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Country France Spends More Time Sleeping and Eating Than Other Countries

Updated on December 24, 2011

According to the 2011 OECD study, the French spends longer periods sleeping than the other countries in the study (listed below)

They spend on average, 8.8 hours a night sleeping. The United States came in second with an average of 8.6 hours of sleep per night.

This is good. Adults in general need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep (according to However, just because the average is over 8 hours does not mean that most people get 8 hours. The average could have been pulled up by the few that sleeps way lots. Some survey according to suggest that Americans get about 6.5 hours of sleep per night.

French Like To Take Time Eating and Drinking

The French also likes to take their time during meals.  So if you go to France, don't rush the wait staff, nor eat in a hurry.  That is not their style.   Allow for plenty of time at the restaurant.

According to the survey, they spend 2.7 hours "eating and drinking" per day.  Drinking is including in the meal time because they sometimes like to have wine with their meals.

On the other end of the spectrum, Mexico gets by with just about an hour of eating and drinking per day (66 minutes to be exact).  Remember that is supposedly three meals per day.

For United States, it is 74 minutes (or one hour and 14 minutes) per day.  That is not a lot of time spent on meals.  Probably this low number is accounted for by the people who skipped breakfast or get by quick in fast food places.

Countries Involved in the Study

OECD stands for Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development.  

The countries involved sleeping study are France, United States, Spain, New Zealand, Turkey, Australia, Canada, Poland, Finland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Japan, and Korea (listed in order from country that sleeps the most to country that sleeps the least).

The countries involved in the "eating and drinking" statistics are France, New Zealand, Japan, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Korea, Poland, Sweden, Australia, United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, United States, Canada, Mexico (listed in order from most time spent eating and drinking to least time spent).


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