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Use Button Makers at Fundraiser Events

Updated on November 14, 2015
Print designs in straight rows and columns so you can use a graphic punch.
Print designs in straight rows and columns so you can use a graphic punch. | Source

Button Makers Used for Raising Money in Different Ways

There are various organized groups that raise money for their cause. Raising money can be stressful with our economy today. Other than asking for direct donations, there are also planned events like walks. Then there are other efforts that create "buzz" about events or just gain awareness. There are many ways to support your cause and buttons can help.

Sport organizations will always need new equipment, uniforms, money to cover travel expenses. These are just a few examples. A pin back button or magnet is a great low cost item for visitors to purchase. It's better to offer a broad price range of products for those that want to help out but can't purchase a high cost item like a $50 sweatshirt.

If your fund raising efforts involve a walk, you can give a button as a token of appreciation for monetary donations. They donated to your cause and they receive a button or magnet that expresses your gratitude and they get to keep it as a souvenir.

Creating custom photo buttons of athletes or just their team jersey number is also popular. There are many football booster clubs that offer the buttons at Friday night games so fans can where a button of their favorite player.

Erica Moreno and Zoey...we are going to have fun raising money with our button maker.
Erica Moreno and Zoey...we are going to have fun raising money with our button maker. | Source

My Fundraising Efforts

I hope to post some fun stories and pictures of my button maker at fundraisers in 2016. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks and great ideas!

An example of a button making kit - includes button maker, punch and sets of pin back buttons.
An example of a button making kit - includes button maker, punch and sets of pin back buttons. | Source

Special Education Funding

In most schools in the US there are very little funds for special education classes. Many teachers have come to me with their ideas to use their new button makers to help children with Austism. There are 3 main reason why it is beneficial. First, they learn about the parts and the machine. Then, they master the steps to make buttons. And most importantly, they gain confidence, interpersonal communication skills and pride in themselves when they sell the buttons.

When you work with children with needs, patience is a must. Repetition is very important. A chart can be created with pictures of parts to help and remind them with the learning process.

The button makers are easy enough to use that the children can actually make the buttons. This action can also give them a sense of pride. They are making this button all by themselves. It's very rewarding.

And finally, the children will take their buttons and sell them at school functions like sport games, school groups and more. This will be scary at first, but they will learn to communicate with their peers. By the end of the school year, their confidence levels will be amazing.

Using PrintShop 23 to Design

Traveling with Your Button Maker

There are a few things you have to remember when traveling with your button machine. First, you have to make sure you order enough button sets (and the correct size) well in advance. Second, make sure you have all the materials needed packed securely. And finally, make sure a responsible person is in charge. These are the most popular issues I know about.

Procrastination is terrible. Your event could be months away and you think there is plenty of time to order your supplies. From time to time, button parts could be in high demand and may take extra time for shipping. Don't assume your parts will be shipped the same day or take 2-3 days to get to you. Always make sure you are ordering the correct size for your button maker. It doesn't do any good if you ordered your button parts on time but then notice you ordered the wrong size two days before your event.

Depending on the type of button maker you own, if it is not packed properly it could move around and damage your button materials. The heavy duty metal button makers could cause some damage to your metal button parts. Always make sure all the button making materials are packed too. It would be terrible to get to your event and then realize you have no mylar plastic.

Lastly, don't lose or get your button making kit stolen. Schools contact me all the time with stories that someone lost the button maker or it was stolen. It's sad to hear that in their efforts to raise money they now have to spend even more just to get back to making buttons.

These are just a few tips that I can pass along from what I hear day to day. I hope they help you as you start making buttons with your organization.

Watch the Button Maker in Action


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