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Law and order in Pakistan; Educate the psyche.

Updated on June 12, 2013

"Unless either philosophers become kings in their countries or those who are now called kings and rulers come to be sufficiently inspired with a genuine desire for wisdom; unless, that is to say, political power and philosophy meet together, while the many natures who now go their several ways in the one or the other direction are forcibly debarred from doing so, there can be no rest from troubles, my dear Glaucon, for states, nor yet, as I believe, for all mankind; nor can this commonwealth which we have imagined ever till then see the light of day and grow to its full stature. This is what I have so long hung back from saying; I knew what a paradox it would be, because it is hard to see that there is no other way of happiness either for the state or for the individual." Socrates.

What is the biggest problem of Pakistan today? This is the primary question of Pakistan today. People have multitude of ideas; terrorism, load shedding, corruption, weak economy, sensitive geographic position, you just name it and we have it. In my opinion, all these are our problems but the root-cause is illiteracy. Mikhaeil Buyanov has quoted a Russian psychiatrist Victor P. Osipov, saying that, " some questions can only easily be answered by children or old men and lie beyond the ability of the learned." This seems true about the topic of 'Education and our problems' also but let me expound on it as best I may.

The literacy rate in the USA is 99% and the first priority in Barak Obama’s plain for the next four years is: “Educate the Nation”. Pakistan’s ‘official’ percentage rate of education is 54.6%. The actual literacy rate to my guess is less than 14%. (Who knows what the real one is?)

Miracles and science.... I think that at some point, in our lives, we become superstitious-rationales. Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy; a genuine innovator and Dr. Abdus Salam are the brightest examples of miracles in science. Not in the sense that they propped from nowhere but in the sense that reason can flourish, against all odds, even in Pakistan.

Not very long ago I read an article about a lecture of Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy about education. The figures of Mr. Hoodbhoy about the literacy rate in Pakistan were scary if not dangerous. Pakistan's total spending in the education sector are 2.3 % of the budget. In critique of pure reason, Kant killed reason to prove that reason exists. Hagel had the intellect to assert that reason does not exist. Zeno had his arguments to negate motion. But then there were Galeleo and Copernicus. Copernicus knew the revolutionary idea of a moving earth but was not in a position to prove it which did not mean that the earth was static. Hoodbhoy, in the said lecture of his said that, "education is the only solution of all our problems" and there can be no two views about this perception, but still we consider this a 'phenomena' in stead of a fact. We argue on this.

In the 21st century's Pakistan, we are facing some real problems, produced by the factuality of this phenomena. Every where, there is destruction, enmity, clash of 'ideas' or the correct word, may be, the 'dogmas'. These enmities and clashes are producing an immature generation with immature thinking and thoughts. This generation does not believe in co-existence because they are brain-washed to that. The TTP-like organizations are using or abusing this weakness of our society that we are not taking this statement seriously. How many of the suicide bombers or members of this organization are educated or literate? It might sound hypothetical but, phenomenally and realistically, it is a fact that terrorism is, somehow, related to illiteracy.

Quite apart from the question of male and female dominance, the responsibility of blocking the way of education, in most cases, lies on the male section of our society. The conservative class is, mostly, interested in keeping a particular class of people devoid of knowledge. They want to divert the attention of masses from the real problems of life and keep them bussy in a so-called 'battle of ideas' to achieve their ignoble goal of governing without a share. But what if and when there is no place to govern? Has anyone given a serious thought to that? Looking on the bleak situation in the country, no one will believe in this assertion from any side; be that the Government, the Army, the politicians, the Judiciary or the religious leadership. The only thing, we see, are the battle of ideas and the clash of the so-called civilizations. Who is representing which civilization, if one asks, the leaders of all cotteries are at loss; no explanation, no reason, no logic, not even a real idea of what they are talking about. The reason is that they themselves are illiterate and ignorant about education and the real needs and situation of the present world. This clash is un-ending and will remain so because there is no real idea to clash on; except one, may be, to keep the whole country uneducated and in chaos.

This clash, adversely, transmits to the coming generation. They are go through a mental and emotional torture. This amounts, indeed, to a so-called civilized way of "killing softly", acceptable in the realms of the "gentlemen" of the society. If we think about it seriously, what really happens in this process? The false attitudes are transmitted to the coming generation. Their minds are damaged. In fact the process of development of Immaturity is taken forward unconsciously. And the crime rate is given a chance to increase. Beside other factors which include political , economic, and social, one is Psychological factor; the factor that our society consists of immature personalities. We are responsible for shaping such personalities by transmittance of our narrow thoughts, our enmities and the so-called holly war of civilizations. We have suffered enough. The vicious cycle should be stopped now, once and for all.

According to researches the proportion of the mentally immature in the criminal population is about 50 per cent. Our contribution to the formation of a society of immature can be anybody's guess. If this goes on, we, in future, neither will be able to look facts in the face, nor manage those big problems which lie in store for us. It endangers our very existence. What Hoodbhoy means is that, the demands of the material world cannot be answered with narrow mentality but a realistic approach. This is not to advocate materialism or negate spirituality. Facts are sacred. Economics without spirituality sounds hollow. After some time, socialism stands in need of Perestroika. As we cannot separate space and time, we cannot separate matter from soul. The two will always go together. But God will never come down to fight the war of the people who themselves have closed their eyes to avoid the cat. The education system and our practices of life should be in a shape which gives a rational sight to the coming generation. Genuine minds can only be produced with clear ideas not deceptions and distortions. It depends on how serious we are, to bring about, the changes needed in this time of confusion. Negation of realities does not solve the problems. Realities should be percieved and accepted as they are. Windows should be open not closed, to let the fresh air come in.

What I am saying, may not be easy but are not impossible. Copernicus thought of a moving earth, could not prove it. Did not mean, he was wrong. After decades proved true and been recognised. The point is that we have to shape our education system and the minds of our children in a way that they are able to face tomorrow and live in 'present'. Before all this we will have to be honest to the idea of educating our children. As far as the challenges which we face, are concerned, they are and we should realize these, accept these and think what went wrong and can be corrected. The only thing which looks logical is 'Education'.


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