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Updated on March 3, 2014

Germany's Aces of World War I

Erich Löwenhardt (April 7, 1897 - August 10, 1918) was the 3rd highest German flying ace with 54 victories during the First World War, behind only Manfred von Richthofen and Ernst Udet.

Löwenhardt was born in Breslau, Silesia, Germany (a son of a Doctor). As a prewar cadet he was 17 when hostilities erupted in August 1914 and saw infantry action in the East with the Imperial German Army. In weeks he had been commissioned, decorated, and wounded, but returned to his unit in the Carpathians. In early 1915 he received the Iron Cross 1st Class for saving five wounded men.

Erich Lowenhardt

Aces of World War One

Upon transfer to the Imperial German Army Air Service, Löwenhardt qualified as an observer, then finished pilot training in 1916. Following additional service in two-seaters he transferred to fighters and joined Jagdstaffel 10 in March 1917. "Jasta" 10 was one of four squadrons in Manfred von Richthofen's geschwader (wing), and the 20-year-old flier soon made a name for himself. By year end he had eight victories, and upon doubling his score he became the commander of Jasta 10.

Oberleutnant Löwenhardt was an aggressive, skilled fighter whose score grew steadily. At the end of May 1918 he received Germany's highest honour, the Pour le Mérite (Blue Max) after 24 kills. Flying the new Fokker D.VII, he added eight more in June and no fewer than 16 in July. His tally climbed to 53 on August 9.

The next day (August 10, 1918) Oblt. Löwenhardt shot down a British fighter near Chaulnes (Somme area of France). However, he collided with another Fokker D.VII (of Jasta 11) and though he jumped from his aircraft, his parachute failed to open, thus causing the young man to plummet to his death from around 12,000 feet. His body was recovered 4 days later, battered and beaten. He was 21.

Leutnant Alfred Wenz, who collided with him, successfully bailed out and lived...

Books About World War One in the Air - Aces of World War One

Fokker DR.1 Triplane

The Fokker Dr.1 Triplane, one of the aircraft that most of the German Aces used during the Great War. Equipped with the 110 hp Oberurel rotary engine and twin Spandau machine guns that could be fired independently, this airplane had an excellent rate of climb and could match the Camel for maneuverability.

Erich Lowenhardt

Erich Lowenhardt
Erich Lowenhardt

Pfalz Aircraft of WWI:

A Centennial Perspective

on Great War Airplanes (Volume 5)

This is the newest book from World War One Author Jack Herris. Illustrations by Bob Pearson and Martin Digmayer, cover art by Aaron Weaver and cover design by Steve Anderson. This new book covers the development of Pfalz aircraft that most of the German Aces of World War One flew. The new book contains 530 photographs, 28 in full color, 81 color profiles, 10 color illustrations, serial number of aircraft. Also aircraft dimensions and performance specs. 1/72 and 1/48 scale drawings are included of 15 Pfalz aircraft types.

Erich Lowenhardt and Lothar Von Richthofen

Erich Lowenhardt and Lothar Von Richthofen
Erich Lowenhardt and Lothar Von Richthofen

Death of Erich Lowenhardt - Aces of World War 1

WERNER VOSS | Rival of the Red Baron
Werner Voss (April 13, 1897-September 23, 1917) was a World War I German fighter pilot and ace. Born in Krefeld, the first son of an industrial dyer, Voss wa...

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Josef Jacobs was the 8th highest ace with 48 victories. Lieutenant Josef Karl Peter Jacobs (1894-1978) was one of Germany's leading air aces of the First Wor...

MAX IMMELMANN | World War One Ace
Max Immelmann was the first pilot to be awarded the Pour le Mérite, Germany's highest military honour. The medal became colloquially known as the "Blue...

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Have You Ever Heard of Erich Löwenhardt? - The Great War in the Air

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