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Where are we heading?

Updated on May 15, 2010

Today i just want to let u know where we are whats going on in our country..
have ever u noticed the peoples who got benefits from NRO are approx 8641. and if these people mutually finance to our country we don need any kerry bill.. these peoples are eationg our country who is bearing at the end we the midle upper class have strong hands they will move out to this countyr n poor peoples can beg as they are..  the middle class is bearing all expenses taxex..

If we talk about law n order it is also for us not for high class ministers beurocrtaes, technocrates etc…
why this nation is standing and coming out see where the utility bills have raised up oh my god, right now there is continous load shedding and still increase of 12% and in april 6%more in electricity bilss,
same like for gas 18% increase in bill..wat the ubish is going on who is to see and check..

why for this we pole a vote to this party,..

fine i admit dictatorship is thoushnd times worse then jahumriat.. but if this type of jahmuriat is sorry to say i would love to go back in musharraf decade.. not because i like him but because of his policies .. why the reason is a coomon man is least concerned whoever is on top seat he needs basic commodities gas electricity,wheat, sugar..
if these things are not easily n at cheap rates available do hell with this jamhuriat…

The question is there is not fault in this country peoples neither the ruling class the fault is in system.. a system should be changed….
waqt yeh agaya hai k msg is far cheaper then a roti.. ashame on us..
whenever there is resolution is passed against dron atacks right next day or same day we see in news dron attack at etc etc place.. isnt shamefull..
now see what that americans said screening at airports for pakistan peoples. why just because we give them a vip treatment we dont ever check thier lugages is this they r giving reward.. wah ge wah…
its been two years 17th amendment 58/2B still is in or system why not they had removed.. why

What i want to say is that we r being forced at a certain stage where no one can think further except to get ata cheeni n gas electricity… n at end we say somebody look after our weapons atomic bombs we cant do any thing.. huh isnt this rubish,,,
if we go back in year 2000 this cng was brought to save our dollars rather then to pay for petrol import…
this industry is nw near about 1.5arab rps n this govt is thinking to finish..there are 3000 cng pumps in our country n out of them 58% is in province punjab and 42% rest in other provinces now 3000 means say aprox 15000 dirct peoples who r earning from it the workers security guards labor n now come to the workshops how many are they have u noticed a huge industry is going tobe collaped and how many peoples r going to be umemployed…

Already there is lot of umemployment what the hell this govt is doing
do hell with nfc if all the four chief minisers r gathered at a single platform i ask what is the benifit to a common man..we r not against balochi sindhi pathan or punjabi no one is agianst its al just created by politicians the rulers.. bla bla is agianst this province….
in end i wana ask what is the benfit to common man if 17th amendment or 58/2B or NFC Award or jamhuriat if we dont have anything at cheap rate day by day our curency is devaluing…what we r having,,,its shamefulll
i can just pray n a message to be united and come out as i said before year 2009 lot of blood wasted now in year 2010 there should be evolution…
although i m not in favour because inqilab jab bhe ata hai bht khoon bheta hai but ab humay is ki zaroorat hai
a strong countries always keep revelotution and evelotuion side by side 80/20 ratio so system never be desatble..
thanks and once again think be4 its to late already we had suffered alot n don know if this system didnt changed how much we hhave to sufer and day by day is difficulties are growing as i havent seen any god time for last two years regardig a comn man said i am happy with this govt…


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      8 years ago

      good yaaaaar


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