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Everyone Has Problems - Why YOU Shouldn't Give Up so Easily

Updated on May 30, 2015

Everyone has problems, soccer stars included. ;) In an open discussion with David Beckham, he shared his personal problems with the rest of the students, telling how the other facet of his life is like. Who says that a journey of a successful man will always be that smooth sailing? we always assumed so because from the surface, it seems like the person is doing well and life is so unfair.

In life, there will be a lot of instances where you think, 'why is he so lucky? why does he has anything and everything? why is that guy not ME?' and sigh. well, from the video you can see that Beckham went through a lot before he became who he is right now, he had times where he struggled during his active career as a footballer, did badly on the field. whatever problems you think he may face as a soccer player, he encountered them before. missing free kicks and stuff, all part and parcel of being a soccer player. ordinary ppl like us is the same. we have all encountered problems, obstacles and issues that we thought is unsolvable. in fact, NO.

Many a times, we give up easily as we are stuck with a slightly more difficult problem. let me just give you a commonplace example, have you ever been in a situation where you are srsly broke but you wanna buy something like a ps4 game which is out of your budget? you contemplate for damn long and in the end decided not to buy it just because it is too expensive for you. my question for all who were in the same dilemma is, have you tried looking for other places for cheaper options? the important thing is have you tried your best in getting what you want?

Regardless of what kind of problems you may be facing, i.e relationship issues, financial problem, career downfall, bad grades, there must be another way out. I know it because many ppl have made it through even worse situation than most of us here. if they can do it, so can we. so to all that matters and the future me, don't give up too early, make an effort to try something new.

'impossible - i m possible'

Cheers! :)

© 2014 Wong Seng Wee


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