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Fright 370: (Reasons to be fearful part 1)

Updated on June 2, 2014
When a large jet airliner disappears without trace in our high-tech age you know something murky is afoot.
When a large jet airliner disappears without trace in our high-tech age you know something murky is afoot.

If you have a fear of flying this might not be a good blog for you to read, especially if you can see a time when you will have to fly again.

However the story of flight 370 could be an important milestone in regards to lifting the veils of secrecy put in place by those who have much to hide. For many years we have had an international movement that has been growing in terms of the numbers of adherents and which has been laughingly referred to by the unbelievers as ‘the conspiracy theorists’.

Many a joke has been made about those who have said that this that or the other major political or economic event has been engineered by shadowy figures whom some even claim might not even be human.

We have all no doubt heard the various theories about the Illuminati, Area 51, crop circles, alien abductions, faked moon landings, the Bermuda Triangle, the Kennedy assassinations, 9/11, chemtrails and the lizard people. Initially anyone who believed any of this stuff was written off as a nutcase by the majority of people, but the trouble is that as more information is uncovered or leaked about what the (really) funny people have been up to, many of these theories take on a hell of a lot more credibility.

Now I’m not saying that all of these theories hold water, because some still seem pretty wacky however you look at them, but as the old saying goes; there is seldom smoke without some sort of conflagration.

Flight 370 might just be the end of the innocence for many people because try as I might I still find it very difficult to understand how a plane like that can disappear and NOBODY know what has happened to it. Given the levels of spying technology that we know of and speculating about those we don’t, I simply cannot accept that this is a total mystery.

It is now almost three months since this plane apparently vanished off the planet and nobody can or will tell us what has happened. Frankly that is unbelievable; even more unbelievable that the wackiest of conspiracy theories.

A Boeing 777 200 ER is over 60 metres long has a wingspan of over 60 metres which is an awful lot of aircraft. Furthermore this particular model has an excellent safety record and has already proven that it can fly for more than 3 hours on just one engine. The longest flight one of these has ever made without stopping was over 12,000kms and lasted more than fifteen and a half hours. To put this in perspective, the entire flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing would have taken less than six hours and is less than four and a half thousand kilometres.

Some have suggested this plane was possibly blown up by a terrorist bomb, but if it was I can accept that it could have been reduced to many smaller bits, but that would have been one helluva bang and I cannot for one minute accept that NONE of the various surveillance devices dotted all over the planet (and especially in the area of the flight path) would not have ‘heard’ that and been able to pinpoint when and where it occurred. Furthermore if terrorists were involved I think somebody would have wanted to claim responsibility by now in order to make some sort of demand or point.

If the plane had simply crashed due to mechanical failure we would have expected some sort of message to have got out either from crew or passengers given that everybody and his dog has a cellphone these days. With 227 passengers and 12 crew on board it, is hard to imagine that not one of those 239 people was able to do that. To me this suggests some sort of communications jamming device was involved and while this might have been a terrorist tactic, I still come back to the point about why have we not heard from the terrorists by now?

I find it hard to ignore the fact that whoever was responsible for this does not want us to know and the only ones who wouldn’t want us to know are those international wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I can only theorise (obviously) about what might have happened, but I would be very surprised if that plane fell out of the air either by misfortune or a deliberate act. I think it has more likely landed somewhere known to at least one Superpower, or more likely at least two of them because they all know what each is up to. Why this has happened, I have no idea apart from the inescapable fact that money will feature somewhere in the equation. I am sorry to say that the 239 people who boarded that flight will never be heard of again. They will have been collateral damage for whatever this was all about.

It might have been an experiment of some kind, or it might have had something to do with someone or something that was on that plane; we probably will never know.

What really bugs me is the way the ‘authorities’ keep holding out little snippets of hope for the bereaved as people with something to hide so often do, while they work hard at getting their story straight.

I have a suspicion that sometime in the not too distant future we will get a ‘result’ which will be some wreckage and that will be found in some believable location that roughly fits the story we’ve been spun so far. The only reason we are being made to wait so long is so they can find a way to make all the pieces fit their carefully constructed explanation.

To some this might all sound like fantasy, but truth is often stranger than fiction and world leaders are not even slightly aversed to taking out innocent civilians in the pursuit of their agenda. Look at the many examples of genocide; Nazi Germany, Argentina, Chile, to name just three. And the n of course there is the tale of how the Americans were convinced to join World War 1 after the sinking of the Lusitania. There is a lot of evidence that suggests this civilian ship was deliberately abandoned by support vessels and allowed to be sunk because it was known that it was carrying many American civilians and that such an act by Germany would ensure the Americans joined the war. It is hard to imagine why a passenger liner that was also carrying munitions for the British war effort would be abandoned by its support ships in waters where U-boats were know to operate unless there was a purpose for such obvious madness. Given that all prior efforts to get the Americans into the war had been unsuccessful and given that they joined in almost immediately after the sinking of the Lusitania it is hard not to see a link here.

Rest assured the fate of flight 370 is no mystery; it is at this stage a very well kept secret instead. But sooner or later somebody is going to get caught out big time with this sort of stuff.


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