, in most cases, just for their next meal. Unlike the joy riding machine pictured some like to halt it when it reaches its peak and to stay there forever while the majority of riders are in limbo and some forever are caught on the bottom.

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Chain Reaction
Chain Reaction

The Path to Failure

Money is a man made invention meant to put some on a higher plane than the rest of us. It is the way that success is measured and one's worth depends on one's wealth in the eyes of the world.

It began some 2,500 years ago when kings decided to implement taxes and charges for favours. The idea of taxing anyone without money was ludicrous so rulers went on war parties and took whatever they could lay their hands on. That included people, buildings, weapons, tools and, of course, entire countries. Kings granted a share of that wealth to loyal followers and to those who fought in battles for them. The most loyal or favoured received titles and were included in the inner cirles of the courts.

Among such raiders and thieves were kings like Alexander the Great, who clocked up success after success as he raided from Macedonia to Nepal and everywhere in between. Considered by historians to be the greatest ever king he went further than most in that he built an empire so vast and so strong that it lived on well into the Roman era. Not many will put him down as anything but a great general but things happened that would appal human rights activists of today. he raised cities to the ground, dragged kings behind chariots and then hung them in front of their people. He forced a new religion on them and it was he who order the compilation of the Septuaginct through Ptolomy, his appointed satrap of Egypt.

His work set the wheels in motion that would be so important to Roman Caesars in the days of the Roman Empire. From his time forward money became increasingly important in social life. The most common way to get it was to serve the king and to be 'in the know'.

Is It Worth the Effort?

Money is usually the product of greed, corruption and all things evil. For most who acquire it the robbers will turn up and if you don't have it along will come the bailiffs to take whatever else you have.

The richest people in the world own casinoes, brothels, trade in child trafficking, slavery, drugs, guns and other weapons, as well as other things, or they overcharge for products that could be sold for much less.

Is Money Good or Bad?

Do you think money is the root of all evil?

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Greed and Money

Money is one of those things that often confuses people. How to make it so you have enough is the number one problem most will face. How to make more than enough is going beyond the limits and here is the first social divide.

Money is synthetic power and it is empty of any form of emotion, spirituality or knowledge. It can be acquired through many ways such as:- a) by working for it; (b) having someone else work for you while you receive dividends from their efforts; (c) by investing in something that will rise in value; d) by peddling something that people are desperate to have; e) by stealing it.

But there is another way as well, That is by getting yourself into a great position whereby the income you receive is not tied to the amount of work you do or the investments you make. This can be attained when you are a politician, head of a company, or head of the board of directors of a company that has shareholders.

In the case of the latter many CEO's are literally swimming in money as their bank balances grow beyond any reasonable level. Here is where the divide between rich and poor is bent beyond tolerance and the majority have little choice but to rebel. The average person is being screwed so deep they are buried in debt with little room to manoeuvre.

It is the resentment against these people who are literally stealing money from shareholders and customers to put it into their own pockets that is bringing the system down. People are hurting. They are losing their homes. Many are struggling to feed their families. Others are desperate for a job. But the pain never ends,

Corporate Greed

Who controls the governments of this world is certainly no mystery. They answer to Big Business. The words are in capitals to show they are above everyone and everything. Try to fight them and you lose. Try to stop them and you'll go to prison. Try to talk above them and you may go to your grave.

The world revolves around the Corporations and their boards. They say jump and the world jumps. They tell governments what to do because they sponsor their elections. They tell people what to do because they control jobs, mortgages, credit and so on. But most are waking up and getting rather tired of this state of affairs. Change is in the air as demonstrations show.

Greed has been the trigger for revolution after revolution. The French revolution stands out as a reminder that the heads of government there throught themselves above the law and the excessive spending by the king and others brought them down when the people took control. The American Revolution was fought against the capitalists of the South and slavery. The Russian revolution was fought against the same principals as the French and again the king and everyone connected lost out as Communism took over.

There is revolution in the air now as country after country faces unrest from corporate greed whereby the CEO's have replaced kings and their hangers on and it is but a matter of time before the people take back their power.

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