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The “False Flag” Of America

Updated on April 18, 2013

The “False Flag”

The “False Flag”
The “False Flag” | Source

The “False Flag” Of America

The false flag is defined as giving strength to a clandestine military or paramilitary operations in a fashion to deceive individuals on situations in our world. In other words, deception as to what the government is supposedly hiding organizations behind aggressive attacks on our nation . This is a popular subject on the Internet and in conversation. It is unfortunate to have a feeling in this direction where Americans have always stood together in a crisis. The conspiracy media and others that feel this way toward our government or civilians is over-whelming. There is questionable reporting by our national media that the false flag has been raised even higher.

We live in a free America and almost anything can be said about the false flag syndrome that people may believe it to be a truth. Does the issue affect you as an individual? Unfortunately it seems to be stronger than ever in 2013. The events unfolding in our nation has left many Americans in dis-belief of our structured system. This false flag epidemic is not new to us, there is just better communication through the Internet and live news coverage. It can be hard to believe the circumstances at times and leaves an impression that problems are not resolved as we thought..

In fact it is not worth mentioning all the infractions this country has been involved in in recent years. There are many tragedies and remedies Conspiracy theorist will inform you every day what is wrong with the United States and the government. Do you believe in what they have to say? That is the question which is put into our heads when disaster strikes at any time. Black flag is another term that is used in describing what some believe as false flag. It has the same meaning. Reminds this author of John Lennon, “Can’t We All Just Live in Peace and Harmony?” He was very right about our country many years ago. The term false flag is fairly new but the meaning has been around for centuries. We have the Internet to inform us of the negative and positive of our world and how one interprets the information is how you draw your conclusion..

The positive is we are today a free nation and able to make decisions based on what we want to accept or not. If you want to believe in the false flag then it is your choice. We can make our choices based on opinion or fact. The facts are hard to find if not impossible.

The “False Flag” Positive Information

The Media Keeps You Going

As a nation without Internet we relied upon news sources to inform us of government and the civilians that live in our nation. That was back in time, now we have streaming coverage of the immediate circumstance of news breaking events. This is not good as it causes everyone to draw their own opinion with no stated facts. The news media has been divided by two governing parties of the country. Then there are independent news associates that will cater to every belief you may have. The conspiracy news for example is a private news entity that reports what it sees happening in our country and some believe this. We are divided as a nation of humans that are confused. Is this the fault of the government or some other organization in the world? You will never know.

When a person works twelve to fourteen hours a day to make a living and comes home. The last thing he or she wants to discuss is the false flag issues. There is money to be distributed to food and clothing to take care of our families. We spend time with our children and enjoy the weather and have picnics. Too much hype could be the problem of this media scaring half of the country. If you sit down and search this information out and live by media, it would make you worn out. Stress is a killer and what goes on in this country is important. What can you do to change it? Sometimes we have to take the positive and focus on the good and there would be no false flag about the world.

People make lots of money in reporting the negative and will always be a part of your life as long as the electricity is on. Christians know very well what is going on with our country and we don’t need any more blood and gore. We read about this in the bible, and you may not be a Christian that is your choice. We are a nation that needs to get back to our homes and children and raise them to be good citizens. Teach the positive about what we do know from history and this false flag assumption may start to leave room for enjoyment.


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