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Fund it Forward

Updated on September 7, 2015

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to ease the burdens of families with special needs children by raising money for adaptive equipment.

Some examples of things we can fund for you:

Augmentative communication devices

Bath and feeding chairs

Enclosed beds


Sensory equipment

Certain wheelchair ramps

Remember, these are examples. If what you need isn't listed, it doesn't mean we can't help you and your family.

How does it work?

When we say "Fund it Forward" we mean it. The parents and families who have done fundraisers have already funded what you have applied for. Now it's your turn to fund someone else's medical needs.

The first step is to complete a needs request online

Then, print, sign and return a volunteer fundraising agreement.

Then complete a photo release form

Submit a photo of your child to our executive director Executive Director

Complete a phone interview with the executive Executive Director

Have your fundraiser!

Your fundraiser can be anything you like, but here are some ideas to get you started.

How Can I help?

You can also visit our homepage, and donate to our general fund.

If you would like to sponsor a specific child then you can.

If you would like to volunteer then please fill out our volunteer application.

Contact Information


P.O. Box 457

Wexford, PA 15090

Phone: 303 - 619 - 3514


Partnering with a Restaurant

One of the best fundraisers to have is to partner with a restaurant. Some restaurants already have very good fundraising programs, and have been very successful in the past.

These restaurants seem to reliably work with our families.

Remember that each restaurant is a private franchise, so you will have to talk to your specific location's person in charge, usually a manager.

Don't overlook a local restaurant in your area!

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