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Was Emperor Constantine Hitler's Role Model

Updated on January 2, 2015

Constantine the Great

Constantine was so great at what he did that he has many admirers and one of these was obviously Hitler. While WWII is now far behind us the workings of the one identified as 666 continues. His influence is in every form of government, law courts, religious policies and even the gods that people worship. He rose from a junior prince of the Roman Empire to its sole ruler within the space of a few short years.

The Roman Emperor that many think of as a saint was in fact the biggest rogue in history. He lied, cheated, manipulated, stole, murdered hundreds of thousands and was far from what most people would think him to be. Historians tend to write for the blood thirsty exploits of their heroes rather than to condemn them for what they are. So he gained favor as the so-called good emperor who converted to Christianity to bring peace and cohesion to the world over which he reigned.

What he did, in fact, was to invent the image of Jesus Christ and to establish the Roman Catholic Church around it. He changed the ancient Mother God into the Mother of God and he put up the false gods to preserve his power and to gain more control through the parliament he employed as the Vatican. He built that over the temple of Jupiter and put in place an enormous conspiracy that would last for almost 2,000 years.

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Hitler Takes an Example of Leadership

Constantine was declared a god to his people. He spoke as a god and his word was law. He had power over lands and nations stretching from the Middle East to the British Empire and from present day Germany to the regions of Northern Africa. In the mix were people of different cultures, languages (even dialects), religions and loyalties.

Mostly they resented Roman rule and the forces that exercised control over them. Punishment for dissenters would be swift and harsh. As a witness to the difficulties rulers faced when Constantine rose to the purple on the death of his father there were five emperors seated on thrones, his father was one of them. Two others, Diolcletian and Maximian, were about to retire, and that they did. He disposed of Maxentius, son of Maximian, through a stunning victory just outside of Rome. The last one, Valerius, he manipulated against and finally he too fell to his sword.

That left Crispus, his eldest son, whom he had appointed to help with the last victory. Soon after its completion he organised for his death on the grounds that he was a traitor. Constantine did not only kill off his opponents but wiped out their entire families and the armies that had served them. That was done to avoid any come-back from someone who might one day challenge his right to their thrones.

In This Sign Conquer

According to Eusebius, Constantine's bishop at court, the emperor saw the cross in the sun and was told "in this sign conquer." He reportedly also heard the voice of Christ telling him what to do. Whether this is true or not is debatable as the writings credited to the cleric have been branded forgeries (Mattingly)

Constantine used the cross, the oldest symbol in the Roman empire, as his talisman. He had it borne before him and in Rome he had it erected in the streets. The soldiers had it on their uniforms and armory. But this had been the case before so it was not new for an emperor to do this.

Zosoman, a contemporary author, noted that he used the cross for his purposes. He also noted that Constantine "knew from the first what he meant to do". This was in reference to the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AC (after Caesar). As he was the god of the empire there was no way he would have wanted to share the glory with another.

The people, however, worshiped the sun as a god and other things and the Imperial Roman Religion had a pantheon of gods at its head. These were always in multiples of three. Thus, Juno, Jupiter and Minerva were the three main ones. This represents a Trinity which was the same in the Greek Pantheons.

The three sides of the god-head came from the Mother earth, Mother sun and Mother of light. This translates in to Mother God, Sun and Spirit when juxtaposed over the Christian gods introduced by Constantine. He forced people to worship the cross and then he placed the figure of Christ on it as the Saviour, In this sense he invented Jesus Christ and Christianity, which followed in its wake.

Constantine used the sun as his source of credibility and he added the man to the cross to make him the most outstanding image. Crucifixion of god-men had been going on for centuries and it was he who abolished it in favor of the one god-man that he created.

He exercised all the power of the first beast before him, and caused the earth and them that dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

And he does great wonders, so that he makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.

And deceived them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.

