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Forced into Prostitution and Drug Dealing

Updated on February 3, 2017

Horror Stories

We have all heard about the horror stories of human trafficking, drug lords and prostitution. Hearing these stories is the norm and affects so many people in South Africa. We read the stories, watch the YouTube videos and remain shocked that such horror is a reality. It is in fact not a new story, but a never ending story of continued abuse with little hope of ending. It is the painful and sad endings for children who once had opportunities to live a life of success and experience the beauty of life, shortened by the effects of drugs.

There are areas that have been earmarked or perhaps chosen because of the density, for the activities of drug lords, trafficking and prostitution. Mostly these areas are rundown, dirty and a place people would not visit. Hillbrow previously referred to as the trendy cosmopolitan city and a safe place to live. Yet, today, it is a city where people dare not wonder, for fear of being hijacked, kidnapped, robbed or murdered.

Rosettenville is located in the south of Johannesburg and many years ago were home to white middle class families. After the vote for democracy in 1994, the area started crumbling as service delivers took its toll and an influx of immigrants settled in the city. An average three-bed roomed house was turned into about twenty to thirty rooms and hired to people desperate for a place to stay. A house with one bathroom facility was soon shared between a hundred people. The filth from overcrowding soon spiraled into the open roads, causing an infestation of rats and cockroaches. Both of these two areas are dangerous and it is where danger lurks on every corner.

Focus on Rosettenville Drug operation

Drug lords began operating in earnest, every second house was a drug den. Drugs were no longer a difficulty to get; there were a large variety and eager people selling to addicts. The South African Police patrolled down the dark streets of Rosettenville not attempting to arrest the perpetrators but rather collect bribes and keep the thriving drug activity booming. Once in a while, a drug lord would be arrested but alas, within a day was out on the streets continuing the sleazy drug operation.

Young girls, school children, were lured into the dark world of drugs, by forcing them to take drugs, and keep them addicted. Once in the hands of the evil satanic people, these youngsters would be under a pimp who would force them into prostitution for money and drugs. These young girls and sometimes males were victims were often beaten, raped and endured hostile behavior from pimps.

Prostitution began to thrive as young girls, white, black and colored pranced down the streets looking for customers. Hooked onto drugs and the need for the next injection of heroin, crack or crystal meth, these girls some as young as twelve years old would forget about school, family or friends. It was a case of survival and getting money for a quick fix.

Neighboring areas soon saw the rise of high walls, security gates, links to armed response companies, and electric fencing as the dark elements of Rosettenville began invading the decent places for new business.

Is there hope for the South African Drug Problem

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No happy ending.

The evil surrounding the drug infested areas has affected families from all over South Africa, and there are some terrible stories of rape and torture. The drug lords have no mercy, it is all about money and there is not a shred of compassion for the suffering caused.

Most of the young girls exposed to drugs and prostitution become AIDS/HIV-infected and develop Tuberculosis (TB). This is a death sentence and often the youngsters do not reach the age of thirty. TB itself is a killer, but contracting the disease with AIDS/HIV spells disaster and leaves little hope of survival.

The world of drugs, the evil and mastery behind the drug lords does not make it easy for families to rescue their children. The endless heartache for parents who have to endure the horror of not knowing what is happening to their children tells a story of bitterness and shame. While it is not entirely true that all victims under the influence of pimps and drug lords are kidnapped by the evil beings, there are the children who willing take drugs due to peer pressure, social influences and dares.

Drug and Prostitution

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A True Story

Sometimes, people will take the chance of exposing the racketeering. A decent family who is neighbors to a drug den in Rosettenville often witnesses some strange occurrences. Last week they saw young male enter the house, probably to buy drugs. An hour later, an elderly man with the assistance of the police entered the house, demanding the release of the youngster. The entire house was searched and there was no sign of the boy. The noise from the shouting alerted the neighbors who called to the old man telling him the boy was still in the house. The drug lords hid the child in the roof in an attempt of keeping him hooked to drugs. Fortunately the boy was released into his parent's care and is now receiving rehabilitation.

The neighbors reported a sinister happening when a young girl entered the house followed by her mother who demanded the evil drug lords to let her daughter go. They refused, laughing and mocking the woman, who adamantly tried to get her daughter out of the house of sin. The woman was forcibly raped in front of her daughter. The mockers laughed and joked about the stupid white woman. Eventually, the evil scumbags let the two women leave. They immediately alerted the neighbor who called the police for assistance.

This particular house has been a horror home for many and the neighbors have had to take extra precaution to secure their livelihood. The neighbors have given up on calling the police for assistance, as it has now appeared to be a waste of time. Either their calls are not recorded or the lack of interest does not stop the drug lords and pimps from continuing with their wrongdoings. Often when police officers do arrive to investigate a claim, nothing happens. It is always, a quick walk into the house and soon speeding off flashing their blue lights. The lack of tackling the drug problem by the police officers often causes citizens not to respond to the urgency associated with this crime.

Drug Den in Rosettenville

A glimmer of hope

A special investigating unit has undertaken to crack down on drug and prostitution in South Africa. This unit has issued a video recording of their excellent work and shows the dark side of street life and the commitment of people who care. This group of authorities travel all over South Africa in an attempt to combat the sinister gangs operating freely. Perhaps it is a little to late to combat and close down the evil deeds of drug lords or perhaps the intensive efforts given by the special investigating unit sheds a glimmer of hope. There are parents who have not seen their children for more than five years and have exhausted all efforts of finding them alive.

Drugs abuse in South Africa has spiraled out of control over the last twenty years and the law enforcement do not cope with the escalation of crime attached to drugs. The bribery is a cause of not controlling this satanic crime and the future for children remains uncertain in South Africa.


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