Are you ready for the Trayvon Martin news to end?

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  1. Joelipoo profile image79
    Joelipooposted 7 years ago

    Are you ready for the Trayvon Martin news to end?

  2. Kebennett1 profile image59
    Kebennett1posted 7 years ago

    It is a tragedy any time an innocent person is killed. Whether it is a gang crime, hate crime due to racism, sexuality, class, religion or anything else all people need to stand up and look at this society and the things that are wrong with it. We have adults and teens killing each other and children, toddlers and babies are getting killed because they are in the wrong place at the right time. It keeping this incident fresh in the news changes even one persons outlook and they DON'T reach for a gun or it causes families to be more involved with their children's and teens lives teaching ANTI-racism, ANTI-bigotry, ANTI-gang membership, etc... Then I say keep it on the news and roll the video of the last several years worth of hate crimes as well!

  3. Bigpayno profile image80
    Bigpaynoposted 7 years ago

    I'm actually writing my final in Social Psychology with this incident as inspiration.  I think it is time for the news to end.  I don't think it prevents people from reaching for a gun, I think it keeps racial negativity in the news and is a constant reminder that we will never get past this.  Nothing is ever going to be equal because it's constantly brought up.  My paper is conducting research to determine whether people are found suspicious by color or by appearance, meaning what they are wearing and how they are presenting themselves.  Personally I think Zimmerman should be in jail because he never should have pursued the kid in the first place.  I don't agree with all the racial propositions that have been brought into this.  There were a number of break-ins in the neighborhood the weeks leading up to the incident, and they were black males who were witnessed doing this.  He had a right to consider this kid walking in the rain suspicious because he fit the profile.  He didn't, however, have the right to approach the kid and shoot him regardless of how the altercation went down.  That's my two sense.

  4. d.william profile image74
    d.williamposted 7 years ago

    Definitely time for this story to end.  It has certainly caused extreme division between the races, as i expect, was the true intention of keeping this alive for so long.
    Everyone has an opinion, not based on fact obviously, as there was no one there except the two of them.  So, the real truth will never be known by any of us.  There is so much speculation that it has driven a wedge deeper between the races.  (white, black and Latino).
    We are so quick to judge someone else without knowing all the facts, or not even caring about the facts.  The prisons are over crowded by convictions based on judgementalism and circumstantial evidence.
    The evidence is non existent to place the blame on either person with any certainty.  It is tragic, but we should not be convicting, or blaming anyone, based on our own biased beliefs.


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