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Frank I Luntz - Pollster

Updated on January 29, 2015

Luntz - Pollster, Political Consultant, Author and more

I hope to inform my readers about Frank I Luntz. Frank is a political consultant, pollster, author and business man, who owns The Word Doctors. The Word Doctors specializes in message creation and image management for commercial and political clients.

Dr. Luntz can be seen on Fox News and has made many appearances during the Obama-Clinton campaigns. Currently he has been making appearances giving viewers insight to the thinking behind the American Tea-Parties Families across the country. He is very popular with the focus groups that he conducts and the analysis he gives of the American people; their thinking, their fears, their opinions about our government and where it is headed.

Frank was born February 23, 1962. He has a Doctorate in Politics from Oxford University. Frank has appeared on several programs such as: Hannity and Colmes, Hardball with Chris Matthews, Glenn Beck, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Nightline, The O'Reilly Factor, and more. He has written op-eds for several magazines such as The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

I enjoy watching Frank. I believe he has an accurate opinion of how the American people are seeing our country and I believe he present a fair and balance picture through his polls and focus groups.

Frank and the Redskins

Frank and Congress??

CONNOR SIMPSON 2,844 ViewsJUN 11, 2013

Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder refused to give up his beloved team's name despite a lawsuit and letters from 10 members of Congress. But now it appears he's bringing in the "pollster"/spin-doctor/Republican Batman Frank Luntz to examine what, exactly, everyone thinks about what everyone else thinks is most racist name in football.

Think Progress reports Luntz is bringing his - shall we say, "special" - media-relations touch to the ongoing debate over whether the Redskins should change their - shall we say, "outdated" - name. Luntz is the man behind "climate change" instead of global warming and "death tax" instead of estate tax. When health care was cast as "a government takeover," that was Luntz, too.

continue story

New Focus Group about the Obama and Romney Debate - New - posted 10-18-12

Is the tide shifting?

Walker's Frank Luntz Visit Broke the Law

March 17, 2011

The day after he got punked by a prank caller pretending to be right-wing billionaire David Koch, Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker met with prominent GOP pollster Frank Luntz in his Capitol office. The Feb. 23 meeting with Luntz was a secret to the public and press until this week, after a Milwaukee newspaper obtained Walker's calendars and revealed the meeting. Today, the Wisconsin Democratic Party will announce that it believes Walker broke the law by meeting with Luntz, a party rep tells Mother Jones.

The party plans to file a complaint today with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board alleging that the advice Walker got from Luntz, the right's political messaging guru, amounted to something of value as defined by Wisconsin state statute and thus violated state ethics and political contributions laws.

continue Frank's Being Secret

Frank Luntz - The Voice of the People

Real Reason for the Rage

By Frank Luntz

Sunday, September 20th 2009, 4:00 AM

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* Obama: 'I will end 'don't ask, don't tell''

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* Hillary Clinton seeking Russian cooperation in Iranian nukes

As the former leader of the free world, Jimmy Carter deserves our respect. As a political analyst - attributing racism to the anger at President Obama - he is irresponsibly inaccurate.

Obama's popularity hasn't tumbled because he's black. It's tumbled because he has come to represent Washington instead of those who sent him there.

I know this because of a 6,400-person interview survey I conducted for my new book "What Americans Really Want ... Really." I sat down to write this book, conduct the poll and insisted that the second "really" be included in the title because I was fed up with opinion elites who ascribe opinions to Americans that simply do not exist.

Continue: The Real Reason for The Rage

Eagle Talent Connection, Inc.

Frank Luntz - Party Pollster and Political Consultant

What Do Voters Want To Hear

GOP Denies Link to Frank Luntz Memo


ongressional Republicans can't quite remember where their main talking point against Democratic financial-reform legislation came from, but they insist they know where it didn't come from - Frank Luntz.

The talking point's authorship has become more than an academic question because gleeful Democrats say that in calling the bill a bailout, Republicans are simply parroting lines from a memo circulated by one of the party's most prominent message mavens - an effective counterattack that has helped them with their own message that the GOP is reflexively negative.

continue: Frank Luntz memo

October 07, 2010 from the AWL by Colin Sweeney


"This is the Frank Luntz no one gets to see. This is the man at work. With the camera turned away, silhouetted by the TV lights in his suit and tennis shoes, he would hop, dance and thrust his arms about. As the group got rowdy, he settled his hands to silence the mob so the camera could zero in on a speaker. As the energy died, he would plead, point and coax the crowd until someone picked up the ball. This is what it takes to fill six minutes of television with an untrained, uncoached focus group. At the end of his symphony, there was no applause for Dr. Luntz."

Read the whole article: Frank Luntz's Fox News Focus Group–From the Inside

Words That Work by Luntz

If you can't get the treatment you need, when you need it, there is a

crisis. If you are denied the ability to choose the doctor or hospital that's

best for you, then it is a crisis. If you can't afford the coverage you need for you and your family, then you have a crisis. We need to stop looking at it from a global perspective and restore the humanity to healthcare. We need to focus more on people and less on the system.

Frank Makes Good Sense

Did You Know Who Frank Luntz Was Before This Lens?

Focus Group Picks Winner

Those in power must heed the anger and reinforce positive values behind it.

By FRANK LUNTZ - Last update: September 29, 2009 - 6:42 PM

I listen to America for a living -- in focus groups, telephone interviews, town halls and polls in all 50 states. It used to be fun. Now it's become painful.

For 15 years, average Americans have exuded optimism and energy, whether they were talking about their political preferences, their employment aspirations or simply what they had for breakfast.

But that was before the economic meltdown one year ago. What a difference a year makes.

Today, Americans are boiling mad, and the elites from Washington to Wall Street to West Hollywood don't get it. It can best be summarized by 12 short words bellowed by Howard Beale, the deranged TV anchor in the movie "Network": "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore."

Mad as Hell continued



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