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Unclaimed Money Bonanza

Updated on February 7, 2013

How to find and get a hold of your unclaimed money and property

According to a 2008 CNN report there is as much as 38 Billion dollars in unclaimed assets out there simply waiting to be returned to it's rightful owners.

In these tough economic times wouldn't it be nice to ensure you have all the assets that are your due?

These funds include (but are not limited to):

Bank accounts and safe deposit box contents

Stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and dividends

Uncashed cashier's checks or money orders

Certificates of deposit

Matured or terminated insurance policies


Mineral interests and royalty payments, trust funds, and escrow accounts.

In these tough economic times isn't it worth just a little bit of effort to ensure none of this money is YOURS.

Discover how to find and get a hold of your unclaimed money and property.

Locate Unclaimed Money
Locate Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed Money

Does the US government have my money?

Most of finding your unclaimed doing searches in the individual states.

Every state keeps it's on pool of money from residents and onetime residents and most money is considered "lost" because of improper addressing information.

*That does not mean that the US Government itself does not have pools of money waiting for you.

One of the main pots of money the government is holding for it's citizens is unclaimed bonds.

Right now the US Government is holding over 17 Billion dollars in unclaimed matured savings bonds. If you have ever been a recipient of savings bonds it is easy to do a quick search of the treasury database.

Treasury Bonds Hunt

Find Out more about Unclaimed Property - Find your unclaimed money

Find out more about locating and collecting your unclaimed property in one of these guides from

Making Money Online
Making Money Online

How to Find Your Unclaimed Money

Getting Money from the applicable states.

Most of the money you will find will be from different states.

You should check:

1. Every state you have lived

2. Every state where a deceased close relative has lived

Even checking all 50 states (not needed) really does not take that long.

Pretty simple, huh?

You may have nothing. You may only have $49.95 from a returned utility bill you missed when you moved, but you could always have that 45,000$ surprise waiting for you. (If you get 45,000 + an Amazon gift card would be greatly appreciated, thank you!) ;)

Something to Get with your New Found Wealth

Hopefully you found a little (or a lot) of the property and money that is out there for you. If you did of course hopefully you will wisely invest and use the money.

But if you want to get a Special "Thanks You" gift for someone special in your life, here are a few idea's:

Make Money Online
Make Money Online

What Money are you Hoping to Get

See results

Hopefully you found some success in finding either a little or a lot of unclaimed money. If not make sure to check every couple of years. You never know when you might get lucky.

Please let me know what you think. Or your personal stories (either success or failure)

Let me know what you think.

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    • SgtCecil profile image

      Cecil Kenmill 5 years ago from Osaka, Japan

      I heard about unclaimed money. My brother did this. He got less than five dollars. He doesn't know where it came from. I think the state just felt sorry for him. Nice lens if I want to give it a try.

    • ussiandiram profile image

      ussiandiram 5 years ago

      i want to have the money tree

    • avigarret profile image

      avigarret 6 years ago

      Sadly I can't use the sites since I'm not from the US, but the idea is extremely cool, thank you for sharing!

    • profile image

      baby-strollers 6 years ago

      This is a super cool idea, may have to research it a little more.