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Updated on September 1, 2015


Months before the Supreme Court upheld same sex marriages, I put away my battle gear and resolved myself to the fact that America was going to hell in a basket. However after reading what Kim Davis did, I dusted off my battlegear and put it back on. I did not put it back on in order to discriminate against individuals who practice homosexuality but I put it back on to stand proudly for the sanctity of heterosexual marriages. And, also to remind the citizens of America, that from a Christian perspective, the United States was intended to be the New Israel.


While the founding of the United States was not perfect, its incorporation provided the basic kernels of Christianity and democracy. For sure those kernels had a precarious start; yet, those life-giving kernels had all of the necessary ingredients that they needed to developed into one of the greatest countries in the world.


But just as Israel failed to live by the religious and civil statues that Yahweh demanded; the United States has failed to live by the Christian precepts that it endorsed. Instead, the debauchery that sent the Northern Kingdom into exile and that precipitated the destruction of the Southern Kingdom, has been legally indoctrinated into the laws of America.


In Kentucky, one of its local citizens took on the Supreme Court. No, she will not emerge victorious but she stood by her Christian convictions. Consequently every individual who professes to be a soldier for the Kingdom of God needs to take note of the public stance that Kim Davis made and follow in her footsteps. Perhaps, if an uncountable number of feet on the ground, man their position, in time, America's Christians might be able to circumvent some of the egregious laws that require Christian to perform what they perceive to be an "unchristian" act. Nevertheless, in the annals of Christianity, Kim Davis' actions are tantamount to the missionary accomplishments of the Apostle Paul. Certainly Kim is a 21st century Christian trailblazer. Ah, but she is a trailblazer who will need those supporters who stood in the back and cheered "Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord" to graciously come out of their pockets and financially bless her courageous stance.


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