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Who is more popular Glenn Beck or Barack Obama?

  1. eculligan profile image72
    eculliganposted 7 years ago

    Who is more popular Glenn Beck or Barack Obama?

    From the demonstration seen on Capitol Hill, Glenn Beck looked to of had millions of Tea Party followers.  It makes me wonder.

  2. point2make profile image81
    point2makeposted 7 years ago

    Obama is more popular but....maybe Glenn Beck is becoming more relevant. Could be  interesting watching these two for the next couple of years

  3. SheriSapp profile image60
    SheriSappposted 7 years ago

    Currently, it seems to me that Beck is the clear winner here. However, the winds of politics can change quickly, and I would never count out the BO political machine.

  4. onegoodwoman profile image77
    onegoodwomanposted 7 years ago

    I simply do not know.  Nor, do I care.

    Might does not make right.

  5. justom profile image69
    justomposted 7 years ago

    Glenn Beck is an idiot and is very popular (to the rest of the non thinking idiots). Mick I hope you really don't know who he is, it would be a terrible disappointment for you :-)

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