Biden's Theft of Classified Docs Is Serious Lets Reorient Our Thoughts

  1. Sharlee01 profile image84
    Sharlee01posted 8 weeks ago

    Can you answer a few direct questions, without pulling out your dance shoes?

    This thread is about President Biden's removing documents from the White House. It is clear there is an ongoing investigation in regards to Trump taking boxes of documents, as well as Pence also taking documents.  At this point, I hope to provoke thoughts on the man that is sitting in the White House.  No, he did it too...  We all know we have three prominent officials that took documents out o the White House. And we all can ascertain there is a huge problem in regards to officials not following the rules.  Let's save that discussion for another time... Hopefully, we can concentrate on the man that is sitting in the White House. We all have witnessed the media dance, the smoke, the "what if" --- let's just reorient to some facts.

    I think a few very basic questions should help reorient the Nation to just what has occurred. Very simple questions, that we all may need to consider. Let's look at facts, not "maybe's" or "this may be the reason he took them"...

    Is it true classified documents have been found at  Joe Biden's office at Penn Center, as well as in his garage, and inside his Delaware home?

    By law, ( standards of handling classified documents)  Did Joe Biden have the right to take Documents from a designated SCIF room? 

    Did Biden remove documents and place them in places that were not secure? Such as an office and his garage, and his home.

    Did he break laws as they stand?

    Is there a possibility Biden could have used these classified documents in a way that could put America's National security at risk? (mind the word possibility)

    What branch of our Government is responsible to conduct oversite on a President in the case he may have put the Nation at a security risk?

    If there is a suspicion that a president has committed a crime that put the nation at a security risk is it not Congress's duty to conduct a speedy investigation to ascertain if the nation's security has been or will be compromised by official actions?

    Do you consider a threat to national security a problem that should be handled with good speed by Congress?

    Or should Congresses' authority in regard to investigating a threat to national security investigations be nullified, and left ultimately and solely up to the DOJ?

    Lastly, your view in regard to  -- Is there a possibility Biden compromised our national security through his carelessness handling of classified documents or purposeful theft? Did his brazen law-breaking put our security in danger?

    1. Fayetteville Faye profile image60
      Fayetteville Fayeposted 8 weeks agoin reply to this

      Before we consider anything else should we understand if President Biden, himself took the documents?  Did he direct a staffer to take them? Did the documents end up in his possession due to sloppy packing?  Isn't this key?  Wouldn't it have to be proven to some degree that he willfully took documents or at least knew of their presence and failed to return them?  I believe that he currently states he was unaware of the documents but did not refuse to turn them over immediately  upon the discovery.

      In terms of the security risk, The White House confirmed that the Department of Justice was reviewing documents with classified markings. Merrick Garland asked U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois John Lausch to review the matter after the Archives referred the issue to the department. Lausch is one of the few U.S. attorneys to be held over from Mr. Trump’s administration.   I don't know, the matter seems to be under investigation on all fronts.  Folks want to see talking heads on their favorite nightly News shows spouting talking points but the DOJ has stated repeatedly that it won't talk about ongoing investigations.

      1. Sharlee01 profile image84
        Sharlee01posted 8 weeks agoin reply to this

        Yes, all good important questions. Questions should have been simply answered weeks ago. He had over two months to develop answers to those questions. If he directed someone else to pack classified documents, It would indicate it would be that person that broke the law if he packed documents not to leave the White House.

        There is no such thing as sloppy packing --- classified documents are viewed in a SCIF.  All that have security clearance would be very aware of that protocol. So, I have no intention of thinking someone else packed them by accident. There has been nothing reported where Biden claims this happened nor has he denied he took them. These are the facts we have so far.

        Your Key is making assumptions, that no one has claimed to be what happened.

        No, it would not need to be proven he took them willingly, they were in his possession, in his home, in his office, in his garage.  He is very aware of how one handles documents.

        If he feels he did not take them, which he has not claimed, he needs to put forward what he knows about the documents under oath.

        Congress has the right to ask him all of these questions, and should. If he did not take them he needs to step up and say that.

        Someone that was not guilty would tell the truth.  He hides, he stumbles past the press, and won't answer questions. I as a citizen want answers from this man. His hide-in-the-basement act does not get with me. He needs to answer all the very questions you posed.


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