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Believe Donald Trump when he tells you who he is!

Updated on June 10, 2016

He loves beautiful blonde women

The Republican Party is unabashedly conservative and believes in small government. They have expressed concerns about getting Hispanics and African Americans in the Party in order to win future elections. After many major missteps, the first thing they need to do is “Dump Donald Trump.”

The Donald we knew

Until Barak Obama ran for president, Donald Trump was most widely known for womanizing. What better way to make sure that he is around women than to own the Miss Universe Pageant. He has traded in an aging wife for a younger model twice. He talked about women in explicit sexual and derogatory language openly and unashamedly.

He got goals!!!

Since Donald Trump laid out his vision for the United States, what do we know about his policy goals.

  1. Build a wall along the southern border to keep the illegals (Mexicans) out and around up all of the illegals (Mexicans) in the United States and take them to the Border.
  2. Stop all Muslims from coming into the country … until he figures it all out.
  3. Do not import goods/services from foreign countries.
  4. Bring jobs back to America!

Donald Trump was speaking the language of many, many people. The Ku Klux Klan “love” every squirt of venom that drops from his forked tongue. Internet trollers who must stay under cover of pseudonyms are exhilarated. Men who want to blame illegal aliens (Mexicans) for taking all of the jobs are vindicated.

He looks like a joke but this is real!

Republicans seriously underestimated Donald Trump and he crushed the competition. They kept waiting for Donald Trump to go away. Much to their chagrin, many people were voting for him, giving him validation. Wait a minute! Who was voting for him in overwhelming numbers? Not Hispanics! Not African Americans! Not a large majority of women!

Trying to make the best of a bad situation

Republican “leaders” think they will elect Trump and he will be happy posting pictures of himself through the White House and the Oval Office. Maybe he will fly a few blondes around on Air Force 1. While he is preoccupied, they can then move forward with the Republican agenda. NOT! Donald Trump is a narcissist and he wants all of the attention on himself which he proves every day. He will mess with Kim Jong-un or Vladimir Putin or do something else to turn attention to him. I’ve been thinking, “Let him go to North Korea! Maybe they will arrest him!” You can be sure he will upset the already troubled state of international affairs. He’s encouraging everyone to make their own nukes! Like he said, "If somebody hits me first, I will hit them back. AND I will hit them hard!"

Cursing huh?

Republicans you are in deep yogurt! Every couple of days, Trump upsets the grenade cart. One day they support him. The next day they denounce him. The next day they meet and say, "We have got to be united!" Donald Trump does not want to unite. Donald Trump does not like you guys. He ran against the Republican Part. Stop the bleeding!

Everyone is talking about an alternative. Some righteous, brave Davidic Republican should step up. Ben Sasse! David French! Paul Ryan! Nikki Haley! Come on guys! If not you, then WHO?

You may lose the vote of those that Donald Trump attracts. If you do, praise God! Do you really need Donald Trump supporters! No! They are divisive. Donald Trump can't have a rally without a riot. Nothing good will happen if he becomes president.

And those 2+ Corinthians

All of those supposed "evangelical" Christians that they were being entered into a contest. They all wanted a prize. They would have confessed to being the two Corinthians if it would help them win. The Bible tells us to depend on God for everything. That does not necessarily mean vote for a Christian. It means vote for someone with good moral character.

Final warning - not a threat!

I am neither Republican or Democrat. Reluctantly I say I am "Independent" but that carries baggage also. From now on I will say "no party affiliation." In the meantime, if Republicans do not dump Trump, the shellacking from the Democrats could be historic. Everything about this election is historic.

The Republicans can save the conservative day by nominating a candidate who will help them meet their original goal of increasing the number of Hispanics and African Americans in the party.

Dump Trump or Not

Should Republicans nominate a candidate other than Trump?

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Whom would make a better choice than Donald Trump

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    • dianetrotter profile image

      G. Diane Nelson Trotter 18 months ago from Fontana

      It's amazing how many people vote for him regardless.....regardless of everything! Thank you for commenting dismart.

    • dismart profile image

      David Alexander 18 months ago from Los Angeles

      Trump said "that he can stand in the middle of the street and shoot and kill

      someone and still win" remember he said that now any person with at least 3 working brain cells should be highly pissed at this statement because he just called you a brain dead idiot. Which is what you would have to be to vote for this moron.