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Elementary School Soda Drive

Updated on September 15, 2014

How to setup a soda drive

People get thirsty. It is always nice to be able to provide drinks at school functions. It is also a way to make a little extra money to add to the field trip funds or to buy the supplies the schools so desperately need. Buying soda and water is OK but there is an easier way to obtain the beverages and keep the cost of drinks reasonable at school functions. It also makes a little extra money.

A soda drive can be held twice a year. Families are asked to donate a 6-pack of water or soda. Classrooms that collect the most are awarded some sort of prize and the beverages collected are used throughout the year.

Schools no longer sell sodas so those that are donated are not used during the school day. These are the ones sold at after school events and family occasions like the Fall Festival, the Spaghetti Dinner, Movie Night and the Spring Fling.

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Determine when to have the soda drive and advertise

Our school holds a soda drives twice a year. One is held at the beginning of the school year and one right after the children return after the Christmas break.

A week before the soda drive, a flyer is sent home with the students. The flyer advises parents that we are asking for a 6-pack of soda or water. We explain that the beverages are sold at after school functions and how the sales help to offset the cost of field trips and other school activities. At the end of the week, an reminder is sent home. Our school has a weekly phone call system with the calls going out on Sunday night. On the Sunday call, parents are reminded that the soda and water should be brought to school the following week. Children can bring them to their classroom or they can be delivered to the office.

Give the date of the soda drive, usually a week. Give them instructions on where the beverages are to be delivered. Most children bring the beverages to their classroom. They can also bring them to the office. On the flyer, thank the parents for their donation. Offer a reward for the classroom that brings in the most beverages. We offered a pizza party.

Soda Drive
Soda Drive

Pick up the beverage brought to the classroom

Setup a group of volunteers to collect the beverages from the classrooms. Notify the teachers that the beverages will be collected from the classroom. Give them the date and the time frame that the volunteers will be on campus. They will generally stack the beverages close to the door to prevent interruptions of their classroom. Send a note or post a letter at the teacher's mailboxes thanking them for their cooperation.

Count the beverages and nofify the winning classroom

As the beverages are collected, count and log the amounts by classroom. Each can or bottle counts as one. Check with the office to see if there were any left there. The office staff will have already listed the student name and classroom. Tally up the classroom total and have the principal announce the winning classroom before the end of the day.

At our school, the beverages are stored in an empty room. It was a struggle to find an empty area large enough to store that many cans of soda and bottled water but leaving it out makes it easy for some of them to walk away on their own. We collected enough to sell not only at the Fall Festival but at Movie night as well. For the Spring Fair, we held another soda drive.

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The last thing you want to do is to hand out soda cans that have been sitting. Before selling them, wipe down the tops to remove dust and other things that might have landed on them. When we stock the cooler for Movie Night, we wipe them all down, let them dry and then set them in the cooler.



Schedule the reward with the teacher of the winning classroom. The teacher will determine what is best for the class. Have plans for children who have allergies to whatever the reward might be. One of our children was diabetic and so the gift to the class became extra recess time.

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