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Secrets Of Isis: Its Strongholds And Weaknesses And What It Means For The Future.

Updated on September 6, 2016

All nations agree that this is the most dangerous organised terrorist group ever formed. From performing public executions to controlling vast territories with untamed support from most of the locals, experts agree that this is history in the making.

With ruthless super military power and attacks to the most impenetrable of places, we can't help but wonder how long until the next attack takes place. It is already engraved into our minds and hearts that such attacks are innevitable, creating a pesimistic fear of the unknown.

The long agonising denials by the government that such groups are not strong enough, futile assurances of safety in our doorsteps and countless drone strikes being undertaken only confirm our worst of fears, we might not be prepared enough for the war ahed.


However, I do not write this article to instill fear to my readers, I come with reason that hopefully has more solutions in the answers than the actions being undertaken.

To defeat extra-ordinary terrorists you need super-ordinary tactics. Such tactics do not include doing the all expected attacks, rather, outsmarting your opponents by doing the unnexpected, thus taking your enemy by suprise. This does not just ensure that your enemy is defeated, but also, the enemy has no power to ever rise again.

Terrorists have one thing in common, strategy. To understand a terrorist, you need to be like one. I don't mean joining Isis, no. Simply try to think of what you would need in order to form a group.

Immediate things that come to mind are:

  • Weapons [obviously]
  • Money to buy artillery, food supplies and to pay specialists, experts and fighters.
  • A volnurable location, mostly wartorn areas with valuable resources to build your fortress.
  • Trustworthy suppliers of weapons, mobile phones, fuel and vehicles that will not rat you out.
  • Spies and informants from the government.

Knowing your enemy well enough will ensure ultimate success. Looking at each needed item is important to understand why such things are crucial:



Weapons are important for the frontline fighters, where they need constant supplies of bullets, grunades and bombs. Some terrorists plan such a war way ahed, knowing the amount of weapons they will need to ensure their first wins. Waging such a war is dangerous, but also crucial.

To win such a war is important in order to get investors, media coverage and more fighters. However, in order to do this, a risk has to be taken. Weapons that will be used need to be in fighting positions before the first attack.

Terrorists know what exactly follows after the first attack, the government runs to secure all loopholes, so that weapons cannot enter to support them, but they plan this well ahed of time.

Such actions provide the first volnurability of defeating terrorists. Supplying weapons in massive quantities is easy to catch and stop. The next obvious targets of terrorists after the first attack is police and millitary camps. Such places are filled with weapons that could take them endless months without outsourcing.

To ensure this doesn't happen, weapons should be transferred to top secret facilities and only supplied in urgent need.

2. Money

Money is crucial in keeping a terrorism group together. Such a group cannot be started with locals. Rich millionares fund such groups, for immediate and future profits.

In countries where mineral resources are abundant, and political instability is common, there lays a level ground for a greedy race. Some millionares race to such places for benefits that could never be experienced anywhere else.

Such people ensure that there is no government to tax them, and no oversight to question their motives. As long as they play a double role of funding both the innactive government and the terrorist groups, they know they are safe.

In exchange, they get an assured constant supply of important minerals with instant riches.

A keen eye is needed, where transparency is needed in worldwide money transactions, to ensure accurate accountability for every penny spent.


3. Location

Location is everything. A terrorist group needs somewhere safe, but also vulnarable. They need a place where they have majority supporters who share similar ideologies. These are people who are angry, and most probably dont like the government.

A location with people who are mostly uneducated is easy to controll. People who have seen poverty all their lives and no known developments from the government, a place where it is easy to convince people that your terrorist activities are for the right course, where a minor development like schooling ensures sufficient support despite a ruthless governing, is a superb location.

Such places have to be monitored and evaluated, to prevent the rise and growth of extreamism.

4. Suppliers

From modern warfare technologies to all important vehicles for easy manuvering, must make you wander, where do they come from?

A secured and highly top secret exchange route, where only the most trusted terrorist intelligence is sent, is built. Mostly disguised as local essential products, for the most dangerous weapons, such a risk is not worth the effort.

In order to execute such a mission, a route has to be built where no one can see, not even the most powerful of satelites. It has to be dug underground.

Many of such supply routes have been discovered, evidence that they exist. There is no exact method or tactic for stopping such routes. Most methods are highly controversial and I prefer not to discuss them.

5. Spies and informants

One reason why it took such a long time to catch Osama Bin Laden was that he always had first hand intelligence of the governments plans.

One reason for the vast growth of major terrorist organisations like Isis is attributed to the intelligence they receive. They have access to the exact attacking positions and execution plans, thus paving way for enough preparations to counter such plans.

They have the upper hand. To counter this, executable plans should be discussed only in the outmost secrecy, passing information through top secret coding and ensuring such messages reach only trusted personnel.

Plans should be easily changed without prior warning and to an extent whereby not even the smartest of terrorist could have guessed.


Suggestions can never win a war, only actions can. With looming threats increasingly realistic to many of us, new strategies have to be implemented in order to ensure our safety, but always remember you can never be safe enough.

As we look to the future, we don't know the exact terror that lies ahed, but if we can't handle our present threats, we are surely not ready for the future.


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