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Embedded Racism

Updated on July 24, 2009

I am a 40 year old white guy who was born in the southwestern part of Virginia. I grew up in an all white neighborhood and consequently I had racial ideas imprinted in both my mind and soul; these ideas were passed down to me by generations of people marching the drumbeat of southern pride and favoritism to one’s own race. Now when I was in my late teens I thought these ideas had no affect on me, but unfortunately those ungodly and most obscured doctrines had in fact embedded themselves in my life for when I met my first person of another race, I immediately thought I should not be around them because they are different than me, but as time went forth I began to realize that we are all the same underneath for each of us were created by God who sees no color. As I write this, I am thinking how sad it was growing up hearing all the racial tones of my community, but I am even further sadden to say that those same old and most undesirable ideas still flow in my community and I wonder, Will they ever truly be gone? Maybe they will, maybe they will when the majority of people realize that God created all races, not just the white race or just the black race, but our creator formed each of us to His liking; God did not look down from heaven and say, “Let us make the white man or black man in our image, but He said let us make man in our image,” and perhaps we all have forgotten that, perhaps we have allowed the fear of our ancestors to rule our hearts and maybe we need to take a long look at the traditions of our upbringing and take responsibility for our wayward ideas. In conclusion, I think we all should stand up and say enough is enough to ourselves; it is time for all races to embrace each other as brothers and sisters; it is time that we all band together to shatter the embedded racism of our souls.

Say No To Racism


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    • Miss D profile image

      Miss D 8 years ago from Ireland

      Hear, hear! In Ireland now racism is rearing it's ugly head because for so long, the people here were insulated - they migrated to other countries but no-one bothered coming here as there was nothing to offer. Since the celtic tiger other nationalities flocked here offering their various expertise but now in times of recession it's "Go back to your own countries!" They forget about the millions of irish who are in other countries benefiting in those societies. We should all be happy to mingle and help each other.