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Frankenstein Book

Updated on August 20, 2014

Monsters are back in fashion! This classic book with suggestive subtitle The Modern Prometheus is one of the first and still among best examples of so called Victorian Gothic literature. It tells a story about a researcher who is experimenting with forbidden - he wants to create life.

Victor Frankenstein is scientist, who tries to make a human body from remains of several corpses. His task is not easy, but when he achieves his main goal thanks to the powers of electricity, the real problems start. Frankenstein's monster doesn't look as he expected and her creator rejects her. However monster has feelings too. Sadness turns in rage. He demands a companion, a female of same kind.

At first Frankenstein agrees, but later starts thinking how much trouble he could cause with creating breed of monsters. Confrontation is inevitable ...

Book about Frankenstein is not a simple story about monsters and eternal fight between good and evil. It addresses very important questions about morality in connection with every ego. Science is not just a quest for knowledge and power. It is about responsibility as well. While it is not hard to understand Frankenstein's ambitions, we must not forget about his creation. It is not a mere result of his knowledge, but a living being with his own feelings and rights.

The background of the story is interesting too. Mary Shelly initially tried to write a short ghost story, as her friend Lord Byron suggested on one cold evening when a group of friends was on vacation in his villa. Her narration was developing so well, it soon became full length novel which was published less than two years later. Byron on the other hand wrote only a fragment which was later expanded by John Polidori into The Vampyre.

This means two important literary pieces were born thanks to something as trivial as coldness.

Image credit: PD photo of first Gothic cathedral

If you like horror genre, there are many great books which are just perfect for light summer reading. They are of course not for fainthearted.


Timeless classic about an immortal count in search for his lost love. This book set standards for thousands of stories inspired with vampires.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Stevenson was master of suspense and his character are never black or white. In this case the same is black and white ate the same time!


Did you know Mary Shelly was only eighteen years old, when she started her first and by far most successful novel Frankenstein?


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