Is it really punishment to put the offending officers on paid administrative lea

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  1. cat on a soapbox profile image96
    cat on a soapboxposted 6 years ago

    Is it really punishment to put the offending officers on paid administrative leave?

    re. the UC Davis pepper spray incident:
    Am I missing something??

  2. WD Curry 111 profile image60
    WD Curry 111posted 6 years ago

    That's just for now. More to come as time goes on.

  3. PhoenixV profile image64
    PhoenixVposted 6 years ago

    Here they had a news story where they found out there were whole bunches of people working at the DPS (Dept Public Safety) that were on paid administrative leave. Sent home and being paid for it is more punishment to the taxpayer than anyone.

  4. Doc Snow profile image94
    Doc Snowposted 6 years ago

    I think it depends upon the expectation of what happens next.  If you're sitting at home with nothing to do, and awaiting the end of your professional life, that's a little different than a pleasant paid "time out" for a couple of days.

    That said, I'm not sure the intent of paid administrative leave is punishment; often it's dealt out *before* guilt (or culpability) is determined.  In such cases, I think that public protection is more the intent--if a police officer is abusive, for example, we clearly don't want him or her on the street.  But an allegation is not proof of wrongdoing, so punishment is not yet justified.

  5. NiaLee profile image60
    NiaLeeposted 6 years ago

    yes, they don't get to exercise that power that gets the best of them on others! But as stressed workers always in danger, they ought to be paid before things are determined.

  6. Borsia profile image43
    Borsiaposted 6 years ago

    No it is not. If they did something bad enough to be put on leave it should be without pay. If after it is decided that they should stay there might be reason, like actual innocence, to reimburse them for the time.
    But paid leave is just paid vacation, which most public jobs give far too freely to begin with.

  7. onegoodwoman profile image74
    onegoodwomanposted 6 years ago

    Twenty, ok,     thirty......years ago,

    When my daughter was suspended from the bus riding system of her school district, I told the principle............

    You want me to drive 20 miles South, before work, just to turn around and backtrack, so  that I can drive 30 miles NORTH, to get to work............WHO is being punished?

    SHE rides in a comfortable car, as a solo passenger.............while I must be ready 45 minutes to an hour , earlier...........I must buy the fuel......reducing the value of my payroll check, disrupting my morning routine, and those of her sisters, so that SHE is punished?

    Really, American Parents............doesn't it make more sense to bust her butt and put the pain an punishment on her?

    Yes, we missed it, way back in the           60's and 70's, when we took " punishment" and accountability out of the classroom.

    Does it make ANY sense to you, that my  3rd grader CAN NOT be given a Tylenol for aches, pains and headaches...........CAN NOT be given a resting place in a quiet library, until I can get there, within the hour, and YET my 5th grader can receive " birth  control packages ".......without consent, without notice  because there is a fear of violating  her "privacy"................yet, if she "chooses" to have a baby, who is expected to feed and house it, not get me wrong........I welcome any and all babies into my family.........WHAT I resent, is being told, what I can not punish, guide, counsel, and choose.

    I, see, that I have done far more than answer your question about the police force, and I do admit the mistake of taking over your forum..., but I have said all of this............just to say, the police have their battle ( an honorable one) and the parents of the next generation have theirs.............It STARTS  here.

  8. homesteadpatch profile image77
    homesteadpatchposted 6 years ago

    That isn't punishment at all!  Paid "administrative" leave?  Sign me up!


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