And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. Revelation 13:13-15

The beast he followed was Nebuchadnezzar who also made an image and forced everyone to worship it. He gave his image a voice through the religion he established and through himself. Later it was the Pope who had the voice.

The cross is a weapon of war.

It was used by Constantine to force people to worship a false god so that he could maintain power and control.

It was used by Hitler in exactly the same way. So why do people worship it and use it as a sacred icon?

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Hitler Used the Cross

Like Constantine Hitler used the cross as his sign. He had it placed on the uniforms of his soldiers and positioned in places of power. He is seen with it as Constantine must have been also depicted with the cross in the sun. In fact his symbolism is from Babylon.

The first Islamic religion of Babylon was Zoroaster. 'Zoro' means 'dawn' and 'aster' is 'star'. Worship of the morning sun carried through to all religions born of it. Japan still uses the rising sun on its flag. Other nations have it prominently displayed in other ways. The symbol of this religion was the swastika, also used by the Fuhrer over his army.

The Australian soldier has the rising sun on his hat as an emblem. The five pointed star of Mother God sits on the shoulder of generals in armies around the world. The five star general is the highest. There are five sides to the pulpits in Christian churches. The Muslims pray five times a day while facing Mecca. That is taken from 'Ma-x-a' or 'Mother's powerful cross'. The Islamic God Allah is from 'Ell-a" where 'El' means god and 'Ell' is a female name. 'El-a' is 'god-s power' and that was seen in the sun. The flag of Islam has the five pointed star in the crescent moon where the crescent represents her mate.

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Drawn in By Emotions

Hitler used people in the same way that Constantine did. He removed his opponents so that he could rise to the top. He took away all religious connections. He persecuted and murdered millions of Jews and those others whom he did not like. He raided, plundered, murdered, stole, and he invaded other countries and tried to eliminate culture while mowing down the leaders and anyone with influence. All this in the style of his mentor.

Wikipedia notes that "the Nazi Party began to eliminate all political opposition and consolidate their power." After the death of Hindenburg in 1942 the offices of chancellery and President became one with Hitler now dictator. Like Constantine he connived to attain sole rule.

Some historians claim that the aim of the Nazi Party under Hitler was to eradicate all religious churches and to wipe out Christianity from Germany. he certainly intended to wipe out the Jewish religion as well. This leads one to think that if he had won the war he would have started his own religion with his own image placed in the temple as the supreme god, Religion is power and people learn through their churches and preachers how to defy the government. Unless that religion is conducted according to the rule of the dictator then there is no control.

There are too many similarities in the reign and design of Hitler to that of the Roman Emperor for it to be a coincidence. While there is no solid evidence to go on except the observations available and the recorded policies of the Nazi's, who were doing the bidding of their emperor, it is strong enough to claim that Constantine was, for all intents and purposes, as ruthless, manipulative and murderous as his distant follower.

Neither is the kind of person one would claim warrants calling them a saint and yet the Roman Catholic Church has made Constantine one. But then again, why wouldn't it. It's entire credibility depends on his having done the will of God.

Dictators remove anything and anyone that is a threat to their power

Religion is the biggest threat and eradicating churches meant leaving his opponents without a voice or a place to meet to plot against him.

The Parallel Between Hitler and Constantine

Dictators close down anything that can oppose them as shown by Hitler. While not much is published about this in regards to Constantine it is possible to cite the parallel as something akin to what he must have been like.

What kind of man kills millions, murders members of his own family and is so shrewd as to put up an image for worship that is no threat to his power. It is no threat because he created it, that's what the book of Revelation claims. The Roman emperor did not convert to Christianity he invented the image on which the whole of the movement is based.

Hitler tried to eradicate it from his empire because of the threat it posed.It had many branches and many philosophies within them. Powerful people could rise up and persuade the populace if not stopped. That's why Constantine abolished all the religions in his empire and gave them back the one he controlled as something to worship.

If he had had the chance there is no doubt in my mind that Hitler would have done the same.

Hitler's Cross

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