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Future Predictions: Nuclear War and Dow 100,000

Updated on June 2, 2014

Looking Into the Future

An ascended master is a being who has become Self-Realized and can come and go at will from the earth plane. Various groups and teachers believe that the Ascended Masters serve as the teachers of mankind from the realms of spirit. Gary Renard is among those who have encountered these teachers. His books consist of conversations he has been having with two ascended masters since 1992. This article is based on predictions made by the ascended masters who appeared to Gary Renard. The predictions were published in his first book, The Disappearance of the Universe. Gary's friends are named Arten and Pursah. They will be referred to here as A&P.

It is not the purpose of this article to prove anything about these beings. Nor has Gary Renard attempted to prove the existence of the beings who he has encountered. Instead, he passes along the messages they bring. I’m going to share with you some of the future predictions they have made, and discuss how they might impact our future.

Nuclear Attack

According to A&P, there will be a terrorist nuclear attack against a major city in the years ahead. They do not specify the exact year, or which city will be the target. The prime candidates are Tel-Aviv, London and New York. The retaliation will be swift and devastating. That is about as specific as they get about the details. They do not name the country responsible for the first strike, but they hint that it will be a Middle Eastern country, possibly Iran.

It is not difficult to foresee this kind of scenario. The hatred for the United States and Israel seems to know no limits. While there are significant efforts underway to destroy nuclear weapons, they are still around and still the biggest threat to the greatest number of people. A surprising aspect of the predictions by A&P involves what will happen to the world following the nuclear attacks. They predict the world will move forward and rebuild.

I am not a scientist who can even imagine the kind of problems that will follow the destruction of major cities. What risks will follow the radiation as it sweeps around the globe? To what extent will we be able to limit the death and damage? According to A&P – the world will survive, though they do not say much about the extent of the destruction. They do say that the rebuilding will initiate the biggest global economic expansion in the history of the world.

World War II was the worst war in history and it was followed by tremendous economic growth. The attacks of September 11 represented the worst attack on U.S. soil, and did significant damage to the U.S. economy. Yet, economic growth followed along with the return of air travel and confidence in the future. A&P predict a similar pattern following nuclear attacks. The world does not end, or return to a stone age. In fact, they predict the opposite result.

Stock Market to Hit 100,000

A&P make a very specific prediction about the stock market. They predict the market will reach 100,000 within fifty years. Based on the publication of the book where these predictions were published, that means sometime around the year 2050. The Dow was around 11,750 when the prediction was made. The prediction is supported by the idea that a nuclear attack will be devastating, but not fatal to the world economy. There will be so much economic activity stimulated, in part by the destruction of major cities, that the world will witness an economic boom like we have never seen.

A&P made other predictions about individual countries, economic trends, and future technologies. One of the predictions I am following is that corporations will grab even more power through the fine print in trade agreements that give them authority to bypass the laws of individual countries. This is definitely happening now. It is a sign that the power of corporations will grow rather than diminish in the years ahead. Money is already a driving force in the world and it will come to dominate the world landscape even more in the coming century.

Can We Know the Future?

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More Future Predictions

A&P also predict man will walk on Mars and that contact between humans and life forms from another planet will be confirmed. They predict 30 minute flights from New York to Los Angeles; tube travel; energy from the ocean; hydrogen powered cells replacing gasoline-powered vehicles; and even Star Trek type teleportation.

Global warming is a misnomer. The impact of human activity on the earth’s atmosphere is causing extremes in both cold and hot. This situation causes more debate about the significance of the problem, and buys more time for corporations. They continue with business as usual while scientists debate what is happening and what is going to happen.

Our faith in these predictions depends on our belief in their source. Like me, many believe they are coming from beings with advanced knowledge about our world. Others dismiss them as coming from the imagination of Gary Renard. Regardless of your conclusions about the source of the predictions, they are thought-provoking and offer another perspective for anticipating future events.

It might seem as if a being who wants to help humanity would give more precise information about which city would be attacked and when. That is perfectly logical. Why not give people a chance to move and make preparations. But I can understand the other side of the argument. Imagine the social upheaval as people scrambled to evacuate cities and nothing would prevent terrorists from changing their target based on warnings and preparations.

One final note about these predictions - they are made in a loving way and are not made to encourage us to focus on the future. Instead, they are made to help us see that world events should not be the focus of our lives. A&P are first and foremost advocates of forgiveness. They would have us see that we do not control events. We control our reaction to events and that reaction is always forgiveness and love. What really matters is our state of mind and we should not allow the actions of anyone to take over our state of mind. Controlling our own state of mind is the way to peace.


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    • met2014 profile image

      met2014 3 years ago

      This looks like good news for long term investing, if it were possible to hold that long. What would be the downside of the Dow reaching 100,000? I wonder if the accompanying prediction of world devastation means the context for 100,000 would trivialize the number due to economic restructuring of the market and in reality it would not be the leap in value it appears at first.